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Early Teens Session
Lessons from Surah Yusuf
Peace and Unity Convention
Abuja Nigeria November 2017

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We can try again. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah, age My beloved children, Allah he you know the best of stories in the Quran. Allah says not no not.

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Which story is that?

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Which story is that? Yes.

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The story of

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the story of the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah. So Allah has mentioned a beautiful story who knows the story of profit use of either is a little bit put up your hand that is almost all of us put your hands down. It is very interesting that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a story to us. But do you think that Allah writes a story Allah has written or said or sent down that story in the Quran without a reason? Do you think there is no purpose for it or there is a reason? There is a reason so what is the reason Who can tell me put up your hand what is the reason that that story is in the Quran? Yes in the front here this

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what is the reason

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Okay, someone else also another one yes. Yes

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Yes, one of these one of his profits but who knows? Yes, this is one of my daughters here.

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Very very good. I like that answer to learn love

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it indeed in the stories of the previous prophets there are lessons for those who have sound intellect those who have a sound mind Are you following what I'm saying? Those who have a sound mind so what are the lessons we learn from the story of use of a Salaam? Let us start off with the first lesson. The the sun, so a strange dream in my head. He saw a dream of 11 stars the sun and the moon crushed straight to him. He was very very surprised by this dream. And what he did is he chose to say the dream to his best friend who was his best friend

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whose father Whoa, that teaches us that we need to keep our parents very close to us. If you have issues the first person you discuss the issue with is your parents your father, your mother. Is that is that a lesson? It's a lesson we learn. You need to tell your mom and your dad today that we learned that we are supposed to be so close to you and you are supposed to be close to us that if anything interesting surprising, amazing shocking saddening happens in our lives, we should be talking to you we should be relating it to you. So when he told his father the dream, did the father get angry? He stopped wasting my time move away. Is that what the Father said? No, the father says

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oh my son or my son. Be careful of jealousy Be careful of what when something nice happens to you sometimes people become jealous because shame upon works on them. People are good but shaper is

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bad. People are good but shaitaan is bad. So your brothers your sisters, your friends your uncle's your aunts, the people around you Muslim, non Muslim, the people are good but shaper is the one who is bad, bad Subhanallah now

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if you look at this, the father says he was in a bit of Allah His name was yaku by Lady Salah isn't it? Who can tell me another name of yopu another name of yaku Allah He Salam he had another name he was known by something else. What was it? Yes, stand up and say loudly.

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He saw a 10 out of 10 Mashallah. Mashallah tabarrok Allah, may Allah bless you. His name was also Israel. So this Yahuwah is Salatu was Salam being a prophet of Allah, he knew that this dream means something really great. It means something grand.

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It means something very big. It has a meaning that is really great. So I don't want this child to tell even his own brothers because sometimes your brothers can become jealous of you. Your sisters can become jealous.

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Have you not all the time, but sometimes it can happen. So be careful when you are jealous of someone. You are the one who will lose. I want to fast forward the story. You see the brothers who are jealous. They tried to harm their brother because he was a young boy, you know, when your mother says, Don't tell anyone you say okay, then what do you do?

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You tell someone and you what is the password? You see if I tell you, please don't tell someone and I give you then you say okay, I won't tell anyone. You quickly run to Abdullah he and you tell him listen, I want to tell you something. But

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don't tell anyone. And then you say to Abdullah Abdullah wants to marry him. You know what? I want to tell you something. But don't tell anyone and Maria Morales to Khadija. And she What does she say? She says I want to tell you something. But so what is the password? Don't tell anyone that's a password. But as Muslims, that's not supposed to be the case. When you are told Don't tell anyone to not tell anyone it's over. So the young boy was so excited. He went to his brothers. He says hey, guess what? Guess what? I tell you something. Yeah, this is the case. Okay. The brothers became jealous of him.

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And the brothers decided that they wanted to harm him. Some said let us kill him stop zula very bad thoughts. But those thoughts were from Chez Panisse. those thoughts were from

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Chapin. However, right at the end, who was the winner? And who was the loser? Was it Yousuf who won or or the Jonas Brothers.

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Those who are jealous they were the ones who lost. So if you develop jealousy for someone, you will become lower than them. Did you hear that? If you develop jealousy for someone who will become

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you better be writing these points because I'm going to ask you at the end, there will be a q&a Subhanallah if you develop if you develop jealousy for someone, you will become lower than them. And I want to give you the second example. The first was use of a salams Jonas Brothers they will live with and he met the end, although at the beginning. They thought that they were above they were bigger, they were stronger. They were older, but that jealousy made them lower than him in the long run. Secondly, Adam alayhis salam was created by Allah as the first of the creatures of humankind right. And Allah told the angels to prostrate all of them frustrated besides one who was gym and he

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was he believes at least was the head of the shop in the top shape and that there was what did he believe say? He says Anna fine.

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Carla Kotani

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I am better than him. You created me from fire and him You made him from soil or dust or sand and better it bleeds became jealous of

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as a result the jealousy made him be dropped lower than Adam Allah is Allah. Do you see it's another example? The brothers of jacoba the brothers of us have had a Salah when they were jealous they would drop lower than usually Salah he believes when he was jealous he was brought lower than other money is salatu salam so if we are ever those who develop jealousy you see someone with a nice car nice pin. Someone comes first in class someone for example has nice clothing a nice watch a nice phone a nice something. You must just say Mashallah Tabata Kala Alhamdulillah I'm happy and you continue, you might not have a phone, you might not have such a car, you might not have so much of

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money, pocket money, you might not be able to afford that type of food. It's okay for as long as you are alive, you are breathing you are healthy. Allah has blessed you with so much you have your nose you can see and so on. Imagine those who cannot see May Allah grant them good eyesight say I mean May Allah restore the eyesight of those who who are blind say I mean, imagine those who are struggling because they cannot sleep because of the war and famine and so on and so forth. Allah has blessed us.

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Allah has blessed us so much thank Allah sent Allah whatever he gave you, he chose it for you, your parents and whoever else. Some of us don't have parents so someone else is looking after us. At least there is someone looking after us. Right Subhana Allah so thank Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the brothers they plan the downfall of their own brother, so they decided to take him and they went they told the Father we are going to play with him. We will come back, no problem and we will bring him He will come and play with us. We will race and what not, and they did not bring him back because they threw him into a pit. They threw him into a pit in one direction. It was like a well

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like like a well they just threw him in. They closed it and they ran out

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Imagine what type of bad deed they did. But I want to give you good news. Think for a moment if someone took you and put you in a place like a pit or a well and covered it and went away and there was just silence. What would you do? Would you start crying?

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Would you start crying? No, you start remembering Allah Oh Allah helped me Oh Allah, I know I'm in a dark place. I know that what has happened to me is bad. I seek your help. So what I want you to write down. When you are struggling, seek the help of Allah when you are struggling. seek the help of Allah. When you go through a very, very sad moment. seek the help of Allah, continue seeking the help of Allah and Allah will help you

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continue seeking the help of Allah, Allah will help you look at this man, young boy, he's in a dark place. He continued to call out to Allah and what happened? Allah subhanho wa Taala sent help for him. After some time people came, they saw this well, it was a dry well, and they decided we want to put our bucket down and they put the bucket going all the way down because they were travelers. You know, when you're traveling and you stop at a place to refuel, sometimes you want to drink water, etc. And so you go sometimes there is a kiosk, sometimes there are people selling water on the side, sometimes there is a tap. So you go to the tap to make your window or whatever reason you want the

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water for and what happens. You turn it on, you expect water Alhamdulillah we are so lucky. We don't even have to struggle so much in most cases. But there are people right now in the rural areas. What do they do for water, they have to walk they go with their buckets, they fill it in the river, they come back Am I right? Yes. So thank Allah Allah has blessed us Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I didn't hear that loud enough. Alhamdulillah

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Mashallah, Baraka? So, when they went, and as they lifted their bucket, they found there was a boy clinging on to the bucket, and he must have seen this bucket Oh, so hard. I love the help of Alaska. He held on to the bucket. They pulled it up. It was very heavy. And they saw Oh, Carla Boucher.

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They said, Oh, good news. This is a young boy. But now there was a problem. What was the problem? When they saw a young boy, very wrongly, they decided, let's make money by selling this boy, let's make money by selling this boy stuff Allah, may Allah protect all of us. I mean,

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they sold him in the market. When he went there, there was Double Trouble, more trouble. They sold him in the market as a slave yet he was a free man free boy. But look,

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sometimes wins. when bad things happen to you, you need to know if you bear patients, the ending will be better, the ending will be better. Maybe you might fail one exam, but you will pass another one. And another one you may be you might miss one flight. But you will catch another one, Allah will save you from something, you might not be able to attend the function today, maybe something bad was going to happen there. Or maybe Allah saved you from something. So sometimes,

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when something bad happens to us, we need to be convinced that if we have a man, the end result will be much better. Look at what happened to us. Manny Salatu was Salam. After a while. They sold him. Now. They sold him and he started working when he was working. Some people started accusing him of all sorts of crimes, all sorts of things. After a while they jailed him, they put him into the jail.

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So problem after problem after problem, but who was he he was then a B of Allah. His father was an OB. His grandfather was an OB his great grandfather was an OB he was the most fortunate. Imagine you are a You are a son of a chief. And the chief is a son of another chief was the son of a chief who was the son of a chief, you will be the most important person in Nigeria. Do you agree? Yes. Look at the people nodding their heads. Maybe some of you might be the children of chiefs. Is that correct? possible? Go ahead. Yes. Mashallah. I'm fortunate to be here hamdulillah. So, the point I want to raise is that Yusuf Ali Hassan was loved by Allah, no doubt, I want you to write that down. A sign

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of the love of Allah is that he tests you. It tests you. A sign of the love of Allah is that he tests you all the time he will test you more and more in Allah.

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tala, when Allah loves a worshipper, he tests him more. Another point you could also write down is when Allah has tested you again and again. It does not mean he is upset with you. When Allah has tested you again and again. It does not mean that he is

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upset with you. It does not mean he is upset with you. Okay, so now we look at Yusuf alayhi salatu salam.

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He had one issue, the brothers became jealous. After that they wanted to kill him. After that planning of killing, they decided that we will abandon him when they abandoned him. Someone brought him up but sold him. When they sold him he had to work as a slave. After he was working as a slave, they accused him after the accusation, he was jailed one after the other, anyone here would think that what is going on my life is a mess, my life is amiss, everything is going wrong. No, my son, no, my daughter, your life is not a mess. 10 things can go wrong. After that alone, open your doors Be patient. I counted so many things that, according to us may have gone wrong in the life of a

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salon. This was the plan of Allah for his most beloved Uncle Sam, in his own right was also an OB, he was a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You follow? So now, as you submit a salatu salam emerged from the jail, he emerged from the jail. In fact, let me talk about while he was in the jail, they changed him He didn't even know when he was going to come out. He was in jail, but he was innocent. This also means sometimes when you are jailed, you might not be guilty of what you are being accused of. It's possible. It has happened times where sometimes people accused you of something and you are not the one who's guilty of that particular sin. So it can happen people lay

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false accusations. Don't believe everything you hear about someone that is bad. If it's good, believe it. If it is bad, don't believe it. Did you hear that? If someone says this man is very good, this sister is very good. Believe it. If someone says this person is very bad, they need to bring proper evidence. And if it is not affecting me, I don't even need to entertain it and I don't need to believe it. Nowadays, they have Photoshop they can Photoshop you doing anything that you did not do. Am I right?

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They also have video shot. Have you seen video shots? They can video you doing something you did not do?

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I want to ask you a question. How many of you have watched movies? Don't be shy, be honest. Put up your hand. Right? Put your hands down. Do you see people dying in the movies? Have they died in real life? So that when you look at the movie, you even begin to cry sometimes you think oh my my hero is dead. Money hero is dead, right? You begin to cry. But in real life, that person did not die they will not have they will not injured. They are enjoying a life they were only acting they were only acting and there are some camera tricks that they use to show you that we are moving fast. We are training here we are doing that we are flying on a plane will lie they are flying on no plane. They

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are just in a room which looks like a plane. And then the camera is just moving to make you think like the plane is moving. And we are busy watching this aircraft. Yeah, it's cruising. It's cruising. So sometimes you have things that are there that are not a reality. So this is why I say Don't believe everything you hear or even see. Before we used to say Seeing is believing. Nowadays we say it depends what you are seeing if it's a video, it's not necessarily believing. Do you understand? They can make a video like I gave you the example of a movie. These movies, they're just acting. You know, there is a lot of ketchup that is used and we think it's blood.

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We think it's blood. You see the blood splat go and dip your little chip in there and see it will be ketchup.

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I hope you understand my example. What I'm saying is you don't always believe everything around you. If it does not concern you leave it if it concerns you the good you believe the bad you need evidence that is convincing, compelling without a doubt. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant the strength say army. Okay, let's move on. Can we move further?

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Usually Salatu was Salam during his time in the jail. He had to three people in the prison with him.

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He told them about Allah.

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He was within in the jail. What did he say?

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Yeah, Sahiba see Genie.

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Oh, my companions of this jail cell. Is it better to worship the one who made you alone? Or is it better to worship so many gods and deities besides him? The question What was he doing? He was giving them that

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While he was propagating to them the true belief in Allah and Allah alone to worship your maker alone, that is what he was propagating. So what do I learn from that? You can write it down, seize every opportunity to call people towards goodness. seize every opportunity to call people towards goodness you are in your classroom, you are at a football match, you are gone to some party you might be perhaps at some event, you might also be seated here today, seize the opportunity to talk to your friends about something good. Don't talk about something bad. When we get together. We only ask people the bad questions, sometimes the dirty questions sometimes when you get together with

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your friends, what do you discuss? you discuss? Did you watch that movie? Oh, did you see this? Did you play that game? Did you see this car? Do you see that girl? Did you see what she did? Did you hear the latest gossip? Do you know what this person did? All of that is not beneficial. But talk about Allah and His Rasool Can you read Surah Al Islam? Do you know the meaning of ayatul kursi? Do you understand what is why are we that? Do you know what you're supposed to be doing as a Muslim? These type of questions are very beneficial.

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So when you meet each other, when you gather together when you are sitting together, talk about something constructive. You can even talk about mathematics and science and and biology and English you can go any other subject that is beneficial. It does not necessarily have to be something to do with your religion alone. No, but it must be something beneficial, not destructive. You don't come together and just talk about things that are destructive. Look at UCLA, Sir, he's in the jail. If he wanted, he could have just played cards and crafts and everything else, some games of chess and whatnot and waste time and spend time and say we don't know we've got to kill time. They use the

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word killing time, isn't it? We're going to kill time. No, you don't kill time you utilize it, you use the time. You use the time constructively you make sure that when you have an opportunity given to you by Allah subhanho wa Taala you make use of it, you you make use of the time given to you by Allah subhanho wa Taala in a very constructive way. So you talk to people you can sit down, right guys, we have a mathematics exam in two months time. Let's try and do some, you know, mathematical? past questions. Let's try and answer some questions on algebra or whatever else you are learning and you start asking each other you study together, when you study together, you would be able to pass

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your exam. inshallah with flying colors, it's easier to study in a group than it is individually for most people. Some people like to study all on their own but with some if I asked you, you answer you asked me I answer, etc, etc. It makes it easier to study. It makes it easy. We read the passage, you start asking questions of comprehension, I ask questions, etc. And this is what helps us sometimes so the point I'm raising is we learn from use of a salams session that he had with the prisoners that we should be from those who utilize opportunities, use the opportunity, he was not going to meet those men again. He used the opportunity however, however, when he told one of the men to

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remember him when he went out that look, there is an innocent man in the gym. Allah made or should I say shapefile made that man forget, use of Allah is Allah until one day the king saw a dream. Okay, the king saw a dream. I'm not going to ask you what was the dream because I presume some of you might know the dream. If you know the dream of that King, even if you know it, roughly what it was maybe a little bit you might know put up your hand I want to see what the dream of the king was. You might know it. Okay. Okay. I want you to say loudly what was the number of cows that he saw? Seven Wow. That means we really know it. Okay. I'm glad you know this because one of the reasons that one

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of the reasons is

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Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us see dreams. Every dream that you see has, I think I should stop we are not concentrating anymore. We are busy watching the actors who are acting here.

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Can I go?

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I think I will.

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So Han Allah.

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Okay, well, I give you another chance to shower. Right? Are you giving me another chance?

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Okay, either way, so you should buy the Salatu was Salam.

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When the king saw the dream,

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there is a point we need to learn. And that is how many of us dream put up your hands.

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We dream

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Night, isn't it? Put your hands down? How many of you do not see dreams? Put up your hands? Yes, there are a few. I know that you say we don't see please put your hands down. inshallah, you will start seeing a dream you see near your ear, there is a knob, you look for it, you need to turn the frequency at night, make sure that you get to 94.2 then you will see the dreams. If it is 94.1 94.3 you won't see the dream. So at night, you just play with your ear a little bit. you twist it this way that way, and you get to the correct channel that you sleep. You see your dream job? Is that is that correct?

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No, it's just a joke. You guys are already playing with your ears. As far as your love stuff. I'm just joking with you to to draw your attention when Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you. I mean, I mean, okay, when you see a dream, it is not always filled with meaning. A dream is normally just something that people have not yet been able to pinpoint. But sometimes you were thinking of something. Sometimes subconsciously, you don't realize a thought went through your mind. Sometimes you might not until you realize you saw something. Sometimes you fear something. And sometimes it's just abstract. You haven't thought of it. But it happens. Sometimes you fly in your dreams, like a

00:26:15--> 00:27:04

bird. How many of you fly sometimes in your dream, you go high, and you just start flying like a bird. You can go all the way up flies from Abuja to Maiduguri and wherever else, and you come back, and you're so happy, Mashallah. And sometimes in real life, you want to try it right? So you start flapping your hands in this world, you don't even move from your house, from your bed up to the bathroom. So remember, it's just a dream. Not all dreams have meanings. But But if you see a dream, and it stays with you, and it repeats itself sometimes, and it just doesn't leave your mind, perhaps there is a chance that that dream might have a good meaning or a reminder for you to do something or

00:27:04--> 00:27:20

to become closer to Allah or to protect yourself from shaper or from evil. So sometimes you see a dream, it makes you scared, you get up, you're taught to say, Oh, do Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Right, I seek Allah protection from shape on the oppressed. And sometimes what happens,

00:27:21--> 00:27:47

we are actually taught to give a charity we are taught to seek the help of Allah to turn the other way asleep, sometimes to spit on the left side, thrice in a spittoon, not just on the floor, you don't just start spitting on the floor, so badly, you miss the whole flow. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us understanding, then you might want to ask someone what the meaning of that dream is, if it causes a lot of if it causes a lot of,

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you know, even if you think about it a lot. So how sorry, I've been distracted by these two uncles who are here, we will not forgive them each other. We're not going to forgive them. They should have been here, way before I was here, but they will not. So the fault is this. May Allah forgive you, not us. You are disturbing these children, my beloved brothers, you could have waited until I finished and then came. So sorry, it takes away my concentration. And yours too, doesn't it? Everyone was looking at them because they were acting in the movies that they are trying to make. May Allah Subhana Allah make it easy. I'm glad because it's going to go down in history a few

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minutes time, I'm going to put this talk up online, this speech will be there. So people know next time, don't mess. But don't mess. Well. Allah bless you all. So when the king saw a dream, and I need to end I've got two more minutes remaining a one and a half minutes. But we will go into injury time because people have distracted us right? We can go into injury time, until we hear the final whistle being blown by the referee who is sitting on the sidelines. So use of Allahu Salatu was Salam. Like I said, when the dream was seen that men remembered him and told that King that there is someone who can help you interpret the dream. So they brought the professional from the prison to

00:29:09--> 00:29:54

come to interpret the dream when the dream was interpreted and I'm cutting it short. So para la The king was so impressed with the honesty, integrity of this young man that he clarified the name of the man to say you know what, you will not guilty and the evidence was never against you. But it was the plot against you that made it seem that you are guilty but you are not guilty from this island something. When you are accused and you are innocent, a day will come when Allah will make it clear that you were innocent. Even if it takes long, even if it takes 10 years or more. When you are accused of something that you are innocent of. It's a sign of the love of Allah because it happened

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to those who are better than you and I when you are accused of something you are innocent of that

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They will come when Allah will clarify your name. A day will come when you will be given an opportunity to smile. A day will come when Allah will give you that chance to shine. Once again, look at UCLA, Salatu was Salam. So don't become depressed people accuse you of doing something you did not do. He has tried to clarify your name. But if you are accused in a very big way, handed over to Allah, and say, oh, Allah helped me, oh, Allah, Grant me, goodness, protect me, Grant, grant me the ability to clarify my, my good name. And Allah protect me at all times these type of supplications are very, very important. Now I want to fast forward to the end. At the end of this

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beautiful story, do you know what happened?

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There was something known as forgiveness that took place without that forgiveness, the brothers were not going to come together again. Sometimes we have problems with our friends with all family members. Remember, learn to forgive, keep forgiving, someone asks, How many times should I forgive, there is no limit to it. There is no limit to it, yes, if someone is really harming you, you might want to stay away from them. Don't hold it in your heart, your heart is too clean. There is so much space in your heart, you cannot allow that space to be occupied by bad things, negative things hatred, in feeling, and so on. Let that space be occupied by the best of feelings. So I don't have a

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space in my heart for hatred, for jealousy, for envy, for problems for negativity, because my heart I need to be good and clean. I need it to be pure. It only has a certain capacity. If I fill it with these negative things, I become a person who's always sad, who only says bad words, who's always angry, upset, who looks at things and thinks the worst of what he has seen, or she has seen. No, I want to be good. When I see something I want to smile. I want to be able to think of the good even if I see something that might appear negative. This is what I learned. I need to forgive use of it. salatu salam was now

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in a very high position. And his brothers came in front of him.

00:32:11--> 00:32:20

And they were asking for food, basic food. And so used to Valerie salatu salam decided to ask them a question. What was the question?

00:32:21--> 00:32:22

I'll add him

00:32:24--> 00:32:25

to be your sofa.

00:32:29--> 00:33:11

Do you know what you did to us? and his brother when you were ignorant, they were shocked because no one knew about us. They said Is it possible you are used to be says yes, I am used to this is my brother Allah has favored us. Allah gave us a gift. He didn't say I received this is my brother, all of you are going to jail. I'm going to punish you beat you up. I'm going to make sure you are executed. He could have done that. Right? He could have but he didn't. He said no. I'm going to forgive you today. Allah has already elevated us above Allah has favored us. So Han Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala favor every one of us. When you learn to forgive people and you have a good heart,

00:33:11--> 00:33:34

Allah will raise your status very, very high. Allah will raise your status very hard. Why? Because it is not easy to forgive. It is not easy to forgive. Imagine someone did something bad to you. Are you ready to forgive them? In many cases? I don't know. I can't, ah, they are very bad. That's what we say. Right?

00:33:36--> 00:34:07

But Allah says if you are going to forgive, I will forgive you. I will forgive you. Because what you have done is very, very high and noble. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all. So that is why these two brothers who are here we forgive them last moments ago I said we won't forgive the visit. But we learned from the story of use of a Salah it's a minor matter. It's a small we love them, they are doing it for our good as well. It's only that maybe we didn't agree with the timing, but so our big deal, it's okay. We forgive them and we ask them also to forgive us inshallah.

00:34:09--> 00:34:11

Does anyone have a question before I leave?

00:34:13--> 00:34:15

Anyone? questions related to the topic?

00:34:21--> 00:34:23

One question there in the center. Yes.

00:34:44--> 00:35:00

Okay. The question is, what are the names of the people whom you serve a salatu salam told them about Allah in the prison and the correct answer is I do not know Alhamdulillah that is the correct answer. I do not know

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

The names and I can tell you something else. Even if there are names, sometimes they are from narrations that may not even be valid. The relevance is that the names are not as important as the lesson that is learned from that particular incident. So myself It doesn't mean just because I'm a scholar, I will know the answer everything you heard me say, I don't know. I don't know it's a true answer. So May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless you it I have not seen it in the pond no in the tsunami Rasulullah saw Salah it might be mentioned in some Swahili yet bye but really I cannot confirm that for you deserve moolah

00:35:44--> 00:35:49

I will take one that is written after I take one from here the sister at the back there

00:35:50--> 00:36:01

the one at the back with the black scarf and the green the young young girl maybe she looks 10 years old or nine the one behind this the the girl with the red the one behind the girl with the red scarf

00:36:04--> 00:36:06

the one behind the girl with the red scarf yes

00:36:08--> 00:36:08

shut up

00:36:18--> 00:37:01

Okay, very interesting. You people are asking me names Mashallah names. I know when I came to Nigeria online, I was impressed. You know why? Because every sister Her name is DJ to Fatima to Asia to Xena, and Rukia and so on. And so these names are the most common names in Nigeria, am I right? So behind Allah, so I was so impressed, I said, you know, back where I come from, and in the rest of the world, they think of exotic names that have never been heard before. And here in Nigeria, the names of the daughters and wives of Rasulullah saw salah and the Sahaba. Those are the only ones that have chosen. I know a family here in Nigeria. There are so many Muslims you get confused in the

00:37:01--> 00:37:31

same family and so many teachers and so many arminas and so many and Mashallah, every other person you asked your name, your name, Sadie, your name, your name? zaner your name Alisha. Mashallah tabarrok Allah. However, getting back to the names of the brothers of use of Allah is the one that is made mention of his Binya mean, he is the one out of those 11 whom they say shade, same mother, same father, but the others, I have to give you the same answer, which is correct.

00:37:32--> 00:37:53

I have to give you the same answer, which is correct that I gave the brother earlier I do not know. And you know what they are mentioned, they are there. I don't know they have by heart. But we don't know if those narrations are actually correct or not. Because again, it is irrelevant to know the names. Now I can tell you something very interesting.

00:37:54--> 00:38:34

In the Quran, and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, when people are known for something very good, a lot of the times the name is mentioned, but when there is an example of something negative, that a lot of the times the name is not mentioned. So you won't know I want to give you one example before I take the last question which will be written the example of a better one man who came into the masjid and urinated Have you heard that story? Yes. What was his name? No ways it will not be mentioned Why? Because it was something negative imagine they knew your name, that this man his name was so and so he came into the masjid he related people won't even want to use that

00:38:34--> 00:38:55

name again, yet it might be a good name. So Allah so this is the beauty of Islam the beauty of revelation that when there is something negative mostly the name is not mentioned. Not always but mostly the name is not mentioned. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. Can I see the questions here? And perhaps take one of them? Or if you have chosen one you can you can print it out for me? Yes.

00:38:58--> 00:39:02

A brother or sister has the same patience is

00:39:03--> 00:39:08

when you have a patient for a long time, did not enjoy life because

00:39:10--> 00:39:10


00:39:12--> 00:39:13

you're done with your patient.

00:39:15--> 00:39:24

I think the question is about patience and endurance. You need to know something. Patience is an act of worship, that cannot be

00:39:25--> 00:39:33

fulfilled except by a person going through negativity. Do you agree? If everything is smooth, can you engage in that?

00:39:35--> 00:39:49

Can you can you say I'm just playing soccer but nothing's wrong in your life. And being sober I'm very impatient. We're very patient about what everything is there in your life. So Allah says in ama for sabi Runa.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

Indeed, Allah grants the recompense of for those who bet patient

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

without limit without limit, there is no limit for the reward, you must bear patience and bearing patience is an act of worship that is only given to those who go through turbulent times negativity, sadness, loss, etc. And this is why there are many verses in the Quran similar to this where Allah speaks about suffer and patients, we will continue burying patients until we meet with Allah. Because ultimately when we get genital filters, when we get paradise, we will be able to say Subhana Allah, look at the reward for all the patients I endured. But shaytan comes to you and says, No, you better give up, you better give up. So now you say I want to give up, I want to do this, I want to

00:40:40--> 00:41:22

do that. No, no, no, we don't want to give up. And we don't want to have the upper hand never. We always need to be from those who bear patients in a beautiful way such that we feel the blessings of Allah through the turbulent times that we go through. And this is why Allah keep saying that you know what the reward of those who bear patience is unlimited. And it's from me, and Allah says I am close to those who bear patience. So inshallah, we will keep on enduring for the sake of Allah. And we will find the sweetness in this endurance and patience. And we will continue to ask Allah to help us, and who knows Allah grant us ease in the world. But when you have one problem, and it's created,

00:41:22--> 00:42:03

it's resolved a lot, what's another one in your life, and then it's resolved. And Allah puts a third one in your life, that is the nature of this life. Because when you have one examination and you pass it, do you just sit at home, you still keep on going to school, you get another exam, you pass that one, you get to take the exam, each time you pass the exam, what happens to your level, it keeps going higher from if you pass grade one, you go to grade two, you pass grade two, what grade do you go to, from three, you go to four you go to, and so on, until you have had 3040 examinations and finally, you graduate from university and you are now the top notch person who has qualified.

00:42:03--> 00:42:40

The same applies to life. One problem, you graduate, you go to another one, it might be bigger, you go to a third one. So don't think that a time will come in your life when you have no problems at all. Because if that's the case, perhaps Allah does not love you. Like Allah says, through the blessing lips of Muhammad sallahu wa salam and I mentioned the Hadith already. When Allah loves you, he tests you because he wants you to go higher and higher, become more and more closer to Allah until you meet with him in a condition that you are closest compared to what you were in the past. May Allah bless you all a fool Akali hava salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa

00:42:40--> 00:42:41

rahmatullah wa barakato.