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Before to the next stage, you didn't go straight into Islam, you went into what's called the Nation of Islam. Yeah. Now, can you educate us on what the Nation of Islam is and how you came to this before you came to true? Yes, no. Now bear in mind that I did mention that. As a Christian, I use drugs, I smoked, I use alcohol, I played with girls, I partied at night, I did all of those things.

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And none of those things were good for me.

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Many of those things, all of those things had something to do with the lack of respect for myself. What happened was my father, he joined the Nation of Islam. And the only thing that I knew about it was that he was being taught and was trying to convince me that the black man was God, and the white man was the devil. That's all he said to me, you know, then my younger brother. Then he, Tarik, about 30 days after my father joined the nation, my my brother todich, join the Nation of Islam, you know, and he was telling me the same thing, instead of saying he didn't go into any other detail, but I noticed that when they came to visit me, there were a lot cleaner than they used to be,

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because my brother was in gangs, just like I was, all of a sudden His hair was cut short, his face was shaved clean. He was dressed up with a white shirt, you know, he has a bow tie. And we had a bow tie on, you know, I said, my goodness, he's mighty clean, you know, and he changed a lot. His language changed his whole attitude about morality change, you know, but but he was saying something that I had a problem with, you know, he said, he came to me said, the black man is God, the white man is a devil. And so I said, What makes you say that? He said, Look at what they did to us. He started talking about the historical slavery in America and all that. Well, you know, you might have

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a point, but still, you know, I mean, look, look, Jesus is white, and I showed him a picture on my wall. And so about about 30 days after my brother joined the Nation of Islam, I was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a time and him and my father were living in Cleveland, Ohio. So my brother sent me a bus ticket to GM to Cleveland to visit him. And that time, the bus ticket from Cleveland to from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, only, like $7, or something like that. Yeah. So he sent some money to buy my children, some groceries, and they come up to Cleveland for the weekend. So I rode the bus, I went to Cleveland. And

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on that weekend, during that weekend, I went to what was called a temple at that time in Cleveland, Ohio. And then I heard the minister they were called ministers, they were, they were all chairs. It was not like a mosque or Masjid. There was all cheer like an auditorium. And the minister was preaching about some of the things of Christianity that I had a problem with before and he was talking about, he said, he said, if, if a rabbit can lay eggs, then Jesus rose on Easter day. Now, when he said, I said, Wait a minute, now somebody's starting to answer my questions. And I noticed that all of the men and boys that were sitting in the audience, were all clean, shiny, white shirts,

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Botox, sharp, crisp, alert, I said, Man, this is beautiful. Some of them had uniforms on, they were saluting each other out of respect. I said, Man, this is this is, I love this, you know, what would I have to give up? So you'd have to stop? So you'd have to stop all the wrong stuff you're doing, drinking, smoking, all of that stuff, you know. And so I said, Where do I sign?

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Check this out.

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Welcome back to The mailbag here on the dean Show. I'm used to Festus and want to jump right into this one. This is an interesting one and a common one as well. When a person reaches the

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reaches the point where they say, well, the evidence is overwhelming. And it seems to me that Islam is the truth, I can't really come up with anything else looks like it's the only way to really understand the concept of God, and the proper way to reach him or worship him. But, and there's always the bud isn't there. Otherwise, you wouldn't write the letter, you just go ahead and enter slam. But he said, I have a habit over my life of chasing women, drinking alcohol, and bass and other sundry things that he details here we don't need to go into. But in any case, he said, What if I went to Islam, which seems right to me, but at the same time, what if I can't hang on? What if I

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fail? What if I fall out of Islam? What if I go back to the evil that I used to do what if I can't do all the praying and the fasting and the things that Islam calls for? Other than maybe I don't want to grow my beard or in the case of one of the sisters, lady, she asked that what if I can

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can't wear that cover on my head things like this, then they would consider me an apostate. And then would they kill me? And

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I don't mean to laugh because I know that it's a serious question. But the reason of checklist because I went through the same big was set up when I gave it Islam I said, Wait a minute, guys, I don't know this. You guys are praying five times every day. What if I forgot to pray? You know, what would happen then or, and you're talking about fasting, you're talking about not eating, not drinking, not enjoying some of the things I take for granted every day? Do you want me to give that up for a whole month that every year

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it's not that I don't really want to it's a what I can or what I forget, you know, it might be too much for me. And so and I also had heard that if you left Islam, that job

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was not funny. It was not funny when I heard it then but it's funny now because I know good and well, it's not true. But you know, at the time, you know, I was hearing all these things, there were people all around me trying to tell me to stay away from the Muslims, you're gonna get a demon, stay away from these moslems because they're gonna mess you up. They're gonna do stuff to you, and blah, blah, blah, terrorism acts of you know, suicide bombers, all the rest of it. Let me just put it real simple for you. It's very simple.

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If you really believe there's one God, and He has no partners, and you're willing to worship him on his terms, and you're really taking even the first step, then you have already entered upon the brink of Islam itself. Whether you know anything about the otter via the Arabic language, or the Koran, or the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Whether or not you have any knowledge of all of these subjects that people talk about, or even establish the first prayer, or even fast the first day of Ramadan.

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The fact that you believe, and you're trying your best indicates immediately you're progressing toward true Islam. You want to continue in that way as much as you can, at your own pace, going step by step. Don't worry about the other people around you. This is not a race between you and the people. This is something where you are making your own contact, your own hookup, connection with the Lord above. Let him guide you. And then you move forward at a pace that you can handle. And if you do fall back, if you do slip, know that he forgives, he says that he can forgive anything, anything at all, except that you worship other than Him, that you establish some kind of partners

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with him that is not there. So keep that in mind. And then do this. Go in your heart and pray and say, oh, Lord,

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I know that you exist. And I know You created me and I want you to give me the best for me, guide me, guide me to the truth. And if there is a God, then for sure he'll know. And he'll take care of you. It's up to him. He's the only one who guides he says in the Quran. You don't guide those whom you love. But it's the Lord above who guides to this straight path whoever he wills.

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With that will turn you back over to the deen show. And until next time, peace. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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And so I said, Where do I sign? Just like that? You were ready. I was ready. So I went out and I was frantic, I ran out, I ran down the aisles. And the security thought that I was gonna start trouble, because the nature of Islam was very military, and military, even at that time, and they thought I was jumping up and start trouble. So he snapped to attention, you know, and then I ran straight down the aisle, when I said, Where do I sign and the buses slow down? Go back to Pittsburgh, take care of Pittsburgh, we got Cleveland covered. That's what my father said. So I got on the bus went back to Pittsburgh, and I found a temple there. And the rest is so called history we flattened and I began

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to learn more, I began to learn that that I didn't realize it was strategy by Elijah Muhammad. We call them the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because of what he was doing to uplift the black people of that time. And, and I didn't realize that what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was doing with strategy, that what he was using was psychology to feed us a diet of reverse psychology, where we had been taught that the white men in America was superior to the black people. He taught us black superiority, and was teaching us that the black people were superior. Well, we weren't when we were taught that we had to depend on the white man.

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He taught us no do for self and develop jobs and things for yourself. We own people where we were taught that, that we have to wear the names of the slave masters who owned our grandparents, Johnson and in Starbuck, old and in Spencer, and you know, and Curtis, and these names that were, there were names of the people who own slaves. And when they set the slaves free, the slaves had the word that name, we were taught that we didn't have to wear those names if we didn't want to. So but since we didn't know what I named Willie was when we, when we were kidnapped, the African American people were kidnapped, then we were told the word x at the end of our first name, and then use the last

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name. So that that would mean that no, my name is Frederick x. Meaning that I don't that x by Frederick experts. I mean, I used to be Spencer, but I don't but I don't know what my name was, because my grandparents never passed our true name down to the to the slave offspring, you know, so we were told to wear an X, you know, and so so and then whichever template that we belong to, however, many people had that same name, that will depend on the number that came before our x. So there were three Frederick's before me in that particular temple in Pittsburgh. So my name became Frederick, for x Spencer. Okay, I was a fourth Frederick. And in x means I used to be Spencer,

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because I used to belong to that slave master, but I don't belong to him anymore. And I will wear the x until my family decides what's the best name that suits us. Because certainly, if a slave owner has the right and assumed the right to give slaves, a name that he chose, that we should have the right to give our own self a name, based on what we think is closest to the character that we want to emulate for ourselves. So all these things start to make sense a good, they had a moral code, they had some discipline, something you were lacking, it was more than discipline. And it was it was it was the most beautiful discipline that I wish most of the Muslims in the Sunnah would have

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right now. Number one, we weren't, we weren't, we weren't even allowed to listen to profanity, let alone use it. Number two, we were careful about our diet, we only were instructed to eat one meal a day, so that our bodies could always be alert, our body could be rested. And in the end, we could be very keen about our thinking. It'll be discipline us to control ourselves, we ate once a day as a matter of discipline. We, while women were not allowed out after dark, even at sunset, any woman, if she had to work a job had to be escorted by someone. The The, the manners, we didn't know the word adab at that time, but the man is was so so strict, that even some of our relative of the opposite

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sex had to ride in the backseat of our cars. If we had to drive them somewhere. It was very, very respectful. We answered each other. Yes, sir. And yes, ma'am. Regardless of the age of the person that we're addressing, we saluted there are senior officers and each other as a as a sign of respect, you know, we came together

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to help each other. Wait a minute, notice we can get a call in the middle of the night and we would be there for each other. You know, we, we had classes the women had to be taught how to sew, how to cook, how to take care of their husbands, that was called the Muslim girl trainees in general civilization class, MGT, GCC, and they were taught and most of the women who came through Nation of Islam, all of them learn how to sew, cook, and also had to learn martial arts, so that they can defend themselves. My wife taught Shotokan to the Muslim women in the Nation of Islam, and she was only 16 years old, you know. So it was a we were taught that we had to have physical fitness and

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training, we had to discipline each other, and sit and make sure that we were on guard to protect and love each other. You actually went up in the ranks. Also, you are a minute minister in the Nation of Islam. Yes, I would. I went pretty fast. For I started off as what we call the oecs, you know, and I was just in the squad. I grabbed within a few months, I became a squad leader. And then they thought that my next stage would be into a lieutenant. But what what the minister had heard me speak once and he said, Now we need him on the podium. And so I went straight from squad leader to Assistant Minister, while I was Assistant Minister. I was working in the restaurant where I met my

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wife and I had moved up in the ranks there from assistant cook, to assistant manager to manager and I've been a one I've taken over the restaurant. My wife and I was Assistant Minister, I moved up the ranks as Assistant Minister and began to set up satellite mosque and cities around Pittsburgh, which we call the satellite temples and so forth. And then just when I became a full fledged minister in early, early February of 1975, Elijah Muhammad fell definitely ill and I was supposed to go to Chicago.

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Medium personally, to officially being brought into the circle of ministers and he passed away, right when I became minister, so I didn't get to shake his hand and meet him personally. So, but that's what that's how I moved up into the ranks there. And I began to be trained by other prominent ministers such as louis farrakhan. He used to come to Pittsburgh and tutor me on public speaking. And I began to study more, and so forth and those efforts, so you know, him personally, Yes, I do. Have you ever met Malcolm X know, Malcolm X had been murdered before I even heard about or even heard about him. You know, I didn't even I didn't know I might have heard his name in the news or

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something that didn't pay attention to it. Okay, so now everything's going well, you're moving up in the ranks, you got a new way of life. Where's the turn now?

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Come and see what everyone's talking about.

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Welcome to the self defense portion of the deen Show. Today, we're gonna go over a common risk grab defense. gonna have my partner here, demonstrate the grip.

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So we're gonna go over one very basic, very fast way to escape when somebody grabs you by your wrist. The common reaction when someone grabs you by the wrist usually, is to just pull away, or maybe tug and pull. But when I start pulling, I just made the grip stronger on my wrist. So

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I'm going to take one step back, always taking a step back opposite of the hand that he's grabbed. So I take a step back at the same time, I'm going to start to turn the edge or the blade of my wrist, towards the gap between his thumb and his fingers, that's going to be the weakest point of his grip, I want to turn the edge or blade of my wrist to the gap

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where his thumb meets his fingers. After I've turned a blade, I'm going to make one motion, like I don't have an elbow just from my forearm down, I'm gonna bring my fist to my chest, back. And now I'm in a ready stance ready position, ready to run or ready to confront my attacker. It's very important to be in a good posture when we get out of this because usually, if somebody grabs you by your wrist, they're trying to show that they're dominating you that they're stronger than you that they're going to just overpower you and, and approach you in that manner. So we have to show the aggressor that we know what we're doing, we are prepared and we're ready to defend ourselves, most

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of the time, that will be enough to throw the attacker off. Okay, so one more time,

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that's a little grumpy by the wrist, another detail, I'm going to make a fist making my hands stronger, I take a step back, I'm going to turn the blade towards the gap.

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One motion, bring my fist back, my hands are up, and I'm approaching my attacker eyes on him, letting him know that I'm ready to defend myself. That was the self defense technique for today's show. Check in with us next time to learn some new cool techniques.

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On while you're moving up in the ranks, you got a new way of life. Where's the turn now? Okay, now what happened was, as I mentioned in 1975,

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after going through like about from 1970 7072 to 1975, after going through all of the hardships, selling newspapers, Mama speaks newspapers door to door, in the cold and in the rain, and, you know, in preaching in people's homes and temples and so forth, and all of that, after going through that in 1975, then email WD Muhammad, and we call him the chief minister at that time, because he didn't make the changes instantaneous instantaneously, when he was when it was acknowledged that he was really supposed to be the one to bring the Nation of Islam into pure Islam, because his father told him on his sick bed, it wasn't his deathbed. He was just he was just real sick. You know, he wasn't

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like getting ready to die. When he told it. He was just real sick. He said, I've taken this community as far as I can. I've taken my nation as far as I can. My son will take you into the rest of the way. And that's when WD Muhammad took office. But then he officially took office that the day that Elijah Muhammad passed away, because the next the next day we have the safest day address. We call it safest day in Chicago. And all of the ministers who are aware that Imam deputy Muhammad was supposed to lead the nation of islam at that time, they lifted him up on his shoulders, including farrakhan on his shoulders. So this is our leader. Now, this is our chief minister. They didn't they

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weren't aware that even that he was going to move into the

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into mainstream Islam as smoothly as he did, because because several of those that lifted him up on the shoulders began later on began to reject the purity of Islam, including farrakhan. Is it true? I heard that Elijah Muhammad, he denounced these teachings that he formally taught? Yes, he did. Yes, he did. I was told by many of the prominent ministers I wasn't there myself, I'll talk about many of the prominent ministers, some whom I very, very close personal relationship with, was part of the family of Elijah Muhammad, that he he made Shahada. Excuse me, Toba, he may tell but which was repentance, and that he took Shahada. And he said that this is that, that I regret, this is what I

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this is what I had to teach. I want I brought my people together, my son will bring your pure Islam and he repented. Now this is what I was taught and told that he did not die in the shirk, that we had been taught and been taught by him. Tell us really quickly, we're almost running out of time. A few more questions. That what is the basic teaching you have some good here that the moral behavior and bringing the people together? The African Americans, but tell us what was the main teachings that the Nation of Islam taught? The main teaching that native Islam taught was black superiority and moral upliftment? Can I say that's more of a nationalistic that was nationalistic, okay, that

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was national. The only thing that made it close to Islam was was was some of the terminology. We're taught to say Allahu Akbar, that God has great wisdom to understand who God who a lot one greeting also say greeting. Assalamu Aleikum, we're taught that we were not taught a lot, you know, with the rockets and so forth. We were not taught the proper way to fast on them. The real month of Ramadan and the lunar calendar, in the importance of making harsh, we weren't taught we weren't taught those things. But the but the morals of Islam, we were taught the morals of Islam. And then so when WD Muhammad took over, he brought right away he smoothly introduced us to Juma prayer, he smoothly got

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rid of the uniform, he smoothly taught us the proper way to fast during the month of Ramadan, he taught then he taught us to look into the Quran and learn how to read the Arabic and understand the Quran for the purity that it is. And mmm WD Muhammad accomplished something that's never been accomplished before and may not never be competent again, that in the period of about nine months, he encouraged over 250,000 people to take Shahada to leave the nation of his best, right. And they wouldn't have to leave the Nation of Islam. Because when he smoked with he very smoothly dissolve the Nation of Islam. So there was nothing to leave, because it didn't exist anymore, that it was no

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Nation of Islam. It was Islam. And so the so what happened was we didn't really leave the Nation of Islam Nation of Islam cease to exist in about 18 months later, when farrakhan decided to reorganize the Nation of Islam, then he had some people who stubbornly did not want to come to the sooner they latched on to that old teaching. And some of them were still on to that today. And it still attracts some younger people. So the Nation of Islam, it's not that we left it is cease to exist, we left the Nation of Islam thinking, and unfortunately, some of the basic ethics of Islam that were taught in the Nation of Islam, to many the son of Muslims now, who were part of the experience, left those

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basic ethical teachings to many of us, we don't love each other enough. So now what happened what what evolved out of that Nation of Islam and under the teaching of Imam WD Muhammad and the purity of Islam, who guides us to the real messenger of Allah, who was the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him that under that, as a result of that, you got people like email Qasim Khan, you got people like Imam Suraj Rojas, you got all of these, these prominent Muslim leaders who are working very hard for Islam, and many of us brought with us the same energy and enthusiasm that we had a Nation of Islam, except now we took the clothing of shirt off of us, we've taken the clothing of black nationalism in

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the context of trying to connect it with it with religion or Islam. We've shared that but we kept on the fever and the in the enthusiasm of working hard for Islam. So as a result of that now, many of many of these people have come together to bring us into another stage. Another transition that and that is we're keeping the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam alive. And now the Muslim alliance in North America has evolved to make sure that the needy Muslims on the inner cities don't get left out. That manner or the Muslim alliance in North America is using using some of this energy and enthusiasm now to do for self meaning let's create some jobs for ourselves. Let's take care of

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each other and still without trying to hide behind or utilize

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As the crutch of black nationalism because of Islam nationalism is not important. In Islam, only the the obedience to the presence of God is important. And so manna is using. Now the purity of Islam, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. And the beauty of the Quran. And the pure, pure Quranic text is the Arabic text of the beauty of the Quran and the Sunnah and the Hadith. And using that as a format and a foundation to make sure that no Muslim man, no Muslim woman, no Muslim child or family gets left out of the mainstream of the things we need to accomplish so that now we can establish something for ourselves, create jobs for ourselves and get

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the Muslims out of prison. And when they come out, they're the ones that are in prison have a support mechanism on the street for them with the single mothers with babies have support and the men who are underemployed or unemployed has a support mechanism, and that we have family counseling and premarital counseling and youth counseling, develop, develop things for the children, show our youth that they can participate in sports and still have the proper adapt and develop themselves physically, while still having the basic ethics of Islam that Nana is here to make the bring this thing the whole fruition and make this this country what is supposed to be what is supposed to be a

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long time ago and make America a Muslim country make the world a Muslim land. Couple more points I gotta cover before we come to an end when just so somebody doesn't get confused and stigmatism, religion or anything? Can you clarify what mana is this is the organ organization that you run. Part of us manner actually is not so much an organization. But it is an alliance of leaders and Muslim activists that are parts of other Islamic organizations like a community group, it's an alliance Alliance, yes, that these leaders who have been working closely with other Islamic organizations and massage it and so forth, they're pooling their resources and their expertise. And they're putting

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that together to make sure that everything that the community needs that the humanity needs as humanity and as a whole can benefit. And in our in our saying in a manner where the Muslim alliance in North America is networking to empower the Muslim community. That doesn't mean we want to leave out the other communities leave out the rest of humanity. That means that we have to, in order for the Muslims to be able to help humanity that we have to become stronger stabilized ourselves. Let me say this before I close, you notice when you travel, the airline attendant says if the oxygen pressure drops, put your oxygen mask on first, before you can help someone else. But we would like

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to look at manner as the oxygen mask for the Muslim community that once we can be breathed, the Muslims can breathe normally. Once those of us who recognize the needs of the community can breathe normally, then we can help humanity and make a difference. So manna is not another religion. It's not a cult. It is only an alliance of activists and leaders and scholars whose design effort is to use the beauty of Islam to help you manage we got to be short on these other points. Real quickly, Brother, tell us now no matter how good you think your way of life is.

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a black man can't be God, a white man can't be God. Now the Nation of Islam, if we're reaching out to any of those brothers, who are in the Nation of Islam, not now or non Muslim was a Christian, I want to hit this point. It's very important that the person sees that this is the worst thing a person can do when you make God into a man a part of his creation. What now led you to lead this is the main thing that people have to understand that you cannot make God into a man that he's absolutely one What do you believe now and something that you believe as opposed to something that you believe for before? What I believe now is that when we look at the Quran and the Sunnah of

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the real messenger of Allah, that, that there's only one God who is unseen, he can't be confined to a physical description, and that and that he was totally alone, and that there's no race of people is superior to another race. There is no nationality of people superior to another nationality. And the evidence is in the Holy Quran itself. I believe the Soto who were born to Allah says that He created us many nations and tribes, He created us nations and tribes, so that we can know each other and in the in the some of the translators add to that, not that we may despise each other, but but a lot is the one so that we can appreciate the good that we

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see in people. He gave us that variety so that we can get some things done. If everybody looked the same. If everybody came from the same country, everyone speaks the same language. If everyone had the same talent, the same skill, the same interest, it will be a boring world we wouldn't get much done. He only made a certain amount of leaders. He only made a certain amount of followers.

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You need a certain amount of nurses, certain amount of doctors, certain amount electricians, Almighty God made gave us this variety for our benefit so that we can get to know each other. But we're only willing to get to know each other is first that we can get to know ourselves that helps us know ourselves if I notice a difference in you. And I realized that the main difference in you is how you approach your Islam. And I want to benefit from that, that I should look beyond whatever physical thing that my physical body wants to see. And that's why we're talking about Prophet Muhammad peace upon this a Assalamu alaykum means that I want God's peace to be extended to the part

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of you that I cannot see. It's not the part that I can't see, because that's not important. So a black man cannot be God, because he's not qualified. A white man could not be God. He's not qualified. A Polish person or person, Guiana or person from China present from Arab Arabia, a prisoner of Pakistan present from the United States of America is not better than anybody else, or lower than anybody else. Because Almighty God is better than everyone. And that we have to hope and pray that we understand someday soon, that until we learn, to see each other the way that we want God to see us that we're never going to make any progress. And that's why I believe that the teacher

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that I had was wrong, but only God himself would know all your love would know if I would have gotten to this point. Without that experience in the Nation of Islam. How is your relationship with Jesus Christ now as opposed to the closer I embrace Jesus peace be upon him embracing with as if the handle for dear life, because now as a Muslim, and I understand his message, that Jesus peace be upon him, was not trying to get people to look at him, his physical appearance, Jesus peace be upon him that no desire for people to worship him. But we have a responsibility that, and that's what and that's the example what I said, the I don't care what his birthday was, nor do I even try to

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research when it was, but whatever it was, whatever that day is, I'm trying to do on that day, the same thing that he was doing, and that is invite people to Almighty God. And if there's a blind person that can't see means the person can't see the truth, I try to help them see, if the deaf person who can't hear if they don't understand how to listen to this message properly, I try to make it clear to them so they understand. If a lame man that can't walk, that means that they don't understand which way they're supposed to go in to do this, except for them. I try to help them balance and show them the way they're supposed to walk. If a person is dead, and like Lazarus was in

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Jesus peace be upon him, brought him to life. And if someone is dead morally, and psychologically, I tried to bring them to life with the message of the Quran. And so that's what Jesus was doing. That's what I do. So I embraced Jesus and His message. And like Jesus, I rely on the Comforter coming into my life and the life of others. And that comforter is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was not Elijah Muhammad, the prophet, Prophet Muhammad, Abdullah, the son of Abdullah, the son of Amina, that is the that is the real prophet of God and Elijah Muhammad peace be

00:33:14--> 00:33:52

forgiven for his sins, Elijah Muhammad admitted and told his son to teach us that the real messenger of Allah is that Muhammad of 1400 years ago, so Pamela, closing comments and advice for a person who's with the Nation of Islam, or a Christian and they're having doubts. They're having questions like you did, things don't make sense. And you know what, what you said, is starting to make sense. What can they do to become a Muslim to accept that way of life that is our day for them from the creator and the heavens and earth? Give us some closing comments and advice, please, first thing you don't have to become Muslim. You're already Muslim Muslim means one who is who has a nature to

00:33:52--> 00:33:53

submit to the will of God.

00:33:54--> 00:34:37

One of the things that the only thing you have to do is admit to yourself, that you need to make a decision a conscious decision to make your actions and your deeds coincide with the nature that you're already created. You want to you want to join the family or rejoin your family, or have that family reunion and in return and revert to that, to that nature that you are created. Find someone who has already accepted Islam, find someone who has already admitted publicly that there's no god but God, His proper name is Allah. Muhammad is messenger, say that words with your mouth and your heart in front of that person, and you will automatically be a part of this universal family. It's

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

just that simple. And then for the rest of your life, make every effort to correct your behavior. Simple as that. Thank you for being with us on Monday night. I look forward to a shell on the future to have you back would be my pleasure and like to thank everybody that's been tuning into the deen show. If you missed this show you on the TV, you can catch us all over

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shows on the D show.com. website. That's the deen show.com Th e d and show calm. I hope you got to benefit. And we'll see you next time for another episode every week. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you