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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. We'd like to thank you for coming to the source to learn about Islam and Muslims. And today we're going to be talking about the verbatim Word of God, which is the Quran. So sit tight, we're going to be right back with our special guest to cover this very important topic. We'll see you in a few.

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Welcome back to the dean show.

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In the deen show studio today to cover this very important topic, my good friend and brother, Chef, Mohamed Sayed Ali. How are you, sir?

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It's good to have you with us again. Thank you.

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For those of you most of most of the viewers, you're one of the original, the original guests here on the deen show. You've been with us from the start. And most of the people know who you are. But for those people who don't know who you are, can you just kind of introduce yourself real quickly before we start on the topic? some level, the level salatu salam ala rasulillah. My name is Mohammed said adly. I'm originally from Cairo, Egypt. And I received my early Islamic education in Egypt. And after this, I moved to Saudi Arabia, which I enjoy in one of the institute's there in the masculine haraam. And I studied Islam there. And Alhamdulillah was version fortunate enough to even teach in

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the harem. hamdulillah I have been here in the United States since 1975, and the amendment director of the Islamic center of Colombia, and I've been active in the Dawa for the last 33 years, and hamdulillah praise Allah for blessed me with this. And I'm here again with

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my brother and my friend.

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Hamza, I'm sure you don't know he didn't hear this name before. But with Mr. Eddie so we can discuss something very important, which is the Quran the verbatim Word of God? We want to know we know I know and you know that this is the verbatim Word of God. But for those people who now are seeking the truth, they want to know what's this Quran now I was just saying as the verbatim Word of God, you know sometimes doesn't carry weight. Why can we start off with give us a little bit basic knowledge of the Quran? Why do we consider this the verbatim word

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smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala. I think we can give the definition about what is the Quran Faris so that people can follow what we talking about. Quran is Kala mala?

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The words of Allah, the actual words of Almighty Allah that mean who believes that Allah spoke the Quran, and munez that means that been

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upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and also main definition for the Koran that emerges, which is a miracle in itself, the way how is the wording, the way how the information,

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everything. So we say more does that mean a miracle in itself, that no human being can compete with it is beyond the human being ability to both words like the Quran, and matabele which one of the forms of worship is to say the Quran to read the Quran recite the Quran. So by doing this, this is an act of worship. And this Quran is the last revelation, not the last talk of Allah on the last words of Allah. It is the last revelation, in a sense for guidance for mankind is no revelation no book coming after it.

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So this is a definition of the Quran itself. So now only if you can please give us a little bit of the history on what the Quran actually is and how it was compiled. Okay. As we said, What's the Quran is the Quran is the word of Allah, for purpose of guidance for all mankind. All right.

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So, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he spoke the Quran, Allah says the Quran, whatever term you want to use, how only Allah knows hell, we could not measure Allah with our measurements, okay? But we know that Allah subhanaw taala speak whenever he wants was whatever he wants, but the harissa came and inform us that when Allah subhana wa Tyler, speak, that the whole skies or the heavens shaking, and this caused the angels themselves to fail.

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And the first of all of them will get up and come back to his conscious is the angel Gabriel Allah Salim. And the law would reveal to him as the angel gibreel. That mean he heard directly from Almighty Allah, he would come down with these words, and the angels after zz Get up, they come back to the conscious and they asked jabril Meza color of Buddha what our Lord has said, he said, he said, I'll help, he says the truth and he will come down from the heavens, all the way to the heirs, to the person whom Allah had to choose and selected, which is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. But this is a normal way of Revelation.

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Allah speaks the revelation, carried and heard by the angel Gabriel, the angel Gabriel will take it directly to the person who have been selected by Allah to be the messenger, or the Prophet, which in this case, what we're talking about is the Prophet Mohammed Salah wa sallam. So from Allah, to gibreel to the Prophet Mohammed Salah la Sol.

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Now here when is the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, here is the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gave him the ability

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and the ability by hearing the Quran, from jabril it will be almost like he can say print it in his heart, he will be able to say it as a prophet sallahu wa sallam used to be hasten, would you please send it in stratasys after him immediately, because he scared he may forget it. Because you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was electric, ie a person who could not read or write. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him led to Henrik de Sena Caleta jollibee, in Alina, Yamaha, Khurana or Muhammad, don't move your tongue when jabrill reciting it for you, to you. Don't move your tongue with it, listen to it, don't worry about it. Because Because it is upon us, ie Allah to collect it,

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and gives you the ability to recite it. Some in Allah anabaena and after this, it is upon us which Allah to explain it. So the Prophet Muhammad was like an agent, like the camera, nothing except to take my picture, take my voice, but the camera has nothing or ability to change or to add or to delete. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is the agent, like jabril was an agent was a messenger. Like when you write a letter, you bought it in the mailbox. And after this, the mailman will take it and we'll take it to your arm, in Bosnia, in America wherever and later goes exactly the same. So Allah speak the Quran gibreel messenger will take it without any deletion or addition anything. Take

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it to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, he will hear it and Allah gave him the ability to say,

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now what happened after this? Now, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam immediately will call in one of the writers kuttabul ye with certain Sahaba companions, who know how to read and write, the prophet will cause him He will come. And right away, we'll record was the Prophet telling him

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this is how is the Quran come down. Now don't forget knows this Quran. It didn't come like a book like this.

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It comes like chapters, Sutras, verses, and sometimes a verse sometimes a word. So it's so simple, even if I don't know, Arabic. And I teach you say so Pamela. So, you see, even if you don't know you see, because it's one word is easy to memorize it. All right, but Allah already had grantees a prophet Mohammed Salah, don't worry about it, because I'm giving it to you.

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make you able to say it, to memorize it and to convey it.

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But we have to keep in mind while we're talking about the Quran, the Quran didn't come like a chapter or a book. No, it came a verse by verse, two verses, sometimes one word. So it's so simple for somebody to memorize a word. Maybe after five hours, maybe after a day, two days. Another verse Comm. It took almost 23 years for the Quran

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to come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So it was so simple and easy to be memorized. But don't forget also that this Quran, we say it in our prayer. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam leaves the prayer, he's reciting what he had revealed, what been revealed to him, what he had received from Almighty Allah. So the Sahaba also will hear him. So they will memorize it.

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In addition to this, they will write it

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so this is the way how is the Quran came down. So we have one form was the memorization, memorization, and but before memorization by the prophet sallallahu sallam, this is number one. Okay. Number two, the Prophet sallahu wa salam, we'll call it some of the companions to record it immediately. Now, how would they back them because obviously, they didn't have notepads, pens and paper, how would they go about compiling things? What would they write down? What was the write in anything that available can be written in exuse rocks, they use bones uses skin, they use different mean different things. They have a means of writing and recording things, even before them, you

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know, this ancient civilization and know how did we get to all this? It always been a means of communication, recording, writing, but it's no it's not so sophisticated. And so

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like what we have in our modern technology, but they have their own basic means to record what you want to record. As far as the Quran have been recorded. Like I said, this is word trees, bones after the kill the camel and eat it and big the big shoulder There are so easy to whatever available there as you use it. So as example for the whole Koran, you will have a whole house like this fold with pieces of rocks and stones and bones is not like what we have now a book like this, but it been combined according the means that was available for him. Let's hold off on that. We got to take a break and then we'll come back and we'll cover the rest of this right back.

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Guide is chorus one, when

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is it here's what we do.

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And I'll say this, and you say after me if you will even if you don't then don't say I swear I swear there is no god worthy to be worshipped. There is no god worthy to be worship except the one true God except one true God. Allah, Allah, okay, and I swear, and I swear Muhammad, Muhammad is His Messenger is this messenger. Okay, now we can do a shadow, a shadow on en la ilaha

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illa Allah, Allah, Allah, La sharika la la sharika wha wha Hi, Shadow, Shadow, and Mohammed. Ahmed Rasulullah rasulillah. That's it. Yes. What you just did. You entered Islam.

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There's only one. Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one. Moses was his messenger

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and is really happy and

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I'm glad to be in the truth.

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me to do it, there's some we need to tell you. When you entered into Islam right here, Allah, He forgave all of your sins since the day you were born. So you don't have any sins now. It's all good.

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You got a new start and you got good deeds, you get to keep all your good deeds, and no bad deeds. So that's a bonus. And if you ask him for anything, now it's direct. And you will receive immediate results from Allah. And another thing is that he's going to start testing you now. Big time. He promises you, but it will make it easy for he's going to test you. And then you'll see ease you'll be tested. And this is a promise from because coming to Islam is not to get the easy way. But it's to get the fairway in a balanced way. And you'll learn step by step, you start learning how to do so long for the person. And then we'll after that, we'll be going into Ramadan, September, fasting the

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month of Ramadan. And then after that you learn about Zika, giving the charity, you don't have to worry about that for a whole year. And then after that, there'll be hij. And then if you can go to Mecca once in your lifetime Lamech away, then that completes as long, as easy as that. And there is some study to do. It's good to start learning the Arabic language, it's good to sit with the study circles. And it's good to spend some time with the brothers. But one thing you want to be careful of very careful is the devil is not going to give up on you. He's going to give up on the fact that you know he knows you're not going to worship idols and statues and stuff any of that. But he's still

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going to try to work on you to try to at least get you away from normal things. So one of the hardest tests that we in the West have in Islam is to keep from separating up into all these silly groups. Don't do that respect each other. If somebody is in a group, that's his choice, but don't get into this. Stay away from that. Just love all your brothers and appreciate the good from each each one or each group and let it go if that makes sense. Yes.

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Do you have any question you want to ask?

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We're real happy to have you as our brother in Islam and take everything slow step by step one by one and inshallah God Willing you'll find it is a wonderful way of life. It's called the deen or way of life. And this is, by the way, the deen show that you're watching. So watch is here on the show for a lot more programs like this. And we hope we see a lot more folks like Steven understand this message and coming to slam till next time is use vest is here in Chicago, saying hey, sunlight.

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Welcome back to the Dean's show and the Digital Studio share Mohammed Ali, thank you again for being with us. My pleasure to be recovering the Quran the verbatim word of god how it was compiled. Please continue on. Tell us how do we have the Quran today?

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As a book, how was it from when you talked about being revealed over a span of 23 years? How do we how did it come to what we have today is a book. Okay, the main thing that we established now is that the time is the time of the Prophet salaallah sem was a means of recording the information. Plus, those people have the ability to memorize. In addition to this we took in about 23 years. So anybody who wants to memorize verse by verse, you have enough time. In addition to this, they resize this everyday is their prayer.

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So we understand that the Quran was available, there is a term of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he didn't die until Allah subhanaw taala completed the Quran perfected his words, and been also known by many Sahaba was more than one person who can read and write. So it was not a people of Jay Hillier totally that people used to be zero who read and write and record the anginosus things. Now with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, the Quran never was in a book like we have today will never been in a CD or a DVD or whatever. Like what we have. Same thing like anything. You talk about a gun, a fork a spoon, people used to eat before they have bots to cook in it. But there is a

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difference between a pantsuit been 200 years ago. And now you have a cook and bought by electricity as a microwave. But he still has means to cook the food the same way they have means to record the information. So they did not have the luxury of having a one book or a CD like we have today. It took a different means and ways and a progress and to bring the Quran to what we have today. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, Quran Moses in two

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forms when memorized by hearts and minds of many Sahaba this one thing, okay. Secondly, the Quran also was in existence in peace of bones erupts skin in writing, but was not one book

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after the death of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, now, the first halifa, which Abu Bakr Siddiq became the head of the Islamic State, which is after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and

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there is a battle called regular Reza.

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And a lot of absorbes scholars who memorize the Quran Zhi been killed. So his assistant, the second man, which, you know, hottub, he came to Abu Bakr so deep, telling him that it's very necessary that we make sure because a lot of people who are on the dine in the battlefield, so those people did not sit in the mosque and the house teach people on the Koran versus the Finnish people to go was there is anything to be done in the community in the mosque, in the battlefields, they are the fairest people. Okay, so a lot of them been killed in this battle. So our one can suggest is this double backless, they possess attention and discussion and consultation. But finally they had agree they

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have to go and get this Quran together and make sure that they have a original copy from the Quran. They've been collected, they've been bought in a big room, okay, and been trusted by the wife of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, which is hafsa and was not still in a one form of a book.

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After the death of Abu Bakr Siddiq, the same thing came again to be trusted with Omar until the third the halifa came which is the US man and this when that we have the Koran to be transferred. So in time of assassin was no one book was a collection. Okay. In terms of Abu Bakr Siddiq as a collection have been but was not as a book yet still wasn't a complete was not a book was no way to make a book is that there is like this, but they have things which are collected in a big room, they had everything but it was you have everything. And

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one of the Sahaba had been in a charge and another person on the center collected and the go to check to people have to be witnesses, they heard this, and that people will recite it and look for the bones book for the skins, collect all this information. Now is the time of Omar. Now we have a one book, Koran. But what's happening in this collection was the different dialects. Okay, according the tribes, now is the time of Horace Mann, he took all this Koran, which was different dialects, and he got it in one Quran was one dialect of kurush.

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And he made a saving of four copies, and send one to each different state of the Islamic State in that time.

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So, this is the first time to be unified is the writing in the pronounciation is a collection we can say most of us man, that the third holiday, this is the time that you actually have a book that can be in a different places, and you have seven copies been sent and some they set for been sent in different state of the Islamic State that time. So this is the time now you have a Quran in a book for

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so is that book that was finally compiled in one is that the same one that we are reciting today, every day once Of course, was no doubt, no, something else had to happen after this. We all this time we have completion of the Quran

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in a form of writing. Now about approximately 5060 years ago, was the first time we get called on in a sound collection. So now you have the memorization by the heart ministers and many scholars. You have the collection of the Quran in the form of writing. And the third became also or you can call it the fourth the collection by sound and was the main person recited and I think is the first person is from Egypt Cole. Chef Mahmoud Holly. Sorry. This is the first time

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To be collect collected in one unified sound and to be recorded and right now we can see how the peran nowadays understand been everyday they have a different print and different styles and all these things, but still any Koran printed by Muslims or non Muslims, Arab or non Arab, you could not open one chapter and he found it different from the other chapter. That means open chapter nine is the Quran verse number six, what is the second word, it has to match in all the neurons. And this is something unique is not exist in any book except as a Koran.

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So we definitely without a doubt, we have the same Quran, the verbatim Word of God as was revealed 1400 years ago, we have the same one today without a doubt with no question. And one thing you have to understand, like I said in the definition of the Quran, mortgages that mean you could not deviate it, you could not challenge it is a miracle. And one of the miracles of the Quran, Allah is seen in the Quran.

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In the national agenda, dekra. Allah Allah Hafiz, and indeed, We IE Allah, we revealed the Quran and is upon Allah to protect it. So Allah promised the Quran to be protected, there is no agent or a country or society that the making shows that the Quran is the same Koran, but you could not help it if it's printed by Muslims or non Muslims, bring the Koran been printed any place an urban specific chapter, specific surah and see what is written there is going to match the same thing. And by the way, when we talk about Koran we're talking the Quran that within and read and said in Arabic, not use a phallic translation and Muslims are on Mohammed backto. This is translation of the meaning of

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the Quran. That's not the Quran in as a noun or an Arabic, Quran is in the Arabic language, not in any other language. Because maybe Yusuf Ali will say what and after this he left from the gate, the other one say he lifted from the door, the circle translation said he exited out. So he sees a different but in the Quran, he said

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that bad. All of them want to be say door door door. So with no way doubt of one inch doubt, you can found two different Quran in Arabic, any place no way. And Allah took upon himself to protect the Quran. And that hamdulillah we still have the Quran until today, the same Quran. This is indeed a miracle and if one citizen really ponders over it, he gets to really appreciate it. And guess what? millions of millions Muslims, not adults, even children 10 and 12 years old, they memorize the whole Quran. And is nobody nobody for your knowledge in any belief in any religion. I can tell you are memorized my book, the Bible or the Old Testament or the Injeel, whatever, no way, by No way. Nobody

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The only books that memorized by millions of Muslims, adults and children is the Quran. And if anybody make a mistake hundreds of people right away would correct him. Not mistake in a word even in a vowel.

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You could make amazing it is amazing. This itself is a May is a miracle. But basically really if when you go talk about the Quran, how's the Quran in the sense that the scientific fact that in the Quran that the medicine in the Quran, the behavior and the academic, and the politics in the Quran, up mazed you can basically run a whole country, the whole world on this book, this is the purpose of Quran Cain. Yes, the Quran is not only a box that you recite and take a blessing is to bring the people to get the blessing of this life and the goodness of this life before even the hereafter. And this is the reason why you could not have peace in any place nowadays. Tell us because we got to cut

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out soon. A couple more questions. I want to hit a few points tell us what is the main message of this Quran.

00:29:43--> 00:29:46

The main message of the Quran is that oh heat

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and that is that means worship Allah alone. don't associate any partner beside him worship Almighty God alone alone. don't associate the angel a prophet

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A messenger, nothing, he is one alone. And he's the only one deserve your total submission and your total bid. This is the main

00:30:13--> 00:30:14

message of Islam.

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Tell us some other details that it covers some of the good things, everything, how you can get the best of everything, your relationship between you and your wife, your relationship, your parents, how to deal with the people in business, how they deal in economics, how to deal in politics, everything how to run a whole society, family organization, okay, is the best manner that in a manner everybody would be fair, and everybody would be comfortable. And this is the only way you can have peace. Otherwise no peace. Now if you live according to this book, that is from the Creator of the heavens and the earth. What is guaranteed for you? If you didn't, Jenna was that paradise,

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paradise paradise, even whatever you want to call it sounds good for me. Al Hamdulillah. We are lawmakers among the people want to stay on.

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Thank you for being with us. And thank you for helping

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me to be your own boss. inshallah. We're gonna have you back again to cover some more.

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Thank you.

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And I'd like to thank everybody who's tuned on to the Dean's show. You can go in the Dean's show library we actually have a good article called the authenticity of the Quran. You can check it out you can start there and then email us if you have any other questions. Otherwise, we'll see you again next time on the deen show inshallah, Until then, take care of Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you.