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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their belief in Islam and the benefits of it, including shaving under their armpits and being able to live in the best conditions. They also mention a news article about a woman who was raised in a certain way and was exposed to shaving products. The speaker suggests that rational thinking is important for avoiding mistakes and offers advice on how to wash one's hands.
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Second question we had here is talking about what what about if I come to Islam and I have some of my relatives and my children and they don't like Islam? Because they say, well, there's things they don't want to do is the one that I can relate to real world is what about my son? Who says would you is, you know, Islam has got a lot of stuff in it kind of looks girly to me. You're talking about shaving under your armpits you talking about sitting down when you go to the toilet, things like that. was that all about? Well, if you're raised in a society where people don't do that, of course, you would think it was strange. It sounds very strange. But on the other hand, I want to tell you

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that there's a lot of things in the sun of Mohammed solar lights, and I'm gonna sound strange to people who don't know, but I'll just ask you don't accept Islam, but do accept rational thinking, is that fair? rational thinking? That's fair, isn't it? The other Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him taught us everything we need to do, as human beings to live in the best condition in the best state. That's why he came as a mercy to the army, to the human beings. He is our mercy, man, we look to him for whatever we need. He's got an answer for your question. No, every religion on earth shows you the proper way to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom.

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And if you doubt it, willing to give you a tape, and you can check it out, listen to the whole thing. But I'll give you one sample. One is that when a person goes to the toilet, they sit and this is well known. It's not anything be ashamed of, they sit, they don't stand. They're careful not to get anything of the what they eliminate on themselves, or they're close, very careful about it. When when they're through eliminating, they wash themselves. They do worse, they wash themselves with water on their hand, this they clean the part that is been affected and soiled and they get it cleaned before they stand up. Now, I heard from some people, they said, Oh, that sounds so barbaric.

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We're modern. We use toilet paper.

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Really rational thinking we agreed right? rational thinking, you're out in the yard. Mom says pick up the newspaper, you reach down you grab the newspaper. Oh, man, that newspaper boy to it right where the dog was. And I got that on my hand. The dog do got it.

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What I'm gonna do, oh, we'll use the newspaper and wipe it off, right? Or you can go over to the sprinkler to the water faucet and wash it up. Which one? Which one? And you already know the answer.

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The paper just smears it all over the place plus, now what I'm gonna do with this paper, or I can just turn the water on and wash it off. Now the rationale comes in and you go Oh, yeah, I didn't think of that. But because you've been raised a certain way. That's what you know. But until your rational thinking kicks in, you don't catch it.

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