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(Madrasah Tarteel Quraan – Pietermaritzburg, KZN Feb 2021)

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Love, I want to set up my life

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on whom I as a as a see behind.

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You see that's at this moment

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you longer than 1400 years.

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Whenever we wish

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to plot along with AWS, we

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will see how far we have come we on the journey, the journey is coming up.

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And the journey ends at the end of time. The last one was often when you do want to plot where we are, we have to see really start to form. What stages have we passed through to understand the moment that we're in right now.

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After an aneurysm Allah adios

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in the bank, because

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it's about the next 30 years are going to be some of

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the old ones grew from a small group of individuals, few 100 of them

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a nation with was a potential.

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In the known world at the time,

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the known world at the time of science.

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There have been previous religions, previous civilizations, previous empires, the two main empires in the middle of the novel was the Roman Empire. And then the Persian Empire, those are two superpowers. Then there was the rest of Europe, going eastward from Persia, that will be India. It was from the there will be China, South from the southeast Asia was the rest of the world. All of the rest of the world had become a diet of their systems, their systems and being unworkable.

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ie the idea which a lot of that said nothing beyond what had become corrupted.

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The manner in which they were conducting their affairs

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degenerated into pure corruption.

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And that formula is the result of law suddenly tells him that wonder the or some of us would have been holed up on the happy liyu Yahoo on a team because the scheme has a purpose behind it. It's not supposed to be for a certain group of people that helps operating with each other, not just to take him out of the normal Haymaker great people go, we are not to become the carriers of the chosen civilization, the chosen chosen religious dispensation for the entire world, the yield upon the pinnacle of all forms and expressions of religiosity, this new lean Islam, which is the revival of the same message of Islam here, it will supersede everything else.

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The foundations for the serie McCann menina, then you saw that been carried out in.

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In the age of seven I want to support it spread into Persia onto Persia, conquered large parts of the Roman Empire in Egypt included in signoff one Stein, the rest of South Africa was taken. It wasn't very long, less than 100 years, Islam was very LP storage of Ghana's minimalna Illa, nine, West Africa, all the way to Ghana, in Central Asia, some of the beach, all of those races, and from 1000 years, that's how much we made.

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You don't have to speak about the 1000 years.

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The legacy that we have right now, the books that you are studying in your REM course.

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All of that is the results of that 1000 years of great development, flourishing

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that can only be almost genius,

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often reach a certain peak, then how does human history work? After reaching a peak, there will be people that fall was inevitable. It happened to the Zuma as the previous owners. But history is cyclical. What goes down will come up again after why I will preempt myself right now and say that I believe that we have this point right now, with a downward

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trend. This then is starting to turn into upward ascent. Once again. We'll come back to that at the end. You'll see that now for about the past three, four or 500 years we've been on a downward descent. What happened? What happened was that geographically Allah has structured the road in a particular way. You have the old Eastern list, and then you have the heartland

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and a lot of about Islam and Muslims into the heartland from Arabia into

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are claiming to the Levant, which is a sham Legion, Sham, meaning for countries that you know to make. Before side speak. There were four countries Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and autist, Palestine. All of that together was shallow. And from there into Azerbaijan, Armenia, in the middle of Eastern West, that's all, mostly civilization. And that was important because the trade routes have to pass by their trade routes. Trade was the beginning conductor from east to west. Traders from the west didn't have much offerings. But that money would go to the east and buyers spices and by the silks and biotech, they wanted to from the east, a woman a place the history of the world. And Allah who

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had given them an acumen for business, from Macaca already, even if he or she thought he was safe, there will be no South business back then they will travel down to Yemen, take from the boats and have come over the sea from the east and take it up to Sydney and sell it there. Now that you will already have been employed in a different way, the trade routes from east to west have to come to all markets. In that way. We will assure ascendancy over the rest of the world because Africans all markets, marketplaces are dominated economy. Most of the times we got Civil War history, civil wars, because World War One A Second World War and the Crusades and the Mongols. We tell the story of will

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extreme in terms of battles that were fought wars and more than most, but there is another secret history of civilization of interaction, which is commerce commercials, how people used to buy and sell for one remember the influence cultures influence one another in this deal over here. I'll give you an example of it. You know what we are very recently the banks have actually decided to do away with something called the check. Now the NBN has been such as just starting to spot the accountant we probably haven't seen the check. But that didn't mean we weren't sure if it was okay it on a checkbook is a sign checks, what do you do now, cards, debit card, credit card, all those kind of

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cars that it was check. So we it is the origins of the word check coming from

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Czech Republic a check in English of course, you go to the airport, whatever they call it, they call it the shape to proceed. But that will check with the government they learned from Europe and with the university from the learning from Muslim traders will issue you with a written document which in Arabic is called the sock sock with a cough the sock. So sock became a CIT Chetnik a mission, our own origins relate to them and only taking it back from them that we sell oil to the Chinese and the Chinese take the oil and then turn it into plastic and myself. So it costs the software basically, that's what we see. That's commerce. But no other end we ask the middlemen once upon a time if you

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wanted to go through us

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in payment I was lucky origin was our was our was our started with the explosion of Muslims from the furthest Western

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places that each thing. And nowadays, they will spend about three times longer than what the Europeans are in South Africa. What returned to me as an

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intermediate is

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a very, very long time. But there came a time when you

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will not have Spain and Europe was now once again standing ready to take over the leadership of the world.

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They had studied in the Madras port of Mombasa, they have learned the sciences from us, because we Muslims to get our we didn't invent it. We took it over from the Greeks from the Indians on Egyptians. When we added to the game, we developed it, it flourished on the Muslim hands. And then our schools open then anyone to come. Jews who come to the Christians have come to learn. And this this very was the sense so they freely. So Europe was now in a state of flux, use of your massage to stand up on two legs. It was starting to discover things about your work, which it didn't know before. They used to think that the earth is completely flat. And you come to a certain point if you

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say that they should pick up on Muslims knew that the earth was around 1000 years ago.

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Those of you been your Kindle teacher that we knew that reading works in typography. And even before in the day to the cooking the color we have to

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factor is a skier that's established a long time ago. Anyway, so Europe was now learning the sciences and it was starting to get rid of the

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What shall we call it? They've got some religions as they started becoming much more injected them before. Interpret meaning that they agreed they are willing to take on

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the duty of penetrating the Muslim middleman you're gonna devote themselves to peace and vitality. You're gonna buy from the middleman you're gonna go to the instead of going to the retailer but you're gonna go to the wholesaler bypass the retail crowd

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straight up, they tried. They tried to combine Muslim lands invaded Muslim lands. They took the open a routine for about 200 years the Crusaders came eventually got rid of them.

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But now with the fall of Muslims and the expulsion of Muslims have seen something new happen. What was it that he thought we couldn't find the land route to the east, Indian China, we find the sea route debased. So the sun setting down the African coast

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at that point, South Africa, our country, South Africa, unknown to

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the only people who are living here with a few points on

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living a very undisturbed life no one's covering them. They're doing their hunting the gathering, and the world can't be concerned until that sounds the NAMA first before he was

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retires in all the way up to once a week.

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And possibly he's seen as you want to send me but they said no, we upgraded to

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the next level came in about 40 per cake. That's good and understand not only around the cake, all the way up the east coast of Africa. So around what is today Mozambique, thereafter, Kenya thereafter, Somalia, they notice today Somalia, on the pilot pattern, a pilot wasn't someone who was shipped off

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for someone who guided the ship. And that person took him all the way over. He didn't know how to get the the mentality will take us straight into the sea. It says but there's no lines. Just do it. I agree with you on the show. But in any case, India.

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What happened here when they were singing he down the west coast of Africa. The moment they reach that part of the world I

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gave it a name. They called him Cabo de Beauvoir, Esperanza, a Portuguese Portuguese, that is the people who know why could

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because now they have hope that you will complete the rest of the journey will come to the point where the leg ends. If you come to the southern tip of Africa, and you find there's no further land is it you can take time to set up those India, they found that And the hope was renewed a call in the case of good over the same one, they found the root and from that time, something started, which will go colonialism. They initially went to country, Muslim traders, Arab traders, Indian Muslim leaders, specifically for jockeys who are saying sailing across the Indian Ocean for centuries before that, set it into what we know today as the islands replete with all the spices are growing,

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they will go they will bind the spices bringing to the market sell it on the markets or the vessels and above to find its way to the euro

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crisis what a really important item in world economy back then. But the Muslim trader was an ethical trader, he will come to your iron will buy your clothes and nutmeg and pepper balefully particles, they given me it is not like that, he comes, he kills you, he takes over your farm, it forces you to leave in your deal enough to get you out, then round up.

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And this went on for three 400 years. This this whole colonialism,

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the modulus came to this country, they didn't establish any local station for themselves, they will just save past and mostly muscle pain, they had a big rock, we both the posters, post letters, and really the mixture combined with the data letters. But the budget is controlled with the string for tune ups. Eventually the Dutch came along eventually, when they also discovered the root was kept secret, they discovered the root. And then they saw the fighting between themselves who's gonna take over more upper

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east. And they kept doing that, until the 20th century started. During that time, what happened?

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Let's just look at how it began. I'm done in the 20th century. For every Oh Jesus, Allah, every upward assembly is going to be a download, he said. So they continue ripping off our country stealing the riches of the countries where many of our forefathers are from the East Indies at PXL. We in the east coast of Africa, taking the riches in the world and unlock cars even then they give back to them companies know that plastic, they took it all away. And during that time, one important thing happened.

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One important thing that happened during that time was the Muslim countries in particular,

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were countries that were ruling themselves, according to which law

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shall deny. Whichever one of those were a country. That was what the parties would judge in a court of law. In the course of Baghdad in the course of the course of Medina in the course of time on the coast of Damascus. The whole ama was the is the copies of society. They were the judges. They would annoy us they knew that the status of the law and when also such as this, they get back 1000 years.

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We used to training the lawyers and judges of tomorrow. But when the colonialism came along, they enforce their own system upon us. They said this country might have been a Muslim country a few years ago. Now it's part of the Kingdom of Portugal. And now it's a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And that's no apply here. English law will apply here. What happens is the law kicked out of the house, they got kicked out of the courts, what do they do? Go sit in your madrasa, do whatever you want to, but because of the laws are not part of your, your work, we just

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we went into a period in which we were trying to preserve our legacy. We started with studying the aspects of it, though, so that those aspects are as relevant in the colonial period as possible, because the fact that they took us to the Kosovo didn't mean we stopped making them up ourselves. So everything between

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our marriage and divorce, once upon a time, it was something that was also groped by virtue of the fact that the force of law were judging, essentially, however, now your marriage and divorce is something that you do try to figure that out, because pretty nice, you want to condition a couple times, you have to come to vote and get married according to the laws of the country. You're buying and selling those things at the bottom for the results. How to buy and sell as a Muslim.

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Muhammad Allah, will you be forgotten? Muslims he made that mistake is often they didn't even care what the Sharia has to say about some of them didn't even look into the Sharia as

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they would imagine that buying and selling is not the TV activity is very much a team effort. We have forgotten because of the fact that we live in, you know, in the colonial, this colonial world made us understand that these things that you're studying this work

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very well, even you're either you're able to come up with, this is part of a legacy gone by, if you want to be part of this modern world, you have to get out with this person come to university, and then you can go become an AI everyone want to be part and relevant in this world that you must know. However,

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a lot of other is going on is brought this deed into this world.

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And he said to be able to help them out again, no blogs, no strategies, no conspiracies can another battle. So for the same time period, during the time when this was taking place now the only people with the ones in charge anymore, we're gonna preserve have been through these notches. We are studying the latency that we often find difficult to see that how will we implement it when even when

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the person coming senile as yet this person seems this is all part of our latest media, we can still continue to study because it has to be kept alive. It has to now evolve on the shoulders of people who are prepared to say, even though there's nothing in terms of monetary reward for it, you know, you can meet up a lawyer if you can find both cases you call them become extremely rich, we decided to become a student of Jean was going to learn the things that you cannot implement, you cannot implement it but Allah has given it to a number of people in society, youngsters such as yourself and your parents to make you available to keep this been alive during the Dark Ages.

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Before the dark period started, just before colonialism came to India, there was a man

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is a must

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is much better known causes Shaohua.

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inspired him to bring about certain changes in the manner that we approach on subjects that we study.

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Traditionally, in course, and then one last example, the Army has already created the syllabus between hours the balancing of army production is only that you study now is not the passing exam. And

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the video is on the concepts of maths and conscious of philosophy. It consists of geometry, consider all those other subjects as well.

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If you do those three, you do it in school, don't do it because God's good. And today must not. By Legolas, Neil was being taught through the textbook of Euclidean Euclidean geometry used to be talking about perspective, because a number will say prior to the coming of the British, there was only one system of innovation that was getting upset learning. The Hindus, the Sikhs passing systematic as well to become functions have said that, you know, they're very interested if they want to read the goals. They have to understand the role of the country. That's what it was like. But the beating was a couple of darkness in reason it will become the pariah of society. Let's say

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you don't you're not part of the martial subsidisation anymore. So can you do what you want them to these Manassas a lot of users already have. So the new sights, they're going to speak in detail about the end of Aikido

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However, during that time I was inspired to bring the study of hobbies back into the curriculum. Suddenly, it wasn't part of the curriculum. At the end of the Canadian study I finished up for

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several years reason was that we have to study hunting, sometimes for regional sources, you have to re establish your contact with knowledge,

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or the text of the Quran itself, because they really do come in the season in terms of politics into drastically changed to be unrecognizable, they won't be a Muslim King, what points are these our place of knowledge that won't be here anymore, Allah will become practically outcasts of society, in a media that, you know, to be a woman that he that someone that will achieve a person almost sway with the denominator for him. Why? Because he's got a low paying job, low prestige in society, just another fellow. So on the 14th, I say, you know, even in the darkest aspects of our present needs to be fine in there are some things which are not present in team. Imagine that our

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jobs are coming. I mean,

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you mentioned they will pay the salaries that universities have 5060 70,000 You know, who that is that anybody all of that goes to the PC so university, they will come in and spoil our game, a lot of us deserving been through the law services of the law.

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So prepare yourself each other for life, loosen

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there's been a lot of luck if you're doing the AGO emails, but you can do the ad hoc when you hear people want peace of mind. They love Hello, welcome to life. There's nothing better than a few that you have chosen. And those that want to, you know, choose the medium to announce as well. But they won't be something that Allah will choose to pay this deal during his days of darkness.

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Because he asked me to have an idle man with only a color photo of every successive generation, the men of other the men of integrity will step forward to take the flag over from the previous generation. Allah Allah says the knowledge and wisdom are selected in this Hadith from Lisa was from sight raised don't see from for you, the person who studied the deen of Allah Tala said, who have syllables like people

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dying and the people of Allah Yes, we have a few 100 amongst us is ever going to ever or will inevitably have. But that's the exception.

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We're not building a company, by and large those that decide in this age of darkness to take upon themselves the task of preserving the legacy of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam even though we cannot see the relevance of it, to preserve his legacy, even though we will be driven to the

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fundamentals of society, and going out of

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our check, we say the main cause of the development of civilization is see, despite all of that, someone still says I'm going to pick up Carlos on graph man, he's awesome, I will become one of the vehicles through we should be using you know, who is equally will become a lefty, Allah has built something really great. And so for him is many of the people that we have is very few of those people of Quran, Quran whom Allah he will ha subtle, but anything else and people will be with another person household, whether it was an awesome, so during this period of darkness, it becomes so much more important that you understand exactly how important the role is, and you have to take

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society coming forward.

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But the challenges are evolving. So the challenges of today, your children under 21st century,

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the challenges that the century will provide you are markedly different from the challenges of the previous generation, my generation nine with an easier, your generation will have greater challenges that you have to deal with. See what has happened now. We preserve the legacies that come to us our legacy of fake and hugging 10s of cm and Amida and global FPR that somebody else we preserve the legacy. In the meantime, as the pedigree on the side of his legacy, has developed Sciences has developed like never before Experimental Sciences. Back then there was one other subject on another subject called philosophy. But there's another subject, then even divvied curated into a whole lot

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of separate branches, you study those branches.

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But everything is one, physics is another chemistry would be another and so many other sciences and everyday new sciences are being established, once upon a time and Ireland has had to know the way outlines times nowadays that we have to have a good command. You don't have to have a PhD in those subjects. But you have to have any book on all of our fields to be able

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To see where do the lines cross? And how can you best leverage of what there is in other sciences, for the happiness of our own sciences. I'll give an example.

00:25:11--> 00:25:30

appeal by Johannes Sufi. So champagne recipe is the condensation of a period at which, during which the Muslims excellent and wonder, in terms of good philosophy, they inherited the traditions of philosophy and the Greeks. They inherited, they didn't buy

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anything else, when they came face to face with it. Now, during the late period, a Muslim had to go into debate against the numbers because the end of the countries covered the country's great part about Islam.

00:25:45--> 00:25:58

Inevitably, people again come face to face, the you the Christian and Muslim, he is a joke. I asked him, How do I prove the how do I prove the truth of my region on the hill? I can't say call on the call. Because we don't have any formal leaders.

00:26:00--> 00:26:13

How do they engage? The only thing that we have common is reason, rationality, rational debate. So we ask a question cannot be one cannot be three has got to be one. And then we are actually debating, I can't see him in an aisle.

00:26:15--> 00:26:24

Why I can't say that you don't really deserve honestly disability, really to the only way to do the workarounds without a reason.

00:26:26--> 00:26:27

The reason

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the handmade reasons to subject of logic, and then the broader subcommittees that are philosophy. So we engage with that, and then we define our own apisa in terms of the existing philosophy, and existing philosophy, the dominant strain was elstow GVM philosophy. So we we defined ourselves in terms of esophageal disease, we said, we needed no deal whatsoever. Now, we didn't mention about either indicted and our leaders are working. But in terms of philosophy, this

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philosophy then grew into so many different buckets. The old data philosophy was one vein of thought experiment,

00:27:15--> 00:27:20

thought experiment, for example, the public statement, thought experiment is having

00:27:23--> 00:27:57

every contingent being the comes into existence, for example, inside the country, because we could have come from, it stands to reason that we come to it. Again, if you come across a cell phone line on the ground, Sommerset manufacturing, so every Harley has to have a motif, that will be cool, either, then we have even money, they can have enough money. And then you go on, until you reach a point where you say, well, from this point on, we can no longer need any more money. The place where you swap that is, well, let's go to this original one. It's a thought experiment.

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So amongst the philosophers, there was an ancient debate is the world doesn't know

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what the world consists of at a certain point in time.

00:28:10--> 00:28:43

What is expressed in the language with a convenient, Alan Alan Adeem. And Harry is a world Adobe giving no 10? Probably no, because the entire for the beginning that and we used to argue the similar philosophers and if you don't, if you said it has a beginning, he doesn't have a beginning. But all of this was done in thought, until this week, essentially, what is it notice, they notice a certain radiation you had to all the entire universe, and then the days back that he had to explain and the computer has a beginning point, the whole

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point. Before that there was no existence. The point has been proven but not the thought experiment, we grew up and observe reality and observe reality this is how the sciences became observational and experimental after the nppo was experiments. Our human color needs to be updated with that much like some of the disciples

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mentioned wanting to be in the center near a table column, which is what we need to present new or equal because it's not necessary. You might be more than big but when I started it back then

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I saw no difference to the only channel I was any

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you know,

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which is

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okay, so look, the presentation is here.

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And he sent me right in the beginning of fine, what was the sweet hug I will share it

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when I know we have to have it cleaned out on the sofa. Sorry. So I'm asking my job the question Are we in the building and

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then they don't want to tell you a whole

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video or in a video

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I was looking at the way in the world, I could go back and take down to my YouTube don't have slides. I'm not gonna need any years. So I decided to become a lead myself. I don't have any interest in the subject. Look up did I realize at the time we are young and we make rash decisions and stupid decisions, that was probably one of the most important lines of African from in Ghana? How can you put aside the existence of objective truth, and the difference between philosophy and socialism, which is very much relevant in some other occasions on the other occasion, and obviously, Others, however, from day one, once

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the evidence of that eventually became known to me, but beyond that, doesn't physics have much to teach us about?

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Doesn't biology have much to teach us about?

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The first man, I was at school, and 70s.

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And we had a brand new school with a brand new

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biology lab,

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randomly, you know, Microsoft's and I used to eat the tea over probably that what he's in trouble demonstrate right now. That's why he's a punk. This is the people always have when they don't want to go to class. Anyways, so the first time it showed spiral gyro under the microscope, cyber jail, you know, this green algae that you get your water, you got it, you put it on the

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go to close

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the slide, and you watch it under the Microsoft, usually, and you see that smaller than the group of between over there. And you can see the secular structure inside. I call that the Subhanallah movement. You see the connection of Allah in that way, that when we say, well, so 100. And

00:31:53--> 00:32:05

so realizing that there you can see with our eyes, our predecessor has to see that the howling have to be in the venue, which is something to keep up with the whole should include some references to these, one of the greatest

00:32:07--> 00:32:51

wills listeners only monitor the swamp during the windows occasion is this thing called P as a lot of men in some of us created mankind. And ideally, the the best and smartest computer in the world can come close to matching the precision and have upgraded DNA that makes sure that you know you have these things within you, not just your the color of your eyes and the type of air that you will ask whether you will restore slim ones or not just that everything else and then you compare DNA that we have in your cellular structure to the Hadith or the sort of occasional hardcopy, but they will be buying in your own domain or somewhere in balance. As at that moment, programs UTF eight,

00:32:52--> 00:33:17

what is it Google News lacryma owns up how much risk you will get everything is laid off at that moment. Because it needs to understand at least some of that as well in some of that, so that the day we stand on this behalf of the people here, you get conveyed to people in the language that they understand that is a challenge that lies with political diversity. So how do we achieve that? How do we achieve that?

00:33:19--> 00:33:24

On answer is very simple. There is no because the last time I was here,

00:33:25--> 00:33:26

as people want it again,

00:33:28--> 00:33:34

you have to remember pseudo beings, in most of our lessons, if they choose to stop living,

00:33:36--> 00:33:43

they just study the last exams and nobody else. I believe that there is a need to supplement or additional information as well even

00:33:44--> 00:33:57

in the US 1020 That is not producing the type of proteins that can be added and do whereby enhance the experience of studying, having industry and have

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reading it in a manner that allows us to interact with the world and loop, revise and review a lot of people and show them that all of the sciences they come from, yes, he died. It was

00:34:12--> 00:34:33

from the scientists, the scientists can put everything in front of you. He himself has seen it but he won't believe most of them. I would say most of many scientists our failures, why when we didn't see such precision, they do get the heavens and earth and they see that as a decision. And yet they tell themselves that you know he doesn't have to allocate the childhood data set

00:34:35--> 00:34:44

this person with degrees these days and he got Wi Fi connectivity because a man is not just the sum total of observation and deduction. What is the man what

00:34:47--> 00:34:52

what can come home and what has happened to him modular seating. Oh, my God we will

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Emanuel gives you the gift of you can have all these are in front of you

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

and see everything

00:35:02--> 00:35:13

imaginable just like going from the hands of someone else that will be profitable. It couldn't be someone like that. Despite that, we still have to do our work of put in front of people. These are the

00:35:14--> 00:35:15

these are the

00:35:18--> 00:35:19

this is a bit of a lifestyle.

00:35:20--> 00:35:57

And this is why snap is the Home Depot religion, we have to convey when your forefathers and my forefathers were brought to this land that was discovered, discovered is not in the right way. But five will go along with it, you will be discovered and younger replicate the popularity. And they graded South Africa with all four provinces for joining from another communities, the skeptic came about anything a woman's worried, are going to be equal to responsible. They couldn't see where they are in Africa, in Indonesia, India, in Europe, they couldn't say why did you leave them was one of those it's part of the grand plan of yoga, what we

00:35:58--> 00:36:02

see is now was scraping down the east coast of Africa.

00:36:03--> 00:36:07

When when the sun came to Africa before he went to Medina,

00:36:08--> 00:36:58

for bankruptcy Java, Sunday, October 1, Africa and African as a part of us that when we have our forefathers resolved or weakened Alright, so at this segment, look at the results of today right interesting that both of you go there. So became the African African half of us, we came back mamina became the center. That means it is now spent again Egypt out of Sudan, Somalia, and then down from a two way street yesterday into Tanzania into Mozambique, that was the Vasco de la cause economic aid. So the stop of the spread of in some sort of you cannot ever stop it. You can either go to work or you can make the right plan, you can attempt to do some C. So D when it's being from North to

00:36:58--> 00:37:00

South, it came to a point when the

00:37:03--> 00:37:22

weather is constantly that way anymore. Okay, the water was read well, since it cannot spare from no facade, you're putting an obstacle in place. So Allah when Allah saw the gene Sophia, from another part of the world transplant into the neck of Gulu, because if it cannot spread from north to south, and that Allah could split themselves.

00:37:24--> 00:37:34

It was really it was our purpose isn't the main purpose why we actually only discovered it is not nice to be in zero communities. So to look at ourselves, we have a much, much greater mission

00:37:36--> 00:37:39

to be in a South African chapter of what we do. Hello, and

00:37:40--> 00:37:41

welcome back.

00:37:43--> 00:37:44

Hopefully with these few words, of

00:37:45--> 00:37:58

embodied view and understanding of what it means number one, to be an early Native reserved, and what it means to be as of Africans, with a huge vision come to us in a very limited time which

00:37:59--> 00:38:03

the government has chosen you, Roger from your home cinema supply road