Muhammad West – The Day Allah frees the most slaves

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The history and culture of Islam, including its implementation as a means of achieving spiritual health and reward for fasting, are discussed. The importance of shaving only when it is complete is emphasized. The upcoming evening, where Islam's founder, Saed bin Salman, will meet with the president, President Trump, and other senior officials, will include a presentation of the upcoming roadmap for the region, shaping the image of Islam, and the importance ofielding to the Islam of Islam during the time of holiday. The schedule and events for the day include a Corbon events and Jamar principle.
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Beloved brothers and sisters in Sudan Marathi Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and forever will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah subhanaw taala and I should have Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify will be a witness of this and unworthy of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada and we send our love and greetings so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was pious and pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala places to be steadfast on the Sunnah of the beat. Muhammad SAW Salam in this life, and to be in his companionship in general for those in the era. I mean, when hamdulillah or praise went to Allah who has granted all of us to

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witness the holiest day of the year, and the most special day of the year, and the day in which deeds that are done, good deeds done on this day are multiplied by a magnitude that we cannot imagine. And it is on this day, the day of Arafah. Now we know in the Hadith of the Navi salatu salam says that no amount no day in the year,

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no day in the year does Allah subhanho wa Taala re release and free more souls from Jana in this day. There is no day in the year where Allah shows more mercy than on this day, in particular for the people have Arafat and Allah grant all of Mahatma abroad, but also beyond them, the people outside of Arafa the rest of us in the Ummah, experience the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala those who are fasting and I hope all of us are fasting two years of forgiveness. And if you've not been able to fast and Allah subhanaw taala knows everyone's situation, then nothing stops us from ADKAR and vicar and dua because this is the day where Allah subhanaw taala freeze as much as you want from

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Jana, Jana, may Allah grant all of us safety from Johanna

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the importance of headshell hamdullah all of us are witnessing our project after two years of restrictions that the Hajj has come back well hamdulillah and that it is an aspiration for every Muslim, to stand on the plains of Arafah. And we know that he would have hatched unparalleled, the Sahaba osnovy Salam, what is the greatest reward with Allah, what deed is the highest? And then he says number one is to have Iman when hamdulillah and we all have that Mullah Eman in Allah and he's Rasool then they said, What is the next greatest thing one could do? And that is jihad to sacrifice your love life for Allah subhanho wa Taala and then the US and what Nick's heroes will Allah Salam,

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and then then Hashem abroad and accepted Hajj is the highest pinnacle of the jihad and we know that the resources whoever performs Hajj and his Hajj is accepted, he did not do any lewd acts. He did not argue he's not fight do anything evil, then his hunch will be accepted and the hajj that is accepted for him on Hajj Mabrouk means there is no reward except Jana, it is a guarantee card for you to intergender with FTM and as you will see Allah I have a HashMap road and that is your ticket to Jana SubhanAllah 100 is accepted is enough to interview the Jana and of course it also wipes away every single sun, like the day your mother gave birth to you. That's why if you look at the duck

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mouth, when we give the baby the name, we shave the head sooner to shave the hair, not just the Indian culture the Malays should also do it to shave the hair of the baby. And the only other place that you'd find in the whole shade Yahweh he shaved is Hajj or Umrah. It is symbolic that you are brand new you like a newborn baby, that every single sin mistake is gone straight out of the box. And may Allah sprang all the hedges this year, and those who have performed Hajj and those who have made all of us stand in the place of Arafah. So when we leave Alhamdulillah we are sinless, spotless, the importance of hatchway those of us who are here and not on Earth Day, and those who

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have yet to perform Hajj is a very important Hadith I want all of us to listen, that our resources whoever possesses the ability and the mount meaning is able to travel and it will allow him to reach Makkah, but he does not do so I mean he has no excuse for not performing Hajj, it would not matter if he dies a Jew or a Christian Subhanallah that results ever can afford to go on Hajj and you have no physical impediment. And then you pass away without performing Hajj without having the NIA without making an effort. It's as if the you die the death of a yo hood or in a surah because it is a pillar of Islam. Islam is not complete until you form Hajj, very, very serious Hadith. And that is

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why Subhanallah that day, today is the day of Arafah we'll talk a little about what happens during Hajj is the most significant few hours of your life. Because up until that point 3040 years you've been a Muslim you've been fasting you've been making Salah you pay us aka you haven't committed chick, but you Islam is not complete. You're not yet fully a Muslim because there's a pillar missing. And when the IG goes to Arafa What had you Arafa and Hara for being the pinnacle of Hajj basically, your Hajj is now almost complete. When you arrive and walk the buku flag now is upon you. It says if your Islam has finally been completed, your status as a Muslim is now complete your

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position in Jannah

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is now set. Your whole life comes down to those three, four or five hours on the plains of Africa, the most significant hours of your life. And for most people, they only have one opportunity at it. They don't come back the second time, everything comes down to that five, four hours panela and we'll talk about the rituals now Inshallah, what is he doing? What is happening what is Hajj is very symbolic, it has meaning in every ritual. So yesterday was the beginning of Hajj was called The Day of Tarawa, the day of Tahrir and the hijab. Basically what they did was many of arches we know they live to three weeks ago. They had long since into the Haram and exited the haram. They performed the

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Amara, and then they got out of the Haram it's called the Hajj of diameter, hijab is in the past. You when you arrive in Makkah, even if you arrived in Makkah to three weeks before Hajj, you say any haram and you just stayed for two or three weeks in a haram, where you can only wear these garments, you can cut your nails, you can't remove a hair, you can't wear perfume, you can't touch your wife. So then a visa made a hedge which was easy. You perform your intimate car, you perform one Amara, and then you exit the Haram and then you are at hamdulillah like normal, and the restrictions will fall away. So the hygiene needs to enter a new Iran now for Hajj. And that is yesterday, when he

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woke up for Fudger. They performed surgery in his hotel, he then prepared himself who sold shaved prepared his body and when he entered the State of Iran. Now we know the State of Iran the most symbolic, well, the point of the Haram is, you know the men when they weigh that comment, the only thing which replicates that is to confirm that you are now in a state where you will meet Allah like this. And one of the restrictions of Haram is of course that everyone was the same. You can see the difference between the king and the slave and know the meaning particular men of course not the ladies, they're not allowed to wear anything on the head. Why? In the past of the case study that

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you were measured, your greatness was measured by your hate attire. The bigger the Mufti, the bigger the turban, that is why the king, he was golden, he said the crown. So Allah says no one is going to wear anything on the head, because no one has any issue besides him. Everyone is a slave. You can't wear shoes that cover your feet. Basically, it's as if though you're performing as if though you just cover your nakedness. This body doesn't belong to you, you can't remove a hair from your head doesn't belong to you. Now we understand the difference between the rob the creator and the slave and the servant doesn't matter. You're proficient on what you have in the bank account. This is what

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when you enter that state, you realize now this belongs to Allah, you can't even touch your wife, not your wife. And so the * then goes to Mina and he gets the daughter time yesterday and he performed the five walk so they were an asset and Marguerite be shy. You went to bed and he woke up this morning. Fajr time all in MENA no rituals, no Jamar, it just it is to prepare himself for the highlight which is today.

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He doesn't you know how much most of it is just you one on one time with Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah has given you that personal time with him. You ask what you want, you don't need an imam to make a dua for you. You make your own dua in your own language. And so Mina, the day of Tarawa is really a preparation they even spotlight if you were unable to make it no problem. There's no penalty on you if you scripted and you select to offer not ideal, but it's permissible. Then today he woke up for Fudger in MENA, he stood in the Haram obviously he performed Fajr Salah and now the hatches leave Mina and they go towards the plains of alpha alpha is somewhat distance from Mina Mina is very close to Mina Mustafa Maka as easier they will close together. Alpha, it's a little bit out

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takes you but you know if you have to walk but often hour 45 minutes to walk, obviously with 2 million people, it takes a lot longer. And so the * gets to Arafa and we know that our business and everything Subhanallah how beautiful it is. It is meticulously to follow the way he did his Hajj. The visa Salam did the exact same steps. And when he got to Arafa it was just before the wintertime wasn't your time, and he stopped outside of Africa. And when he stopped his image, he stopped to the point of alpha the boundary, and you waited until the word came in. And then he stepped into alpha y to show that now the work that will prove everything that I did was strategic

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to now show you that will move begins from there. And the only thing that happens on Alpha, there is in fact the word oversight as a side note, every Salah in Hajj is shortened though we're acid Anisha is to not fool why to give the * as much time to speak to Allah directly even sunnah is made short and then out of the word an Astra even brought together you make do with an answer? At the moment your entire offer. There's a short sermon than abusive of course guy that amazing football, where he mentioned that everyone is equal that Allah has favored them Islam that Allah is satisfied with the deen. So he gave an amazing cookbook. And it will it is the custom that the move to the

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king whoever is the in charge of the Hajj. He will give a sermon and there's a sermon that was given today, and then I'll be solemn again. Look at his hikma that time. That time, our offer was big and the people were only 100,000 and when he entered our offer, he said an amazing thing which the Sahaba at that time

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and perhaps they didn't fully comprehend. We understand. He said, I'm standing here on the spot. But all of us is Arafa. Don't take this spot as any holier than that spot because he knew a time will come when 5 million people will fight for that spot where he stood. And he made a point to show that he's drinking milk that he's not fasting. And then after he made the word an acid and he gave that short that sermon, he then basically went to to a secluded for himself if you can't be screwed over, but basically with himself and he made dua, and an offer, the only thing that it is is you and Allah, it is you sit, there is no ritual. There's no Jamara there's no tawaf, it is you one on one

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with Europe, we know something else happens outside of this realm, in a manner we'd prefer. It's Allah's majesty that he comes down to the plane of Arafah SubhanAllah. But there was summer, and every single * has a personal meeting with him.

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Every single he has 534 hours, whatever it is, to speak to his wrap his heart out. The King of the universe, the Lord of all creation, invited you to that meeting, an appointment which Allah had given. It's like that meeting that Allah had made for Nabi Musa, that he will meet Allah says in surah Taha all your life Musa was to bring you to this point this meeting was between me and you, that he is like that he has a meeting with Allah and the symbolism of Arafa is that to remind ourselves, we all have a meeting with Allah with F pm

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and how we live our life is how we will meet Allah Subhanallah grant us a good meeting without and Allah is pleased with us. And so that he speaks his heart out, he cries his heart out, he bakes Allah for his family, for his for the Ummah for himself. And it is hoped that if that no person asks his Rob on that day, except Allah will give and forgive. And as the day comes to an end, or sort of time, an hour or so before Mother's Day, then at least some became very intensive to as the shadows were long this before Marguerite and he raised his hands up in the summer, begging and crying to Allah as if though this is the last time I'm gonna get to have this personal meeting with Allah. So

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the arches are very intense in in the art today. And so we should not forget that that extends to us as well. So today for the rest of the day. Joomla is always a special day and of course, the last hour of Joomla. It is to spend as much time in liquor and the HR Service Salam, if you're not basically making dua, what is the best liquor you can make the simple liquor La ilaha illallah wa that would actually cover that will call hamdulillah coalition of Allah is none worthy of worship besides you. Do you belong to all of creation and you have power over all things? Just to repeat this dua as a vicar as much as you can. And so the IG will remain in dua until Mercury off the

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mercury, then a visa Salam now said we move on towards Mustafa. And again amazingly he said to them, slow down take it easy take it easy, in fact, and for you, this is a time where everyone is rushing Helter Skelter, and he made a point to slow down and he was so slow in his

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journey towards was that he fell with him on the camels family wishing a camel with Osama or the Alon that if somebody had asked him last month depend on what's going out. And then he says don't worry, we will make monthly Penny shy together in Costa Rica. And so you arrive in Mustafa after Mercury you make Mercury Manisha together you short Mercury remains the same and you go sleep note that you know long bye answer anything you go to sleep and you recover you spend the night in was Delphi if you're able to then be allowed the week, the ladies the children, and today I hamdullah what a great blessing it isn't allowed anyone who was wanting to go ahead of the crowd before the

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traffic jam before Fajr people ask can I leave before Fajr Yara Sula Salam and he said he found the courage to and there is no restriction on you. And so towards three o'clock four o'clock the morning some of the ladies and those were with the ladies they left and so at hamdulillah today there is an allowance that you can leave before budget, but the Sunnah is to stay until Fudger. And then there'll be some salon performance budget and the remain until sunrise. And then he moved to Mina again, now this is tomorrow. That's what's gonna happen tomorrow the day of read for the arches, and this is the day of sacrifice that they have not heard. And this is the busiest day of the entire

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Hajj. So even though alpha is the pinnacle, the day of Eid is the most hectic day for the IG. Very, very hectic for the IG. He needs to do five things on the day read. He needs to do five things on the day of aid and if he can't then he has the next few days of the week. And these five things are that he needs that he Salam was ready for his next Amina. And so after he finished it was delivered in the morning he moved towards Mena. When he got to Mena. He's still in the Haram remember, he has an haram. The first thing he did was he pelted the big Jamara What is this shamrock we know everything of the story of every ritual of * symbolic and it's attached to the V Brahim and we

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know the story of Habib Rahim long story summarized, Nabil Brahim long. This whole life is devoted to Allah and the one thing that he desperately wanted, he wanted a child. And Allah blessed him after many, many decades as an old man with a son. And Abraham says his name is Ismailia Allah is ramming you heard my DUA and you also have this 3040 years of dua, you've answered my door.

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up. Then Allah said, Now you leave his mind in Makkah, and you go back to Palestine, very difficult but he accepted. Then Allah said, you may return to Israel, now that he's a young boy who would visit him. Both the Kaaba, the two of you, and they built the cabinet to get the father and son, then Allah Subhana Allah says, You love Israel so much, I'm going to test you, you need to sacrifice him. Now. Subhanallah This is very, very difficult. Maybe you brought him season a dream that he's going to slow things on sun. And he says to his mind, what do you think I should do? What a sweater what an amazing son. He says, Yeah, but to my beloved Father, do what your Lord has commanded. We

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have basically trust in Allah. Now what side the what this means is, both of them trusted Allah will not bring harm to his smile. Not that I'm really going to kill my son, that our career is that Allah will be brings you to a place in your mind incident like Allah centrebet Musa, you go to the raid, see the yahood see how Allah has brought us here to die. That's what the worker Nabi Musa says No, Allah did not bring me to this place only for me to drown to be killed by Iran. He brought me to this place because he's going to save me. And that is tobacco. Now *. He knew if we follow through with the plan, Allah will never bring harm to a child. And so as an OB Brahim took an obese

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male out of Makkah towards Mena. This is where he was going to sacrifice him. shaytaan appeared first, you know, be Brahim and say what kind of Lord is this that tells you to sacrifice your son and grind responded by throwing stones at you beliefs. Then shaytaan came to Hotjar said your husband is going to kill your son he left you in the desert I was going to kill your son ran away. And she picked up stones and threw him and similarly they came to the shutdown came to the small voicemail, your dad is going to kill you run away. And the little boy picked up his stones 37 of them. And he flew he thought and this is the jam rock that we see today. And so of course, when the

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B Brahim was about to sacrifice, Allah said stop you have fulfilled your, your covenant with Allah, you shown that you prioritize the love for Allah over the love of your own child that you trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah will never ever come on something that brings home to the woman everything Allah commands you. Even if you don't like it, even if it's there we go. This wasn't something easy, that we probably wouldn't ask his maid What do you think if it was easy, but whatever He commands us, it is only for our, for the goodness of us. And so Allah see the rather sacrifice sheep as thanks for the blessings of Allah. And so that he comes to was to Mina. And he

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begins by pelting the big Jamal out the one that came to me back in October. And the symbolism is very clear, that you are rejecting Shavon you are throwing shaytaan out of your life. You've just come out of Arafa with all your sins and telling yourself and Allah and a promise to shaytaan I am done with you. I am throwing you away from my life. And so you pelted Gemma rock, and you have your sleep your your sheep that is slaughtered on that day. So that idea of course and slaughter, it's done for him. And when he's done with that he shaved his head, and he sent me out of Iran. He is not fully out of Iran. He sent me out of Iran. He can do everything now that he couldn't do except

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having * with his wife, he can now dress normal clothing. And so the hygiene, you know, showers and he sort of just gets ready and then he goes to Maccha and he performs the most important tawaf there's a few drops in hajj, but this is the father. This is the main one. He goes to Makkah and perhaps anyone who's been on Hajj knows that this is the most difficult part of Hajj, the Wofully father, 2 million, 3 million people cramming into the Haram trying to perform tawaf Matala just has that limited space. And so whatever is able to do it on that day when hungry life you can't you can delay your talk over the next couple of days. And you perform that thoughtfully, Father,

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everybody wants to run Allah just coming off the plains of Africa, you have just you know, made your your sacrifice. And so now you will return to the Kaaba and the symbolism of of the tawaf everything in the universe revolves around something and we revolve around Allah subhanaw taala Allah is our center. Allah is our the center of our universe, everything goes back to Allah every decision you make, what job should I take, who should I get married, with bring me closer to Allah everyone jostling and hustling to get as close as you can the Lord of the creation. And so you perform that off and then you make the sigh as Roger had done running between suffer and Mattawa running towards

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Allah fleeing from Jana. And with that the * has completed all the rituals of Hajj if you can do so it's very difficult to do so in the old day of it very few people were able to do that there was gonna be some did even return to Mina before McRib and now are the days of the shriek now just on the the sacrifice one of the rituals the only ritual of Hajj which we can do is Corbin is no jump Morocco Tala for us and He doesn't force we fast. So the only thing that is similar between us is the sacrifice. And so the greatest these are the greatest days to do good deeds and the best deed you can do. What is the best thing that can do in these 10 days of Hajj for not for you not RG is to

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Corbon is to call upon. The visa Salam says, There is nothing more beloved to Allah during the days of sacrifice in to sacrifice an animal. The sacrifice the animal will come on the Day of Qiyamah with its wounds and it's here and it's hooves, and all of it will be weighed and given in the ward

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and the sacrifice accepted by Allah. Before the blood even reaches the ground, Allah already has forgiven the person who is making the quarterman and therefore the province is encouraged as everyone should sacrifice when he says that this is that is the sunnah of our father Ibrahim, and that every fiber of here or wool that the animal has, all of it will be a reward for no reward of Allah who knows one reward is billions and billions of mountains of gold, whatever it might be, every day is one reward. And the sun washes away as when it's animal sacrifice. Remember, Allah says, the meat does not reach him. He does not need blood or meat. Rather it is the taqwa that

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reaches him that you take something that you love, and you share that meet with people that are in need that someone else is fit on that day. This is what Allah subhanaw taala loves. The next three days, of course, the days of the sheikh. These are days of aid, the hygiene out of the Haram all the rituals of Hajj is basically completed in our just stays in Mina and he pelts all three Jamrock during the three days, and he spends the night in MENA, Allah has made it easy that whoever wants to stay two days in MENA can stay to and skip the third day, whatever wants to extend and stay another three days they could so the whole of Hajj is really only six days maximum six or five,

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six or five days and you guarantees Palaka rewards Allah subhanaw taala gives once in your life once in your life, so every person makes that near I want to be on Hajj, make that Nia now if you haven't been on Hajj, I want to be on Hajj. Go and log on to south and put your name down let's affirmation if Subhanallah we don't get there we say to Allah Allah Allah I put my name on South website I was waiting for my turn didn't get the luck my fault put five six ran away if you can everyone this is my Hajj little pocket that I'm Have My Money for Hajj and saving And subhanAllah that in the meantime while we cannot perform Hajj for those who are not performing Hajj, Allah had made it that

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there are certain deeds throughout the day we can do that gets the reward like Hajj for example. Then it says that whoever performs Ishai Salah in JAMA, he gets the reward of Hajj and the Prophet said whoever performs Fajr Salah in JAMA and he stays in the masjid until the sun rises. He has the reward of Hajj and Umrah and whoever walks to the masjid to perform Salah and while he's walking, he gets the reward of of a Hajj Subhanallah and whoever goes to the mosque not desiring anything except to learn which is good. Whoever comes to the masjid for a lecture for beyond for some class, while he is the he gets that he would have a hajis hon Allah so Allah is giving those gifts away. This is

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every day of the year, not even the days of Hyderabad, specifically the days of Hajj. And so we make dua that Allah Subhana Allah accepts the hijab, the hijab road for those who are quote, mining Allah except your sacrifices, may Allah Subhanallah except the deeds that we do in the two hours that we make, when Allah grant us and all those of them are to be forgiven our sins. Allah bless us with a good year ahead. May Allah Subhana Allah unite us all in general for widows mean I mean what hamdulillah as you know, it's going to be unfortunately a split aid and by now we are beyond this point that hamdulillah Slamet for you are keeping tomorrow Slamet for you for keeping on Sunday

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Slamet for you will keep you on monday well 100 It doesn't matter and Burano Islam they will be keeping

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tomorrow inshallah and so the program is at the duckweed will be half past seven and

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announcements, okay. And then our pre talk will be just before eight o'clock and then we'll do our Corbon inshallah at the at the hub in pin Street at nine o'clock Alhamdulillah

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we want to offer sister Amira Gabriel's who is hospitalized We ask Allah subhanaw taala the granted Shiva She's unconscious and they don't know if she's going to wake up we make dua in this walk that Jamar Mala Archie fire to her and to all the sick people and Allah grant him a full and complete Shiva and those who have passed away May Allah grant the macabre and genital for those for those who still want to quit band you can contact with daddy but at the back. We will be quitting binding tomorrow and Sunday as well. So if you are going to slaughter on Sunday Alhamdulillah we also allow for that inshallah Ziglar hate it was ALLAH Cena Muhammad radio so he said I'm sending him later

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without me said I'm watching


  • Importance of Hajj
  • Summary of Events of Hajj
  • Yawmul Tarwiya
  • Yawmul Arafah
  • Friday (night)
  • Saturday – the day of Eid
  • Saturday – the day of sacrifice
  • One sheep per household
  • Sun-Tues – Days of Tashreeq
  • Which day to fast and the two eids
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