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Ramadan 2015 – Day 11 – Fasting Of The Ears

Jun 29, 2015

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You're listening to the polymer Institute podcast series, Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani?

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We now have 100 Rahim Al hamdu, lillah Allahu Akbar salami, da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da da CGT Hartman and alila ski I was having here today I'm about

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continuing on with the series of discussions that we've been having over the past few days. The focus has been that fasting is beyond starvation, and a person truly fast when his entire body is engaged in the fast. So we talked about how the heart can fast. Then we talked about how the eyes can also engage in fasting. We talked about the fasting of the tongue. And today I wanted to extend that discussion to the fasting of the ears. The ears are very unique in the human body. Because what we hear through our ears, directly impacts our heart and also our mind. It has two great impacts. It impacts our mind and also impacts our heart. I'll give you an example.

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Many people who have the habit of listening to music,

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when they listen to music, again and again, repetitively, the lyrics of the song settle into their mind. And without knowing it, sometimes they automatically start singing them, or sometimes even with intention to start singing. There are very few people in the world who actually sit down, go on the computer, go to some website where you can download lyrics, copy and paste them, print them out, carry them in their top pocket and read them five times a day. If anyone does that,

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they need to get a life.

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Okay, most people they learn the lyrics by one by you know, by listening. Oh, I've heard that song before. Where did you hear that song? Or it was it plays in Walmart every time I go there. People memorize it just like that by hearing things again and again, again and again. Again and again. People they memorize it. I remember one lady. She said to me. So we had an outtake off program. This is many years ago and Elizabeth, Tom, Kentucky and all the young men who participated in the article, I helped them memorize one law every night. So that while we memorize that night was a lot of I shadowed your loved one. Love them in the car. When

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I taught him this door. He went home ready to his mother. His mother came to me she said shift I've been trying to make my son memorizes law for three days you did in one day? How did you do it? I said it was simple. My teacher used to say anything you want to memorize, write it on a piece of paper, read it 100 times they'll memorize it. Repetition makes you learn it. It's very simple, very easy, repeated again and again and again and again. And you'll memorize it. So this is the impact that bad things can have if you repeat the songs again and again again and again in your mind. Now imagine how great it will affect our mind if we repeat good things. Okay.

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There was one house I went to for dinner once. I'll remember this incident all the time. I actually never did in the gym, I hope but today. I went to one house for a dinner once when I went there. There was a lady. She said to me, she said to her daughter that coming here to put onto shift. So I got a little nervous. I was like, oh man, his daughter's gonna come here to put on it's not appropriate. But then this eight year old nine year old young girl came on. So I was like, Okay, no problem. So she came and she was standing in front of me very respectfully, Mashallah. And she said, Where do you want me to read from? So I thought maybe she has a pocket when she's gonna pick it up,

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pull it out of one of those iPhones that on the start reading inside there. Or maybe you know, I have to ask your summer for Mama sightholder. You know?

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Well, how much do you know? She said 100. law I have memorized almost the entire for under

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nine year old girl. I was shocked. I was like, wow, how did that happen? She said her mother said to me that, that every night when my daughter goes to sleep, I make her listen to the Quran recitation. And when that part comes for her to memorize, she reads through just like that she just flies right through. Because Allah subhana wa tada has made it that way. There were so many scholars and you look at the Sahaba. How do they learn they're in? Was it through reading? Or was it to hearing mostly, it was through hearing and seeing that's how they learned most of it. Look how great of an impact or ears I have on our body, and we don't pay attention to it. And likewise, how great of an

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impact that yours also have on our heart as well. This is something to reflect over. Sometimes we wonder why is it that when I'm praying sawed off that box comes to my mind. Why is it that I don't like this brother, even though he's such a good person. I have no reason not to like him, but I still just can't get to terms of life in this person. Or you're sleeping and bad thoughts are coming to your dreams are coming to you. A lot of it's because what we listen to sometimes when we listen to things someone may speak bad about a person and we may not realize it, but just the fact that someone's feeling bad about him has taken place in our heart right now. And we just can't come to

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terms in liking that person. Now. You guys understand that? Sometimes you could be listening to something

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inappropriate and a song. And you know, the words can be really bad. And they're very vulgar and bad words. And they repeat themselves again and again. And now before you know it, that's all you're thinking of the three letter word or you're thinking of drugs or thinking of this thinking of that these bad things are just going through your mind again, and again. It's because of the impact that listening has. Okay. And then there's this whole thing they haven't saw on

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backtrack, or backplane, where they were there was a little recent, what's it called?

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backmasking. I don't know the exact term for it. I remember there was some research on this, that many musicians in their songs, they actually have hidden messages, subliminal messages within their songs that can only be understood by the mind, by the by the subconscious mind, it picks it up. But in order for the conscious mind to pick it up, you have to actually play it backwards. It's very interesting. There was a whole research done on this, and many famous musicians had this inside there. So the mind Allah subhanaw, taala has made so powerful, the heart has been made so powerful, but we have to be careful of what goes inside.

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If you make a habit of listening to good things, then obviously it's going to have a powerful impact on you. You make a habit of listening to bad things, then it will also have a very bad effect on us law. Now one thing about listening to bad, sometimes, someone may be speaking bad about another person. Or someone may be using a bad word, someone may be lying. Now by you listening to the person, see listening and speaking, they complement each other. You guys understand that? listening and speaking complement each other? How is that? If a person speaks bad, the only way he can speak bad is if you

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listen to it. But if you refuse to listen to it, can you speak back? It's like, for example, the paradigm of river, the one who gives him the one who takes both are in sin. Why is that? Because if there's no one to take, can anyone give?

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They can't give. If there's no one to give, can anyone take they can take that's why both of them are equally in part. Because if you're not going to give I can't take as the bank, and if I'm not going to give you then you can't take from me. So the same thing with speaking that's what the prophets that allamani was sent him said regarding backbiting that the one who listens to backbiting and the one who does the backbiting both are partners in the center. They're both equal partners. Because if you are going to refuse to listening to backbiting, then we don't want to have any backbiting to do. Not at all. That's why lots of how to win without going on and opening versus

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assume you know, and

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he gives a very, very beautiful description of the successful believers. And one of the verses that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions as a description of the successful believers is one Lavina humani lovely model, that they turn away from vain and useless discussion. When they hear things that are of no benefit to them, they turn away from it, they don't waste their time, because it's going to have an impact on your heart, it's gonna have an impact on your mind. And if you sit there and listen to it, it's going to have an impact on you. Think about this, you know, 100 200 years ago, there was friggin 120 years ago, there were certain things in society that were taboo, and they were

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best as taboo. You know, if anyone said them, we were absolutely intolerant of them, because those were bad things, you know, even animals would do them forget about human beings. And today the repetition of these things on news and in Parliament in England, and in the in the What do you call this in the Senate, and all these members of parliament and all these senators discussing it again and again and legalizing it. Now, we've become so desensitized that if someone talks about something bad, someone mentioned that Luther is Rams nation was punished for a particular act. Now what happens is we say Oh, brother, please, blacks, you know, you know, you have to respect people's

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views, you have to respect people's values. See, we've become so desensitized because we've been accustomed to listening to it. They say if you want to create

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a phobia for anything, you want to create a phobia for anything. It's very simple. You have to do two things. First thing come up with a good lie. Second thing repeated 100 times. It's simple. All I have to say is dogs will eat your ear. sounds scary, right? And I repeat that 100 times you'll believe simply you'll be afraid of dogs. It's very simple, very easy. If you want to delete it, come to the truth speak at once the truth speaks for itself. That's the weight loss of animal that has kept the truth. So we need to avoid listening to vain discussion useless stuff. We should stay away from it. Allah subhana wa tada says no put on

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what are some your level out of McAllen?

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Salam aleikum, Nana Taka Jilin, Allah subhanho wa Taala says the believers they have a characteristic that when they listen to useless talk, when they listen to love with this vein discussion, what do they do out of the one they turn away? And then they say, Lana Amato, now what am I looking for us or our deeds for you or your deed settlement on a computer Peace be with you a lot of rain, we want nothing to do with the ignorant people. Very clearly they are right color that I don't want anything to listen to. With regards to the bad that you're speaking, Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran and carstar beside a very beautifully today in this presentation, what I

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thought formerly silica here in the summer and basalt I will for other kulula economists and do not stand by those things which you have known

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Knowledge of because indeed you're hearing your sight and your heart will all be questioned by Allah subhana wa tada remember yesterday I said Allah subhana wa tada created every one of these body parts for a reason. The eye was created for a reason the ears were created so we can hear the recitation from Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, it's very interesting. Just last night, I was listening to a lecture of monatomic Jamil, he was saying in his lecture, that Allah subhanahu wa tada recited sudo yacine 1000 years before the creation 1000 years before he created the creation, Allah subhana wa tada recited Surah Surah Yaseen, you know how lucky we are that Allah subhanaw

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taala recited the Quran that we are reciting today. And we want to hear this recitation. Again, I don't know the reference to that. That's why I quoted it from the argument itself. So please, don't ask me the reference for that. Now moving forward, the same thing. Now we want to hear the recitation from Allah subhana wa tada on the Day of Judgment insha Allah, he's from the prophets of Allah is and from the angels and allows praise and so on. We have to safeguard our ears inshallah, he's some people, they don't safeguard their ears. And because they don't safeguard the years, Allah subhana wa tada said regarding them in the Koran, and that's the Federal Home. Yes, mon. Oh, yeah,

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afternoon inhome Illa, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, that do they think that most of them can hear and that they can comprehend? Allah subhanaw taala says most of you are equivalent to cattle or even worse, because whatever you're listening to is nonsense. And whatever you comprehend, it's nonsense. That's how that's how the cattle is. That's how a cow is that he can differentiate between good and bad when he listens. He can't comprehend between right and wrong. It's just everything's the same. So that's how we've become we don't say this is wrong and this is right. Allah subhanaw taala says another very beautiful verse on the same lines, Luba life, Kahuna BIA,

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analyzed una economy.

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They have hearts, which they don't comprehend with, they have eyes with which they don't see with, they have ears with which they aren't listening. You've become like animals now. So let's learn to distinguish between right and wrong and shallow lung disease. And let's use the month of Ramadan as our pedestal as a stepping stool to start inshallah, and start on this new journey of not listening to hot on shallowness, whatever is hot on whatever last prohibited, let's stay away from them. I just wanted to highlight a few big things that we should try to stay away from in regards to preventing our ears from committing sins. There's some major things, the first thing, we should

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avoid backbiting and not only speaking the talk, but also avoid listening to it. Many times are the adults in our families, the parents, the Mother, the Father, the older siblings, they speak bad about people, kids usually don't have time to speak bad about people. That's just the reality, okay? They really don't care. They'll just keep it in their heart. Forget about it. It's the adults who can't keep it in their heart anymore. They always fill it out. They have to say something bad about someone. So as a kid, you should tell your parents martial law aka law your generals underneath your parents underneath your feet, but I can't allow you to go to the firefight. Otherwise, my agenda is

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gonna be in the fire and I need you to take care of yourself. Okay? Please don't back him up. He used to make to our for the people that were backed by him. You know that he's magoffin Allah, they're the best people in the world because they take my deeds I don't even do anything for them.

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I didn't do anything for them. They're taking my deeds. wow man, any more people like this in the world, okay. The Messiah, the Messiah needs to say a sign of acceptance is that you'll have haters. It's a sign of acceptance from Allah subhana wa tada that there will be some people in the world who will hate on you. That's a sign that Allah subhanaw taala has accepted because as a true sign of the Hitman is that you're not doing it for the people. You're doing it for Allah subhana wa Tada. So try not to listen to backbiting. The second thing.

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Avoid listening to vulgar, vulgar and disgusting things. And this is very common in our current pop culture. Okay, our hip hop music. This is so common, you know, vulgar and disgusting things. Let's keep our ears away from them. The third thing, let's keep away from useless talk, or Latina woman in lovely monotone, something that has no benefit. Stay away from engage in things that have benefit listen to those things. The next thing is avoid. Number four, avoid listening to conversations of people boasting over their sins. Because when people boast over their sins, that if they beautify their sin properly, you'll have desire to commit that sin. Is that true or false? Go to Facebook and

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Twitter that's all you see. Oh, I like this song. Why I like this movie. I just went out on a date. Oh, check this out on a Saturday with a sister Mashallah, that's not his sister. And, you know, all sorts of stuff. People are boasting over their sins. And because they're boasting over their sins, you think yourself Wow, man, you know, I remember once.

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This is not too long ago. I was just browsing through my newsfeed. And I saw this one video clip and it had 500,000 likes you know, for those of you guys are in the social media world, you're like 500,000 likes, that's like absurd. And that was like, wow, what is this? So unfortunately, I clicked on it.

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Oh, my

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Whoa, no, no.

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That's it, I realized that our youth are inferred. I don't know what MTV is doing to people. It was the music video. And it was so horrible how it went up. I don't know if watching that wasn't zinna of the eyes. I don't know what's in is, like, you know, I really don't know what the definition of pornography is without going up to the level if that's not inappropriate, and it's okay. By law, state law protect. And the last thing that I wanted to mention is you should also avoid and this is one sentence of the year, that just eavesdropping, you should avoid spying on each other. It's something of a different nature. We do this a lot. When you listen to have conversations, what

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happens? It creates

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animosity, suspicion, you're not sure what happened, what didn't happen. I've seen this happen so many times, where there are husband and wives that aren't talking to each other because they've overheard conversations. And when you get to the bottom of it, you realize that there was nothing that even happened. It's just that you said, and he said, and I heard and here and this and that. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, you know, if you see a person who narrates everything, he says, fashola who was you know, that he's a liar. Everything is everything, sorry, everything he hears, if he narrates it, that person is a liar. Because you have to know that

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not everything you hear should be said, there are certain things that you should just let go. So unless you're absolutely firm on something in a minute, but in the beginning, make sure you look into it properly, otherwise, you will be caught in mistake, families are torn apart because of this, the justice and ease dropping, families are torn apart. We should be very careful in this matter. Very, very, very, very careful. I seen this happen so many times, in particular, with the mother in law and daughter in law relationship. You know, wife does something. And you know, her husband's sister mentioned something to her mother. You guys know the relationship okay. The sister in law

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mentioning the motor law, that Oh, you know what she's holding a doll with and she's not inviting me. The mother in law calls it I don't know you're holding $1 didn't invite my daughter, what kind of daughter in law are you? And she says you have a dog that I was holding was for six year old kids.

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If you put your daughter in that category.

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Of course, you're more than welcome. You can come as well bring your husband bring your family as well. So there's so much justice that happens in Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from it. Somehow Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah,

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aka Juana, sir Mr. Kumar.