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Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The upcoming fasting day for Ashura is a thank-you for the holy month, followed by a Christian faith and culture of fear. A woman who wasop depressing slavery was killed in basket, and the segment ends with a discussion of a woman who wasop depressing slavery and threatened to kill herself. The segment also touches on the aftermath of the conflict, including the fallout from the Middle East, and the importance of learning to live to the next year. Moosa, a woman who wasop depressing slavery, caused the deaths of many people.
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Allahu Allah. He wasn't said I have never seen. The prophet SAW Selim so excited for the reward of fasting. Never seen him so excited too fast a day besides the Ramadan, like the day of Ashura, he looks forward to it. He will change his calendar appointments, whatever it takes, because I want to fast the day of Ashura, which is tomorrow for us in the year 1442. May Allah make it easy for all of us? I mean, terrible, I mean, now the thing is, some people will say, What's so special about that day of Ashura? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When he came to Medina, he saw a group of the yahood the Jews fasting that day. So then rasulillah asked him, Mahalia Molitor, Samana, what's this

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day that you're fasting? palu they said her the Yeoman avviene, that 10th day of Muharram Ashura is a great great day Why? Angela houfy musawah coma was our coma. He said, The Jews they said to the prophet SAW Selim, this is the day where Allah saved Moosa and his people from penninsula in and Allah made Pharaoh the tyrant the oppressor, drown and his people. And it says for sama, who Musa shukran de la, so after Messiah was saved on that day, whenever that day comes again in the calendar, he fasts as of sugar as a thank you to Allah that He saved him Moosa and his people, so Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Fernando Haku Allah the moose, I mean come, we love

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Prophet Musa more than you. We love Musa the proper love. No one loves Moosa. No one loves ASAP more than the believers. Just yesterday, I uploaded the video on YouTube. And then someone says of a Christian faith, may Allah guide us all. I mean, and he says, I love Jesus, my response to him I love him more. Right then that's what assassin said to the yahood we love musasa more than you and that's how the believers should be am and also to be my own zealot, Robbie Menon, Cologne, and Avila Malaika to put up lanuza kobina Hajime, no, we do not differentiate we say I believe in this prophet, another prophet will only thing we differentiate we do differentiate on who is greater than

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the other. That's what Allah says also, sort of Baccarat ticker rasuluh for bernabei Ah, Bahama Allah, Allah says prophets we prefer one over the other. Allah spoke to Musa Allah Mater, private, go to the agenda, and so on and so forth. And hamdulillah we are blessed to have the greatest prophet Muhammad Allah is Salatu was Salam. So when he said that, he said, I will fast it and he did fast, I'll Ashura fine. What happened on that day in brief In summary, use O'Fallon his solemn comes from the family of Yahoo. They used to live in Philistine when the brothers of use of Allah His solemn were jealous plotted against him, they threw us off into the well. And then the travelers

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they came into the well to drink water or so found use of the dictum up, so use of went with them and they went to Egypt, so use of wasn't Philistine. He ended up in Egypt because that's how you need to know how many throw in ended up in Egypt because of Yusuf Ali Salaam. The years have passed use of I said I went to prison. Eventually he became the financial minister of Egypt, then the his family from Philistine, they moved and more and more of children of Israel moved to Egypt. But again, they were not the original citizens just yet, or not yet. So the point being, as the years have passed, there's no tyranny. It's still a throne, a tyrant, oppressor ruler, from that time from

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the Egyptians took leadership, and Benny Israel grew in number and so and that's many years after Yusuf Ali Salah, but he was such a tyrant. And he said something that no one said before in his people, what do you say anara buku. Allah, this Pharaoh for onset I am your Lord, I am deserving to be worshipped was stabbed in us and he made the Venezuela as slaves this respect and oppression until one day that for our own, who claim to be God, and he said the water flows under me, no one is like me. I'm the best. I'm the greatest. He had a dream that someone from Venezuela in will take over his power. So when he woke up from that dream he brought all the magicians all the dream

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interpreters. What is that dream supposed to mean? That might I see fire I see this. Then they told them. This means one person from Venezuela he will take over your leadership. So right off the bat this oppressor said therefore any woman who is pregnant from Venezuela in the moment she is delivered kills a baby, any male born killer so they did that.

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Can you imagine the level of filth and discus that man is doing? holding tight to the chair? May Allah make us like him? No matter what level so then the people from Egypt and they told them yeah for our we need them as workers we cannot keep killing the boys. So he says I'm in one. So one year we kill the boys. One year we save their lives which is very foolish. Whatever the year he saved them was the year that man is born. May Allah protect us and grant us intellect. So then,

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the mother of mu studies Salaam when she was pregnant with Moosa it was the year where babies were killed. And then a loss of Hannah what's Allah revealed to the mother of Musa right which he delivered him LTE phillium put them in a basket on so unto the river. And don't worry that the half you will attack Danny, we will return him back to you Allahu Akbar. So then the basket went eventually landed at the house of Pharaoh. And in the greatest, not exaggeration, that greatest woman that ever walked on earth asiya radi Allahu anhu she notices that child and she told her on please spare this one boy, this one boy please. And Allah says to alkaitis mahad button mini I have

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put love So whoever sees most of the love him. So how evil does frown have to be? That when he sees Moosa he still does not love him like Allah Allah Allah May Allah protect us. So as you said, Please protect him. So for our never like Musa by the way Mr grew and grew and grew. Eventually, he was learning that technology at that time and so what and he found Benny elmen fighting with one of the Egyptians and one of the Egyptians was oppressing him. So then Moosa came to stop the oppression. So he pushed that man who's oppressing the bending of slavery and accidentally he killed them. So for our neutralize that accidental death, and want to kill myself for that, that I want to hear from him

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or anything like that. So Moosa ran away. Moosa ran away for about 10 years, got married, got a job, and above all of that he came back as a prophet. So he went to town to tell them about La ilaha illAllah people were shocked you have that strength? Yes, with a lot I have all the strength in the world. Insha Allah, so he told around to worship none but Allah subhanho wa Taala. So frown told him, you murder who killed that man are coming to tell me what's right and what's wrong. He said, first of all, Allah Subhana Allah knows that it was by accident. The other thing Allah revealed for love for Allah I am forgive him and you're holding me accountable for a mistake, where you have been

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intentionally killing babies. you're pointing the finger at me when three and 100 fingers are pointing at you. This is who you are. So then around that angry says, Give me the proof. What area Do you have what sign and he gave the outside of the stick that was with Moosa it turned into a snake. He put Moosa was dark skin, so he put his hand in his pocket he took it out was full of light, sign after sign but the arrogant May Allah protect us from it amiable Allah mean so then for around decided to declare war on Muslim Musa gave dour, more people became Muslim more and more and more stunning to Allah subhanho wa Taala until around realized there's no other way except to kill

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Moosa and his believers. I'll continue shala in the next clip, but I say whatever I have said to myself at all it will come first tell Pharaoh who in who who will or for Rahim,

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Bismillah Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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So Musa alayhis salam gets the news from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he now you need to escape you need to run away. Mussolini's Salaam listens to the command and he escapes, goes to the ocean with some say it's the Battle of the Red Sea and Allah knows best as he came to the ocean, that people with Moosa the believers with moose asset in Morocco, and we're done. Ocean from one end for ours coming from the other end, we are dead, there's nowhere to go. But the moon says Kela no way impossible in my era besides Deen, Allah is with me and Allah will never let me down because I did everything Allah told me to do. And when we do everything Allah told us to do one lie Allah will

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never let us down. And that's the belief we hope all of us have, May Allah increase our demand. So then masala Salaam did that and he waited and Allah revealed and updated their sexual basically strike that ocean and the ocean was split to two large mountains and miracle right before his eyes. So Musa alayhis salam and the people they went through that alley between two large mountains of water of water Allahu Akbar, may Allah grant us a man more and more. So then they went through type Allah now the Muslims have

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Pass through make the two mountains of ocean close before for outcomes No, let around, go through the same path. Let him go through the same path. He said, The rivers flow from underneath me. Let him see the water flow from above him.

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So then as for our news, that same path the ocean came and closed upon for our como and his people, and here for our own was drowning as Allah beautifully says in the Quran, he's drowning and he says amen to now I believe. He didn't say I believe in Allah. Look how horrible he is. He says, I believe in the Lord of Prophet Musa.

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Allah says,

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Allah says now Now, after killing the children of innocent women, and then after oppressing Venezuela in after ripping people's money off after killing this and killing that and accusing people's intentions and accusing Moosa, after all of that, after what you did your wife Asya and you're tortured your wife, the believer. And now you're coming. After all the years you were told you were advised you were directed you were sought to be guided as Allah jabril Isilon was angry, he threw the sand in his mouth to frown. Allah says we will make an example out of around for whoever believes the tyrants who can get away with it. No, I will show you that greatest tyrant that ever

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walked on earth what I will do to him and for our own drowned and his body floated over the ocean. And then he saw he saw it with their own eyes. This is round who said he is God this is frown who says oh this I'm the one deserves to be worshipped. He could not even survive Water, water Allahu Akbar, Allah protect us. So Moosa after that used to fast that day and the day this happened, the day for our own died, the day moose has survived was Ashura tomorrow, so can we fast shall we say shukran Nia Allah, that you save Musa Ania Allah, we're going to follow the Sunnah of homosassa lamb and you know Allah help us do we have Musa and Mohammed Salah? And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to

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make this easy for us. I mean, one more thing for the son of the Prophet one last Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If I live to next year, I will fast not just 10 but tests who are nine and 10. Why? To differentiate from the food processor when it comes to religious practices religious do not imitate

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so he said all fast nine and 10 However, rasulillah salam did not live till next year and he died. So we try to do the ninth Oh brother today is the ninth one line never No, no problem. The scholars they teach us you can do nine and 10 or 10 and 11 which is Saturday on Sunday, or Saturday alone shallow works as well in the electronic data.

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