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Tristan, if you're watching this, we'll invite you. But you know, right now he's in jail system as well. Yeah. Well for the mind you based on strong just

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on faith.

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We hope that Allah frees our brother and rotate. And we hope that Tristan takes this time in jail to contemplate upon Islam, and upon the purpose of life, and we invite you to Islam and snuggle. I want to start off with this statement, he said is very interesting, which is the point that I think I'm going to raise right here is there are people in the world who will punch you in the face, if you insult Jesus Christ. And if you insult

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if you insult Jesus Christ, or the Virgin Mary, or anything, and those people are the Muslims. Now, if you don't know religion, and you don't know religious history very well, then I guess you don't know that one of the most profit and one of the most important Prophets in Islam is Jesus, son of Mary as they refer to him, or Jesus Christ, as as Christians call them. So this Dubai, the US Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, the Muslim world is a part of the world where you could not walk around in free and salt Jesus. So I feel perfectly at home in the Middle East, and I feel perfectly home living with my brother who is now Muslim, he's going to put a Koran up above his title belts in

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the house, I have no problem with that book, being in my house, I am very happy for my brother and the decision he made, I think that it's going to benefit him. In the long run. I think that he's a lot happier than I've seen him in a very long time, and good for him. Now, I was asked about my own conversion or potential conversion. And here was my answer. My answer was very simple.

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Somebody, some idiot, actually here in the Middle East. Some British guy said to me, oh, yeah, if you convert to Islam, that'd be really beneficial to you. And it would help you out in lots of ways. And I explained to him, I said, that's not how conversion works, my friend. And if I were to live in the Middle East, you know, although living as a Christian, even if it was more difficult, which it's not, because it's a very free open country with freedom of religion,

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I would not convert for the reason of getting any kind of material or social benefit. I don't think that's how conversion works. I don't even think you choose to convert, no more than you choose to believe that the sky is blue, or that the the ocean is filled with water, I believe that conversion is something that happens to you. Now, I've been doing a lot of reading. A lot of people in Dubai have gifted me some wonderful books, the miracles of the Prophet, Muhammad, and so on. And I enjoyed reading this material. Conversion isn't something that I plan to do, because I don't believe it's something people plan to do. I believe it's something that naturally happens to people and something

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that you know,

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you don't choose because you don't choose to change your mind. You don't choose to change your mind, your mind just naturally changes as you're persuaded. So as for personal conversion, I will say no, that's probably not coming. It's certainly not coming yet. If it does happen, it will be an organic process. But never nevertheless, I've you know, I believe that Christians and Muslims are now finally united. So over the history of Christianity and Islam, there's been lots of fights. And there's been lots of arguments and there's been lots of wars and the Crusades, even the Christians went in and tried to take Muslim land from them and, and the ultimate empire to invaded Europe

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through Romania. And even to the gates of Vienna, there was lots of beef between Christians and Muslims. But that was obviously due to religious differences, because people were very, they were,

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let's call them zealots back then. But also it was about political power. It was about who controls the land, who controls the laws, who controls the countries. I believe that Christianity and Islam are now closer linked than ever before. I believe they're closely linked

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now than they even were in the in the day of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who by the way, encourage religious freedom and lived completely peacefully with Christians. I believe today, we are united by a common enemy. I think that the evil actions of what's happening in the world, the degeneracy, the perversions, the horrible things that we see every single day on our TV screens, the atrocities committed in the name of all sorts of nonsense even you know, reproductive freedom, the millions and millions of of babies being aborted every single day. It's um, it's tragic. And I believe that Christianity and Islam now stand hand in hand as brothers against the moral degeneracy

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of the world. So I don't see a time in the future where there's going to be any kind of beef between Muslims and Christians and if you think there's going to be any beef in my house between me and my brother, you are wrong.

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we have Ron God His name's Allah

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and His

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vital messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam. This is the dijo.

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Explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam show, welcome to the deen show the deen show.

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So I'll

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see you again. Good to see you too. Hamdulillah. So you're hearing this is Tristan tape brother of Andrew Tate. So we don't hear much about him. But people are talking about Andrew Tate. So we thought we'd go ahead and give Tristan Tate an invitation to Islam, as we did for Andrew Tate at one time, and he accepted us I'm humbled. So I want to start off with this statement he said is very interesting. There are people who will punch you in the face for insulting you think this is everyone other than what somebody said. It's the Muslims no doubt. Yeah. There have been movies made mocking Jesus peace and blessings be upon him. I have no Mariam. And the only protests that really

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came out in the streets were for Muslims. It's very interesting. If you see a lot of the people that insult the Prophet Jesus, peace and blessings in the West, ATS, some people of different backgrounds, usually you don't see a response from Christians. You see a response from many Muslim countries and heads of states and stuff. Let's say you know, we don't allow any prophet to be insulted. We as Muslims love Moses, peace and blessings be upon him. We love David, peace and blessings be upon him. We love Jesus peace and blessings be upon him. We love Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. And we believe in all of the prophets equally meaning we can pick and

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choose. You know, when you see a common message that was brought by Moses and before him, Abraham, and then Jesus and Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. Islam is the only religion that gives an explanation why, for example, many Jews, even though they find that Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him brought a very similar message to Moses and Abraham, they deny him completely. I was in Jerusalem books. And I met many people who are rabbis and Jews and I spoke to them, and they use very foul language about Jesus. When I asked them, What do you think about Jesus? They used words that start with a B, and it is referring to a illegitimate child. One of them even marked, he said,

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Mary had a lover and she was hiding. Musa is a rabbi in Israel, and we take a blast, we take that as an insult we take we defend the honor of Mary peace and blessings be upon her. We believe she was a virgin. We believe it was a miraculous birth. We believe Jesus was a prophet sent by Allah to guide the people of Israel to back towards the monotheistic message from when they had deviated into many what we would consider today has been innovation, the charging people trying to make money of the temple, and so on and so on.

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When we speak to Christians, they may believe in Abraham and Moses and David and Jesus, peace and blessings be upon them, but they obviously worship prophets like Jesus instead of following his true message. But they will deny the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. But we as Muslims can show why all of them have the same message and why they brought a similar theme to all their nations because we believe in the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Jesus, the prophet Moses, peace and blessings be upon all of them. I want to go through these quickly some of the points that he made up and they kind of he's already like, given Dawa. He's not even Muslim, but he's cleared up many

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misconceptions just by him speaking, one of them he feels at home like people often will have this misconception in this land you go there to chop your head off, you know, all this stuff is I feel comfortable here. You know, the the propaganda that we see from the media is very negative. Our brother in Islam, Eddie from the deen show is creating the Dean Center, which is a masjid and a Dawa Center, which is going to help non Muslims learn about Islam and Sharia law. And the most beautiful thing about this is that we can all be a part of this we can all take part in earning rewards from this simply by donating whatever we can to make this a reality, which is let's do it. Let's click

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this link. Let's donate what we can and let's make this a reality in sha Allah

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the things I was recently in Pattaya during the FIFA World Cup, and I think there was an excellent a lot of water, government and people of Qatar. It was an excellent example of clearing up money

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Just misconceptions because sitting in the West, we hear this. So this narrative tells you that as if the Middle East is just some kind of war zone and you go there and some guy with like a sword is going to jump out with camo. And that's, you know, ridiculous Hollywood stuff. But this is what we people think. But it got, they got to see that no, Muslims are first world people, Muslims have a very welcoming attitude, people from every different country in the world that you can think of are there. And they were welcomed by the people, they're welcomed into the mosques, many people, regular citizens, nothing to do with any dead organization or any they just came up to the streets and

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brought them via their coffee. And we're passing it out to the people and sweet just to have that built building of bridges, that friendly conversation, and it was beautiful. So I appreciate Chris soon, trust in tariffs and trade,

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kind of clearing up these misconceptions. And letting people know that him living in a majority Muslim country, he feels very comfortable, even though he's a Christian, he talked about conversion or coming to Islam. And this is not he doesn't believe this is a choice. I thought that was profound. That was very interesting. And many people don't realize, what does it mean to revert or to go back to the natural state of belief that children are born on which we consider somebody becoming Muslim as reverting back to their state. But he said something very interesting that it's not a choice, it's the same thing as if you see that the water, the oceans are wet with water or the

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sky is blue, meaning when you realize that there is a Creator, and that creator sent this message, this truth with his prophet, then it's not about converting something, it's about accepting reality. And that's a very profound point. I mean, you know, some people, they want to live out their desires, and hopefully those that are watching can kind of check themselves, you know, kind of think about their own life and their choices. And what they want to do they just want to live out their desires. So what do they do? They deny the Creator, or they may believe in a creator, but they don't want to follow the rules, right? So then they're like, Well, I believe in God, but I'm not a Muslim,

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or you know, because I want to drink and there was a,

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somebody had done a reaction to one of my videos, and there was somebody in that, who had made that comment that I don't call myself a Muslim, because the lifestyle that I'm living well, so that's, that's an interesting point that because they want to go party or drink or fornicator, whatever, they want to then deny the message. And this is not something you can do. Because when you know there is a Creator, and you know that that creator creator, you didn't come from a nowhere you were you were designed and fashioned and evolved by the will of the Creator. You have to accept that. It's a truth. It's like saying the sun is hot. I mean, it's not a matter of opinion. Once you

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realize the sun is hot, it's hot. I mean, this is where heat comes from. It's a fact that there is a Creator as a fact, whether you like it or not, whether you want to deny it or not, you can close your eyes to it, but it's a fact. And many people that want to deny it, it's only because they don't want to accept the rules and regulations the Creator has set, but it's not a choice. Once you know that there's a creator, you know, the Creator knows better than you wants the best for you knows what's best for you. So to accept that and then do your best to follow the rules and regulations as best you can. But you can't deny there's a creator, just because you don't want to accept the rules

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and regulations to live by. He talks about being given a book miracles, the Prophet Mohammed Salah salaam, what kind of miracles do you think he's gonna see in his book? I mean, that's a whole topic in and of itself. But are they enough to convince any sincere person that indeed, Islam is from the crater? This is indeed a messenger from the Creator of the heavens in the earth. Without a shadow of a doubt. You know, I I taught a series on the life of the prophet peace and blessings be upon him, we call the Sierra. And as I was researching, there are books like della Naboo of all by hupy, and others that we went over to try to find narration about the life of the prophet peace be upon him,

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and I found around 3000, a hadith about the different miracles, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him 3000 narrations. Now some of those are about the same miracle but 3000. And going through the historic documentation firsthand, eyewitness accounts, if we just look at the miracle of the splitting of the moon, and there's something I think me and you've spoken about in the past, and we have a video about that, particularly talks about the eyewitness account, scientific evidence, historic evidence, non Muslim sources and all of that. If we just look at that by itself, it will be enough to believe in him as a prophet peace and blessings be upon him. And if

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you believe in His Prophet, that is Islam, believing in the Quran that was revealed in what he has told us that the message from the Creator

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Other than that, there are many, many incidents through wars, through times when water came out of his hands, where people were healed, like earlier of Yan, who had an ailment in his eye that was healed that his hand and so many others. Now, what's unique about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is that we have firsthand eyewitness accounts that are verified with what we call the Senate, the chain of narrators, who told who, who told you who told you until which bits works, where they documented in which you don't have for the earlier prophets, meaning we talked about Moses splitting the sea, who's the eyewitness account? What was their names? How good was their memory? Who did they

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tell that account to until it was written down? We don't have that information. Even Jesus walking on water, peace and blessings be upon all the prophets?

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Who was the eyewitness? Who did that eyewitness physically tell it to? Who did they physically tell it to we don't have that chain. So it's kind of a blind faith issue, but not with Islam. With Islam, we can tell you, for example, putting up the moon, we have beloved, our boss, we have undisciplined Malik, who's in Medina, we have other Sahaba, that we can name you who they are, even the enemies of the Prophet peace be upon and we can name you who they were and who they told that they saw this miracle, even the politics that Mr. Kean they admitted to this miracle, that chain can be verified each narrator and how good their memory is, how was their moral character who else heard this. So

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this is a very unique way to scientifically prove these miracles is truly amazing, amazing. And like I said, anybody who's sincere, Tristan Tate, he looks into this, and he just puts us to the test. The Quran is the living miracle along with all these other miracles that you're talking about. There's no room left for doubt, no doubt for this. Tristan, if you're watching this, and the people watching can share this video with him. I want to invite you, you know, hamdulillah Your brother's a Muslim? And but you know, right now

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he's in jail, Tristan as well. Yeah, both of the mind you Shala. We hope that Allah frees or rather undertake, and we hope that Tristan takes his time in jail to contemplate upon Islam, and upon the purpose of life, and we invite you to Islam and snicko Inshallah, we want to do a live stream with you as well. Inshallah, I know, sneak was close to Islam and Hamdulillah, I saw he did a reaction to one of my videos, and I've definitely wanted to reach out to him and others that are watching, we want to invite you to the truth. And like Tristan said, in this profound way, that that when you know that this is the truth, it is just just accepting the fact. It's not changing. It's not

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something that you're choosing to convert. No, you realize Islam is the truth, and it's just accepting the truth. What do you say to a lot of Muslims, you get some pushback, because you're even bringing up their names. And, you know, they have a lot of things, you know, that they were indulging in, you know, especially agitating for Islam. Now, he's come over to Islam, and from his good friend that I've interviewed tam Khan, he's talking about how he's going to be leaving a lot of these things. I know he openly came out and he left the alcohol hundreds of all this some gambling, he's his friend was saying that he knows his homies to get out of it. But now you deal with a lot of

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people coming into Islam, how long those transitions and how should Muslims go ahead? And, you know, to understand that this is a person who so to Islam and how to deal with this and because you have some people with strong condemnations, you know the meaning like this is, you know, I saw an interesting tweet, somebody showed me a screenshot I don't really know it was from

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some sisters said that if the Muslim community accepts and rotate as a Muslim, I'm gonna leave Islam. And I was shocked by this. Because that's such a pathetic thing to say. If the worst criminal becomes a Muslim, we should accept them and hope good for them and hope that they will change their ways and be support network for them to change. Islam is the solution for people to get out of that lifestyle. If Andrew Tate lived a lifestyle that was a criminal lifestyle before Islam, and he was involved in the worst of sins within Islam is the solution. How can you be accepted? How can you be upset about him choosing the solution? And if some of those bad habits are not gone immediately, it

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doesn't mean that we we reject the brother, you know, and this is something pathetic, you know, to be honest that he I don't even pay attention to the haters. You know, there's people out there that they got nothing better to do but just pick faults and make videos against you and, and just sit there. They sit in their mother's basement and they don't have a life and they just sit there and watch this have this hatred. Well, why is Andrew taping so why is you know Eddie doing good, why is off man doing good and they just, they have this boiling heat, let them burn in their hate. We don't care about them. We keep moving in a positive way.

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Actually we follow the Quran we followed. So he Hadid, what did the Prophet alayhi salatu salam tell us, he told us about a man that killed 99 people? I don't know, to be very honest with you, I don't know and rotates past. I never heard the name and rotate until his interaction with Islam because I'm busy. I got things to do. So, to be honest, when I heard about Undertaker people started telling me about him and things like this and Hamdulillah. At that time, he was already interested in Islam. I had a conversation with Nico. So you know, we were having these before his Islam.

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And hamdulillah when he accepted Islam, we saw a lot of brothers that were very happy. And we saw some haters kind of talking about, well, you know, who was involved in this and that, and I was shocked because I look at the Hadith of the man who killed 99 people. Now, I don't know what Undertaker is done in the past, but I really doubt he killed 99 people, you know, and this man killed 99 people he asked the worshiper Is there a way for me to repent? He said no. So he killed 100 He killed him made it 100. Right. And then he went to the person of knowledge. He said, Can I repent? He said, Yes, but change your environment, leave the environment that you're in, go to the

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place of the righteous and this man and I'm summarizing from the Hadith, he died on the way he never even made it to the place. But Allah made the land shorter, closer to the place of the pious to forgive him. So if Andrew Tate was a horrible person in the past Hamdulillah, he's Muslim, so he can leave those hills, he can leave those evils. And as we have seen in Allah knows best that he is now living in a majority Muslim country, the Arab Emirates, even though he travels, but I believe that's where he's based out of, and that's good. He's moving away from places of Quran May Allah make it that he surrounds himself with good pious people. And he leaves that sinful lifestyle altogether

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now, to address those that say, Oh, well, even now, he has some shortcomings, which I don't know what he has or not. I'm not here to assume bad about our brothers. So then it's something we don't do. We don't assume that about somebody. As a Muslim, we have a standard and we expect good about our brother, we make excuses for our brother. So even if he has some shortcomings, still, that doesn't mean we condemn the brother. That means we support the brother, we give advice to the brother so he can leave those ills. If we look at the hadith of Irish that on the other hand, she said that when the Quran was revealed, if the first thing that were revealed, were all the rules and

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regulations, nobody will be able to do it. If the first thing that was revealed was you can't make dinner and you can't drink alcohol and you have to pray and this and this and you can't gamble, people wouldn't have been able to handle it. So Allah revealed the Quran in stages in Macau was all building Iman very few rules in Makkah. It was all about building your faith in a building your connection with Allah recognize that there is only one Allah not worshiping anything else, not allowing there to be any polity ism and things to build that beautiful. Don't hate that belief in the Oneness of Allah, about the CIFAR of Allah but about the the characteristics of Allah the

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Beautiful Names of Allah the Mercy of Allah Jana, Jana. Now when the people went to Medina, they made hijra, they moved now that they had that level of Eman. Now the rules came, right. So now if somebody becomes Muslim, first thing we hope for them that they will build their faith, and slowly slowly leave everything but if they can leave everything bad in one night, great, but if they can't, it doesn't mean that we just condemned them and exile them and and all speak about though we make the offer them we supplicate for them, we ask Allah to guide them, and we support them and we help them and even if they fall back into their sins, we know Allah is the most forgiving, and we remind

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them to always turn to Allah. So we don't pay attention to these haters. We hope good for our brother Andrew. We hope that his brother Justin accepts Islam. We hope that sneek will accept Islam, and we hope that everybody everybody watching even if they're not social influencers or YouTubers or Tik Tok errs or MMA famous dawns on you that we hope you accept Islam and everybody's Islam is equally important to us. And that's pretty much believing in your, in your heart and then expressing with your limbs and then living by the complete submission to the creator, the heavens and earth and it starts with that testimony of lags and Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, and as we close, this is

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what we're inviting, agitates brother agitate already accepted Islam, I'm sure he has been very, very elated and happy that his brother also one of his younger brother, and usually a younger brother looks up to the older brother, or giving them that invitation to come to the submission and surrender of the created the heavens and earth. And what does that entail? Like Tristan said, it is just coming to grips with reality.

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Whether you believe in the Creator or not the creator created us whether you believe in the Quran or not. It's the words of Allah.

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We want Tristan to take that step and accept what he knows in his heart to be true. So as his brother has done, and as millions of people do, all the time throughout the world hamdulillah

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belief in Islam starts in the heart. It's something that begins in the heart where nobody can see it, but you have it. And it's expressed on the tongue. When you say your testimony of faith, when you see eyeshadow, La Ilaha, illallah, WA shadow none Mohammed Abu Rasulo. This is the testimony of faith, saying it the eyeball, bear witness, there is none worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is the servant and messenger and messenger of Allah. This is the testimony of faith and then it is expressed on the limbs. Meaning then your body submits those actions of your faith or in your daily prayers to the best of your ability, you are leaving the things that are

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forbidden that are haram and doing that which Allah has ordained that which is far that is obligatory, and so on. And this is something that will spiritually cleanse them, it will benefit them, it will bring the peace in their heart that people are missing. It will bring that discipline in their day that people are missing. It will bring that healthy lifestyle that people are missing. It will give them that purpose that people don't realize that they have, it will give them the best of what is there in this world and will give them everlasting paradise in the hereafter.

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Thank you very much my pleasure again.

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You can't take it with you when you go or you can't take this with you when you go and you can't take this with you when you go brothers and sisters we're all going to depart from this life and all of our material possessions to our money will stay behind what's your reoccurring investment is the D center will continue to grow even when you leave this light so go ahead and make that reoccurring investment in a masjid and mega data center that will benefit you in this life. And in the next click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you.

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He normally

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