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hamdulillah Avalara means to allow some of our accountability Muhammad and my dad or cyber salam to slim and teratoma bad. Are you allowed to pray behind an imam who's Hanafy?

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As your mom,

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can you pray behind the demand was Hanafi.

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Stop for all right.

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How dare you even ask the question, right? No, but that's a serious, serious matter. Because if you read in books of history, books of faith, as a matter of fact, there was a time in the Muslim ummah, where unfortunately, this question which we laugh at today, was a serious question

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they asked you is, is it okay for a chef at pray behind? 100 400 per Yuan Shafi? What's the premise of that question? Where did this come from? Anyway, it came from the fact that they thought look, the Hanafis they believe in certain areas in the Salah, where if I am as a chef a pray like that will be invalid for me.

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And the hammock they will say the same thing the chef is they pray in a certain way that if they if I am as 100 you pray in that way, that will be invalid for me, that's the perception of this, this is a calculation to the consumer and so on. So therefore, they came to this conclusion. And at some point, unfortunately, that came into the actual community

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platform, and they start wondering if I should pray behind this imam or not be in being Shafi be Hanafi. So that's a serious question. And subhanAllah from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we have what helps us sort out these issues and make these insalata easy for us. And as a bureau they allow to Anwar Hadid number 1838 In the other side behind Karla van Ebihara 30 Allah I know Anna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I'll call you sir Lunella Kume van ASABE bufala ko Wen acto Fela Kamali road Buhari. This hadith comes a short over here but it comes in a larger context. But the point from this hadith is when the prophets of Allah Sam was asked about he was

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talking about actually leadership, imams and believers at a time when they will be fitted and some of these leaders will be messing up for the Salah, meaning what they delay the salah for example for the people

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they might even do things in Sarada might not necessarily compatible However, it's still not to the extent that would invalidate the Salah. So, what do we do in this case? So the prophets or Assam said to them, call us Soluna lecom You leaders will lead you in Salah if they conducted properly and

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you and they will be rewarded God when after Oh fella come where Allah him. But if they make mistakes, you will earn that award and they will be held responsible for these mistakes. What does that exactly mean? Now what two things here number one in terms of leadership number number two in terms of Imam who did the Salah in terms of leadership that's what the head is speaking about. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was he also mentioned as one of the signs that will come later in the Obama he said they will be amongst yourselves, they will come at a time at a time where the Imams and leaders you are Crona salata and walk down they will delay the salah walk

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away from its proper time and they make this official time. So So however there was like What did you also do we do in this case if this comes happens to us, what do we do? This is called solo solitary work there you pray on time and then join in for Gemma.

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You gotta pray twice, pray on time and join him for the GEMA so, sometimes these leaders will make these these regulations or rules that you as a as an average Muslim in the Ummah responsible to follow the rule. So as long as those rules do not invalidate the Salah, it should be okay. You should be fine. So for example, again, you come to a country was predominantly Hanafis

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and then the leadership let's say, they assign somebody who decide so when you say certain Fatiha this father started with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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now, the Hanafi is and the Malik is in the humblest they don't pronounce the best Mala out loud, but the shot very they do that. So, the Imam says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim to me too you might be saying Come on, I mean, as Hadith Amis is very clear that the Prophet SAW Salah Abu Bakr Muhammad there was the recite with the hamdulillah Brahmin so while saying Bismillah R Rahman R. I was gonna make a big deal out of this. No, just follow his example. And that's it. We're done. Because the professor said look, if that was wrong, that was mistake. They will be responsible for

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me should be fine. So don't look at these differences that will make you delay or actually not praying behind each other there will divide the OMA and again the purpose from the prophets as Sam said his word is what? To keep the OMA United keep them together. So no one says come in with these excuses and

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Not to pray behind these Imams. Now if the imam in regard to the imam who leads the Salah, the Imam if he makes a mistake, as long as that mistake is rectified later on with the sudo. So hamdulillah you're done.

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But I didn't make mistake, he did the mistake, that's fine you okay? You're still as valid.

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Similarly if the Imam if the but if the Imam makes a mistake that would invalidate the salah. You need to fix your Salah. So for example, the Imam, let's say he

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stood up for a fifth tracker.

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And you keep saying, Allah subhanaw taala. And you told them, This is the fifth Raka and he insists it's the fourth Raka and this is a regular standard for them for the fifth writer. Now some foci they will say yes, because you don't know what the Imam is actually thinking about. Maybe he made a mistake one of his record. And as a result is adding this one in place with the one that is considered invalid. So just an example. That's fine. You follow the example of the Imam

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and then because if there was a mistake, he has a responsibility. And he do you do you do right by following that Imam. So the Prophet Salah Salem is making it clear here that would come to the salah. It's a public public thing. Everybody come to the masjid men, women, children, the community gets together for the salah. It's important that we keep the Salah in order not to get divided over the Salawat over these details. An imam might come over here, Maliki for example. They say Allahu Akbar and they keep their hands on their side

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are we going to fight with him? No, you should have put your hand here we're not going to do that. We're going to make sure that Salah is still actually in order if there was a mistake because this mistake does not even if it's if you consider it to be a mistake still does not invalidate the salah you should be okay in short to pray behind the Imam and not worry about these matters. Will Allahu Taala and the question in your mind

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one knows not

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depends depends on who's speaking which might happen.

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let's ask the question from a fake point of view. If I don't attend the heartbeat of Joomla and I pray Serato Joomla only with my salah be considered valid for other Joomla is valid? The answer is yes. So either Joomla is valid. I know in some schools of thought they consider the hotbar part of the Salah. So if you missed the hotbar you can produce it forever. I don't believe this is a valid opinion. But our are correct. Okay. Might be valid but not correct. What I believe is that a Joomla is a thorough QA. Yes, you're supposed to attend the hotbar with that, because that's the whole purpose of Joomla anyway, but if I came late for example, or by the time I parked my car difference

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the hook buffers and they came with a moment of silence in the Quran, you should be fine you Juma is still valid inshallah Tabata Kota. Now if I don't like this country, because you always, you know, take too long, or he always talks about relevant topics or, like you said, he's always you know, talking about praising leaders and attacking the Muslims. I don't want to listen to this thing. So what I would do in this case, I would say still attend the football.

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Attend the football because not about the athlete, it's about you. You need to be in the masjid for the football and be patient with that inshallah Tada Allah.

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Is it being a big problem?

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Yeah, I mean, the question is about basically this becoming an issue in some Muslim countries. I personally believe these issues are where they were, there is less education.

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When we go to villages, and the countryside and some Muslim countries where they have not seen any form of Islam, or than what they've been taught by the imam who comes from a specific background. They see Islam through the lenses of the Imam, that's it. So therefore, if they see if they hear somebody saying, I mean out loud, this is blasphemy.

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If this is somebody, for example, put their hands below or not, you know, on the side, they think this has actually been a big deal.

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They don't see it. They don't. So basically their Islam is very, very subjective from that perspective, and for them, I think the reason why they hold on to this very strongly, because it becomes their identity, they identify themselves through this law or with Islam through this particular practice. And that's what we tried to remove it becomes a big deal like we came from Bosnia Chilango in Bosnia, they inherited some of the some of the Turkish tradition which is also being practiced in some Muslim country out of country as well to what they call them wasn't system was the man fish or the Salah, a ceramic Rahmatullah ceramic Rahmatullah they there is a modern

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somebody who's started making this music, Sarah salatu salam ala Rasulillah and and they make this get together and they are together and so on. Now, I don't participate in that. I personally consider this to be Vidal. Now the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but you know what, in their tradition, they're doing this because I believe that's what preserved Islam by the will of Allah subhana wa Tala to the time of the communists, and also funds

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are respected education. But hopefully with education and shallow Tara, they will learn differently. I remember 20 plus years ago, when I first was there in Bosnia, it was so hard and difficult to be sitting there in the masjid. And people look suspicious at you because you're not participating. And there'll be some debates, like you said, but nowadays after 20 plus years, with the exposure to the other cultures and other Muslim communities and so on, mashallah, they're tolerant, and other people also turn to them. So we'll learn it. So with education, we can remove these differences in Charlotte. Now, the one section which is

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the highly educated that create the fitna, it's not about education anymore. It's about territories, unfortunately become territorial war between them schools of thought and not for them.

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It's an example nonspecific and exquisite school of thought I heard that from our Messiah lecturer at a major members they say, look, follow the Imam.

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Especially if you say subhanallah and the Imam insists it's not like them as confused. He doesn't know what's going on. No, he insisted on praying. Even though it's the fifth tracker. If you realize the Imam is insistent, that means he might be praying for a reason. This 50 Raka. Just pray with him.

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And after he's done, you'll him know, hey, you prayed for Francophone Africa if he said no, they were for and everybody doesn't know they will actually fight for a card. In this case, the salon needs to be done again. But if he says I know, but I messed up in third America or second raka so I might have to make this record and place of that one. Wallah. Now, yes.

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If you had to,

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if you had to, like if a man was not heeding the reminder, like Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah he's not getting it. So are you allowed to say fifth raka The answer is yes. Because this is now a speech for Mr. How to Salah to help the Imam correct the mistake in Salah. But I'm not going to have a conversation with him man.

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Seriously, like it happened one time actually with us when we were camping. So one time the Imam made a mistake or at least the the brother was correcting the Imam and the Imam was rhetoric and so in the like he said the researcher was working hard. I think you said luck or something like that. So he said well occurred and the Imam says luck because Walcott so he kind of confused him then he goes Walcott he goes yes

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you can imagine what happened I was alone, it was a sin.

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It became a conversation now.

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The second point though

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last one you remember?

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Did he make that intentionally or unintentionally or does the best of his ability

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How would he make a mistake and sort of Fatiha in terms of his adult sort of father honey halfway through, cut it short?

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Okay, so if the Imam makes a mistake in the Fatiha according to majority of the fuqaha in terms of fact that have been broken and salah or at least the Fallopian that I fall under God

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Sauterne Fatiha Yeah, the record is invalid.

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And if the Imam is insist not to bring raka in place of that raka when he gives his Salah you add an extra car for yourself,

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you understand? So let's say the Imam of the first striker I said Alhamdulillah Bill al Amin denote Surat almost takim skipped the whole thing.

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And people kept trying to correct him and he kept moving on. And if continued the raka so he did not recite the Fatiha properly, and as a result, it's missing or broken. As a result, we don't count this record to be valid right?

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So if the Imam does not add an extra rock at the end in place of that one, and he says Saramonic, amatola Salah Curatola you stand up and you do

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that again

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there is no different one

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if you're going to feel if you're going to take a different opinion, they would say that the Hanafi school for example, they don't consider the fact that to be rude, but it's fun.

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So therefore, if you miss if you miss something and it's still valid, but it's not proper, then it's not done proper that regard so if that's the his opinion, then that's his thing. Allah

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Yes, because it's thorough. Now

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you're the Imam learning anak lenok

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because I'm leaving the salon right now. And I'm I'm doubting my model. I'm the Imam. I'm doubting my model. And so what do I do in this case?

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You still need to remember the last certainty that you have. What does that exactly mean? Did I die? I had to do that or break my model or otherwise what's the certainty what is the last thing you remember? If you remember that the last thing I had will do. I'm not sure if I broke my model or not. Then keep going. Keep going. Don't worry about it. Continue to Salah. But if your last certainty is that I know I use the bathroom but I'm not sure if I made or do afterwards. Then in this case, you need to start stop your Salah and have somebody leaders from the beginning. There's difference between the Imam starting the Salah without voodoo, or losing the widow in the middle.

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If the Imams or the salah will that will do and then he remembers oh my god I have

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so in this case he needs to break a Salah and everybody's also salah but if the Imam breaks as we'll do in Salah in this case he simply pulled somebody from behind them to continue the salah for the people. I should be okay with that shallow now

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what I mean when he's leaving

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the Imam well if he started the salah if he didn't have all due to break in because it was broken anyway Colossae but he needed to alert the people that it was broken. But if he

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if the Imam let's say if the Imam he did not have although from the beginning but he didn't know

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he finished the Salah and after he says that I'm gonna come out Allah subhanaw taala as soon as we can he remembers oh man I don't have

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so in this case, does he have to announce to the public says Mr. Salas button and you have to repeat repeat your salah the answer is no there are Salah is all valid

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and there are servers all correct it's his right that's not correct. And he needs to repeat his Salah that's it. I remember one time on online I see a picture on somebody posted on on social media the name of an image it he posted he says all the masalas of the message it should repeat their solid roster from yesterday because I remember I didn't have all the wound Prasad rasa

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Are you serious?

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Like that I made this public announcement on the bell on the door of the masjid to steal the people those if you prayed also with me yesterday, do it again because I didn't have although yesterday.

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Allah alongside Annika longer 100 A Shalonda servitude, so I want to go on to lowercase

Isha Khatirah

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