Shaken but Steadfast – Five Lessons from Earthquakes

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The city of Kufa in Iraq once suffered an earthquake

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and after it settled, Abdullah Hindu Massoud, the companion of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ascended the pulpit. And he made a public announcement.

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And he said, Yeah, yeah, hundreds of people.

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In our back home yesterday, boy convertible. Your Lord

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is asking you to change your ways.

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So make those amendments.

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Abdullah hematomas,

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a student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understood

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that at the core, the essence of an earthquake, or a natural disaster,

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more was intended than the mere movement of the land.

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What was intended was the movement of the hearts for people to look into their mirror of their souls and to make adjustments.

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So following the footsteps of Abdullah, he would almost say, Oh, we want to do the same.

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We look at the recent events of Turkey, Syria, the earthquake, and we extract a few key messages that are required at this hour. Messages that lend themselves to us I share with you five

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The first of them

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that was Yahoo Akbar, Allah He had a nasty bit has to be magic. Beware of going around, making bold claims about what the color of Allah the decree of Allah is on certain specific events, who can be sure and who is receiving revelation from Allah amongst us.

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The recent earthquake was just one example. An earthquake that exposed the very opinionated nature of a lot of people, whether they are students of knowledge, or social media users or people sat around a dinner table or their likes, everyone or many at least seem to be sure about what Allah intended with this specific earthquake. Some say it was a punishment, and others they say otherwise, how can you be sure and with what knowledge

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there rule says Lisa could lumen Hala casa? Wala coolamon? Nigeria can Walia not every person who dies because of a disaster was a sinner. And not every person who remains alive is definitely a saint.

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In the year 18, after the Hijrah a plague some people call it the bubonic plague an epidemic broke out in the city of Amla's in the city of Philistine Palestine. And it claimed 1000s of righteous Muslim lives.

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And one of the greatest of those lives I mean, another trustee of this OMA of aw Jarrah, Robbie Allah who died, I know he died at the hands of this plague.

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And many other companions, and 1000s of righteous Muslims, they died at the hands of this plague. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Muslim borders, we're not believing people, non Muslims, who are completely safe.

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Not every person who dies was necessarily a sinner whom Allah hates. And not every person who stays alive is necessarily a saint whom Allah Almighty loves.

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So with what knowledge do many of us go around, go around saying, this is the order of Allah, on this specific event had the Cohoon on Allah, Allah He behaved

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when you look at the nations of AD, and ThermoWood, and Medion, the OMA muda either the perished civilizations, we can say for sure that they were taken away by natural disasters because of a divine punishment we know that for sure. Because that came through why revelation through the prophets of those eras. But where is the prophet today?

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Prophets have died, there will be no more and Revelation has ended there will be no more and therefore learn was that Allahu Allah nurse let us not go around the distributing the color of Allah based upon our limited and narrow judgment.

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This is message number one.

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As for message number two, fill in the Malla hit us up. Let us be polite and well mannered and well behaved towards Allah Almighty and His decisions.

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No human mind can encompass the knowledge and the wisdom and the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, if all of them

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means of humankind collectively, and Jin kind as well. Were to come together to form one super mastermind and try to uncover the wisdom of just one event. They would fail.

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The killing of the boy at the time of Prophet Musa alayhis salam wa salam at the hands of Al hada, Musa alayhis salam was outraged. How could you an innocent life

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and it was only when when he came revelation, and it removed the veils that we understood the wisdom behind this event.

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Allah said that another said to Musa one man who damn who kind of Abba who woke me up for cucina, Eureka Huma Dubya, and working for us for the young boy who I killed.

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He said he had two parents who were righteous. And we fear that he would grow up later on in life and push his mum and dad to defiance and disbelief for Aradhana UB de la humara Buma hyaluron, in whose character

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and so we intended, that Allah Almighty would replace those parents with another son, who would be better for them with respect to purity and nearer to them with respect to Mercy.

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When the boy was killed, and his blood began to flow, Musa alayhis salam was outraged, he didn't understand. If I was there, I would have been outraged and you would have been outraged as well.

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And that event, the wisdom of it would have remained a mystery till this day of ours, if it wasn't for what a revelation from Allah.

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You see, sometimes Allah will cover huge bundles of things

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with a thin veil of what we call sharp, evil, thin packaging of evil.

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And because you and I were only able to see things surface level and our assessment is not deep. We may accuse Allah Almighty of injustice. So we have no option but to accept Allah Almighty is wise decisions and to accept that Allah Almighty knows Allahu Allah mu one two Mala to Allah mon he knows and we don't know for my Allah the conclusion, let us be well behaved and well mannered towards Allah agenda general and never challenge his supreme and wise decisions.

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This is message number two. As for message number three, my brother, my sister,

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reconcile between yourselves and your brothers and sisters and men, the relationships between you please.

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The recent event, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria,

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showed us that when death arrives in many instances, it doesn't give anybody a heads up. It doesn't give people a tip off, I am coming at dates such and such time such and such.

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And when death finally arrives, no amount of crying will ever quell the pain and the regret of an unresolved Fallout between you and another Muslim.

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In my short experience here on this earth

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I've come to witness some of the deepest expressions of love at airports during those farewell moments.

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And I've come to see the deepest expressions of regret,

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and graveyards and at the edges of a burial site, and I've come to experience are the hottest tears of pain during a funeral procession. Why does all of this happen? For one reason?

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Because we only realize the value of one another in the end when it is too late.

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My dear brother,

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a single word of apology, or gratitude or thanks that you whispering to the ear of your brother today,

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when he's still alive, is far more valuable than pages of poetry that you write in his praise when he's died and passed on. By then it is too late.

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A single tear my brother that you shed over the shoulder of a brother, whom you've fallen out with today, when he is still alive is far more valuable. The tears that you unleash upon his grave after he has died by then it is too late. And my sister, a single rose that you offer to another sister of yours whom you've fallen out with today when she is still alive is far more valuable than a whole bouquet of roses you drop on her grave when she has died and passed on by then it is too late.

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Don't delay the beautiful things of life

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after the time has passed on,

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because that will resemble the kiss of apology that you place on the forehead of a man who's died. What

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uses there in that

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and so take heed of Allah's instruction when he said that duck Allah wa sallahu wa nikam

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Phoebe fearful of Allah and mend the relationships between one another because when death arrives, no opportunity will be given. And there you will realize as you cry, no amount of fame, no amount of money, no dispute, no fallout was worth the pain of an unresolved Fallout between you and another. message number four.

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Acknowledge your weakness, my rather

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and realize what Julio called insulin or Wi Fi Man was created weak.

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The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria,

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not only did it give us a glimpse into the supreme power of Allah and His control in the universe, it has also given us a glimpse into the inherent weakness of man.

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And how,

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despite to us living in an era, where a man has been placed at the center of the universe, and his desires have been placed above all, this reminder of our weakness could not have come any sooner.

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When the command Amarula arrives,

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look around you, La ilaha illa Allah and notice how every human activity comes to a grinding halt.

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Everything stops for a moment, all of the flirting, the boasting, the DMing, and the showing off and the trading and the building and the speaking and the dressing and the undressing everything comes to a halt when the Command of Allah arrives, and we're all placed on the same level. Whether we are kings or porpoise, whether we are healthy or unhealthy, whether we are successful or failures, whether we are sinners or saints, all of humanity when the earth begins to shake, or when a volcanic eruption happens, or when a storm a Texas or a flood rises, everybody is rendered into a spectator, every human being becomes a helpless bystander looking out helplessly anxiously waiting to see what

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the decree of Allah is upon you on your future.

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Holy utterly insane who the man is so weak, and this reason event expose that weakness.

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And that is why a newbie young Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our Prophet once demonstrated this message in the Hadith which generates on the authority of Bishop Niger hash he had in his Salatu was Salam spat into his hand

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when he placed his index finger into his blessed spittle. alayhi salatu salam.

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And then he said upon Allah who Allah Almighty said, you have been outside of Adam,

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and dodgy Zuni walked out the HELOC took me Mythri Harvey How dare you think Allah said that you can outrun me when I created you from something like this? Had to either sell or you took our idle took till the day came when I formed you and I fashioned you and I designed you mache today in about a day you started to walk in your fine clothes or did out of the main gala eat and the earth now makes a sound because you're you're waiting gelato underneath and you start making money and you don't give it to people had their either via telephone boom and then the rattle of death begins shaking your throat

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and you say now I will give him charity.

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What another one sadaqa you said the time of charity has passed by then

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how can you outrun me oh son of Adam, when I created you from something like this La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah is an Malik and Man is weak. A young Turkish man. Days before the earthquake, he said,

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I was kicked out of my apartment by my landlord because I was unable to pay him the rent that I owed him.

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And then a few hours after the earthquake, here I am, he said, me and my landlord in the same tent, sat around the same fire.

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Why is asthmatic giving kingdom to whom he wishes taking kingdom from whom he wishes? The conclusion is Be humble. Acknowledge your weakness, my respected brother, my respected system and there is no space for nonsensical Qalam speech. There is no space for you to say, Oh, you don't accept apologies. He comes in apologizes to me. There's

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No room for this nonsense anymore.

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There's no room for I will not pardon a single penny he owes me every penny he pays it back otherwise he will see what I will do. No more room for this cannabis talk. There is no more room for I will live my life as I wish. Don't judge me mind your own business. Keep your advice to yourself. That earthquake showed that there is no more room for any of this type of talk.

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Except the supremacy of Allah agenda gelato upon you and realize that as a human being, you're not spoiled for choices. It's only the two options we have. Option number one, we voluntarily accept that we are weak. We voluntarily humble ourselves to Allah. We accept apologies and we give people their use. And we allow this humbleness to show up on social media and how we present ourselves option one, or we've automatically chosen option number two, which is what we have chosen to wait for the events of life to humble us by force and to educate us in its own unique way. The intelligent one will choose option number one and he will fear option number two. That is message

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number four. Acknowledge your weakness, my brother and allow that to appear in your decisions. And the fifth and final message I will leave you with

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jet de de la vida Mala.

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renew your commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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a Turkish woman

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was found by the rescue team under the debris of her home after the earthquake. They said to her auntie We're coming for you come out safe passage Alhamdulillah you are safe she said no, I won't come out. I'm not wearing my hijab give me a cloth then I will come out.

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So what excuse do you have my righteous mother My righteous daughter, My righteous sister My righteous it from delaying the correct Islamic hijab. When here you have an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that tore down the country of this Turkish woman but it couldn't even cause a crack in her Eman.

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renew your commitment to Allah, an old uncle of ours in Syria after the earthquake took place filmed by the rescue team lying flat on his face because of the ceiling of his home had toppled over and sandwiched him beneath concrete. They say to him uncle, relax, we're coming for you. He said Bring me water. I need to do my mother I have to pray.

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So what excuse do you have my father and my son, my uncle

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from delaying your Salah, making up the salah that you've missed.

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renew your commitment with Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

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and realize that the opportunity you have not now you have now may never come again. renew your commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Do you feel confident? Do you feel that safe? That the normality of everyday life will just continue on one day it will not change? Do you feel that confident? That the security you're experiencing now may not change one day?

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Do you feel safe? Because you live on the land of a king? Beneath the ceiling of a king? eating the food and drink of a king using the limbs loan to you and I buy a king to then this obey the very same king under the eye of that King? After me Norma Kerala Do you feel safe from the plotting of Allah?

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Allah Almighty He asks the question I mean to be Santa seem to be common for either here to move or do you feel safe Allah asks that he who is in the heavens Allah may not cause the earth to open up and swallow you as it quakes violently. I mean to manifest your sila Alikum Hasley back do you feel safe that the one who is in the heavens will not unleash upon you a storm of stones for said that Allah Munna can you find that here and at that moment, you will realize how serious the threat of Allah who

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In conclusion,

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will What do you do in a situation when the arrows of an archer who cannot be reached are harming you? Arrows of an archer are falling upon you and causing you injury? What can you do?

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The only thing you can do is make friends with the archer.

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Make a peace treaty with him. Draw near to Him and you will be safe and out of harm's way.

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Likewise, what do you do if you feel

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Are the sudden onset of the punishment of Allah.

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You do the same thing. You make peace with him subhanho wa Taala you give him an apology. You become his friend and you draw nearer to him, and that way you will be out of harm's way. Find safety from Allah in a large and legit algo these are five messages I wanted to share with you from the recent earthquake.