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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various verses of the Quran and how it can be recited to encourage children to pray. They also mention a story of a woman reciting a book about her father's ministry. The speaker encourages viewers to share their own experiences and donate to the cause.
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Are there certain verses of the Quran which can be recited in order to have children?

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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions many stories of his prophets. And all of those stories is a story of the curry Allah, his salon and the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, where both of them prayed to Allah subhanaw taala to bless them with children, Ibrahim alayhis salaam prayed that Allah be heavily minister Li hain that Oh my Lord, grant me from the righteous meaning grant me in offspring who is righteous. Likewise, Zachary arella has said I'm preyed on I'll be left without any photo than what untitled where he seen that Oh my Lord, do not leave me alone, and you are the best of the inheritors. Likewise, Zachary alehissalaam prayed, that will be heavily Milla don't regret

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and Paiva in the Casimir a DA, that Oh my Lord, grant me from yourself a good child, indeed you are the one who hears the laws. So these stories show us that definitely a person should pray to Allah subhanaw taala so that they can have children. And there is no harm in reciting these stories, these verses, so that a person can take inspiration. And a person can also recite the same Dora's that the prophets of Allah recited so that they can also be blessed with the same gifts that the prophets of Allah

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Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair answers

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