To be Anti-Islam & Muslim is to be Anti-Jesus Christ

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Did you know this fact that to be Anti-Islam & Muslim is to be Anti-Jesus Christ? find out why in this weeks episode

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Peace be with you. Welcome to the de show, subscribe if you have not already, we know that there's a growing trend a rise of Islamophobia. But did you know that to be anti Islam is to be anti Jesus? Did you know to be anti Islam is to be anti Moses, you're probably wondering, how is that? Well, that's why you've tuned in to the Dean's show. And you're going to stay tuned in because we have the answers to many of the things that's been on your mind. And someone's guided you to watch the right show so we can unclear the mind. And hopefully you have a totally new perspective. Back in a moment with my guests, who has been battling this Islamophobia for some time. So we're gonna be right back

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here on the deen show. Don't go anywhere.

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Please be with us along laico it comes around. How are you share? Imam Dr. Mercy? How are you? hamdulillah Thank you for having me. I'm very happy to be here. How is it in the sunny state of Florida. It's it's sunny, and it's hot. But they're talking about some airport prayer room tell us about this? Well, we have been working with the airport authority at the Orlando International Airport

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to provide prayer space for Muslim travelers, and Orlando gets over 55 million visitors each year. And, of course, many of those are Muslims who travel to the attractions Walt Disney World and SeaWorld and Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center. So they find it difficult, especially in the international terminal, not to have placed to pray. And we have asked the airport authorities to as part of their customer service and the enhancement of that service to provide the space for traveling Muslims. And they have responded positively. And they have prepared the nice space for that, which created a little bit of a firestorm for anti muslim groups who see Islam in a very

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negative way. And think that the airport authority was wrong to make such a space, even though we said that that space would be also open to all faith communities. For anyone who wants to pray to God, there's space.

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We are not trying to be exclusive. But we believe that a lot of passengers, you know over 80% of people in the world, they believe in God. And they want time to pray. So it's a natural thing for the airport to do it. There are many airports, like O'Hare like JFK, like Heathrow like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, they all have spaces for prayers, so the traveler can really find time to, to talk to God. Now when I opened up the show I talked about to be anti Islam to be is to be anti Jesus to be anti Islamic to be anti Moses, I'll get into that question in a moment, but for the person that hears now, prayer room in an airport and you're like this dog, all Muslims, and they got the Sharia

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now in the airports and they're taken over. Have you heard some of this rhetoric? I heard that rhetoric but has nothing to do with Sheree out taking over the airport. The airport has spaces for people to eat, has spaces for people to use the restroom has playgrounds for kids, because when you have to wait for two hours, sometimes more to catch your flight. And that's a time of anxiety, time of nervousness, you go through security, you may have forgotten something. And with all the news we hear about people, you know,

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dying on flights, flights are crashing around the world. So people are not all, you know, very happy to be on a flight they are nervous. Prayer is a way for the traveler to get calm to be prepared for a long journey. And that actually helps the people at the airport other passengers it helps the security at the airport. And we feel that everybody is should be given the permission to pray. You know, and it has nothing to do with taking over the airport or implementing sure you are gone. And if I want to pray I want to pray and pray to it probably better for you now that you would get rid some of this hatred in your heart. Yes and back

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tell you that it is healthy for

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it's better for your house to pray so that you put your trust in God and things will be okay. And you go on your journey with that trust. And you don't have to be a nervous wreck when you bored. So Muslim free zone is do they got? Is this happening in Florida in Florida to what's going on? How can you I mean, at one point, it was like black freezone get to the back of the bus, and nowaday trying to do this to Muslims. Well, in reaction to the tragic events in China to go to Tennessee, where so called Muslim went on a shooting rampage. Some of those anti muslim groups also went out to try to express their anger by creating these Muslim free zones. They don't want to sell to Muslims, they

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don't want to deal with Muslims, simply because they don't know Muslims, they don't know Islam, and they don't understand Islam is peace. And we are citizens who love this country. And we are willing to defend it. But the rhetoric they hear on television on the radio all the time, from groups that

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really don't like Islam, to put it bluntly, are made making a lot of Americans nervous, and leading to these kinds of Muslim free zones and businesses, free zones that don't want Muslims to come. Now, many of our viewing audience didn't get a chance because we've had you some years ago on the show. And you actually tackled this head on there was actually a person who was trying to burn the Koran Terry, Jerry Jones was his name. Pastor Terry Jones, yes. And you actually were the person that was I had dialogue to go to his church in Gainesville, Florida, and to convince him to cancel the koran burning that he had planned. And it was

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an event that captured the international attention media from all over the world. And it led to a lot of conflicts in Afghanistan, other places where people really didn't like what this pastor was doing. But many Christians, great group, good Christians who have asked him not to do it. He wasn't listening. And I had to go to come two days consecutively and meet with him

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while he was armed and dangerous, to try to convince him not to do it, because it's not good for anybody. And thanks to God, I was successful. And we had peaceful aid at that time. But some hate groups convinced him several months later, to do it anyway. And unfortunately,

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it led to what we feared people dying in Afghanistan at the UN compound because of his actions. So we had this situation whatever we got to go to break, but we want to find out what happened to this pastor. He was trying to burn the Koran and then how would you respond we got someone trying to eat Tucker and this is something also real crazy back with more he did the show don't go anywhere. The question is about whether Muslims are not good citizens. The Constitution defines what a good citizen is in the preamble it says we the people of the United States, form a more perfect union, establish justice ensure domestic tranquility to the most and I can say that as a good Muslim. And

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most Muslims can say that Muslims have to embrace that most persons are good Americans.

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Back here on the deen show, and anti to be anti muslim is to be anti Jesus a bold statement. We're going to address this not yet. Okay. What happened to Terry, Pastor Jones, whatever happened to him? Well, first he lost his church. He moved from Gainesville, went to Pinellas County near Tampa, Florida. And the last I know is he opened fries, you know, and a little shop inside the mall selling french fries. So he was trying to jump on board on the Islamophobia industry trying to actually take advantage. Yes. And that didn't work. It was Yeah, exactly. didn't work out. He printed t shirts

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saying Islam is of the devil. He, you know, made mugs, coffee mugs, he did everything to try to make money out of Islamophobia. But then, you know, Americans turned their backs on him and had that business venture failed. So now he is doing french fries. You know? I mean, that's what happens. You know, you spewing hate, your proponent of hate and you end up being

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humiliated. The end? Exactly. Yeah. So tell us now

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we're gonna go to this clip we talked about him trying to end up burning the Quran, this person trying to eat the Quran, you will burn in hell.

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Okay, you got to see this disturbing clip, I'm not so you know you have these lunatics out there who are trying to provoke, you know, people, these kids going to school we did a show on this before. I'm more concerned that now when Muslims they end up falling for this they end up maybe acting inappropriately and then the person says Nah, gotcha. So the Muslim will do something ignorant also in response to ignorance. So then the camera will catch this and then you just made a fool out of yourself you didn't help

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you know the the cause of propagating the truth? What advice do you have? I think we have seen for a number of years now, that every few weeks, some crazy person would come out trying to provoke Muslims, either by doing, you know, caricature of the prophet or writing an article to insult Muslims or doing something, you know, to

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show their distaste for attitude towards the Quran or the Prophet. And they have in the past succeeded and provoking some Muslims. And the media loves to capture those provoked Muslims and how they react negatively. And they overlook the provocateurs who brought that situation to begin with. My advice to Muslims is the Prophet peace be upon him, was provoked, but he was patient, and he did not get angry. And as you know, when we fast if somebody provoke us, the prophet said, You should say I'm fasting, you should not fall for it. You should not respond in kind, because that's not Islam. Islam means to be peaceful, a Muslim means the peaceful person. And if someone provokes you,

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or insults, you say peace and move away, do not respond to this kind of madness. You know, in every society, there are fanatics there are lunatics who act like this. And it's not our job to fix them, or respond to them. We just have to say piece salon and move away. That's it. I mean, you're not going to help the situation, um, you shouldn't be cursing anyway. Exactly. You shouldn't be throwing a punch, you shouldn't be getting violent. That's not, that's not going to help at all at all. And it's going to prove a point that they're trying to make, and they time and again, they try to provoke us. Sometimes they do a video about the profit, sometimes they do caricature of the profit.

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And we know our Prophet, we know the Prophet wasn't anything like what they're describing. He was a man of peace, man of justice, man of loving everyone. And we need to be like him and not respond in kind to these provocations. Have you had also recently you've had some of these organized efforts where people will actually come with guns in front of the houses of of God of worship. Have you have you seen this in Florida? We had it in Arizona recently. We have seen it in Arizona, we had at our mosque group that flew from Texas, okay, and

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organized in front of the mosque in the right of way. And they had megaphones. And they were shouting and screaming just like the video we saw, you're going to hell, you're gonna burn in hell, and all of these provocations. But it was in the height of summer in July in Florida, where, you know, it's 100 degrees with 100% humidity. So I felt sorry for them. And I sent the volunteers with water and lemonade. I said, these people are going to pass out if you don't give them some water, so we don't respond. In kind we respond as Muslims, the way our Prophet taught us, you know,

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go to them, give them chilled water, let them calm down and understand that if they think we're going to hell, that's their opinion, they're entitled to their opinion, but we know better. We know that Islam is peace, and we have to live that peace when we are dealing with our neighbors. Actually, when the Muslims invited you know about this when they invited one of the some of the key organizers into the MOS totally different. Change, totally change of heart, how exactly and that's the strategy. You need to know that these people are ignorant. They don't know what Islam is.

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So instead of arguing with them and fighting with them, invite them, bring them in, feed them, give them something to drink, let them rise, let them see for themselves. Our mouths are open to everyone. By the way, the prophet peace be upon him, invited Jewish rabbis into the mosque invited the Christians of Niger on to his mosque for days. So we have no restriction to invite non Muslims in. We have nothing to hide. We're proud of where we pray to God. And

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we're not a secret society. We are human beings who love peace, who will love our neighbors. And everyone is welcome. I encourage everyone watching to please visit your mosque. Okay, we'll give you a personal tour, and answer all of your questions. No obligations free of charge. Just this is our your right to know and our obligation to open our hearts and homes and master you now what you've been waiting for when we come back as sir in the bold statement that being anti Islamic, if you're a Christian now is actually anti Jesus. When we come back here to the show, we're going to be clarifying this. Don't go anywhere. Sam says love all mankind. That's why we're sharing this

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message. Because we want the best for you. And we want the best for all mankind. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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backyard on a D show now what they've been waiting for gluten from the beginning. They said this guy said, Look, man to be anti Islam is to be anti Moses, Jesus, Abraham and all the prophets. Is this a true statement? It's true. Because the religion that God had for humanity's Islam is peace. Adam was a man of peace, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, all of the prophets were men of peace. They were all calling to God. So if you go against one of them, you're going against all of them. If you say I'm against Mohammed, well, you are against Jesus and Moses and Abraham, and Adam, and hundreds of other prophets. Because all of these prophets were not calling people to themselves. They were calling

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people to the one true God, Allah. And that's the unifying message for all humanity. We are not Islam is not a religion for the Arabs. It's not a religion for the Turks. It's a religion for every human being. It's a relationship between you and God. And Jesus Himself, declared himself as a Muslim, Abraham and Ishmael they declared themselves as Muslims in the Quran says, vagina Muslim, mainly, like make us Muslims to you, which means to be at peace with you, or God. And we have to understand that there is one God, one humanity and all of these prophets, as our leaders and mentors and role models are in our faith, beloved Muslims, that's amazing when you really dissect the word

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Muslim, one who surrenders peacefully to the Creator of the heavens and earth, and has peace with his crazy peace with society. We're not trying to harm nobody, we say we open up the show we set Peace be with you. Exactly. And who's more

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embodies that than the prophets themselves? Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, they are the role models in submitting to God and being at peace with God. I really think you know, and I've mentioned this before, you know, sometime not too long ago, you had these racist bigots, skinhead kkk, people in the white robes. Now, the white robes is not cool to wear that anymore. But now that racism many that have inherited, you know, because you're not born with this hate, you've taught it exactly. So now they just carrying over many people, they haven't figured out the purpose of life. They're angry with life now just looking for someone to hate on to blame. And as a nation, the United States had

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this problem for a long time with different groups. You know, they hated the Jews at one day, they hated the Cubans, they hated the Mexicans they hated, you know, the African Americans. And now it's our turn. They hate Muslims because they understand Islam. If you understand Islam, I encourage everyone watching, please take the time and study Islam. As Siri you know, on your phone, tell me about Islam. Go on Wikipedia, read about Islam, on your own. You know, you don't have to think about why. Just read it. inform yourself, be an informed citizen, you will find for yourself that Islam is peace. Islam is love. Islam is respect. And you will come around not to hate Muslims. And I don't

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want people of this great nation to feel sorry one day in the future and say, you know, we have made a mistake, as we did with African Americans and American Indians. No learn today.

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This education, this information is available at your fingertips everywhere. There's no excuse to be ignored anymore. Islam is a multi race, every person from any background is invited. And it's simple don't realize there is over 1.7 billion Muslims according to the Pew Research Center, and they are in every country, in every ethnic group, every language, there are Muslims in every shape and color. And that is the fact. Islam is not an Arabic group. Islam is a global faith, a global religion, there was one politician who had his key researcher look into Islam and a lot of times they look to try to cherry pick verses to try to use them to incite fear. But anyone who just opens up the Quran

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reads the before and after will see the context of these verses god, oh, what this guy's saying is false. But this actually this person was actually trying to ban the Qur'an. His researcher actually ended up accepting Islam, did you? You heard about this guy, I heard about that. And that's the beauty about Islam. People from afar. They think Islam is problem Islam is promoting terrorism, but when they read the Quran for themselves, and that's why I asked people to read the Quran for themselves, they're gonna find it is beautiful. It is promoting peace and love among all human beings. In chapter 14, verse 13, God said, Oh, people we created you, from male and female made you

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into nations and tribes, to come to know one another, to love each other, to respect each other. That's the purpose the mission of Islam. It's not to divide us as people but to unite us as human beings, we share one world, and we should love and respect one another. Now, these people who cherry pick the Quran, if they cherry pick the Bible, they're gonna find a lot of horrible things that they themselves don't agree with. And I say cherry picking is not consistent with logic, you have to read the before and after, you have to put things into context. And you will understand the beautiful picture. I often tell people, because obviously, there's no such thing as a just war. And when you

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look at the verses that are talking about any kind of battle, I usually ask people I say, Would you rather be in a fight with rules, no rules. So now when something's about to go down, in, in a situation where let's say, you are running a country, the How do you apply these verses that now if someone looks at it, and it says, oh, what this guy these are these apologist apologetic Muslims, and it says, you know, kill them, wherever you find them. You find me how he's lying to us. They're doing tequila, they're, they're deceiving us? Well, Islam gives us clear rules of engagement. Okay? Not too, even in war, you cannot attack civilians, you cannot attack people in their religious

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places, you cannot cut down trees, you have to do your best to preserve the peace. Now, the enemies of peace, they may wage war on you, Islam gives you the right to defend yourself. Now, tell me which war that Christians have done is according to the teachings of Jesus. Now, many Christians in this world, if there are true Christians, and follow Jesus, can they actually go to work and they have even a standing army. But we know that Europe went to war, World War One World War Two, the United States has the strongest army in the world. Is this a Christian value?

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Why they don't ask themselves? Why do we have guns? Why do we as a nation, everybody has a gun on their waist? We have to understand that. When we accuse somebody of something, we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, are we the ones who are guilty of that? There are millions of American Muslims, they don't own guns, they never fire the gun. And they don't have guns in their homes. Because guns are tools to kill. And we don't wish to kill anybody. That's really the facts. I mean, when I look at facts on the ground, yeah, and I like what you said. So pick up the Quran, do some research. Would you say also a good place to start is I mean, because we want to know why we've been

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created. The purpose of life is asking sincerely, if you pick up the Quran, read chapter three, for example, that talks about Mary and Jesus and her family talks about Christians in very beautiful terms, you will see the similarities. If you read chapter 19, named Marian or Mary, it is again about the stories of Maryam and Jesus, the birth of Jesus, the miracles. That's what we believe in. We are brothers we are close and Christians out to themselves to open this book and see it because

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If you just listen to someone who accused the Quran of things, you know, after 911, some people said, oh, there is a verse in the Quran that talks about 911 and that it's false. The internet is full of wrong information about Islam. So you have to read for yourself. You have no excuse today, you read many books, many novels. Take this one book, read it for yourself, and then you decide, and people can visit you at your mosque anytime, anytime. I'll give them personal tour, how can people if they wanted to you tell us about your organization, if you want to get a contact with you?

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Anytime you are in Orlando, Florida, going to this day, please call on us and come and visit, we will love to have you. And we have open houses all the time. And we provide three meals and we help our neighbors. So we'd love to have you. We as I always conclude I say, look, we the greeting of Jesus was not Hey, what's up How you doing? It was Peace be with you? Exactly. So we started with peace, we enter peace, and I'm like Solomonic colleagues. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for tuning in to the D show against the scribe. If you haven't already, pick up the car and read it is not going to hurt you. You can get one for free one 800 662 Islam. And before you learn Islam from

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someone who's full of hate spewing hate, I mean, you did the right thing you tuned into the D show, and you got a different perspective. And this will only enlighten you, it will only open your mind and your heart. And even at the end if you don't agree with Islam, the message at least now you had calm you had investigated, you have sat with some Muslims and you'd see that what you've been taught is actually something that is not true. But you've actually opened your mind you've been humble enough, because at the end, what will happen if you follow someone of hate, you end up just spewing more hate the heart grows with hate, and you just become bitter and angry. But at the end, what

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happens you go in like the gentleman did in Arizona, what struck me the most honestly was when I took a minute to actually talk to some of the Muslim people to find out, you know, they are just like me and I am educated on their religion. You know, I could easily make as many mistakes, judgment calls as any other person out there. But when I took a second to sit down and listen to them, and actually enter their mosque, and go on and watch some of their prayers, it was a beautiful thing. And he sat with the Muslims. He came in there had a totally different perspective. And then the heart softens and maybe even got a new friend. So this is what we need to do. We need to go

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ahead and build these bridges we need to communicate with our brothers in humanity. Share this with your neighbor share this with your friends and continue to tune in here to the deen show. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you Salaam says love all mankind. That's why we're sharing this message because we want the best for you and we want the best for all mankind. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.