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Do you want to know what

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everybody wants to

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show smilla hamdulillah Salam aleikum Lestat greeting that wonderful greeting of peace.

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Or wishing it upon you. Now pay attention, we're going to paint a picture here, we really want you to reflect. And then we're going to go into our topic. You just came home this late at night,

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and you're looking at yourself in the mirror, and what took you hours to put on, it's coming off of that makeup. And that tears coming down your eyes.

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And now, all your friends are gone, it just you

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you're starting to reflect and think because you feel the effects. You feel the effects. Because you feel your stained your heart again, you put another data on another black spot, and those are for the sins.

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You're out there. And you're fearful about the people in the society, worrying about what they might say. And you're forgetting about

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your Creator, the one who gave you life who gives you death, when you're gonna have to return to. So you don't want to put to a job.

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You don't want to make this a lot. You don't want to prostrate to the one who gave you everything. But you want to worry about Joe and Moe and Susie, and fancy and Nancy, and these people that tomorrow

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are going to be there when you're in your grave. So you have to choose this life, which is temporary, or the next life, which is forever. So we want to give you some advice, some enthusiasm to race for something that's permanent.

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And not to race for something that's temporary. What my next guest Dr. Men do here on The Daily Show, we'll be right back.

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Is his messenger

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there's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that maybe maybe it's just a break the ice said I want

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to thank you for coming with

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me Thank you. People can learn more about you and the deen show calm you have your own section, their advisor, academic advisor for the American Open University and the list goes on so much to talk about, about you. But they can go and read your biography. But we want to get straight to the topic. I tried to paint a vivid picture, she might have just came from the nightclub he might have just came and all that makeup, it's coming off as smearing over the face. She might have been getting used and abused. And now it's all in the interest of fitting in worrying about what my friends and the culture around me might say, if I just cover it up a little bit. If I just do

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something that you know what I don't want to drink. I don't want to go to the casino base. I don't want to go to the nightclubs. Why, because I'm one who is submitted myself. I want peace from the one who's the owner of peace to create tour. So how can we get people to focus more on something that is permanent paradise

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and the pleasure of the Creator instead of this temporary and transit life? Talk to us please.

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Let me begin with

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asking people do they have vision in life?

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Do they have a mission in life? You know that the most advanced and complicated technologies and companies and corporates nowadays, cannot live without that cannot live without a vision and the mission. And the vision is usually the side that tells us that a person would think of or would plan for something for the future. He looks into the future. He doesn't look just beneath his feet. And we need to ask ourselves, do we have a vision? Where's our vision? Where's our focus? Where's our gold? Where does it end?

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and Islam gives us a lot of answers for this in different ways. It's only one answered. We Muslims are asked by almost Allah Subhana Allah to have our vision on later life. Not in this as he said temporary life because temporary life will end sooner or later. We've never seen a person living on the edge forever. Nobody did that.

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So that means any one of us can learn from this lesson where there is a Muslim or non Muslim, everybody, there would be a time that this life would end. The question is, is there another life?

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Or That's it? For those people who think that this is the end of life, it would mean that the existence on this planet is used useless. Why did they exist on this earth? Why did Allah create us?

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ask why did Allah create us?

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What is your purpose in life? I would say very, very simply answered as in stated in the Quran, that Allah soprano dialect created us to worship him

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with the full meaning the comprehensive, meaning worshiping, in other words, to obey what He created us for, and to avoid the things that he didn't want us to follow. This is the simple analysis of worshiping Almighty Allah. So I would ask that if I know that, this life, it's impossible that we die, and that's it. And people are dying every day, every second every second.

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That tsunami everywhere they fire, somewhere they but but people just can't fathom they can't they know it, they see it in the movies, they see it from, you know, their their neighbors, or the actors or this, but they can't imagine it's going to happen to me simply because they don't reflect reflection. They don't have time for themselves. But all the people in their lifetime, they are either watching movies, or playing music, or dancing, or busy working or doing things so they are all busy, preoccupied by things. So they don't have time free time for themselves to reflect, to think, who am I? Where am I going? Am I going? Am I going to die like others? The answer is is I

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just last week lost my uncle. It happens everywhere. Take some time and listen, but people don't give them some themselves time. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that you should give the rights to everyone. Some of the rights is that you have right upon yourself that you have to relax you have to, to think and this is the essence of diabetic the Muslim when he makes the five daily prayers is always connected with Allah. He always links that he does this prayer, because this is the thing that keeps him away from doing bad things. Is it a good thing to think about death? Is it a good thing? This is a wonderful question. I was about to to jump into this. Allah subhanaw

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taala says in the Quran, right? Couldn't have seen the actual amount. Ah, soul

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will taste death. no exception. So I mean, Bill Gates, everybody's got a lot of money. Everybody whether he has money or no money was the president everyone No, Excel doesn't matter what's residenz clairvoyance? Your rich people. How about if you're up in an ivory

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tower or whatever, wherever it's still gonna come everybody is gonna barricaded somewhere in a bunker somewhere, somewhere is coming the bottom of they're gonna reach you it's coming at people wisdom, they see that they're all people die. Some people then children die out of cancer and an accident. We see it every second. So is that the assumption is that the plan of the satanic forces, Shakedown that deceiving you with all the entertainment not to reflect like you're trying to keep you busy, to keep you busy to keep you away from the straight path. This is one of the tasks of the shutdown. And Allah subhanaw taala said, this is something wonderful, wonderful in the Quran, that

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at the end of the Quran that two words, right, is Elgin oneness,

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that these two people these two types, they are the ones who cause problems in many cases, that the gyms and human beings like the unsealed world ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us from mineral genetti oneness from the acts of the Satan or the devil, and from the acts of bad people. That takes many forms that take form and press in friendship in the media, or whatever people some people are bad. So you don't know really whether this person is bad or good. But you asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from their evil for Eagle Qian and from the evil domains and we're gonna cut out there and we'll be right back here on the deen show.

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All of the prophets would have been labeled useless because this essential message was the same.

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This is God talking to you. How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning has preached a sermon that

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I knew I was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity.

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Welcome back to the deen show here with Dr. Mandoo. So unlike on the conselho so we were talking about we finished off with the jinn This is the unseen world the spirits and the human believing humans evil, even people who are basically bad company so people who will like they say birds of a feather flock together that so there's that one deep if you can elaborate on where the Prophet peace be upon him said that hanging around with somebody who is like a perfume seller, you're gonna talk? Yes, the prophets Allah Salim said many Hadees Yeah, about this issue many statements and again when we say the prophet SAW Selim said that we we believe that it is inspiration that must Allah revealed

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these meanings to him, and he is the one who said it by his language. The prophet SAW Selim said that a murderer or Allah Dini? Yeah, that person is follows the way of his friend,

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that which goes on feather flock together so that that's those if you have devilish friends, meaning they're robbing, stealing, or even they're going to their fornicating doing all sorts of evil, smoking, the blunt flu and the drugs, you're going to end up probably doing the same thing. Those are the sustainment force, you should Yes, this is one of the effects of a bad company. That's a bad company. Exactly. So stay away from this. Now going back to reflecting upon the moment that your soul will be extracted from your body. Yes, the moment you're going to leave this world just keep continuing Exactly. As they said that the many verses in the Quran that one of them is that every

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soul every human being is going to taste this. So reminder. So now what is the solution? That's why the prophets allottee hustler

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gave us some tips that would help us

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to really connect with later life. For example, the prophet SAW Selim said that talk as much as you can about this. It's encouraged now encouraged now he's encouraged us. And he didn't call it This by the way, he called it the separator of lovers. separator of lovers. Yes.

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Because he, because I love you and you love me. We love each other. We have good relationship. But this comes and cuts this relationship. So should we be pessimistic?

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No, of course, we should know that it's gonna happen. Yeah, it's nothing. It's beyond our hand. But you're deceiving yourself by nothing absolute but not thinking. A lot of people say okay, let me not think of it like yeah, I want to live my moment. Wow. Islam tells you live your moment. But live it according to the rules of Allah Spanner that the creator of that have the creator of the heaven, the one who created you, wants you to spend this time in that way. And that's why there is a beautiful verse in the Quran that says, whupped every female attack Allah who

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will attend celibacy recommended dunya meaning that in everything that you do in the life, seek paradise, seek later life, gear it towards later life, use it as an axis that helps you to reach later life to shoot to reach paradise safely. However, don't forget the portion of enjoyment that Allah Allah, Allah created you for in this life. Some people start thinking, Okay, man, you start saying paradise. They think of hollywood, bollywood, I mean, they think that this guy is off, you know, what's going on? How do you get them to really know that? Yeah, this is the mirage. This is something that is not really reality, because life is forever. That's reality.

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It just by knowing by having some knowledge about and I wish that every human being would take a couple of courses about the description of paradise. Yeah, once you know what is there, you will leave what is here. So people because they don't know what is here one time I had a lecture, I think it was in Hawaii, and it was in very luxurious place. And I said, try to imagine that this place that we are in with all these pillars changing into instead of bricks into gold and silver and

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saffron and and all these beautiful things. There was a soldier there listening to us said that is this possible? I said, Is this what Allah subhanaw taala promises that we will receive this in paradise? And we're not talking about who is a house as long as it's as big as this. We're talking about a house that you would never, ever have seen a house similar to it. And there's nothing that can compare. Similar to it. But people don't people do this when they're in this world. They plan on retirement and they have some vision in their head from what's in this world. They paint a picture and they strive for it. Yeah. Should we paint something better? Absolutely.

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Muslims should plan for that. We have the guarantee from Almighty Allah if you do good and if you do follow this and this and this, I guarantee you a palace in paradise with these descriptions with perils and golden, and everything that you that you will have in this dunya. Even the cheat the shortcut description of it, it has paradise has things that you've never seen by your eyes, you've never heard about, and you never thought of that means all the beautiful things that you see in this life and this world. They are very trivial In comparison, what you will see in no comparing tell us because these programs so little time so much to cover the person that I described in the beginning,

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a black spot in the heart, yes, so much sin if this is something that is actually isn't this a mercy to have a person reflect because the more you do these wrong things, the more you disobey your Creator, aren't you going to keep staining your heart to feel the effects of the sin. This is exactly what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, every time, this heart which is blank heart, when we do a sin, when we do something bad, it has a spot of black spot. That's why she's shedding. And that's it. Yeah, until there is a time that all of it is wrapped by spots that he no longer or she no longer can see, and can distinguish with her cries i think is a good time. Because that means

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they still she still has some goodness. In my heart. Of course there is lifeless, still vibrant, it's still that she she knows that what she's doing is bad and she wants to stop it. But the effect of the society and community on her is tremendous. She cannot resist it. And we'll talk about some ways how to resist this. We're gonna take a break. And we'll be right back. God

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comes to you the truth and the attribute of the one who created you that he's one and alone, running this universe, that he doesn't become born, he doesn't die, he doesn't eat and then go to the bathroom. This is not God. problems here. Yeah, this This doesn't make sense. Who is Jesus worship? This is recorded in the gospels. And despite all of the other issues about the Gospels, we put those aside, we'll just say it's mentioned there that Jesus worship God.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid of

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it if I'm

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Welcome back to the Dean's show, Dr. Matt do how does someone now because it's difficult. We have some empathy. I mean, someone might have not gotten the direction, the guidance, and now it's coming to him. And I think this also has a greater impact. Because you know, you know the truth, you know that all right, I need to be making these prayers. I need to just be directing worship to God, there are many things he wants me to do. And the society, the phone calls on the weekends. Let's go girl, get ready. Let's go and hang out with the boys. You shouldn't be doing this. Your friend told you look, this is not acceptable. You should be dressing modestly. But now the culture, the environment.

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And the balance of I know that I have to answer for this. I'm going to die tomorrow. So we're caught in between. Give us some advice. Yeah.

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First of all, I'd like to remind each one, that there's a difference between a leader and a follower.

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Leaders are the people who lead others to achieve something. followers are just following others. So if you think in terms of being a follower, all the time you are affected by the people around you, by the peer group, by the media by your peers, you are a second hand person you are not the first priority. You are not the leader. You need to be a leader to be independent. I take my decision, I'm not going to be affected by what I see on the movies. I'm not going to be affected but what my friends do. I'm going to follow the one who created all of us suppose the one who created me He knows what is good for me what is bad for me. This creative thing or this creative thing does not

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know how to fix itself. If it goes bad, it cannot fix itself. It means someone who manufactured it to fix it. I when I go wrong when I do something bad, right? When I need someone to fix me. I cannot fix them.

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The one who fixes me is almighty, Allah subhanaw taala. And he sent me a manual that if I follow, I can fix this, and I can fix this, and I can fix this. People need to think of this, once they have, that they believe that there is God, Almighty God, and He is all knowing, and he's all wise. And he's the most wise and with all his qualities, and the more they know about him, the more they will trust him. And once they trust them, they trust Him, they submit themselves to him, Oh, God, do what you want to do with me. I got the manual, I'm gonna follow your instruction. And that's why you find some people, very pleased with Almighty Allah, whatever happens to them, as long as they follow

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the guidelines that he sent us from the Quran, they are very pleased, no matter what happens to them. And there's a Can you tell us there's a lot of logic behind this, isn't it? Because for instance, give some examples like where he says that a person shouldn't drink for instance, yeah, or a person shouldn't fornicate, have relations outside of marriage. Yeah, we can see the side effects of someone, let's say who's it starts off moderately drinking, and then he starts to binge drinking, gambling, just a few of these wisdoms that we see if we abstain from it just gonna make our life better. Absolutely. Now, for example, yesterday I was driving, and there was a sign a pause, from

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time to time it comes here and it says that report drunk drivers, I just asked myself and his brother Hassan was with me. And they asked me why is this? Definitely This means that they realized that drunk drivers drunk in one, they cause problems and many accident happens not only to themselves, but they kill innocent people. This is the effect of one that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said an amazing statement about why he said that this is the mother of all evil.

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Because when somebody is drunk, he can kill, he can for negate he can do any other thing doesn't because he loses his break his inhibitions. And and because people became so addictive to it. It became difficult. And that's why you find some countries in their legislation. They say that, okay, you're allowed to drink this amount of which they think that it does not affect. Yeah, yeah, that your your state of thinking or state of your brain. And again, this may not affect that person, but it may affect that person. Because no measure that tells us all human beings are equal in this. These are just some examples we want to give so people can see like, wow, that doesn't make sense.

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My creator he's advises. So this is actually what he should know best. Of course, he knows best right? He should know best. And you see the difference. I give you two situations and you can compare that one situation is took place at the time of the prophet SAW, the way the Prophet sallallahu Sallam handled, dealing with addiction of alcoholism.

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And what happened for example, in the USA, in this prohibition period, they call it in the 1930s, the beginning of the 1930s. And you see the two approaches, the the approach of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would never ask people to stop drinking wine until they became good believers. So meaning that when they were fully convinced that there's Almighty Allah, and there is a day of judgment, and they will be asked about everything they do in their life, and they are sure that there are two angels registering everything that happens when this belief was implanted in their hearts. The prophets Allah Salaam started teaching them to change their addiction to it. I see the

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key so the first the faith was starting to build absolutely the picture would be vivid in their head vivid and the Paradise is there absolutely rewards and there is also the punishment, absolute fire and knowing that, can you because some people think that okay, you know, if I get locked up my friends go with me. We'll just have a good time there. Okay, when you go into grave, you know, we're gonna just make some fun. We'll be in there together. you're by yourself. So this is gonna be by himself. Yeah, friends aren't there and the people who talk theoretically, they don't know the effect of hellfire. I asked any brave person, he would just put his hand in fire just for 30

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seconds. Just to see the effect of it. You have but fire is around him from everywhere. What if someone says you know what, it just gonna burn me a little bit. Don't feel me. Absolutely. This is logic.

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People A lot of people say that. That's why I lost power to Allah in the Quran response to this. Allah subhanaw taala said that every time their skin is burned, they will be given new skin. Wow. In order to taste the torture of hellfire. That's a scientific

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Miracle, right? The scientific method. Nobody, nobody can deceive Allah. We can deceive each other. You can deceive me, I can deceive you, he can deceive me. Yeah, people can deceive each other. But nobody can deceive Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Because he is the old knowing. And he is the almighty man says, You know what, okay. This thing is, give us the reasoning behind is because of this supposed to be a loving and merciful God, why would He punished absolutely is this loving God has been nourishing you in this life and has been teaching you don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. And don't do that. And many places, do this, instead, do this because this leads to do

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this. I give you some examples. See this example see what happened to this nation. See what happened with the followers of this prophet see. And he gives you hundreds of stories one after another to keep reminding you that this is the the outcome, this is the result of a person who does this and this. And you can see it by your own logic in any country. And the regulation of traffic would not allow you one or two or three or four times to violate

00:26:06 --> 00:26:39

given a chance. Even though Allah subhanaw taala is giving you a chance after chance after chance, hundreds sometimes 1000s of chances. And still you are you don't want to obey rebellious what would happen in any law in the world. Just after one time, they perhaps will forgive you. But the second time, they will put you in jail. And the third time they may kill you. Yeah. Because otherwise there will be corruption on the earth. Now this is exactly what's happening. When people don't follow the rules of Almighty Allah. There is a lot of corruption in them. Yeah.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:48

You see, can see how many accidents in the world that can be avoided, just by keeping away from Why?

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Tell us we're almost at a time. So we really want to because they come this far, they're listening. And it's that effect of when you hear this, it's lashing logical, it's rational. So some advice for that person who is really stuck in between this, they want to submit, when they listen, they get watery eyes, there's something in the heart, that's a colon, but after they shut this off, they might turn something else on a reality TV show. And now they're totally gone. Okay, again. Now, the first step that you do immediately take this and I want you to open the Quran anywhere, anywhere in the Quran, just read one page,

00:27:28 --> 00:28:14

and read the translation of it very well. And if you have a Muslim friend, call him or call her and try to understand the meaning of this. And try to see does it make sense to you or not. And then keep yourself busy doing that, until day after day you will find yourself a learning from and at the same time, the one of the best things that you do nowadays, keep away from bad company for some time. And see your behavior after that. And you will find that one common comments from all the parents, when their children became Muslims. I'm talking about adults becoming Muslim. They said that the first thing that we noticed, that became they became better people. They started respecting

00:28:14 --> 00:28:56

us more, they started serving us more, they started serving the community more lol This is the result of becoming a Muslim and knowing the truth, because you know exactly when you become a Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala gives you the way step by step, step by step. And it takes you until you reach safely in sha Allah to let her life and with full enjoyment forever. And I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make me and those who will listen and my host, and all the people, all the people on the earth with no exception, I asked a last pilot Allah to guide them to the truth, so that they will be saved from the torture in the Second Army. Thank you very much, my God, Almighty

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Allah reward you. And we got to learn some more. Isn't it wonderful discussing these beautiful topics, things that are meaningful, not meaning less. So if you really reflect, take some time out with yourself. And think about the moment when you will leave this world you will depart from it no more it's done over what have you accomplished. So what you do in this life will reflect your status in the next life. And we're doing this to remind you so you can be those who are in the lights of paradise. And that's what we all should be striving for. Not for something that is temporary. Be the best doctor, be the best in society. But don't forget about your responsibilities to the one who

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created you because he loves you the best. He loves you the most so yearn to love him and show that you love him by being obedient by being one who is in a state of compliance with what he wants you to do, and it will only bring you peace so

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acquire peace by submitting your will to the will of the Creator. We'll see you next time here on the deen show. Until then, peace be unto you

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created the universe.

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To Him alone the heavens.

00:30:28 --> 00:30:29

He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messengers

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to his

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grave danger.

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there is nothing greater

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