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The segment discusses various topics related to marriage, including cheeking, giving birth, and finding meaning in actions. The speakers encourage people to use language and tying of animals to get married, recite the Quran while lying down, and express respect for the statement. They conclude by stating they will resume the next day with more detailed Quranic explanation.

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Santa Monica Monica live in a cat two scenarios are your friends.

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And we'll get started in like two minutes actually more like one minute.

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slams were your friends, Salomon. Where are you from?

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Where are you from a slam where you're from

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a semi legal VALIC Muslim.

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As an M Ali

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hypnotic Muslim in India, wasa Zara Rick Mercer

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hammer the hammer Waalaikumsalam

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dico attic Massara

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Zenit Wallach Muslim Hindon in Calgary, Alex Alex Muslim Alex automatic Muslim

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how mature you've Nice. Alright, let's get started. We got 10 minutes today because we got visionair class happening at half an hour after the hour. So let's get started tip one is that I'm on a cold I happen to live with our cattle toto we truffles this Mullah Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah wasabi Manuela Mehrabad so when some people come and approach Doha, when they approach it, ah, there's different mental hurdles that might hold a person back from really putting their heart into making dua and I like to remind them that shape Han,

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Mei da as well. And Allah answered che Pons da, so this is a che upon so in surah in the 10 integers in Surah, till and fad This is verse number

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48 Verse number 48, where che Pon tried to instigate tried to instigate the disbelievers against the Muslims in the Battle of whether Allah subhanaw taala says about Trayvon or the William Chapin regime, the LM Dada ad infinitum Danny knock Elf on eBay he walk on, walk on in me buddy

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come in knee, Ramallah don't on in knee, Ramona, don't own that in me harmful long, while long Chedid doing I am called in the Battle of better when she upon was trying to instigate the Muslims the disability and trying to get the fight to go and you know, I'll protect your family just go and fight Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but then che Ponte says Fela, matara. Adelphia 10 When the two armies came together, che upon ran away, Naka Salah Dube will call it anybody who mancom and she said to the disbelievers I have nothing to do with you people in the Ara Mellotron he said I see what you don't see in near half Allah I'm afraid of Allah, Allah should either shape on saw the

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angels coming down. He's like, this is going to be like I have nothing to do with you people. This is in the Battle of better this is in the Battle of better shape Taiwan made dua to Allah as part of associated Thanos in the company of the angels. And when the angels were ordered to prostrate to add them shaytaan refused. He was in that company. The command was directed to him as well. And he said no hiraman I'm better than him. And so he didn't prostrate but it's really interesting because shape time, even though he shape on, he actually is pretty knowledgeable. Okay, it's hard to say that right? shaytaan is knowledgeable, if he's misguided all these people for how many 1000s of years

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until the day of judgment. I want you to understand

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that shape time knows that when you make dua to Allah, Allah will answer your door. So this is even che upon so all those verses that speak about che Pon price, I'm not prostrating to Adam, and then che upon saying to Allah, and then Eli yo Mu bartholin Let me live give me immortality until

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The day when everybody will be resurrected. And Allah grants that to che upon. So now back to your life and you coming in towards the door. I want you to understand that anyone who calls upon Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will answer their door, even if some if it's shaped upon Allah subhanaw taala answers the call of the person who calls upon me and that is Muslim or non Muslim, that is everybody who calls upon Allah Subhana. Allah subhanaw taala will answer them. So you are a believer, you have said Laila Muhammad Rasool Allah, you are fasting in Ramadan, you hope for Allah subhanaw taala as a reward, you are seeking protection from Allah subhanaw taala as punishment and anger and with all of

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that, don't ever in your heart, everything that oh, I'm the one whom Allah subhanaw taala out of all the creation, beginning of time end of time that Allah subhanaw taala is not going to answer my dua. It doesn't make sense. Allah subhana wa Tada says, oder oni SDG blacon, call upon me, and I will answer you will love data.

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And that's it. I've got five minutes if somebody has some questions.

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My apologies that today's total travel is short, we have a class that's happening

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in 25 minutes, so we're going to cut this one off and go over there. But if you've got a question, I'm happy to answer it's who maybe somebody asked earlier, okay.

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Do you just common what to do when someone prayed and prayed and prayed for marriage with dresses and things year by year, and it did not happen?

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So deja, what I am

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When somebody's been making the offer something that they care about for for a long time, then somebody has been making the offer something that they've cared about for a long time. These are the different approaches that I would tell the person. So first off, people try to find meaning. That's like human condition, they try to find meaning. I've seen different responses where people say, Oh, my dog didn't get answered, I must be a bad person my dog didn't get answered, doesn't work my dog didn't get answered, must be something you know, there's all these different meanings. But it could be like rather than trying to guess what the meaning is put in a different effort. So if you there

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are certain doors that if somebody has been making it for a long time, I might start off by saying, why don't you just delete that door and go on with your life and do something else? If they say no, I really care about this and I want to keep it I'm like fine, now that we know that you actually do care about this doll. Let's see how we can raise our game in this dog. So I might encourage the person to raise their game maybe in three ways. One is the language that you use. When you've been making dua for a long time for something, the language that you use might be weakened, so it starts to become passive. And that's not how we approach da so instead of saying Oh ALLAH blessed me to get

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married, or LA, you know up your game and say, Oh, Allah blessed me to get married on the island, the Greek islands with some Greek super handsome, super wealthy, super religious or, or mutter as being religious.

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Awesome person, right? You start upping your game, start getting excited. So that's what the language is. Second thing that I would encourage you as well is the tying of the camel. A lot of times when people think about marriage, they approach it very passively. If it was health related or career related. They know they have to take action doesn't happen passively. But when it comes to marriage, for some reason, it's very passive. Let the aunties get me married, you know, I'm waiting. Like, you know, it's like a groom is going to be like an Amazon delivery and you don't realize what if the groom is also thinking the same thing he's at home, saying, Oh, I'm waiting for my bride to

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come and you're at home saying I'm waiting for my groom to come and you're both waiting and so there's action that needs to be taken. So put in that that power action to get married inshallah. Tada. So those are some suggestions. Alana

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there was a third one but I forget what it was.

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Neurons question what's the difference between far and wide job? I know there's certain countries where they use a wedge of a lot. And that question comes up in the West we don't really you know, that question, does it go anyways? The difference between far and wide job, to be honest, far is something that it's for sure. In your country. I know you're from Bangladesh, Northern. They'll use wajib. When the proof for they're saying it's compulsory, but they're not attributing it to Allah subhanaw taala in such an intense way, like saying it's

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Fart. It's like saying some things mcru Even though they want to say It's haram, but they'll say it's like mcru to have me as they say. Anyways, the bottom line is this wajib is near country.

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It's almost like next to farms, but farmed, if you don't do forward, you will be held accountable for it. And it's a sin. If you don't do wajib it's like a really not good person is like would always leave wajib but if you leave it in sha Allah Tada, there is no sin for leaving a wager but there's sin for leaving a fault.

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All right, one last question.

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There's two questions that are back to back that are kind of the same. Can we recite Quran while lying down and right, Roger says, Can we pray lying? Lying down I assume. All right, great. So can you recite Quran lying down? And the answer is yes, you can. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, and Lavinia Quran Allah piano Kuroda Anwar legend OBM those who remember Allah standing, sitting and reclining, so maybe somebody told you that's disrespectful. Sit up and recite.

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You don't want to be disrespectful when you're reciting but if you are like reciting reclined in a respectful kind of like the way you're holding yourself as recline, then inshallah Tada it's all right. The main thing is that you are expressing that respect for the Quran and your citation in sha Allah Tada. Can you pray while lying down? The for the person who asked that question? I'm Roger logical. I

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don't know what you mean by praying. Are you talking about salah then? I don't think so. Unless you are paralyzed. But if you're talking about praying like Doc can you lie down and make dua The answer is yes you can. Alright folks, we are done.

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neuron Witter. Salah is YG as they say, it's watching. It's not fun.

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Okay, we are done inshallah. Tada for those attending visionair I will see you soon as cinematic rahmatullah wa barakato. And we will resume tomorrow with Tarawera truffles with a more detailed Quranic explanation in sha Allah Tala assalam Alikum