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Peace, the solution for humanity. Peace, Villa Alhamdulillah salam, aleikum. You know the greeting that's that greeting of peace, peace be unto you. And today we have with us on the deen show.

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That's right. He's gonna be sharing his experiences his story with us here on the show.

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We'll be right back.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe it's maybe it's just to break the ice. Illegal?

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Are you doing?

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You're on the show.

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This is exciting. So you are in the Muslim world? And do lots of non not yet Muslims. Listen to your songs. Also your vocalist, you sing what would you call it? And she is what was the title? What does that mean? She does she does like it's singing without the instruments. Basically, the use of musical instruments. Just voice here just with the voice. So you do different songs? What's usually the context of your songs? What are they singing about? What do you sing about it? Basically, the idea comes from

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what but happening around me. I mean, if I see that, there's the let's say problems, no social problems and say I can, I can address them to the nation of the people, then we just write about it as as poetry is concerned, and then compose the music, and then I sing it.

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Sometimes I think about the last part is interesting about the profits or loss. And sometimes I think about ethics, I think about

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family values for the different Actually, I mean, it's not just that

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what I say that at the moment, a lot of you don't think about, like going to the nightclubs and men and women and like the 50 cents and you know, the hip hop. There's good, wholesome, good stuff. Yes. Is that a message, that's a message.

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Every every, let's say every song has a message. For example, if I'm calling people to come close to Allah subhanaw taala. To God, you know, I'm asking them, you know, if you're close to last Friday, how happy your life would be. And if you are away from Allah subhanaw taala, then you'll see that all the doors are closed in front of you, you know, so and really people, you know, when they listen to the machine, they actually start, you know, put themselves in the place, you know, the of the person who's singing and they think that Yes, he's right. A lot of people change their course of their lives, just you know, by listening to something which affected them. So a lot of people put

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themselves in such situations, and then they realize that, you know, that if they come closer to Allah, they'll be happy.

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The same issues, let's say for example, fatigue, song was disabled people, disabled people.

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They have messaged, for example, to us that we are not, we're not when Okay, we are disabled, but we are not disabled mentally. We are not disabled as feelings wise, we, we are strong. We try. But if it comes to us as human beings and we're normal, who know, we are actually we've we've we whine about everything. Yeah, we do complain, complaining, but hamdulillah we have our eyes or hands or legs, you know, we can we have all these gifts from Alaska, which we should be happy with. So this is a shoe I had to address because back in my country,

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we never knew that there was a place for disabled people. And when we came to know that there is a place for disabled people, I went myself and I visited them. And I saw them and I thought that you know that they want me to to know that they're there. They're like, you know, they're poor. And they're like, they cannot do this and they're show mercy but they didn't want that. They want me to know that they're strong. And they can try and they can get up and and this is what I did. You know, I went and found this this poem, which talks about, you know, I saw this girl check only one leg, but she still smiled. There was a girl you're talking about who only had one he still say she still

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smile. Yeah, this isn't one of your machines.

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It's called Forgive me. So I when I see her smiling

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See that she only has one leg, and the other leg is not there. And I say to myself, like, God's Forgive me when I whine, I have two legs. Why am I complaining? Yeah, you know, and then I see another guy who's blind, you know, and I don't know he's blind. But when I try to because he's telling me something, I pay him. He doesn't he doesn't take the money and he's blind. But, you know, and I say to myself, he still smiles and he's, he's just living his life. So normal, according complaining. So again, this is a description of what's going on in one of your songs.

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The girl who now has one leg where complaining whining, but look, you got both your legs. Now you're talking about the blind projection is that he's also happy. I mean, he's blind, but he's accepted himself. He has peace with his problem. He doesn't have any problem with being blind. No, you just accepted it. But but we have the eyes and we never said all I thank you for this bless. For this blessing. I have I have this I have the eyes, I can see everything. You know, sometimes I imagine I just close my eyes for five minutes. And I imagine that if I was blind, go for birds. I would be scared.

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I'll feel insecure and I don't know what to do. I had someone to help you to guide me. So Alhamdulillah I this is this is actually like the message that thank Allah for the for the let's say for the gift you have the same thing with the IRS. Same thing with I mean, this is what I'm trying to do me if there is a problem, which people I can see the people are not

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aware of. I try to address it. Yeah. Tell us for our non Muslim audience. They heard you say an Arabic word. We always love to define these words on the deen show. You said Allah. Is this some Arab God who is Allah?

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Allah Subhana Allah is the one God one god yes, one God, which we have to worship him only. And

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that's why we say la ilaha illa Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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I don't know I mean, you know, God, but the one guy so just so they can assuage any fear because some people say Allah

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aerobatic, or this is the moon. No, no, no, we're talking about the one guy who created the sun in the morning. God is like,

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Okay, if you see there are many, many gods. Yes. Which people worship different gods. Okay. But our God is Allah. Yes. His name is Allah.

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It's not like,

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for example, when I say May God be with you, but which God we are. He has some people take a tree as God Exactly. take different people that Jesus got exactly the mighty messenger. He's not God. We're talking about the one that a lot. A lot. Yes. Is it true? Is it true before just at this point? Do Christians also Jewish or also Arabic speaking do they use the word a lot? They don't some of them use rub.

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Rub is also another word for a person who's responsible for something

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as like as like a landlord, okay. Like for example, a family, family man would be responsible for his wife and children. So he will we will say in Arabic or busara. As a family. Yeah. So Allah, Allah is his mother, my lord. Yeah. My bad. My bad is the is the slaves. Yes. So that's how we want to just alleviate any fear. And now we will take a break, and we'll be back. For more.

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Outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars you see a lot of diamonds you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like, you know, paradise right here on Earth.

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To go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. And the reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease. The Cure was

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cheap she had

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Oh, God, forgive me.

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Welcome back to the deen Show. I'm here with

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how to and just for some people, many of the Muslims, they know who you are. For the Muslims. This is like the equivalent, let's say forgive me if I give a bad example, but in the Muslim world, kind of like Michael Jackson.

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Meaning that in popularity, you know, because of your beautiful, melodious song.

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Did you say that are praising God talking about the good things, and you're not singing? You know? And unique thing is you don't use any instruments dissolve voice. But I want to know in the audience wants to know, how did you because to sing about these things, you gotta love these and you have to with full conviction believe in it. How did you come to this state that you really submitted yourself? Okay? Actually, it's so weird story because when I, when I was young I used to like to sing all the time. Yeah. But my family, my friends and family hated my voice. You know, they said that, you know, just like, shut up Don't say, like, sounds so bad. And but I actually, you know,

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just like just love see, so I didn't listen to anybody. Yeah. And when I graduated from college, or let's say, when I was in school, one of my friends are hearing me reciting the Quran. And he said to me that, you know, what, why don't you recite the Quran in the morning assembly? And I was like, No way, you know, I'm, like, have nervous, I mean, like, front of 1000 students, what he did, he told one of my teachers, and my teacher told me that you have to come in otherwise, you know, you'll be in trouble. So I didn't go. I was I was actually excited.

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And I did actually, I did decide the crown assembly, morning assembly, and it felt good that people accept me and they liked my voice.

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After that, when I went to college,

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I illustrated but you know, and, you know, the college is college life, the friends and you out and it's not so much into the dean and

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I graduated from before I graduate, I heard a sheet singer. And I'd like to suppose so much and and he didn't use any, any instruments. Yeah, but he had all this mixing and vocals all around him and everything. And I was like, wow, how can you do that? And I never thought one day, I would be doing the same thing.

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I'm gonna say better. But I'm gonna say that I would be doing the same thing. And he was like, my, my idol. You know, I would wanted to meet him. And, you know,

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so I graduated. And when I started working with my dad, my brother had a studio, my brother is a is a karate.

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And he had a studio, which he used to record some of his Quran readings. And then he also used it to make some more machines or some songs. Yes. So there was some group group of guys, they came, and they made song. And he told me like, if you're free, why don't you come over and help me with the song.

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I said, Okay, I'm going to help you like not just like, fix the sound or anything, I never came to my mind that I'm going to be one day, not not like sitting behind the instruments, I'm going to be actually singing, singing. So I went and started helping him in all the levels and with the microphones and everything. And then I told my brother, honestly, what they're doing does not actually appeal to me. And I mean, even to the lesser people, you will not be able to attract them with this. Because if you want to give them something before I want them to hear your message has to be something nice, something which they would say, Well, let me listen to the verses, and then they

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will hear it. So he told me, okay, if he challenged me Actually, if you have something, you know, just bring it on. I said, I don't, I don't say I'm not a singer. Then I thought about it. I said, Okay, let me go back home. And I started like, looking through the books, and see if I can find one point, I did find a poem. It's about, it's also about, like, how much a person complains. And I admit, I composed the music for it. And after two weeks, I told my brother that I'm ready, I want to sing it. And he said to me that I was just kidding. And I said, No, come on, I'm ready. So he said, Okay, I'll give you a chance. So he, I, he really gave me a chance I, I just think and the guys who

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were there, they just loved the song. And

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that I said to myself, Okay, I'm gonna, like I'm going to help you with the, with the album, I'm going to be like a,

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like a part of the album, this one song or two songs. When the album was released, the company said that, you know, we want

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to do another one.

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So I said, Okay, still something which I didn't think that it would be, you know, something I would do like I'm doing right now. So I did another album which was called

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causes calling us and I had four songs in that and from that album, people started calling the let's say the production company and asking him that we want more albums for him and then I actually went and and I did a soul soul album is called first up and now I've been asked axon seven albums as their Yes. And so that that's the way after that when I third album, my sister told me that her friends

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She listens to my music and she cries when she listens to it. There was a one, one song says that it's about, about life about dunya. And how that we are today living in dunya. And tomorrow, we'll be here. Yeah, you know, we'll be we'll be in our graves and how this life is so tricky. You know, if you don't, if you don't do good, you will just find yourself one day, you didn't do anything good. And, you know, and God knows where, what will happen, you know?

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So she went when she told me about that I felt so sorry for her. And I felt that, you know, oh, my God, this is my call, this is what I have to do. I have to, you know, I have to know what is actually affecting people around me and try to bring a solution for them. Yes, through my songs, and hamdulillah it helped a lot because I sang about the mother I sang about last night either I sang about ethics, I sang about disabled people I sang about even diseases, for example, there's a disease called thalassemia disease. And

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it was not we were not aware, and then ennui or let's say back home, that this disease was even existed.

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It was actually, you know, the people dying from this disease, you know, and and now, after we made this big campaign, and I made the song, now it is mandatory in UAE, that you have to take the test of the lesson before getting married. Yeah. So you see, so you're singing about a lot of good stuff tell us, I got a chance to interview some of the famous former rappers who are out there with Sean john P. Diddy Combs with Jay Z. And with Tupac some of these people, and now they're out there, and they're trying to let the youth know, that's not the direction to go. What advice do you have for the youth who are stuck taking those musicians as role models, 50 cents, to park and all the other

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rappers that are calling tonight good things, like your songs are calling to what they're calling to evil, corruption, fornication, swearing, cursing, everything bad. And if you follow them, you're going to be the worst of the worst. So what because you have the attention of many of our big responsibility. So the youth, a lot of people look up to you. So those people who now I need some advice, what advice would you give him?

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Well, life is short. Okay, and if you don't actually wake up and start doing good and being good in this life, you will end up you know, just like the rest, if you see many, many people before us, you know from the time of

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Moses, Elisa Lam Pharaoh and and all these people who passed Allah, Allah has showed us in the Quran that what did these people get? People were, they were kings, they were, they had money, they had so much power, but because they just follow the bad. And they and they wanted to be, you know, they had this

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pride, and they didn't want to listen to their messengers. And the last part is at the end, they ended up, they lost everything, they ended up in hell. And, I mean, that is a case which we would have, we have to actually, you know, look at this, that this is the life and I've got a chance to pick the right way. You know, if I pick the wrong way, it's not just, it's not just, it's going to be

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I'm going to be bad, I'm going to affect the people around me, you know, I'm gonna be responsible for that for them, you know, but if I'm going to be good on when I go in the good way I'm going to be giving, you know peace, and I'm going to be given that note and that light everybody around me, I'm going to help people. And this is what I actually advise the youth as to, you know, go back to themselves go back to Allah Subhana Allah, you know, see what they can give to this. This world? What can what can they offer. As I said, life is too short. We're gonna take a break, do what our brothers talking about, just close your eyes, do some of the song, and he tried to do it scary about

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the net don't complain. So until we come back, just close your eyes, see what it feels like to be blind. And we're gonna come back with more, and we'll continue to wrap it up. No problem. You can take my daughter to dinner, you and my daughter and me.

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Let me tell you something, it's natural. That's the idea. I created it and He created us to have a good time. We should have a good time.

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And most of the converts are women, not men. They see that the rules of Islam instead of constraining the rule set them free

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from harm

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I am not afraid.

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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he said to me, thank you. You've been so

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you see, he said,

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Oh, God.

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The world is

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back here on the dean show with my brother.

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Now open your eyes. Okay. And you got your eyes and you got both your legs. What else you got to complain about? Don't complain. And that's your song talks about. We're almost out of time. Talk to us. You have a song about death. Yes. Talk to us a little bit about this song. It's called last breath. last breath. Yes. Tell us about the song. This song is about

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this person. He all his life did not do any good in his life. And suddenly, there was this last breath.

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And that's it. You can't if you can't breathe. That's a blessing. But that's it. You're done. No more air. No more air that that's it finished. There's no more finish. No more repentance no more. But you're alive. You got a chance to repent. Exactly. Go ahead. And so this guy is feeling sorry for him. So Hmm, that you know that he didn't pray. He didn't do good in his life. You know, he wasn't good to his mom and dad, he wasn't good to his wife, let's say you know, he wasn't he just went the he was a straight he went the wrong way. And now that his last breath is gone, he just he would have to go down in the grave and get you know, get it all the what he has done at the moment

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would be accountable for you know, so he was he was so sorry for himself and he was telling us commandment brothers. Let us pray. decide which side now is going to be held or heaven You know? So this song

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is telling us we have to decide now is it we're going to choose the good way we're going to choose the bad way because once we are in the grave and that's it. Finished it's finished. Now can you give us a treat? Is it possible? You just explained the song but we have just a minute left? Can you give us a treat and this is x song What do you think Can Can Can I hear from you?

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Sure. Go ahead please take it away from those

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I hear

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I hear their footsteps leaving slow and then I know my soul must flow

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chilly when begins to blow within my soul from head to toe and then last breath escapes my lips it's time to leave and must go so it is true but it's too late they said Ah so as it's given the

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when a sleeve and body so and meet with a sitter no fail Hey

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Mark doors that I do say who knows tomorrow could be or the class it's still heaven or hell. The sign which now Do not delay Come on my brother

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spray this side which now delay Come on my brother

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spray this side which one doing

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Mashallah, Mashallah God willed it. Thank you very much.

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May God Almighty Allah reward you for being with us. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Thank you Mark my words as I might say, I'm gonna chop up the words but you get the meaning. Tomorrow today can be your last day. So come on my brothers. Let's pray. Let's worship the One God alone and then established the prayer. Do the good stop complaining. You got so much good in your life? Isn't it time that you started being thankful? If you got $100 from somebody you say thank you, the person gives you a cup of water or a cup of tea. Thank you, sir. But the Creator is giving you so much. You cannot enumerate all the blessings he's given you. So be thankful be happy and start to do the good

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that the creator's called you to do. We'll see you next time here on the deen show until then, peace out to you.

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Hello and then I know

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begins to flow within my

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last breath

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It's time to leave.

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They say

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on my brothers

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Come on my brothers man as

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you decide which now

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I cannot see my eyes.

00:28:18--> 00:28:21

My soul ministry

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Atlanta comes to

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the sun.

00:29:29--> 00:29:31

Come on my brother.

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