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presence here while we are in Sharla introducing this brother to our community and he inshallah

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we will do it one more time declaring Shahada. The first pillar of Islam is to see a shadow repeat after me. I shadow a shadow and LA and La Ilaha ilaha illa Illa Allah, Allah wa shadow, a shadow Anna anna Muhammadan Mohammed Muhammad Rasulullah rasoolillah which means, I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah subhanaw taala and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

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You understand this brother? Yes, sir.

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That we're so brother now. You are officially and publicly and all those brothers inshallah will be a witness for you in the Day of Judgment, that brother Chris has choose Islam willingly by his own choice and he become a Muslim, he wanted to be a servant of Allah subhanaw taala and all human beings are equal. Then you will chalet with breakfast, the Salah, the prayer, the five daily prayers, you will practice the fasting for the month of Ramadan, you will practice being the charity for the platoon. And when you fall, you are able to go and visit Kava as we were talking about gela you will do that. So inshallah now Congratulation, and they will give you happy Sharma.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alikoum, watching the deen show. And we have Chris here who has just taken the declaration of faith, the Shahada, declaring that there is no one worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and Arabic we say along and Mohammed is the slave Servant and Messenger of God, the almighty just like Moses was a messenger, just like Noah was a messenger, just like Abraham was a messenger just like Jesus, peace be upon them all were messengers. Muhammad is the last and final messenger to mankind. And he has just made his declaration of faith, and he is being welcomed by hundreds here into Islam, which means submission

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and surrender to the one true God

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has given to me to be getting embraced by his

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family abroad, it's so great day

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welcome you, brother to Islam.

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May Allah bless you may God Almighty guide you in everything you do. And may you

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on your new journey as a Muslim, one who is constantly God conscious, who's being fulfilling his duties to God to the people

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who's living a life of submission to his creator, living in peace with God with himself with the community.

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And God willing, now all your previous sins are forgiven. You have a fresh start.

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I Chiquita paradise.

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Gift from Egypt. You can see brother Chris is being embraced by the white, the black, the brown, the yellow, all coming together to worship the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and earth. Where one brotherhood standing shoulder to shoulder worshiping one. God smilla Al Hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen show. You just got to see an incredible moment. Brother Chris, you have just taken the declaration of faith. How do you feel? I feel very good. very overwhelmed. You're a Muslim now? Yes. you nervous? Yes. I'm nervous. Excited. Yes, you should be because you have just, you've done the most wonderful thing that a human being can do. You've chosen

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out of your own freewill. To take this free choice that you have either to surrender to the dollar, to the woman to society, to materialism, to something created, you've chosen out of your own free choice to surrender to the one who has created you, God Almighty. That's a wonderful thing. That's the declaration that you guys got to see. How's that for

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Hmm, that's a good feeling. all your sins now are forgiven everything. Now if you owe somebody some money, you got to pay that debt. But everything is like if you start fresh, yeah, that's good. So now

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he's a Muslim, you're Muslim. Okay? You are one who submits who's chosen freely to submit to surrender, not to anyone created, okay, not to a man, not to a monkey, not to a stone, but to the creator of all, the creator of Jesus Christ, the creator of Moses, of Abraham, Mohammed, the creator of the sun, the moon. All right, you know, the sun is a Muslim, did you know that? I found that out today, a son, the son is a Muslim, how is it because the sun is submitting to a lot to God, the trees are Muslim, the moon is a Muslim, everything that is submitting to God is a Muslim. And now you've made that choice to be a Muslim one who surrenders and submits because somebody you know, who

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might not be a Muslim, maybe he's investigating or he has some misconceptions. Oh, man, you decide to be a terrorist. There is one of the biggest misconceptions is Muslims fight against terrorism, you cannot be a muslim terrorist. These are two oxymorons. How was it meeting all your new brothers in Islam? That was amazing.

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It's weird, because, you know, you never know if you're going to be accepted. Because to me, and to probably most people like me, white Americans, for the most part, you think I'm different? They're different. And so you really don't understand their culture. So you don't know Are they going to accept me as one of them?

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It's a big problem we have today in society. And when all those people came up to me and started hugging me, and were saying everything, to me, it it's amazing night because those those problems we make as humans there, but if you really, look, they're really not there. You know, the people that make us think that we're different. It's like, we're programmed, at least in America, at least that's how I feel. It's like you grow up in the media is telling you certain things, the government's telling you certain things, so you feel that you're not like one of these people, they're different, and they're not gonna accept you. But it's, it's, it's an illusion. It's it's not

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true. It's a big illusion. That's what's amazing to me, that's really blew my mind blew my mind. That was the overwhelming part. But it was a really good feeling. All these people coming together white, brown, yellow from all over the world they come in, to to embrace you. Because now it's you're part of a brotherhood, coming together to worship one guy, now. We need to be steadfast, you've chosen, and you did the most important thing in one's life. Islam is based on five pillars, you completed one of them, that's the testimony. The second one is to establish this connection with your Creator five times a day, how's that? That's good, many times a day to you.

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Right, around five to around five, right? So this is something that's very important. We have to work on our soul, we have to work on our connection with our Creator. So five times a day, the most important thing I tell my brother, Chris here, and I tell everyone is to establish this prayer. Know that you will be tried, you will be tested. God Almighty tells you this life is a test. So you want to establish the prayer because the prayer is going to make you firm in this religion is going to make you firm in this way of life. The Prayer is your connection with your Creator of the heavens and earth. Make sure that you're seeking knowledge constantly, balance your time out well. Too much

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material physical, the soul now becomes dead and that our goal is paradise because there's life is transitory. Think a death often and this will remind you that death is coming. So now stay on doing good. Stay on seeking truth during these good deeds. And this is now how you will attain that ultimate sense of success in this life in the hereafter. All right, implementing Islam, which means submission, surrender to the Creator of the heavens and earth, staying away from major sins. And God willing, you'll be okay. It's not that difficult. All right. If you're sincere, and you really want to please your Creator, you're gonna do what he says. And the system is there, it's all laid out.

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And all you got to do is just put in the work, right? Like anything in life. I agree. You gotta you got to put in the work. And especially for a paradise. That is like nothing you can imagine. That's what we're striving for. So brother, thank you once again, for being on the deen show. And letting everybody witness this wonderful moment in your life today is anything you want to say to anybody who's you know, out there and you know who's also possibly considering Islam. Keep an open mind and open heart and don't try to be so judgmental and just

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question everything, including the government in the media.

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And anybody else who's having a hard time out there. We're here at the Dean's show to help you out. Send us your emails. You have any comments, suggestions? We have a ton of different topics that we tried to cover, clearing all the misconceptions. Remember, if you can dig this, that there's no one worthy of worship it

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cept the Creator of the heavens and earth, that you worship him along with our partners, everything else will fall in place and that's the main message of Islam and to do good deeds constantly. Thank you again brother. Thank you

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and we'll see you again. inshallah, on the deen show as salaam alaikum Peace be on T