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peaceful, peaceful peaceful.

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Salam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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I have your attention. Well, today we're going to be talking about the money guy. Yeah, the thing that people are chasing, they chase in this day and night. The woman selling their bodies, the men selling their souls. For what? For this paper. So sit tight. We're going to be having a discussion about the money guy on the deen show. We'll be right back.

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One can never be too cautious.

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Hey, man, I'm really sorry. Can I get you another drink? Hey, man, just got it all in my pants in my shoes, man. I'm real sorry, man. Let me get you another cup. Man. I don't want another cup. Yeah, watch what you're walking.

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Man. I'm sorry. I don't want any problems. I'm gonna get out of here. Okay.

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We're gonna go, man, please get your hands off me. But you're gonna do about

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one can never be too cautious.

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I'm gonna have to switch. I want the money.

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We're talking about the money God.

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The money God, you know, people today are compromising everything. Everything they believe in all the good. The chasing the power, the money the world, people are selling out selling their souls for this dollar for this paper? What are you holding the money up to get everybody's attention? Yes, it'll work? I don't know.

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I hope so. Let's talk about this because people have turned this paper into a god.

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What do you think

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the paper that we have in front of us right here is actually not worth very much at all.

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Because it's just paper with ink on it. It's not until another person is willing to accept it, that it has any value.

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And according to economics, this is called currency. And it has a value only when other people are willing to accept it. And the value placed on it, it's got to be backed by something that people believe in. When the credibility is there, then it's worth more when it loses credibility, then it goes down. And that's how it works. It's very simple. But actually, this currency is not the actual money. The actual money is stored somewhere, whatever value or goods that you have stored somewhere, then you issue a paper like a check in actually, that's all this is a check or a note and it says right on it. It's a Federal Reserve Note. And so this is a note payable in lawful money at a Federal

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Reserve Bank. That's usually what they used to say a long time ago, lawful money and according to constitution be silver and gold. They don't use that anymore. They tie it to the gross national product, and consider that to me something of value. But anyway, you're absolutely right that people have sold out to this so called money, not even realizing that this isn't the money itself anyway, it just represents something that's somewhere else sad.

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If you think about this, in Islam, we have something that's much more valuable, it's much more tangible. Whereas instead of a dream of pipe dream that's going to go down in value. When you have the belief the right belief, it increases every day in in the right way your faith is worth much more than a pocket full of money. Because the money you will have to spend it in order for the money to benefit you. You have to spend it. Is it right? Yes. What is the benefit if you pile this up? five feet tall but you don't ever spend it. Somebody told you I'll give you a million dollars but you can't spend it.

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Initially it sounds good you know million dollars but you can't spend it. You can't use it for anything. In fact, you've got to haul it around take care of it guarded hope that somebody doesn't break in and kill you to take it away from you. You're gonna wait a minute then what is the benefit of having it

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and it's Islam we have something called a man Eman or faith. And our faith is based on something that is testable and proven

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something easy to accept, and it is something that will have a

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cash value on the Day of Judgment.

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Tell us, is it true that with enough of this, that someone can buy peace, security in life and success? This is absolutely the concept that most people have about money if I just had enough. Yeah, ministries are the same way a lot of ministries are that if we just had more money, we could do more things, we can help more people, we'd like to build an orphanage in the Philippines, we'd like to build a school. And for the children in India, we'd like to put in, you know, a computer lab somewhere in Indonesia, and help these people to get better education to get, you know, on their feet, established factories to do you know, to help people, but it all takes though Ray me money. So

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we need money. So then they have these programs you've seen, send your money in and do this and do that. And so and so, for donations, or, you know, or other people will just work real hard the whole life saving up their money with the idea, when I get enough money, I'm going to do some good deeds, I'm going to you know, get a degree, become an engineer, or get my degree in medicine, get my degree in education, and then I'm going to work hard, I'm going to maybe sell books I'll do, you know, I'll be famous, I'll go on The Oprah show. And then with all of that, I'll take this and I will do good deeds with it. This is a goal. But how many people ever achieve it?

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Because the instead it goes the opposite way, in order to do that, okay, you want to education, so you've got to get a student loan? Well, that student loan is going to be an X percent interest and blah, blah, blah, by the time I get out of school, I owe so much and I have to take other loans to do these things. So I can pay that loan. Then when I get my medical practice, for instance, or my law practice, and I get started, I've got so many things and I'm in debt so far, so I'll borrow more money and then I'm into bigger debt, I'm going to banks I'm going to savings loans I'm going now to insurance companies and borrowing from them. And

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and I've been through that myself, I know where it goes. And the more money you have, the more you want. Because your goals and your aspirations are greater your desires are greater in your lust are much greater because you just had more if I could just you know and along the way though there's the country clubs that you want to be well I got to be with the right people need to have the right kind of car you don't show up at a country club in a Honda. I need to be there in my new Mercedes I need to be there in a Rolls or something. Maybe I need to show for a better look pretty good. I mean, you know, I still got my goal here. I want to help to poor children here in Africa or something but

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still at the same time, you know, it'd be kind of nice to have all the guys over and we'll have a shrimp fest and and play around a golf and you know and gosh be nice let's charter a plane will fly down to went to New Orleans. I remember one time we took everybody down in New Orleans The time is plowed to Vegas, just you know for the sun not not for the slot machines, not you know, for sure what are you doing? And another time we'll take all the kids to Disneyland Oh, that'd be great. whose kids, my kids and my friends, kids. So so there is a benefit? Maybe. But really what happens? The more that you accumulate, the more you want. And the more you compromise and compromise and

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compromise. This is not in every case, but this is the majority of cases what happens. And instead of increasing in the wealth, you really increase in debt. The debt goes up, up, up, up until you can't imagine what some people when they go to bed at night. They're thinking Oh, hola ever? Oh my god, how would I ever pay all of this? And whenever you see a comma in your debt, okay, that's one thing.

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But when you see two commas in the debt that you owe, this is another thing when you owe more than a million dollars, more than $10 million, more than $20 million. You owe that money. I didn't say you have it. I said you owe it. And maybe if you cashed out everything you've got you could never pay it. What will you do? And what happens these people who are living in these big houses these big cars is very big titles they have and then they commit suicide. You wonder why? Well, that's one of the reasons because no matter what they work for, they don't get what they want. No, not in all cases, just money. There's other things besides just the money. It's the things that go with the

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money. There's sleaze that goes along with that to a woman who wants to get ahead

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So she sees herself as well, you know, on my intelligence alone, nobody will appreciate that. And my, you know, my talents alone, they won't project, she begin to compromise. Well, they say raise that skirt up a little bit, we're gonna put you in a movie or you know, take off clothes or show something or do some. And they start to compromise, compromise, compromise thinking, you know, just do it this one time, and it always goes the wrong way. It always goes the wrong way. But this, according to the Christian religion, they say that money is the root of all evil. Actually, the expression, the old expression was, the lust for the money is the root of all evil. Because the

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money itself is not evil. This is same piece of paper that it was before they put the ink on it. before there was any ink on that piece of paper. I don't think anybody would want to give very much for that. Would you know that it was that. But once the ink is on it, and once these little seals and the watermarks and all the things you see people looking at. And once that's there, then suddenly, this is something that somebody would actually fight you for it. And in fact, there are people who've lost their lives for less than a $20 bill. Just walking down the street and in some city, maybe somebody killed them. They're a drug addict. They want drugs, and kill a person just for

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$20. But let's uh, I gotta take a break. We'll be right back on the show. We'll be right back. One can never be too cautious.

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Hey, man, I'm really sorry. Can I get you another drink? Hey, man, just got it all over my pants in my shoes, man. Man, I'm real sorry, man. Let me get you another cup. Man. I don't want to cook. I watch when you're walking.

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Man. I'm sorry. I don't want any problems. I'm gonna get out of here. Okay.

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We're gonna go, man, please get your hands off me. What you're gonna do about it.

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One can never be too cautious.

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Hey, man, what did you learn that I trained? You just said you got time I'll show you Come on.

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Remember these techniques only for life threatening situations self defense. Okay, come on.

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Come and see what everyone's talking about.

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Guys, let's look at the technique that we applied earlier. We call it a shoulder lock. It's gonna be where the aggressor is going to place his arm onto my shoulder. Okay, there's two variations of this self defense technique. One is if just like so the guy grabs you by the shoulder, but you notice the elbows bent or loose. The second variation is going to be aware that he has my shoulder but his arm is stiff. Okay, this is going to be another variation that we will not cover today. The one that we're going over his shoulder grab bent arm. Okay, so how does he's going to place his hand on my shoulder. Now, I'm going to use the same side that he's controlling. I'm going to use that arm to

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come up and above his elbow.

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I come up and as soon as I get to this point, now I'm using his grip against him. Okay, his grip, his wrist is secure tightly under my armpit. I'm going to go palm to palm and now making sure that his wrist is secure under my armpit. I'm going to start to raise his elbow up applying the pressure onto his shoulder. Okay.

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Let's take a look at one more time.

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Same side is attacking comes up and over the shoulder. At this point I have to really focus on making his grip tight under my armpit. If the grip is loose, he's just going to pull his arm out. Okay, which gets rid of the grip that can be another way of just disengaging but we're going to try and take advantage of the situation. Okay. It comes up.

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Come on to the elbow. I go palm to palm I secure his grip and now I start to raise elevate the elbow up as I raised the elbow up, elbow up traffic his wrist. That's where he starts to feel the pressure on the ligaments of his shoulder. Okay, and we saw one example of how to defuse the situation with jujitsu. The beautiful thing about jujitsu is that you don't need to hurt, okay, punish the guy to defuse the situation. If I decided earlier to punch or to kick, the aggressor, I'm not defusing the situation. I'm just increasing the chances of that becoming an extreme situation.

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No big headache. Okay, for more time

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over and now I have the option, maybe he's not in the best situation to now be an aggressor. I have him at my mercy at the moment, I can talk to him I can defuse the situation, God forbid, if I need to really defend my life, there is the possibility of putting the pressure on the shoulder to do some real damage, but it should not come to that. Okay, we can talk the fuse and I feel that the situation is the fuse can let it go and situations, harming the aggressor. That's it for today's episode of the self defense workshop. Until next time, guys, be safe and take care. Oh, welcome back to the Dean's show. And today we're talking about the money God.

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Can you

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share your services? Talk to us with your experience now? Tell us how have people taken this as a guide? Well, in my own case, let's talk about that. Years and years ago, I had an idea when I was a young man that I wanted to work hard, make money, save it up and then help people. And I don't think that's different from a lot. And all along, I was thinking I wanted to do things for the Lord. At the same time, I wanted to establish a music industry, music business actually turned into an industry. And I thought that along the way that the music would help soothe the people's souls. I also felt that, that if I had enough money, that I could go out here and build places for children

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for the homeless, for those who are destitute, and the runaways and the children of the streets, the people the bag, ladies, all the rest of it. All of that sounded good. But along the way,

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the money became the object. I need more of that money I need. I need just a little bit more. Oh, yeah. Oh, that's nice. And then one day you get Oh, that was that was nice, too. And, oh, here's some,

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well, if I just had more and more, because you keep thinking if I just had more. But it's not just the money that we have a problem with today, because this is well known. I mean, there are many stories throughout history about money, and the thing to how it corrupts. But today, we have credit, which is corrupting people. It's not just this, what about the credit cards, because all of a sudden, people are spending what they don't have. You're not spending what you do. And it's not just about gathering money together. You're talking about spending before you ever get it. Not even knowing if you're going to get it. Suppose a man owes 50 $60,000 he loses the job, then what his

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wife has to take a second job, she's already working, got another job, they're going to lose their house.

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gonna lose their cars, they're gonna lose their position. They've even had movies, humorous movies about this. There's one I think it was called Fun with Dick and Jane that came out. And it was exactly about that, that a well off family, they lose their money, they lose their position. It was a it was sort of a parody on the story of Enron, you remember Enron, the big corporation that folded up and all the people that lost, it was basically making fun of something like that. And although there were some

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unusual twist to the story, it really revealed a lot of the things that all of us are looking at today, when you go out here, and work hard and try your best. And at the end of the day, you say I owe more than I did yesterday.

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Let me try harder tomorrow. And the harder I try them tomorrow, I wind up building even more than I did before. So how is this different than 100 years ago, 100 years ago in this country, they had something it was almost like slave labor camps, or people worked in a coal mines and they said they'd sold their soul to the company store. It means what it means that here is a person who is hard working as hard as they can. But whenever it's all over with, and they bury him, they can't put even a single extra thing in a box with him because he's totally broke. So tell us how to pay off if they can't pay what he owes. How do we balance it out? No, no, we know we have to work to provide

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for our families.

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You know what, there's something that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said I think this is a good time to mention it. He said, a dune usage movement what genital Kapha that this life that we live in is actually a prison to a believer, but it's the paradise to the unbeliever it's only paradise are going to get and a lot of tells us in the Quran that you love your wealth with a with an unbelievable desire a lust for your wealth.

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That this is the problem that we suffer from. We love wealth so much. And this is why we compromise these original good ideas we had, we start out with these really good ideas, but then we begin to compromise them because of the wealth. And now also because of this credit machine that's working on us, okay, but what about for those because we know we have to work we have to provide, but how do we not let this interfere with our purpose in this life, a lot tells us in the Quran that he is our result, which means the one who provide your daily bread, he is your source, he is the one who takes care of you. And then if you put your full faith and trust in Him, as your result, your provider, he

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is the only provider, and He is Allah herb, the one who is the Bestower. So if you turn to Him and ask Him, He provides, and he will continue to provide. And in our religion in Islam, we don't ask people to send us money so that we can propagate our religion. That's not what we're about. In fact, this is against what we believe in our teaching is that each one of us is responsible to share a message not propagate, not to get people to, you know, convert or anything like that. The other thing is that we don't raise money to go out here to do this, and along the way, buy new cars and houses and things like this. And this is why most of the scholars of Islam, you'll find them to be

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very poor, in, in monetary standard, they're not going to have these big houses, they're not going to have fancy cars, most of them in this is not a secret, most of them actually sleep on the floor, and eat very simple. Some is their hands don't even have utensils, they want to keep it simple, no TV in their houses, keeping it simple. Because if you refuse this life, if you refuse the temptation of what's the this money, and lust that goes along with it, then there's something much better for you in the next slide. This is a test this truly is this gives somebody an excuse not to just sit at home and say, You know what? God Almighty is the provider. He's providing, I'm just going to sit at

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home and just lounge you can do that. You could do it, you're gonna lose a lot of weight in a hurry.

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And they'll come and take everything away because you can't pay your bills. You have to work, there's no doubt about it. And even the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him was talking about that they were talking about somebody getting charity or raising their hand and ask him for money. He said, it's better for them to go out into the woods and cut down the word and bring the logs in and sell firewood. And that would be a lot better for them. So if you don't have anything else to do, go out in the woods, cut firewood, or go out and mow somebody's grass do you say that's a menial task? According to if you do something that did the best you can do it, then that's not a menial task

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anymore, is it? You are in when you mow the lawn, you mowed straight and good and clean up the edge around it and do your best. And you said Well, that's not a high paying job that's not having a high status with

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with Oh, with a law, you did a good thing, you have a big credit with him. And wherever you mowed the lawn for they'll pay you something. You said Well, I have a degree, I have a degree in sociology, I have a degree in engineering, I have three degrees, four degrees, I got a news for you. You can go to any pharmacy on this planet, any drugstore you want to go to and buy all the degrees you need. It's called a thermometer. It's loaded with degrees. And it won't help you any more than your degrees. When you're out of work. You out of work, get a job. That's it. What advice do you have to those who are chasing a position of status a degree chasing the power also they can acquire

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this money and they're forgetting about their main purpose in this life. The main purpose of this life is not to acquire wealth, position, power status or celebrity ship, you know what it's about? Allah said in the Quran will makuleke to general instability. Yeah, but don't. He's telling us clearly that this purpose that we have is to worship him without partners. And whether and it's up to him where we're at whether he puts us at the lowest rank in human terms, or the highest rank in human terms. Still in front of him, he's going to be looking at our hearts and that's the rank that's going to make the difference. You want to go to Paradise, you want to be in a good place,

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then what you need to do is get the heart right because then the heart is right God fearing righteous person, then they're definitely going to be the ones who a lot is going to favor them in the next life. You're going to be tested, you're going to have a lot of things happen to you. So you have to learn how to be moderate in what you do. Don't live beyond your means. And if a lot deals you lemons, you

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Sell lemonade. That's how it works. Give us some advice for those brothers and sisters or people who they have a hard time they won't get up for the morning prayer, the fudger. But when the boss calls him to come in and work over time, they're making sure to get up on time.

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Well, for the Muslims who do things like this, I understand where they're coming from. But you can't do that. Because you're, you're showing that right away the law, that you don't trust him. You don't believe in him. So he's ordered you to pray in the morning. So instead, you'll run out here, maybe somebody offers you more money to come to work early in the morning and you say, Okay, I'll go do that and get an extra 100 bucks. I'll get up early and go to work but you didn't break.

00:25:45--> 00:26:27

You didn't break you didn't went out to work early and you want the money. And it means you don't really believe that allows the one taking care of you. And this is not a good thing. You need to get up and you need to pray you need to do your Salah, you need to do it in time and you need to do it in group together if you can, because that's even better. And all of that is going to be better for you than anything listen to this teaching of Islam. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. We said RAC attained pleasure, Hiram in a new new Amalfi Ha. In this means that the two records of the foger prayer in the morning is worth more to you the new universe, and everything in it. The

00:26:27--> 00:26:31

universe. Now what if somebody said you can have two universes today?

00:26:32--> 00:26:47

for spending five minutes in the morning to universes? What would you say? I mean, I mean, you're out here working real hard for 1000 bucks thinking, Oh, yeah. Or somebody working for $10,000? They said, Yes, this is what I need.

00:26:49--> 00:26:55

But where are you going to meet tomorrow? When you find out inflation made it so that a loaf of bread cost $4,000.

00:26:57--> 00:27:21

There's no benefit. So the first and foremost thing is to realize that there is a law, he's your provider, he's the one who is going to take care of you. And this if we can get this in our head, then we're going to be ahead of the game. But until we do that, we're going to be looking at a piece of paper and thinking that's money, and it's still nothing but a piece of paper. Thank you again for being with us shores. Do I get to take the paper.

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Tiger thank you all for tuning in again to The Daily Show. And please don't make this your God. Pray to the one true God along with funnel partners and tune in every week to the deen show. And if you missed this show, you can see it on the deen the th e d. e n show sh o w d show calm and you can view all of our shows there. Until then, until next time, we'll see you God willing. Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you.