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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salaam aleikum which means peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. My name is and Dean Dean is a way of life Islam which we try to help the people understand clearing the misconceptions. Thank you very much for coming to the source to learn about Islam and Muslims. Now today, we're going to be talking about the last and final messenger, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. You've heard of Moses, you've heard of Jesus peace be upon both of them in other messengers that came. But this is the last and final messenger. He hasn't just been sent to the Arab living in Mecca. He's been set for the whole of mankind, we're going to be talking

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a little bit about his life so you can get familiar with him. You've heard about the testimony of faith. We've talked about this in our other shows, which is that one bears witness that there is nothing there's only one God he is the only one worthy of worship, and that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger. This is what brings someone into Islam, but you got to get to know this man. So we're going to give you a little bit of some highlights of his life. We have a special guest side. And when I get back, I'll tell you his last name, sit tight. You're gonna read a bottom and we're gonna bring you back here on the dean show.

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Peaceful peaceful, peaceful.

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Salam aleikum.

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wa rahmatullah ragi. Shaikh say the raga. Right. And I say, right, right. Right. Thank you very much for being with us on the deen show. We really tried to help educate the non Muslims on Islam. And we thank you for being with us. We want to talk about there's a lot of misconceptions about this last and final messenger. Some people have never heard of them. They're going to hear about them today. We're going to start off if you can help us God Willing about him, his life even before profit, and let's start from there, who he was where he was born. From there, we'll go but smilla rahmanir rahim o salat wa salam number one I am very excited being here And may Allah subhanaw taala rewarding for

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hosting me. And I think this is one of the most exciting episode you would have. Why? Because everybody knows about God but they don't really know about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam you can ask they say to non Muslim who's God what is God and where is God and he can tell you a lot of information about but as soon as he asked him who's Mohammed Who's he? We don't know much about it. So today inshallah we will go over that a little bit. I will talk about him sort of long winded He will send them and we will explain to the people what this man did for the name of the oma we will say for all mankind humanity, and inshallah we'll go with this well before Islam is asking about

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before he became a prophet of God.

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See Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a child, before he was born, he lost his father. So he was an orphan and his mother raised him but two years after that he was given away to a desert people because there was the custom of the atom to send their children outside the city environment so they can learn about the language, they can learn about the culture so they can come back and come back to the city and be as strong physically and mentally and so on. And then shortly after that, his mother passed away, and his father, also as we know, he passed away then his grandfather took the custody of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But it was not long enough. Shortly after

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that he died, he passed away. Also, his ankle polyp is the one who raised Him from eight years old until he became until he died, I mean, until the ankle died, they reach the age of 40. He was there for him to support. Now, as a young man, he was a very quiet kid, very intelligent, very smart, he would not engage with nonsense things that other kids do, he would behave it would carry himself in a very manner, very acceptable in a well behaved child, child may do. And then everybody in the city they loved him. Why? Because he was always eager to help. He was always there for the people who are in need. He was always trying to do something for the community, being a member of the community,

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meaning being a member that is active that is doing something to improve the lifestyle of the people in that area. Then when he became he was 14 years old, his uncle took him for a business trip to show him how he should do business because it is very important.

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Life for the Muslims or for the young people, especially, to depend on themselves, they should not rely on their parents all the time, they should not rely on the system, but they should go out and be independent and be someone that can contribute something to the community. And then after that, he went he by the age of 25, he married a woman who was older than him by the name hudy job into Hawaii. And she was a very wealthy, well respected lady. Now, keep in mind at that time, women were not respected at all, you know, men will go on as soon as he was announced that his wife had a baby girl, they will go on bury her on life. But this this woman was well respected in the community of

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the city of Mecca. And after that, he became surely 10 years after they were 15 years old. After that, it became a problem of law. Could we just rewind just for a second, can you give us were there any signs anything before Prophethood while he was a child, were there any incidences that were unique? Absolutely. There was so many incidents, when he was around eight years old.

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He's still living in the desert. And this is what everybody needs to you know, do that. Do that little mental, you know, image in your head and see a little child with his brother,

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another brother that was with him in the desert, taking care of Shiva. And all of a sudden, these two men come out of no place out of nowhere. The old wearing white, they look very unfamiliar. They don't look like a travelers they not familiar with. And what did they do? As soon as they got to Mohammed Salah while he was a child, the one of the men said Is this the kid? And the other one say is this is the kid that we're looking for. So they grabbed him and they put him down, and they cut his chest open. Now when his sibling saw that, when his brother saw that he had to run and get help, but meanwhile would they did they open his chest while he's still alive is still looking, he can

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relate to that story. And he related that story to us later. And he said, this is what they did. They took my heart out of my chest. And they wash it with a special water that they had. And they took something dark out of my chest. And they said, Well, this is the share of shaytaan. And this young man, he shaved on our devil has no shear and the life of this young man. And then by the time the other kid came back with help, Mohammed was standing some long run, he will send them standing there has just been, you know, a step back. And he was still used to show the Sahaba the companion and he said, Look, this is the mark of that incident he had that he had that. He did. Now were these

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angels. What was this was Angel gibreel. An angel is a Makai. To angel in English. Jabra, would we say Gabriel Gabriel? That was the same way that would come to the other hand, the angel was Michael Michael. Right. Okay, so from that that was one incident. Now we come and continue on, we're there before his leading up to his prophethood. How is he amongst his people? How What was he known as his character, this man, even as being a young man, you know, in Macau, there was a place a house that was known that a network this place if you're not 40, and over, you cannot have a membership for that house was that club. But Mohammed was given this, because he was very mature, was loved by

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everyone. People trusted him. Everyone loves him. Everybody loved this document. This is a document and he used he used to call him an amine, which means a trustworthy man that everybody would trust. They have they want to travel, and they have something that they want to keep. And they are afraid that they may lose it will take you to Muhammad Allah and he wasn't. And that continues even after he became prophet. And they were fighting him. They were still said, Well, we can no Trump cannot trust anyone but this man, they will go and take this stuff there to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the other incident that is worthy of mentioning here is when there was a flood at the

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time, in the one of those days and the Kaaba will call, which is the house of a law in the city of Mecca was destroyed. So the people have already said, let us rebuild the house of Allah and allow the people to come that was the first house by reverse to house bill by and by the way for the non Muslims who do not know this. Everything that we do almost everything that we do, when we go for pilgrimage is commandment. One Prophet Abraham, Abraham did. You know we did not introduce anything to what he did? When we go around the house. That's what he did. When we move with travel between the two mountains suffering. That's what he did. When we drink from the well, Zamzam. That's what he

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did, and so on. But the point is, when they were building the cabin, there was this work that Abraham was given to from a law of the heavens, and that remains still in that place, and he's still in my camp.

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Then all the chiefs of the equation were fighting over who is going to place this rock in the place of the Kaaba, would you call return on your money, and they were about to fight and kill one another concerning this. And then one of them said, Listen, if we continue to argue with this, we will not go anywhere. So the first man who walks through that door, we will accept His judgment. And Mohammed was the first man who walked someone long while he was sent him. And everybody said, this is the mean and mean and and we trust him, he's a trustworthy, and then said a lot he will send them. He said, What is the problem? And this is what this is the issue that we have. And then it's a well,

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it's very easy, very simple, because it was very intelligent, very, very intelligent man. He was a man that was built to lead not to follow it was a man, Allah subhana wa, tada created to be a role model for all mankind. So he said, it's very easy. And he took all this over Garmin, and he said, Well, you everybody placed a rock right here. And they did. And he said, Well, all the chiefs of the tribe, grab this, and let us carry on with this lifted, and when they reached a certain level, and now I'll place it where it should be placed. And everyone's like, that is what we were looking for all the tribes that were fighting. They all grabbed this cloth. And they all so he smoothed this

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out. Oh, yes. Does that sound alike? Yeah. So when we when he's saying sallallahu alayhi salam, this is wishing Peace and blessings on the last and final messenger, the prophet Mohammed who sent for the whole of mankind, we talked about, we're giving you glimpses of his life. So you can from here, see who this man was somewhat. And then you can continue on investigating on your own because he is indeed a messenger for you to follow your father, follow your uncle to follow your whole family to follow. So we're going to go on from here talking about, we discussed, and there are many more incidences and we've just given you a few before, he was an adult, we talked about that one unique

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situation as a child, but there's many more but we don't have time to grab those. We talked about before his prophethood he was known as the truth when I've heard different nicknames. You know, this is knuckles, this is a no neck ghazali this is all sorts of crazy names. But I have not ever met a man. This is the truth, especially in today's society. You know, people are lying, deceiving, cheating, but even amongst his enemies later, who became his enemies who actually love, love, love him, they come to true for that we learn that now let's go about the revelation, how it came when it came. Let's talk about this and what happened.

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Back check this out.

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Welcome to the mailbag, this portion of the deen show that deals with the subject or the you, the readers and the watchers and those who want to write into us and ask questions. I'm used to pestis. And of course, maybe some of you know me from some of the other programs that we do online. But today, I want to deal with this subject. It's comes to me in the form of emails and get calls on this subject. How do I know it says here that Mohammed is really who He said He was? How do we know Muhammad is really the Prophet? And what he's bringing is really on target? How can I know that this isn't something from the devil? Maybe the devil wrote the Quran and tricked Muhammad into believing

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it? And we've heard this a number of times from different people. So what that's what I think I want to tackle that today. And let's let's talk about this.

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First of all, what do we know about Mohammed but we're talking about Muhammad ease be upon him, who was born in the Arabian desert to the Qureshi tribe in about 570 ad, and then live to about 633 ad. And during that 63 year period, he was well known and established as being honest, truthful,

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quiet, humble, kind, generous,

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and one of the best friends you could ever have.

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Now, we're not talking about some of the other pretenders to the throne here. Like, I want to mention, some people like Ghulam Ahmed in India and claimed to be some kind of Prophet No. And people like Elijah Muhammad who claimed to be a prophet, but that we're not talking about that we're talking about this Mohammed, who lived 1400 years ago.

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And one of the things that we can know about it is there has been more information gathered about Mohammed than any other human being more people today are named Mohammed than any other name in the world. Also, there has been more written about him and authenticated about him than any other person if you want to make a biography of a well known

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person with establish references that you can rely on. Mohammed is your choice, and many people have done so. So you have testable evidence immediately to say that yes, there really was a man that was really his name. That was where he was born. This is where he died. And this is what his followers said about him. So what we did, we developed a website so that you could go to it, taking your time to learn as much as you can, about Muhammad, from his own sayings, from sayings and teachings of his powers and companions, other people who knew him that weren't necessarily Muslims, and then from people over the history since then, who have commented about him, such as George Bernard Shaw, and

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Gandhi and others. So you can follow up on that, let me tell you what the website is, it's got everything on there, you could call it Muhammad, A to Z. That's going to be at prophet of islam.com. Let me repeat it, prophet of islam.com, go check it out. And then we'll turn your back over now to the deen show already in progress. It came when it came, let's talk about this and what happened.

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Again, it is in a nutshell, we will put this in a very concise way, or sort of like subtle ideas. And this is, by the way, we sell a lot while he was selling them, you know, peace be upon him. It is not only from hammer, but we say that also for Jesus, we say that for Moses, we say that for all the prophets of God, because all of them to us are on the same level, we believe in all of them. But at this moment, he realized that living in that society, which means women do not have any right. Which means if you're not Arab, or if you're not from Makkah, people will not respect you. If you're a servant, people will treat you differently. If you're a different color, people will not treat you

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the way that we treat other people. He realized this is not a life that a man should live. So what he used to do, and he also we used to dislike the idea, man, who would go kill his own child they were doing they would do that, as a matter of fact, they will go on a mount will say, God, if you give me this number of children, I will sacrifice one of them for your sake. And he will bring that child to the city in front of their idols, and everybody's watching and he was slaughtered that psychopath Exactly. But people thought that this is we're doing for God. People, we thought that this is good. This man is so righteous, that he sacrificed his own son. So I'm gonna say this is not

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acceptable. So what he did, he drove himself. And he used to do this once a month, I'm sorry, one a month out of it once a year. And he used to go leave the city leave the people and used to go out in a place in the mountain called Hara. And he used to stay there for Hartman just contemplating thinking about how this creation came about, who is the true creator behind this? What is happening? What would happen to us after we done? Are we here for purpose? Is that a purpose for our you know, for our for our existence? Is that a purpose for us during this? Is this man is treating or mistreating other people? Is he going to be judged? You know, all this was in his head? And this is

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Abraham and his sermon, Rahim Allah? Is this how we used to contemplate before you receive the revelation. And Khadija and this look, this was very unusual, man you say to their wives are in going? Are you not following me? That's it. Yeah. But also realizing No, she's my wife. She's the one that I trust. She's the one who knows my secrets. I honor her I respect therefore, she has to come with me. But she is just a little bit away from where he's contemplating his, you know, meditating. And he set out to a certain.

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And then one of those days, he used to see in a little cave that can only fit one or two people maximum. Yeah. And all of a sudden, one of these days, he sees this man out of the blue, as they say, out of nowhere standing in front of him. And he's talking very powerful, you know, authoritative tone and saying we'd sort of law number one, he shocked. I mean, there was no introduction. He was no demand is climbing up to the mountain I could feel I can hear no, this man just appears right in front of him. And then he says, read knowing that Mohammed cannot read or write. And by the way, in Arabic When we say echo, they translate most of the time read, but it can

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also translate mean recite, recite, right. So when you say if you have a few moments, a poem and you say I will not say to you, you know only recite in Arabic, I will say echo, no say so echo means recite or read. So he said read I said what should I read? And then he grabbed him. Now imagine a stranger community. You

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Grabbing you, squeezing is so hard. And he said, I felt my chest bones are crossing I mean, it was so painful. And then he released me. And he said, read, and I was instead of sharp with what. And then he grabbed me for the second time, and he did the same thing. And I said we want and he put in, he grabbed me until the third time he said Bismillah, secondary holla read in the name of your Lord. And that was the first is the first verse that was revealed, but also this ayah contains so many benefits indicates so many things. Because when he says extra means to read, you know, later you will learn that was the beginning of civilization, beginning of the people have to learn have to

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learn to read and write, because without you being able to read or write you cannot really go far. So this is when

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we first I was indication that this will be Amada will be civilized this nation will be a nation that is civilized, and this people and the companion for the purpose of the long run evil center. Now after that, you know, look, again, keep in mind, you're talking about a bet when you're talking on people who do not respect women. What is the purpose of the long run? He will send them do? He ran to his wife, he rent his wife, a lot of people will say no, no, no, no, I will not go to my wife, I will go to my uncle. Or I will go to my uncle Hamza, I will go and seek the protection of someone that is strong. But you know, you want his wife, because that is the relationship between

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husband and wife. This is the release this is the fear and that's what a loss It was a anabaena commodity and a lot of place between you and her and mercy and compassion. So when you feel down, you should go to your wife. When you feel that you know everybody is against you. You have your yacht hot, difficult day, you should do like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you should go to your wife. So now he went to his wife. And this was when the revelation first came. Now, you had people we talked about before this, who loved him, they called him to trustworthy. Now he's coming with a message. Tell us what this message was? What did the Creator God Almighty Allah want

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him to do? And how did the people's perception of him change because of this message? Now?

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He stayed in that situation. He came back to Hawaii. JOHN is nervous. She doesn't know what is happening. You know, she calmed him down. She says, No, Allah will never disgrace you, you do this, you do this. You're such a wonderful man. Allah will never displace you. So don't, do not worry. Now we stayed in that state calling people secretly for three years. So the first one we accepted, some was his wife. And that's why in some again, and I know this show is not about the rights of women, but in some way, respect to women, because they were the first thing to accept. Yeah, the first person who accepted his son was a female Khadija, and as you know, the first person who was doubt

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died for his son was also amamagna. Sega. So we always respect women, and we put them in a higher than a lot of people do not understand. But in 343 years, he started calling people to Allah. And he's telling them worship one unique God. It's not he is not she. And by the way, the reason that we say he in the wrong translation, because in English, we have it, and we have she and we are happy. But in Arabic, we only have he, and she, we don't have it. Therefore, since God, Allah Subhana, WA, tada is not a human, and it cannot be, you know, he or she can only be it than the people so well. It's in Arabic. It sounds very disrespect, disrespectful. So they said, who he? So that's how we

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translate with what it means he but they we cannot say God has gender, no gender, no gender is not male is not a female. It's not white is not a human is not in us is not what us is above his creation. And this is now in this we were calling people, his phrase, servant, accept Islam, his friends accept Islam. And then later he came up to the people when a loss it was under asherah. To say, go on what your people he was giving direct command from Allah. And then he came out, and he stood on the mountain called Safari, Smoky Mountain, and he said, yamashiro, all the people of orange, and everybody came, and he told them, this is what he told them. If I tell you, there are

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enemy army behind that mountain, marching towards distally to destroy you, what do you believe me? And they said, of course, you never told a lie. He said, Well, I am the messenger og of a law and I'm warning you for what you

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Do not know about and then hear some of the people rejected some of the peoples or some of the people who say no, no, no, no, we will stick to our forefathers. He's the first person who was rejected was our lab. Shut up. Bella wrote to you is is what you got us today here. So this is from there on his his his what he called his followers is that growing and growing and growing, and then the crash, they try and kill some of them the torture some of them like Bilal Ahmad, they were persecuting all Muslims. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that

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they migrated and migrate to the city of Medina. Yeah. So this is unique that he basically he came with a simple message, to leave all the idol worship worshiping statues, men worshipping the creation and just worship this unique God, the one goddess, and now these people who loved him because of this, they started to have a resentment towards him. Well, they did not really they would not against him the mess a lot they were against the message. And when I was soufiane, the head of the operation, when he learned that Mohammed marry his daughter, he said, that is such a wonderful man. And after some time, because people is a true they were used to their customs, but after they

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would many of them, the intellectuals they found that this can't be from no man, this is from even they started to come to Islam look at especially the younger people and the people who are educated, and the people were open, we're open minded, there's so well, you know, the man is not telling us anything that is unusual, something that your your mind or you you will reject it is very basic worship what one god decent person, be able to live with other people. And this is the message of Muhammad, and the message of all the prophets of Allah, Allah, he was fine. He didn't bring a new message, not nothing new. It was the same message in worship one unique God. That's what I wish if

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you can interview my friend, good friend, Tony. Oh, accepted Islam, because initially he wants to guide Muslims to Christianity. Yeah. And he thought, you know, they must worship a little black house in the middle of the desert, they worship a man by the name hammer, they worship a rock. And then he came to the conclusion. And then he sent me the material, I gave him the Shahada, and they didn't know hamdulillah. He has a website that he is telling us from the Bible from a different he's telling us, the Christians should play should pray like Muslims, they should not pray like this, they should go kneel down and pray like we pray, he is proven from their document that Muslims and

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the Christians should and the Jews should make iRULU evolution like we do. So everything that we do is not new, is something that other prophets did, and other prophet were preaching. And he went a little further and fell on his face and prayed to himself, he prayed to God, this is, this is in the Bible. How we make evolution is in the Bible, worshipping, submitting your will, to the will of the Creator is in the Bible. It's all there. So tell us briefly, where is a for someone who wants to go deeper into this, because this was really short, just giving us some highlights. What's a good book that somebody can read to study more about his history and his legacy? Well, there there are a lot

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of books are we talking about something authentic, something authentic. I think in the book

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I have gotten to him the seal nectar see letter that would be the best book, The seal necklace, sealed nectar that is the best book that I will recommend anyone to read. Because it gives you all the you know, authentic material, and it gives you you know, tells you from A to Z and everything that you need. So that would be a good book, if you want to know about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam just some closing comments, advice for those who've had. Now we hope that many people had an open mind. You know, we're sincere, but some people you know what, they've been misguided by some people misrepresenting Islam, you have some false perceptions due to the media. What do you have to

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say to them? I would say to those people,

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do not rely on anything but yourself. After your Creator, the open mind, what do you need to read? Let me tell you a very short story I have we have enough time. I never told anyone before. When I came here, I really did not know much about Islam. And I went to Catholic school. And in the Catholic school, I was like, Why do I have to be a Muslim? I mean, I was born as a Muslim. But why do I have to be a Muslim? Can I not be a Judeo Christian or even atheist? So I went out and I said, let me explore all other religions that exist. So I read as much as I could, and I learned about them. But the one I at the end of the day, the only thing that really made sense was Islam because

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it was very

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basic, very simple. Now what we want for the people to do for the last minute is the open mind. Use your mind. Forget about everything that you learned about Islam. Forget about what other media said about Islam. Just go. If you will know about Islam, don't ask anyone but Muslims, don't go to non Muslims, or go to Muslim and they will tell you about Islam does not go hard. Thank you very much for being with us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for hosting. Thank you, brother. And I'd like to thank you for sitting in through another episode of the deen show. For coming to the source, this man was the last and final messenger to mankind no more messengers to come. He's a role model for

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you, for me for everybody. We stopped taking the celebrities as role models and take God's Messenger as a role model. We will be better off but it's up to you. The message is there. It's simple. It's unique worship god alone and not his creation. ponder over this. Think about it. And come back and visit us often every week here at the deen show calm th e d e and show calm all of our shows on the website. If you missed us on the cheap TV in Chicago, until next time, I set them all equal. Peace be unto you