Adnan Rajeh – Hajj -The Uniting Ritual – Followers of the Prophets

Adnan Rajeh
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hamdu Lillahi malham Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah in Medina who want to stay you know who want to study he want to still feel who want to stone Cyril, when I will be learning in Cerulean fusina Amin se Dr. Molina Mejia de la whom for whom la mejor glial Phelan Touch G de la hyung Walia Murshida why she had to Allah Allah, Allahu wa. Shetty kala Isla Hanwha hidden a hidden sama. Let me for Hebrew attend Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who one had where she had to another beginner wildly mana Mohan Medan Abdullah he will assume WASAPI you home in Colombia, he will hobby Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine wa

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Jalla Jalla Lu V Mohaka Nikita me in whatever you do will be in sila, lovey Bachata MOBA, like on Oahu, the lil al Amin be tomb by Dena tomb upon who EBO Hema woman the holler who can

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what Allah Allah nurse your head job at many step ha ha Hee sebelah woman Catherine Rafa in Allah Allah your nanny, LOL Amin Tada hola hola Aleem he's a supine without a suit early and rollin de the first house of worship that was placed for people was the one in Bucha

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which is the name of the small area of the Haram are you going to pray in Mecca is the name of the city.

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Within it, you will find not only the blessing of God, but his guidance for all humanity and within it, you will see clear signs amongst them are the footsteps of Ibrahim and those who enter it will find safety and security and you owe it to Allah and human beings owe it to Allah to perform the pilgrimage of Hajj for those who are capable. And those who refuse Allah subhanho wa Taala indeed is not in need of them.

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It's always interesting for me when I think about how

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today is Joomla and over the couple of

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10s of millions of massage around the world. Every hopefully

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Guess on a member will recite either the verse I did or or he'll start with Alhaji total Maluma at night. I can almost swear to you that outside of those two verses, no verses we recited up here. And that is what Allah subhanho wa Taala does for us. He unites us every once in a while he brings us together all with the same within a specific season he brings us all together. subhanho wa Taala makes us remember certain aspects of his faith, Alicia Lou, and today when it comes to Hydras there are many things to share with you. What I actually wanted to talk about today

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is the fact that hedge in the way that we understand it, I mean the act of pilgrimage towards and Masjid Al haram, that first house that was put for human beings. Is something that not only did Ibrahim Ali who said I'm doing something that only Mohamed Salah ha to you earlier so he will seldom did but all prophets have done he says I know what the I know what is but what nearly Ibrahim and McConnell Beatty to Shrek be che are hated by et al Paul if he in our in our book guys to do everything in Nancy Bill Hajia to curry Jalla wa Ala Coolio Borromini teen I mean Cooley fat gene I mean but but he's but what that means and when we showed Ibrahim the placement or the place for

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where the house is, and see but what that means that it was there before and we revealed to him where it was or where it is.

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And that is in keeping with diverse and so if I'm wrong the first house to be established was the one in Mecca. And but what an early Ibrahimi we revealed to Ibrahim where the house where the placement of the houses to that he may rebuild it again. So if you follow him around him will cover a diamond LBT will estimate your Ibrahim will cover and he went me he went and he reestablished the foundations of the house. The house was already there before

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and I'm going to quote you a few give you a few quotes here. Will my Hollywood join him by him a whole line how y'all hate me feel photography and these are two known scholars by No ma'am in the begin in wakad head GLBT there is no prophet of God except they have performed Hajj in his heart and his mythology and his sila Nerys to us from outwardness Jubail, where he says Mammon Nabhi and *, naka de hijo, who Allah Kiba will Aamir Khan El Hamra. Any all prophets have performed pilgrimage towards this house and no, I did this on the back of a camel. And when he came, there was nothing of it left aside, a small hill with red fanned, meaning it had gone and had disappeared. By

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the way, Joe, who could Luna begin houden Masada and he goes out on this long explanation of all Prophets performed and accept who's on site. The child's going to be angry at him. They got busy with the problems of their people and they died before they were able to perform this headship.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam if your site Muslim even Abbas tells us but did you know him and maybe you said Allah Allah He early was sent to me for him to Hajj with the prophet but couldn't be wired in PA and every time we came by a valley or came by a hill he would say I can't do it on my head anybody do you know what the name of this valley or the name of this hill now you saw it twisted I'm new all new everything around that area. He knew it pathway pathway it gets to a certain road road Valley Valley hill by hill into their names out of your Salatu was Salam that's the type of person in terms of his knowledge of the area he was born there all his ancestors were born there

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he knew that area. So every time you were going from HUD from Medina to Mecca every time they came by a specific a specific area he would ask them you know what the name of this area you were the name of the small valley and so I was no we have no idea but I had no idea. This is the Blue Valley and the Umbro era Musa Ali he said um well the spa who he was when a healer who drew out on Mala B and Allah He to Allah, I can see Musa alayhis salam he had long hair, he had his hand beside his ear as he performed telopea on his way to Hodgkin

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lymphoma. Rorona b b telogen. We came by a small hill for Culatta drone Hammerhead he tell that you know the name of the till. No we don't bite it. He told her to lift in overshot. He gave it a name as a certain name. colloca and the umbrella unis Hola. Hola, John hamre Allah Naka in LA who

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will be in the LA heeta Allah who will beat you can almost see Eunice Ali he said I'm sitting on the beat on the back of a camel he was wearing a red border and he was performing tilapia as he went to Allah subhanho wa taala. No, yo we have no idea.

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And Abbas also been our best selling color color Rasulullah sallallahu Aneesa masala tea MSgt leafy several own and Abuja anyanwu Isla Musa, your own will beta Allah Eden EB evolution. Within the message of life the message of life is one of the massage you didn't Minar if you go perform hygiene sha Allah is still there you can go see message life. It's in men and the Prophet

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Have you saw those times that 70 prophets at least prayed in this masjid? And I can see most out of you said I'm on, on a camel from a specific tribe. Those specific tribes that have camels, they look a certain way. He was on one of those camels and he tied it up with him beside this masjid and he prayed here as he was performing his hygiene.

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You'll remember walking dead, we certainly did Hassan and the Musa Shireen are the low annual kala kala Nabil Sol, Allah Allah you saw him he will sell them. Robin roja is a balloon and Vidya Kulu, whom your moon al beta it is Paco GA.

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Prophet, Allah, your source, I'm talking about a specific area just outside of Mecca. So upon this area, at least 70 prophets have come by, came by historically, all of them performing telethia as they performed pilgrimage to the bathe in it up to the message to haram.

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All of the prophets performed it because the first house

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because it was the first house put there, all of the knew of it. Those who are able to perform Hajj to it doing did and those who were not able did not.

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But that's what the story of this hedge of this pilgrimage actually means. It's a reminder, it's a reminder of our unity. It's a reminder how we all return to that same place Allah subhanho wa Taala within this season calls upon all of his servants come to me so we all come to him subhanho wa taala. To that first base first point

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at the beginning, this is where the first message was put. This is where your parents found themselves and figured out what their destiny was and turned it around for themselves. You go back to that point that spot every year and you remind yourself of who you are. And what Allah subhanaw taala has predestined you for and the story that you're a part of as a human being.

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This is the in my opinion, the main and central message of this beautiful uniting ritual and Hajj, the pilgrimage it's a part of our deen full Amman bIllahi min mountain Zilla Alina White Mountain Zilla Allah Ibrahim Ismail Isla is how about we are full but well so badly. Why am I Oh, Dr. Musa Issa, when maybe you and me of rugby him Llandovery Kobe in the main home when a Muslim woman and then again to Dr. Apolo and Billa he won't melt wounds, Isla de Lena will melt wounds de la isla Ibrahima, what is smart Isla what is how about where Oba well as badly when udia Musa isa llama OT and maybe you want me of rugby him that I knew very Kobe and I had a man whom, to whom was to the

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moon, to say that we believe in Allah. And we believe in that which was descended upon Ibrahim upon us and upon Ibrahim. And it's my eid and his son is Ha and Yaqoob and all the descendants of them

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was given to Musa Anta Issa and to all the other prophets of God whom we don't know. We do not distinguish between any of them. We don't differentiate between any of his little soul all of them came from him. All of them were revealed to by him, all of them were taught the same thing. We do not distinguish between them. And we submit ourselves to Him. Subhana wa Tada. That's your deen. That's what you believe in. If you don't believe in all those points, you can't be a Muslim. If you don't accept all of these people, then you don't you're not Muslim. All of them and hajus will be reminded of that, because they all perform this pilgrimage.

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When you have our team, either most emotional hygiene, mostly when I was leaving them and Nephi heat and sun Allah hula hoop on your Hoja beta hula to debate a lady had juggler MBL who Jamia unmilled pappelina kinda a woman by now who are buena Damali. He's Salam wa Jehan Wuhan. Well had the whole MBL Member ID he welcome up our ADA who Ibrahim webinar who is my email

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then all in Nursey hydrogen fee for Hijjah who nurse who Jamia Well, I'm here to Haluk Member ID Ibrahim Mahajan, Min whom were Hijjah who hobby Rasulullah he said Allah Allah Who early he was selling them for you.

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Well, hi there Hi, Joe Lahoma palisade cathedra. When are we able to win? cathedra well, he he to loosen shut. Like in a humble Murphy. He'd been Nisbett he Ed, who I heard that in Magna Laude you walk in on us, and then urged me on min Nestle. Adam Alayhis Salam Anana Jimmy Tobiah all MBA will Rosaleen Ari hemos Salatu was Salam. Hi there. Hi, Joe. You're a tuna either no hottie Lulu

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Illa sir, I will suffer.

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It will be dire. You know, it will

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be hawa he doesn't make any lady by now if he would have eaten will the island Nursey Mubarak and Wahoo de Lille al Amin with the Quran Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala and then OMA Hua Heda and then a home and then Oh Mattoon wa either

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either Amanda Yahoo Ernie Martin and located at Borough Hall in Sun Valley he moved on Cassie era Columbia, the Hubble it Allah he will aboon the Hubble Allah He moolah.

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bein alanine and Allah subhanahu wa Allah Jalla whom hurdle beat the JW chan Cassie you're like in sha Allah Allah whom her there will be it will be too low one elevator leather you will who to whom Jamia? Well you're a bill to whom Jamia?

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We've been on a circuit if etc here

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have been once

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have your own water heater but for hydrogen Takada Illa honey I'm idyllic Malika coolamon milak la Baker Cutler Bay to Lukla Baker in Alhamdulillah coolcolour. Cherie Kolak marhaba Abdul Allah and Telugu HIFU celuk Lola Qayyarah be helecloud Baker in Alhamdulillah kalamalka la sharika will lay ulama in hallquist Serbia to fill falak Allah machariel Moonstruck co Luna de noir Mala Coco lumen Allah subhanho wa Taala Fela Baker in Alhamdulillah, will mill color Shadi color Kia

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Ajil Baba, Emma luck worked on behavior in Ambala club Baker in Al Hamdulillah well multicolor Sherry collect Akula Holyhead our Sofia, Allah Holly welcome. First of all, we have a Camilla frozen mustafina Allah

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Hamdulillah he was, also Allahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah be a bad light early he or Sotheby were many who who will have what's the point of me saying all of this, I narrated you all these Hadith that points out that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam explained to the Sahaba that all of the prophets before him performed his Hajj, that this is something that is not specific to Ibrahim or to Muhammad Ali hemos salatu salam, as many but there was something that started with Adam Ali who said, I'm an every prophet who was capable perform this hedge and those who didn't know about it. Here's the first note that was putting was that was put on earth for people to worship in.

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And it's an aspect that unites us. What's the point of this, you are a follower of the all the prophets. Remember that you are not a follower of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam alone, you're a follower of all the prophets, all of them, without the exception of not even one of them. You walk in the footsteps that they walked in, you follow them in with a punch and what they believed in who they were. The authenticity and the originality of what you belong to is something that should provide you with a lot of confidence and comfort. It's not supposed to provide you with vanity or pride, God forbid, or arrogance, it should provide you with confidence. What you see happening

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around you is that

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you are not beating a nurse. You didn't make things up you didn't bring to the world a way of life that no one had seen before. That is weird. Oh, really? That is what you do. You don't eat this. You don't do that. The question is, oh, really you? Do? You act like that? You eat that up, behave that way. You you? You have these practices? Where do you get that from? None of the prophets of God ever did this. All of the messengers from our demonic instead, I'm not one of them did anything that you're talking of? You want me to feel weird? You want me to feel that I don't belong. I follow every prophet and you made all of this up, and suddenly I have to feel like I don't fit in anymore.

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Are you kidding me? If that's how they want you to feel fine, but for you to feel it, or a lady wearing hijab to feel like she doesn't belong? What are you talking about? You are following the footsteps of every pious lady that's ever lived.

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You are following the footsteps of every pious lady that ever walked earth? From Adam to Mohammed salah. All those who came after them.

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You will feel out of place. You will feel like you don't belong. It's weird that you put that on your head? No, it isn't. No, it is not.

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The opposite is the one that needs to be explained. You don't have to explain yourself. There's nothing for you to explain. You are following the messengers of God and what they taught

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you how you pray? That's something that needs to be no it doesn't. It does not. You don't you don't commit for Allah. Hush. You have to explain that why you don't commit for a show? Are you kidding me? We have to stand explain why it is that we don't commit for wash. My son has to walk around explaining why he does not have premarital *, or why he does not do something. I have to do that. Really?

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That's the thing. That's weird. That is the weird thing. Now, not performing fashion. Fornication is something that needs explanation. No, if you're that's how you live your life. Explain to me how that works. You tell me where do you get that from? None of the prophets taught that none of them lived like that.

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You have every reason to be confident in who you are and what you do. Because all of the messengers of God lived like that. And you walk in their footsteps and perform Hajj one day in your life. Remember that, that you are just walking where they want. You're performing the ritual that they performed, and you'll go back to the origin of this human race and you stand there and you pray

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He's God. And you follow the teachings of Allah, all of them, all of them, not just the Quran, all of them, we just don't have the rest of them authentically. That's all. We just don't have them. They got manipulated and changed. They're not the same thing anymore. So we can't we don't know what is the word of God and these books and what isn't. The only book we can authentically authenticate is that so we follow it. But everything he ever taught SubhanaHu wa Tada is a Shara is his teaching is his Deen. We don't need

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you don't need what else do you need? Nothing. You should need nothing else. There should be enough for you. It should be enough for our youth. It hurts me when I see them.

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self conscious and insecure about their Deen as if they don't fit or don't belong. And I laugh on the inside and I'm like, wait, what have we done? How How could that be? How could you be a follower of all the prophets that ever lived? The person who holds on to the teachings of all of the messengers feel like you don't belong on Earth? Or that you kind of you're separated? Or you stand out? Oh, you don't? You don't. And that's what Hydra mines you. That's the point. You don't others do. And we're not interested as Muslims to make people feel that they don't belong. We've never have. We never have been we never did.

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But for us to feel like we don't fit anymore because of our values. Because of the values that the prophets all taught.

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And it's bizarre. That is just bizarre, really is. I don't I don't even know how we got here. We all kind of just were born into this and we're standing around watching what happened. How could this be?

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Muslim next to us? The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, and it is where I think this hadith becomes Yanni usable or applicable. Or is it better Islam or even worse they are over even for Tuberville, horrible Islam began and not a lot of people followed it. And at some point, it'll go back to that. We're not all people will follow it. So it's okay, if you're a little bit out of place, it's okay. Okay, if you feel out of place, it's okay. Doesn't matter whether you fit into a lot of people or you feel that you're a smart part of a minority doesn't make a difference, as long as you follow what is correct. And they ask the middle. So what does that even mean? What is What about mean, was

00:22:17 --> 00:22:19

it mean to be out of place or to be?

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He said, Olivia, you're gonna either face hiddenness. When people lose their moral compass, they lose their moral compass and they lose their ethicality. They continue to work towards reform, they continue to remind people of what is what matters, what is correct, they hold on to it, and they continue to work towards achieving it again, regardless of what's going on. And that is what a Muslim is. That's what we're supposed to do. Use this time within these blessed 10 days of the hijab, to remind yourself of that, to remind yourself yourself of who you belong to. And to build that confidence inside of you, of who you are and what you stand for and what you're where your

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values stem from and in whose footsteps you continue to walk and who it is that you will follow. And that should grant you enough strength

00:23:10 --> 00:23:11

to grant you enough

00:23:13 --> 00:23:41

grit to continue to hold on to this till the end. That's where I think is that was my message for today. Hope that was a benefit to you. There isn't surely barbecue outside, please take time and it was raining. But please, if you enjoy it, and I need to encourage the young youth that are the youth that are kind of running this and helping please be mindful of the parking when you come in parts of this building. The parking places are specific for the pharmacy and the facility. We don't want to

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bother our neighbors and we want to make sure that we're parking if you're parking on the you're still parking on Gainsborough don't park on Gainsborough, it's causing a lot of problems. Either park one of the markets in front of us or go down a little bit to Where's as a parking lot and if you need to walk a bit, that's okay. You don't want to cause problems for those who are around us and Shala when it comes to the Jomar. Today inshallah there'll be a number of the Halacha will continue. Tonight. Normally we have eight is going to be on Wednesday and sha Allah Who to Allah is going to be at the Western

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University medium. It'll be at 10 o'clock. It could be it'll be 930 and we will not have an aid here. There's maybe two or three other aid prayers within masajid around the city. I would encourage everyone to go to the outdoor aid. That is the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah himself doesn't have to be taught. We go all together and we enjoy our Edenshaw love together. May Allah accept your your good deeds and Kuramoto while I'm waiting Aloha, I'm Alana Medina Aleem and for fall in Hola Hola, Mala Quetta who use Aluna Alain de Yeah, you heard Levine and also Lou Ali he recently moved to Salina Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar early Mohammed can also lead to Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim

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robotic Mohammed in wider early Maha Mohammed come out about Okta, Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Amina in Nikka hamidou Majeed, what are the Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah. The telephone Yubico Well, Rama

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Our man Oh God, what are the Allahu meines oh god he hurt me in one early he put me in a pot He then went on Sahaba to Hill Oriole Maha Jolene Juanita been in elementary Alcon BSN in Isla yo Medina, one of whom Johanna Tikka hammer rahimian Allahu Melvil feeling Mussolini you know what a Muslim as well meaning you know what me nuts Allaha in whom? Well I'm watch Allahumma featheredge whom I mean when I finished school but in Nakuru being watched by Emanuel mother mean whereby Voldemort and in love Hulu mean well, I mean Dima and our Dima and mostly mean Allahu Montessori for right and then the more obviously nothing MSG the level. So what are the WHO Elaine ABL but alanine or Diana aka

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Gemini Anna Shabaab and where she been Isla de Nicola done Jamila Allahu mellifera lil heard what even is double fellow Allah who heard what has opened your mouth as a HUD job at Cal haram allows you to look for the ABL but I mean with a hole

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in it you know, Allah in Allah and ideally when you eat, even quarterback, when one in fascia even carry well Delta you're able to come into the Kuru nothing a solar

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