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Shaykh Abdullah who before Islam used to have Gold Teeth in his mouth doing Hip Hop battles accepts Islam.


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The speakers discuss the history and impact of Islam, including its acceptance and use of hip hop as a means of religion. They also talk about past experiences with the "monster" system and how it affected their beliefs. The importance of learning about the creed and not wanting to be bullgered is emphasized, along with the use of Jesus as a framework for worship and the importance of showing pride of oneself. The speakers emphasize the need to address past comments about one's religion and offer resources for those who want to be a member of the Islam community.

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My journey to the Hellfire was detail out of hundreds of Muslims who attack me now get this only one took his time to talk and explain things to me and even apologize on behalf of the other Muslims. And for that I'm eternally grateful.

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Assalamu Aleikum greetings of peace Welcome to the deen show. I got our guests flying in all the way from Dallas Shaykh Abdullah How are you? Hi Milan good How you doing? How are you been? Blessed we met how long several years back? That was probably like in

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2010 probably Yeah. Houston. You keeping up keeping up I'll try man Mashallah. That'd be like getting

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Tell me. So now you accepted Islam 20 years ago? Correct. Roughly? Yeah, like 1997 19 Let's start with that. Why did you accept Islam? I mean, you know, primarily, I mean, as many of us have, we've had a past in the past we don't you know, it's been a trial and it's been a means for us to think about life. And you know, I used to be heavily into hip hop heavily into it. And there were some people who used to battle back in the days and you know, battle is basically we'd say poetry about one another and speak about one another. And sometimes it could get kind of sometimes depending on what kind of violin is made the you know, nowadays babblings kind of coming back in the picture no

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me back Oh yeah, definitely is no is no music but they're going at each other but it's violent talk and it's a lot of you know, it's a lot of bragging and talking about what they'll do to each other and what they've done etc kind of similar to the Jackie Lee of Islam, you know, yeah, I used to do that used to battle back and forth. Yeah, I used to do that it's kind of like what got m&m big right? Definitely like an eight mile and stuff like that. Mmm. And a lot of these would you call MCs, you know, masters of ceremony that was a that was a trait you have to be able to control hold your own. You were really good at that.

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You know, I was I kind of held my own Like I said, I you know, but that's kind of what I used to do. And the ones that I used to battle were Muslim. But when I knew Islam, all I knew was the Nation of Islam. Right. So when I would talk to them, it was based on that premise. Being that Okay, so, so your worship, y'all say that there's a God, you know, and his name is so and so. You're like, No, no, no, no, no, no, that's not Islam we represent we represent Sunni Islam. So let on to more more communication, even though they were kind of somewhat my enemies, especially when it came to the microphone. But other than that, who are your enemies? The ones that call me to Islam? Because when

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it when it when we go to the club, or when we you know, be in that, that, that element? It was like, okay, we're gonna battle each other. So one time we were in a gathering, and it was kind of a gathering that, you know, Mila you know, preserve us And forgive us, but

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they started talking about Islam again, and we were really into martial law, New Order order Illuminati, you know, the 2000, etc.

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So I asked him, okay, so what are you gonna do when the big brother plan, you know, the big brother plays like the microchip is gonna be injected to people. And

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so they said, it's all in the hands of a lot. And that's what sparked it, man. That's what really just said, okay, Allah. And so I started asking a lot of questions and what attracted me Eddie really was tawheed you know, the oneness of God, you know, the oneness of God and exemplifying that and showing that in your life and everything that you do, from saying, inshallah, to praying five times a day, to not drinking, to being nice to your mother, that's, you know, maybe very envious towards you and not nice toward you, because you're trying to come into being faithful to other than their religion. So that was very intriguing to me, man. And, you know, the more they talked about

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it, I remember they kept saying in Shaolin, Shaolin, I was like, what's this Joshua system? Today is that now that's inshallah, and just from them explaining, inshallah, I was like, Okay, this is something that's real. I mean, it's not superficial, it's something that's real, and I'm really feeling it. But as they were explaining it, to me, I was showing that it was okay from a like a, you know, like we call a cipher just vibing with one another, you know, just talking and kind of going in a metaphysical, but I wasn't showing that I was really, you know, this was really piercing my heart and it was being It was a, it was a problem for me. Because that would mean I'd have to accept

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what they're on. And we used to battle each other. So it's like, yo, you following them now? So

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I have one question. I remember that question was okay. And I thought this question was just going to end it was going to debt it and it was okay, What do y'all think about Jesus cuz my dad was a Christian. And they said, No, you can't be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus. And that caused that cause a problem for me, because I said, Okay, this is

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may be something that is true. But I said, How come I didn't know about this before? How could you know? I've known them for a while. I never knew about this Islam thing. All I knew was, you know, Malcolm X. That's all I knew. And it was primarily focused towards the African American demographic. And they said, No, it's for everyone. We're Sunni Muslims and Sunnah means falling, Mohammed. So I'm like, okay, sorry, Mohammed, like, No, no, Muhammad peace be upon him was a prophet comes in chronological order. In conclusion, it was the tawheed it was the oneness of God and showing gratitude, in every aspect of your life to the best of your ability is what attracted me. That's

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really attractive. Were you a practicing Christian, Christian, or just being you you were just like, you know, your parents are Christian, and you just kind of went to church on Sundays, or you weren't connected much at all to the Bible or church? or What was your status as far as where would you rate yourself as a Christian man, probably about a four or five, you know, I was, I wasn't a practicing Christian. I didn't have dreams and aspirations of becoming a deacon or, or anything like that. It was more of just, I was a mainstream. I said, I was Christian. I go to the church every now and then if I felt bad on Saturday night and go Sunday morning, if my mom really wanted me to go, you know, I

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would go but I wasn't someone that would read the Bible voluntarily on a weekly basis. Did you know the creed very well? Yes, I knew mainstream the creeper no say very, very well. But I understood the basics of it being that there was a trinity. And you know that there may be different sects of it, that there is some consider Jesus as God, and some don't consider him as you know, as God, he may be the Son of God. You know, I was well familiar with that. Yes. So you said that now what really caught your attention would really had you moving towards Islam was the towhee that's translated, we could translate it as pure monotheism. How would you How would you translate that pure monotheism? I

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said, Yeah, pure monotheism. It is good that you mentioned pure monotheism, because what we may consider another faces is monotheism, but in actuality, is directing all forms of worship, even when it comes to intercession, which is I think the demarcating factor, you know, between Islam and everything else is that, you know, it goes directly to God, to the Creator of the heavens and earth. What are some of our Christian brothers and sisters humanity? They say, okay, no, no, we believe in one God two, we just pray because, you know, the Bible tells us that no one comes to the Father except through me meaning Jesus, so we just say in Jesus name, right, but we still believe in one

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God? And that's a great question. Yeah, the thing is, no one comes to the Father except through me. But how is that manifested through me, right? We say the same thing, no one goes to a lot except through the son of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, peace and blessings be upon him, suddenly, meaning away his approvals and things that he did, whether it's obligatory or even recommended, but that is what we believe is the means to obtaining God's love and forgiveness is alone, which is in the Quran, you know, so we say yes to that, but how that's manifested, and how that's acted out, is definitely true. And that's where the problem or the difference may lie. So we

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believe in Jesus and no one got to a lot except through Jesus at that time, but it wasn't through worshiping Him. And when we say doing thing and things in Jesus's name, we have to be fair, you know, when we speak to a Christian, we have to be fair on how we question him or how we have our dialogue with him. So when we say, okay, Jesus, what do you mean by in Jesus's name, some of them may not even be able to articulate that. And to be fair, Muslims may not be able to articulate Bismillah In the name of Allah, and how that goes back to our creed, and how it's a statement of our creed and how that statement in and of itself is totally different than any other creed. So when

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Jesus is named, does it mean that in the name of Jesus you are indirectly interceding with his name and with what he's done in quote, unquote, believing that he sacrificed himself in the blood of Jesus? That's where it could be different for the Muslims and we say Muslims No, we don't believe that. But we say in that Jesus being a he's a prophet in and of itself, we believe that but in the name of something is seeking blessings and, and and actions of who you are saying in the name of so that's what we say in the name of Allah. So you're having these hip hop battles Islam is coming up. Yeah. And now you'd like to you know, the teachings of Islam that to submit your will only to God

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pure monotheism, what happens next?

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Yeah, man, I, you know, the first time that they met with me, I was like, I'm not gonna, you know, because one of them asked me, okay, are you? What do you think about I was like, that's cool. All right, you know, because I was there for another purpose. But I said, It's alright. You know, you're there to win the battle. Well, that wasn't a battle. It was something else. It was a meeting. Yeah. So was there any prize money for these battles? Were people getting paid? Yes, the status that you'd like grew up in ranks. It was primarily the status, it was primarily the status it was right next to a club. So when people have been lined up for the at the club, they would see that there is the

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latest, you know, music coming out the latest instrumentals and you know, we it was just a different vibe, because a lot of it from the east coast. Yes. Okay. So now you're there and you're there for whatever reason what happens next? Yeah. So I mean, you know, I you know, I went home and I started asking questions, I started asking my mom questions about God never forget when I asked her about God, you know, she got so happy.

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She called her friends over to the house and I didn't know what was going on. And he had no idea. So next thing he knows about four or five friends coming over, she called me the living room. She says, okay, gather hands, we got our hands together. And then they started praying. And I'm just like, I'm just a bad mom. I'm trying to do the best that I can. Right. And, you know, some of them started jumping, and jumping, jumping, jumping jacks, kind of like jumping jacks moving out the swing, because a lot of hands you know, Sam, so

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it started speaking a language like, you know, the language was they called tongues? tongues. Yeah, I've heard that. Yeah, yeah. So tongues is basically like the spirit, quote, unquote, comes into the roar, right comes into you. And you say, a language that's not understood. So that's what started happening. And I'm used to that, because I see my mom do it, you know, every she's waking up and doing her 200 version. Until this day, you know, it's like three in the morning. She's on the edge of the bed, hands clasp together, and she's doing the tongue. She started off the English. But when you get into it, it's like, euphoric, right? You're doing the tongue. So they were doing that. Some

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of them fell down, you know, they're sweating and things of that nature. And then after that, they all hugged me and said, congratulations, you are born again.

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So I knew were born again was, but to be fair, I didn't really I didn't know if I'm supposed to feel it right. Then. If I had to wait to go and get back, I didn't know what it was. So I just didn't fit and I was searching for that feeling. You know, I'm praying to God if this is the right way, but I just couldn't feel it. So I kept asking my mom questions. And what I did is I also went around to different mosques. And this is a test for me, I go on different mosque, and all I asked about was decreed because one thing that I'm thankful to Allah for, you know, is that I understood that religion was based on its creed, not the actions of men. Mm hmm. That's one thing I understood is a

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non Muslim. And I go, I went around the mosque. And the thing that really intrigued me was that all of them said the same thing when it came to the creed. They all said, Look, we worship a lot and no one else was written by himself. There's and they started making mentioning different aspects of worship, which I didn't even think was an aspect of worship, but it was a manifestation of worship in Islam. And that was deep to me also because it showed more greatness to God right? So with that, I just said you know what, this may be something that is true. And I remember when a man from Libya male apparently Allah preserve him and Mashallah, you know, when I went to ask about Islam, I had to

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just look and like I was, you know, in their life or whatever. And he, he said, he, I remember he said, Brother, you can be better than me, it doesn't matter. Black, white, yellow, green, it doesn't matter. It's all about your fear of Allah. And he pointed to his heart. And then he showed me how to make boomin. He went in the back and he showed me how to make you know, mind you, the Imam of the masjid is white, though bond, look very elderly. I'm coming. You know, I had gold teeth in my mouth. And I'm, you know, I'm over there.

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And he shows me how to make will do you're not Muslim. Yeah, I'm not Muslim. Yeah. And this is right around the area where we used to hang out, hang out or whatever. So, you know, he goes in, I'm thinking that this is the priest. He's the leader. Yeah. And he's showing me how to make will do and he makes will do. And he, you know, he's partially bald. And so his hair was all over the place after he was done making will do. And I'm like, man, he took the time out to come and show me this act in washing his feet and weapons. I said, Man, that's, that's humble. And I really humble mean, and I said, Man, that's really it's it made me feel that Islam is a real universal religion, and

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there's no hierarchy except with knowledge and fear of a lot and that's what he said when he said you could be better than in front of his congregation is that you could be better than me it doesn't matter. That's what really intrigued me and then from then I went to the mosque on my house and then I embraced Islam rose Mashallah amongst a whole bunch of geomatics I believe, brothers or brothers that, you know, called how long after this? We'll do incident. Man, this is about a week a week because within that week is like a giving you snapshots, man. And within that week, I went to what was called a Kappa beach party. Yeah. And that was you saying I was some guys you know, every now

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and then in

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the cowboy beach party is kind of like it's something that happens in Atlanta once in a while, but it's kind of like a fraternity.

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Cat movie. What is it? Yeah, yeah, I think it is. Yeah. But it's where you go to the beach, and you stay the night the beach for maybe one or two nights? Yeah. And you just, it's, it's kind of like obey your thirst. You know what I mean? So obey your thirst equals, obey your desire. Obey desires. Exactly, exactly, exactly. So, you know, when I went there, I was just said, you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna just look at how people are acting. And look and see is it just like, is this what life is really about? Like after this then what? So when I went there? No, the friends were like a man. We got to go here. We're about to go there. So I saw Nah, man, I just want to walk on the seawall,

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the sea walls in Galveston. Were like borders the sea. So I just walk in I just started thinking and then I looked around, I saw people have dressed. I saw people trying to get their Mac on, you know, guys trying to talk to girls and, you know, say come on up with us and people playing music and acting crazy. I'm like, is this really what life is about? Is this really what matters? Will this be beneficial for me and then from there

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As a man, I gotta make a choice. I really got to make a choice, man, because life is gonna end. How old are you at that time when I was 22? Very I was 20 years old. Yeah, I was 20. And then from the I said, Man, I gotta make I have to do something about this. This knowledge that I have, it was a tightness in my chest man, supine was just how long it was in the crime. It was a tight feeling that I had in my chest. That I said, I'm just gonna go and do it. So I went to the mosque in my house. And you had enough now you knew and you knew what you needed to know. I knew what Yes, yes. Because the the oneness of God was firm already had that I think the fifth row was Mashallah, it wasn't

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tampered that much, and Alon knows best, you know, but I said, No, I believe in a creator, no one can judge me. And he's the only one that I go to. I that's what I've always felt, you know, but you didn't feel that with, with what you had at home? I didn't feel that. Yeah, I didn't feel that with your mom and Christianity, right. I didn't feel that because I had a problem with going to someone that they believe died to ask him for God like characteristics, that was a problem for me. You know, it was it was just difficult for me to grasp and understand. So when I, you know, left that cowboy beach party, about a week after I said, you know, my to do this man, I went to the mosque in my

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house. And then I wanted to embrace Islam. And you know, by the permission of Allah was a lot of brothers there, and they embraced me in that kind of help to situation also. And from there, that was it was my goal. My goal primarily for me, you know, a lot of Congress and maybe social, educational, but me it was primarily education. Now that I understood that this was true, and I firmly believed it. I was like, man, I want to learn, I want to learn more about it. Yeah. You know, it's interesting, that it's just the creed is decreed that now you're not attacking Christianity, or Christians, or, usually, you'll see when people they go towards, you know, another way of life they

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choose in a free country, free choice, it's on them, you know, God will judge them at the end and the next slide, but you see them coming hard, you know, attacking, you know, being really belligerent and going out of their way, you know, to attack Islam, but you don't see them attack the creed. We're talking about the creed it just for us, you know, we don't want to worship Jesus, we want to worship who Jesus worship fair, right? leave it at that. And that's what you wanted to do. We're over here attacking Christianity. And you know, we're Christians, but we just saying just pure monotheism. Right. And that's that message, a good point you mentioned because, you know, separating

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the act from the from the person that does the act is very important. And it's an Islamic principle. You know, what I mean? I mean, you know, you know, last month on a missions in the Quran, well, that disability and he had to earn him and during the life, so bullhide, won't be lady and he says, and do not curse the people that call to other than Allah, for they will, they will speak against the law or curse a lot without knowledge. And that's a great principle that we learned, you know, upon a lot being that was called closing the doors. So the pathways said that that, are you closing the doors to pathways that can lead to something that's not beneficial to them, or even to Muslims. So

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when you curse that person, because they're Christian, or you say that they're animals, you say that they're in xe or pigs or things of that nature, what benefit is going to bring, and I think that's what this verse and many other verses, especially in this era, in the life of the prophet SAW Salem, it brings forth that light, you know, sheds light on that, that you have to be wise and understand we, the act in and of itself, from an Islamic principle is something that's not praised, but we don't curse people, and speak down upon them and be littling. Well, that is a really important point. And we let's touch upon that we'll get back to your story. Because recently, we got a, an

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email from someone who was reaching out. And he had made a comment on one of the videos that we had posted about a Russian Jewish lady who ended up accepting Islam. And he had said something about I'm happy for her as I am for the 1000s of millions of others finding solace in Islam. However, when I commented on the video, he's saying and to be honest, my comment was he sees a meeting of some somewhat provoking. But he says that he does that with all religions. He said, I said that out of nearly 3000 Gods out there being worshipped by today's world population, I hope that this one in particular is right for you. And then he says, that's all now what followed my comment was a mirage

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of negativity. That's the only way I can explain it. I was called all sorts of names, including animal there were verses quoted me my journey to the Hellfire was detail out of hundreds of Muslims who attacked me now get this, only one took his time to talk and explain things to me and even apologize on behalf of the other Muslims. And for that I'm eternally grateful. You just touched his heart. And I will never forget the guy now I've been following you for. So this is someone who's coming obviously, for some reason, he's been guided here, right? He's watching, observing. So he's talking about because of this, he unfollowed us on Facebook. And it just basically, it's a long

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email to summarize, in short, he was attacked, he was insulted someone stepped up, so out of like, 10 people who insulted him there was more but out of

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10 one came forward and you know, and did it the right way and explain things to him and try to reason we try to give him you know,

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you know, the real essence of Islam, etc, etc. But then he was very disheartened at how he was named called and ridiculed and whatnot. This is not the way Muslims should be acting out a lot of times, I even I want to give the benefit of all because I noticed a lot of trolls out there, I know there's people out there paid, you know, to attack and, you know, behind keyboards, because a true practicing Muslim doesn't use foul language like that, and anybody doesn't do opposite to what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you know, our example and things that are displeasing to the almighty to the Creator. This is not the way if you're trying to exemplify the best of manners and

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character, you're actually earning, you know, the the anger of a law, you're doing the opposite of that. That's not what you should be and you're, you're hindering, you know, the dollar, right? You're pushing people away, just like in this case. What are your thoughts on it?

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Oh, man, that's a lot. And there's a lot there. I mean, firstly, when I when I, when I hear that or see that, you know, Subhanallah it's about, you know, on for, you know, firstly, advice to the Muslims, we have to be aware and cognizant of the fact of when we do that, if we do that, if we feel that, you know, sometimes we have to ask ourselves, do we do that for self gratification, like to feel good about our Deen? Because when we think of the word is, and Mike and the Dean of might, being mighty in your religion doesn't necessitate belittling other religions, or let's say, belittling other practitioners of those religions, it doesn't necessitate that. It's for you to have

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integrity of who you are and pride of who you are. But not in the same token, it doesn't mean that you have to be little others. You have pride of who you are, you're, you're okay with being in your own skin that I'm a Muslim, I pray five times a day. I'm a Muslim, I wear hijab I wait to get married, I don't do these things. And I understand the reasoning behind that. When one understands why they do what they do, and how that reason of why they do what they do, is a manifestation of worship. The more that they learn, and this is a key word, the more that they learn about who their Lord is, this is what brings the Salaam the Sakina, the Waqar the peace, the tranquility, and the

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nonchalant, nice if you will being nonchalant and I'm a Muslim, and I'm totally okay with that. So when someone insults my religion, it's definitely built primarily off of ignorance. You know, we have to understand that people are still at render religion and the word ignorant is not a word that is I'm using to belittle people just you just don't know, ignorance is you just don't know. And it's okay. Not how many Muslims don't know a lot about their religion. Yeah, I mean, it started with myself, there's still so I'm always gonna be a learner, you know, that, that that's the key root of the problem is that people, many Muslims are ignorant about their Deen and they react emotionally?

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Exactly. Would you say that? Yeah, they they react emotion, you find us upon Allah, with a lot of the youth? Yeah, you know, I'm saying a lot of the youth, they have that zeal of being a Muslim. But do they understand what it means primarily from who Allah is and who he is not? And how that manifests in your life. And the best way to see the manifestation of that the best way to see how that's acted out, is in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah was one of them, the way he acted with Muslims, where he acted with non Muslims, you know, some of the reasons for these chapters being revealed, you know, so when learning about that, and then asking a lot to make us firm in

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their religion, we don't just go off haphazardly and speak badly to that person. That's the first thing we're looking at self gratification, then looking at, okay.

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Are we supposed to tell people about this way of life? If we all agree that we are supposed to do that? How is it beneficial by speaking badly to that person? And talking at that person? How are they going to come to the religion? How many times and you know, you've probably seen it yourself? I know, I've seen it myself.

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When it's like,

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you have a person that's speaking badly to you. Or even less, namely, saying religion, just a family member or something. And you remember that day that they were patient, we they could have went off on you, they could have done some and they have the right to let's just say, but they didn't you remember years later, man, that person could have been like this. I mean, that person could have been like that to me. But there was a reason why they weren't. So in this case, Muslims don't have that right. To go off on that person or to speak badly to the person to call them names, right. But what is the benefit? If you were to be patient with them? And to say, Look, they're probably saying

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that because they're probably going through their phases, and they're probably searching and this is the way that they are showing that they're searching? Yeah. Well, we usually recommend I mean, there's a there's an ayah that actually discusses this where I lost talking about repelling evil with what is better, right? So what we usually tell people is, you know,

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especially now, when people are commenting on these on these videos, let's say there's a harsh comment and then you can tell us what you suggest. We thank people first and foremost, exactly thank them for coming to visit our channel. We thank them for being inquisitive. And then we

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Say, unfortunately, you've been misinformed about some things, but we're here to help. We're here to help call us. Let's talk as excellent man. That's excellent. No, I mean, again, you know, one thing I tell a lot of people nowadays, like what you mentioned number one time, we had an outreach program at this Masjid. And, you know, we were leading it and Subhanallah you saw this girl walk in, she opened the door, just enough for it to fit in the door and close the door and stood there. You could tell this is your first time in a mosque, you feel very out of place, you know? And I knew this Masjid the brothers, you know, it was something very not wasn't normal for them. But there was one

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brother we do. We called the enforcer. He was a brother that security kids all knew him mess with him, you know? So he was just standard. Look, I spoke to her, I said, Go talk to her, you know, this is what we're here. It's open house. This is for them. You know, so he went over there, he started talking, it was very, it was very awkward for them. But this is very important for us as Muslims, when talking about outreach, we know that Tao is obligatory upon us, we know that implementing Islam to our acts is obligatory upon us, there will be those awkward situations, you have to just surpass that. So when I spoke to a window speaker, you know, the first thing I tell a lot of them is, you

00:26:05--> 00:26:43

know, I want to thank you, just like you mentioned, for having enough courage to come to a mosque, post 911 and ask about Islam amongst Muslims on our, on our grounds, right? That takes a lot of courage, especially for women, especially for women. So you have to you have to, like you said to make them feel comfortable and thank them for that because I know as Muslims as going to a church, firstly, we would have issues with that. So if we didn't have issue with that, it would be maybe a cultural relevance issue, to just say no, I don't want to go through that struggle. Yeah, so we'll just stay back in our bubble. We're almost out of time tell us you have actually you specialize in

00:26:43--> 00:27:19

helping not only your graduate from Medina University, you've been really involved into the dialogue, educating people you have a website now Yes, you it's particular for new Muslims. Tell us about this work and how people can go ahead and find more about it. Now how many lines 2010 I started an organization because every time I would call back come back from Medina Medina I would see people coming to Islam next time you see where he's yet where she at, you don't know where they're at. So I said it has to be something organized. And particularly from converts for converts, right? Or we say reverts what have you. That's that focuses on their social and educational

00:27:19--> 00:27:58

spiritual development. So that's called New UK n e w, letter U. and nu U is spelt like a website. That's the website new Right ww And it concentrates on knowledge of creator knowledge of self and knowledge of purpose. And this is what we call the process of progression, like the knowledge of creator, not just self, and knowledge of purpose, having knowledge of these three things. And being gradual with that and trying to the best of your ability is what will take you out of the realm of being a new Muslim or convert to a just Mashallah Muslim. That's what we all just aspire to, to be. So that's really what the organization concentrates on. And that's the

00:27:58--> 00:28:30

mission is to serve as a resource for the social, educational and spiritual development of new and renewed Muslims worldwide. So we say renewed is kind of like we're saying Christianity born again. I mean, you know, people that have, they were born Muslim, but they never they weren't really practicing Islam. They were born, they never really started praying until there was a lecture there was a friend, let's be honest, there was a boyfriend or girlfriend in college, and that person convert to Islam, it was a catalyst for them to come back to the deen. This is the demographic that we really concentrate on, you know what I'm saying? And, and having events, social and educational

00:28:30--> 00:29:08

events for them on a consistent basis for them to gradually grow in their religion as as a Muslim, would you say as a good civilian as a as a upright human being? Let's finish it off with you finally accepting Islam that moment, how was it What happened? You came in, leading up to the Shahada and and taking the Shahada. Man, it was it was really I always tell people, when I came into Islam, it was like, it was two things, the weight of confusion was off of my shoulders. And the smoke was clear. And that's why I said knowledge of purpose, knowledge itself and knowledge of creator because knowledge is what will increase you in your relationship to an individual, you know more about that

00:29:08--> 00:29:46

individual, increase your relationship with them or not like them. So the same case with inline method analyze much, much higher in an example, when you know more about a lot and increases your opportunity to getting closer to him because you know more about him, you know more about his greatness. So when I became Muslim, it was really around that I said, Man, now I know who I'm really worshiping and how to show that from dealing with my mother, dealing with my neighbor, dealing with a guy in a Walmart, you know, the convenience store, to dealing with my Muslim Brothers, you know, that may be racist, or they may not be racist, etc. So when I understood that everything revolves

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

around that, I said, Really, the smoke is clear. I know how to live my life, and that was knowledge of purpose. So just having that knowledge, made it very, very, very easy for me to have the formula of I live my life which is worshiping the law by himself.

00:30:00--> 00:30:32

Try my level best, and how you ended up taking Shahada and here we are now. Yeah, we never take a shot. I'm here with Eddie on the deen show, man. Yeah. So that's open now for anybody watching if they're at that, you know, crossroads. They like the pure monotheism, they want to live purpose. And now they're tuning in what direction? What advice do you give them right there? they've stayed up late they watching us or they're watching, you know, they got a hold of us and now they're they're there. They're almost there. No, definitely I missed the panel. I was telling them Ron, you know, that's upon a lot, you know, we on the website, you can order a free package, and we send it out to

00:30:32--> 00:31:03

you and it has some contents in there. And you know, they leave their numbers. So not a not a day or a week goes by talk to someone, you think that everybody would know about it, right? But you find somebody in a city that you've never heard of before. You know, there was a sister, she was a sophomore in high school, she embraced Islam, her and her friend, mash, it is two hours away, you know, and they're so thankful just to get a call, you know, so those are the ones that supposedly they really need help, they really need someone just to call them if you are someone that is converted to Islam, and you know, you may have that friend, firstly, try to find someone that can

00:31:03--> 00:31:37

serve as a friend for you someone that you can call and you can count on to ask these questions. And if not, you can contact us we'll do our best to contact you and answer any questions that you have. And if you're someone that's a renewed Muslim, you know, make sure that you're around that environment of people in a social educational development that can really help you and assist you in growing. And if you're someone that's a seasoned quote unquote, Muslim, you know, you're either have the time, the expertise or the sufficient elements to help these organizations. So just take it upon yourself to become what we call we have swimmers called convert coaches. We educate those that are

00:31:37--> 00:32:12

seasoned Muslims that know these elements of Islam to God and serve as a coach to these converts. But just really, in the beginning stages for that those who embrace Islam, stay strong, keep in contact with someone preferably that's a Muslim that that has education and keep in contact with him and put your hands up to Allah. Is there a reason that you came into Islam was your heart accepted something and that feeling that you had, try to get back to that feeling? And the way that you can get back to that feeling primarily, is, you know, prostrating and putting hands into a lawn to ask him because he's the ultimate one that can guide amazing beautiful Thank you so much. I pleasure

00:32:12--> 00:32:15

talking with you, inshallah. We'll have it back soon, sometime, is that

00:32:16--> 00:32:18

Allah bless you, Mama, YouTube.