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There are so many established Scientific facts in the Quran which are considered Miracles because there is no way anyone could have known the kind of facts mentioned in the Quran over 1,400 years ago but there are also some people who try and interpret things in the Quran to link it with Science or being a Miracle which really isn’t there and they end up going too far.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace get Guess what? It's been in the making. It's been a long time but we got him he's on the run. I'm on the run but hamdulillah I finally got up guess who it is?

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Shake your mouth but do we sound like him share?

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Shake? How have you been? I know, how long has it been? Now we've been talking about, I call you we talk we see at the conventions. How long has that been? Now Time flies several years, several years. Shake. Today you gave an very important talk on science in the Quran. Now, there's been some questions being asked how far because some people have actually tried to prove some things with the Quran and then they ended up doing more harm with that. Right. So my first question is, do you like kind of summarizing what you were saying today and your talk on how you can go ahead and manage this without going too far? I think we need to look at that in accordance minded way, and justly balanced

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wasafi way.

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There are those of course, who argue that you should not refer to the Quran in the context of science. Number one, because the Quran is a book of guidance in the first place with a book of science. I agree Of course it is. Secondly, they say science changes. And people would be happy that though this science became consistent with the boron and hamdulillah and then they come some new scientific discoveries that profit was false. So they say why MC

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create a situation where some Sims right starts getting shaky in their beliefs.

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But on the other hand, we find that the Quran itself does refer to

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contemplation or discoveries in in the future, century 18 FFR code, the first one that was coated coated, atlases will show them our science in the horizons and in themselves that mean we have to look into scientific explanation of the universe, and ourselves as human beings. That's number one. Number two, that the brothers who oppose that are right, if they mean by science, scientific theory. And there is a big difference between scientific theory and fact. The scientific theory begins with some prepositions. It may have many elements of truth, scientifically provable ones, but not completely, just like the theory of evolution. It's called theory and attack. Because there are

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debates and even among those who believe in evolution, there are differing views on that matter. So if indeed, that's what the mean, yes, theories change. But if we focus on facts, facts, scientific fact, is something that has been verified empirically, you can duplicate it, and verify it over and over again, an example of some of the basic physiological functions of the body and you know, there are basics there, that will not change. And if there is any new discovery, it will not negate, for example, how the heart works and pump the blood and so on. But it would add more depth or more detailed information on another example of a fact. That was not until recently, really,

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definitively, factual, is the spherical shape of the earth. Now,

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people from the

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moon and

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other satellites, were able to communicate,

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communicate to us directly the shape of the earth, and we have the pictures. So nobody can say that the earth is flat anymore. So if we limit it to that, but there is a third condition that I think we should keep in mind.

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I don't personally believe in saying science prove the validity of the Quran. For us as Muslims the Quran is the ultimate truth because it is the word of Allah, who have the infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom,

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infinite power in this universe, so we cannot compare his wisdom.

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Again, this standards of science as if science is that science has a very important role in Muslim

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Word of the brain contributes to human civilization, including many sciences for centuries and such as we have no problem with it. In fact, many discoveries might even increase our Eman in that sense, but our standard is the word of Allah. So I'd rather say, science, definitive science at hamdulillah seem to have came to a conclusion already after many centuries as the Quranic state of that 14 centuries ago. So I think there is a relationship, like I say, which is just balanced, not going to an extreme or rejecting science altogether, or taking science as the ultimate truth. Ultimate Truth is the word.

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Science has its own scope, we should use it for you. But when you talk about revelation from Allah, we have to put above anything else, even though science has not fully discovered.

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scientific theories is what anyone looks at the Quran, the message is believable. It's simple worship the Creator, not the creation talks about the here after talks about the purpose of life, like no other book in the world. Now when you come to these scientific prophecies in the Quran, now, when you come, can you give us an example of couple of those substantiated facts that there is no way that a man 1400 years ago, or a group of men, or the whole world together could have collaborated to know these facts that are mentioned in the Quran revealed then and we still have it preserved today? Can you give us an example of company a couple verses or whatnot, that you're just

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like blown away? Like, wow, actually, we can look at it from two perspectives

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in the universe. And also, our sense, refers to both of our physical and looking into our own physiology, and embryology, and so on.

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As far as universal things that nobody seem to argue about, is just the point that we're talking about, that the earth is spherical, and you're not in medieval times, that was regarded as the heresy on the part of sine,

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give you an example of a sort of 39 sort of summary. It says,

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Can I say it also an Arabic audience can relate. you cope with

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it? Will you cope with the Hara Island life, which translate more appropriately that Allah subhanaw taala? Koreans the night over the day, and coils the day, over the night? How does that go with a flat earth it's impossible, covered for COVID that means the earth is explicitly really described as spherical in nature, when the answers and take it that sort of 31 eulogy Laila from religion, Allah merges the day into the night and marriage the night or the day, if the earth were flat, and there is no match if the whole world is day, the whole world is night.

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These are examples of many, very clear as mentioned in the Quran, that is not in dispute. And I don't think that the prophet of Islam or the Arabs, and I'm not sure even if anybody else had any notion.

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In the seventh century, when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet, the other branch, I mentioned this Rafi unphysical, in our own creation, if you look at the science of embryology, and read,

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in the surah, 23, and known from toil,

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from verse 12, to 14, you find that amazing staging of the growth and development of the embryo using such a language that, in fact, could only be fully understood now, after the discovery of the electronic microscope, even genetics is alluded to, as well. Now, how can we explain of that give you already a group of the head, but in fact, beside this verses in the Quran is

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23. And we know if you research search the Quran about how the term was used, you find that it is even more miraculous. For example, the Quran describes the human is created from a very, very tiny amount of the liquid, which is through one sperm out of several millions, sometimes hundreds of millions would be enough to fertilize the oven. But then you look also further in the program. You find that that

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initial creation, the potential of a human being described that same word, not for

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Maha locked in oil that is differentiated and undifferentiated. So the that comes in there, let me just backtrack a little bit.

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not met, not heard that is mixed. Okay?

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The mixing is a reference to the fact that, indeed you need the contribution of male and female. Because they mix. That's what happens when the ovum is fertilized by

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the sperm. So that's an amazing thing. At the time, when we know that our 10th 17th century,

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there was a pre formation theories, as they call it was the dominant one that the baby exists in miniature form, one theory in the head of the sperm, and another, and the ovum of the female and both, of course, are wrong, because you need both of them. When the fertilization take place, when the chromosomes from both sides intermingle, see this, this is an image and then you go on about the halaqa, something that clings and it's very amazing, because that's what happened also that one stage, earlier stage, when the first the ovum is fertilized, it exactly clings to this lining of the uterus and then develop automatical like a root system, where the derives its its nutrients and get

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rid of the waste. This is just it like it blows the mind off. And that's why one of the great

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gurus in human anatomy, Dr. Keith Moore, was Professor well known worldwide, was a professor at the University of Toronto.

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His books have been translated in dozens of languages, really, in authority,

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when he was shown this is and

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he shows his utter amazement, that, to his knowledge, and especially, nothing like that was even close to be had to have been known in any scripture, any,

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even science and prior to the, of course, the best mission of Prophet Muhammad. So the examples are you and as you mentioned earlier about history, even the discovery of the body of the Pharaoh, nobody knew who had that is the Bible, which is the most authentic and common source

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of the light, we speak about the drowning of the Pharaoh and his hosts. And salvation of Musa Prophet Moses and his photo of the peace be upon him.

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But doesn't say where his body it was only in the late 19th, late 19th century, that the body of the Pharaoh was discovered in Egypt. And Dr. Maurice bouquet in his excellent book, the Bible, the Quran and science, make a very convincing argument that, in fact, all points, including the examination of the mummy of the Pharaoh, who is believed, and he gives a reason to have been the pharaoh at the time of Moses, the Federal of the flood,

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in fact,

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is that that was discovered. And then the

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14th century says, today, we save you in body, save you or Pharaoh, not only that you drown and die, but we save you embody so that you will be assigned for people coming after you. Yes, assign Yes, that the video was filmed already. So

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it is a sign of the miracle of the Quran and the fact that nobody knew about it. Nobody wrote about even the Israelites themselves,

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pay a lot of attention to their history. The examples are amazing and innumerable. These are some statutory facts, no doubt about it. And this is something where there's there's no room for disagreement. This is confirmed these points that you that you mentioned, except that the part of history to be honest, it's very, very likely that because if you read Maurice McKay, it would not be the same for example, to be honest, like the spherical shape of the earth, the development of the human embryo with precision

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in language, including like receiving an allusion to genetics, not for the color of music does not fall within the the chromosomes of the male and female. That's the leg in the sperm.

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It determines the destiny because the genetic characteristics of both mother and father are the

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And once that's determined, that's it even inclinations or

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inclination to get certain diseases. So that's all. And the Koran says destiny Katara determine its future development is just blows the mind. If we really were to be fair, and open minded rather than dismiss or Revelation, this or superstitions, or instead, it's open our eyes and examine this, how about the one word God Almighty? Allah is talking about the two C's is one sweet? And then can you take it from here? How about that? Is that also something that was impossible for anyone to know, there was no judge, which is Jacques Cousteau and the authors of the time and it can you elaborate on this? I haven't heard that Jacques Cousteau even discovered that being such an luminaria in

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oceanography. But the Quran again, in the seventh century speak the two bodies of water that meet two different bodies of water that meet but don't mix up as if there is a partition by unseen partition, dividing them. Now, it is a fact check any book that deals with this issues.

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Take North America, for example, the Gulf Stream, it's a current, warm water warmer than the water around it, that begins from the Gulf of Mexico, move across the shores of North America, moving east, coming down across the shores of the of Europe, before it dissipates totally. And amazingly again, what the scientists say is that even though it is water, it is water Inside Water. Yet, the characteristics for 1000s of miles, the characteristics of both types of water, maintain a temperature even ninten. And that's why causton cities in Europe and North America are relatively minor, because of its current that is even more for that sense. That's it. So that to my knowledge,

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is an undeniable fact, in the in the cape in South Africa.

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They also noted that the water coming from both oceans, Pacific and Atlantic meet at that point, just the tip of the cave, but they don't mix as if they're coming in turning the other way in Egypt. This is a well known phenomenon that is, since you mentioned freshwater, the river nine is freshwater, but it pours.

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And in the Mediterranean.

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One would say since the Mediterranean, the salt and the river Nile water is sweet that immediately both will mix and become semi solid. But that doesn't happen for quite a distance. The freshwater of the knives remain and keep it sweetness in spite of being surrounded by the salt until finally they mix up. This is bizarre phenomenon phenomenon. Some people from Pakistan called nuba similar, similar phenomena. This is I believe that this is probably a delivery of facts about what God Almighty Allah is talking about. I we sit down, I sent down the he talks about the iron, what about that one?

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From my reading about that, that everything is can be already extracted from the air that's formulated in the air and Aquarius elements, but only iron comes from a sky maybe sometimes in the form of you know,

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meteorites, meteorites are something that nature. So and when it comes to iron, it says what and then they say we just let you extract it says we sent down the iron is another interesting phenomena for

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people who specialize in metallurgy. Physics is just amazing. Give us give us one that you finished that point. Yeah, give us one that you recall that someone that maybe someone used, and now it's not substantiated, and it actually might cause more problems because it's maybe a not effect. Does anything come to your mind? Clear again? Is there anything that you can recall that someone tried to use as a scientific fact? Or maybe it goes against and they try to push an idea they try to push something from the Quran to say that this is a miracle, but it's not there anything that Yeah, yeah.

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Man Yeah, man. Listen

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Either hire on your

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It says that unless pantallas isn't

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anyone who does an atom's, wait,

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good, he will be shown we are giving the reward is anyone making an atom's with of evil will be shown.

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And then in another area, it says that

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or something less than ever.

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And they say, look, we're talking here about the splitting of the atom. Look at that couldn't even speak about nuclear fusion.

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One has to be objective, and not rush to conclusions.

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One has to find the language. And what does it mean in the language? If you mean by vadra, an atom in the sense that we know scientifically today, nobody could have made any sense of it at the time of the Prophet apparatus, but mysteries that people don't make it. It addresses them in language that they understand that language understood in the language or something like that refers to some speck of something something really close. So to say that this refers to the atomic energy or splitting the atom, I believe it's, it's really something which is

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perhaps it was fought off for Okay, we only got a few more minutes TELUS shake. from your experience, you got a lot of it of 100. In law, you've done a lot of debates, even back from the comedy dot era, you were there, right? Yes. So what now for those people who are out there sharing the message of peace and purpose, trying to humbly you know, communicate this beautiful message to the world. And now, you know, you've seen what works, we know that guidance is in the hands of God. But what have you seen is the most effective approach? You know, is it? Is it the debate approach hardline from the Bible? You know, proving someone else's religion is wrong? Is it this way, that

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way? What have you seen, what can you advise those who are out there delivering the right what what you've seen works much better? I have to preface that answer by saying that there is no doubt in the mind of any committed Muslim, based on the directives in the Quran and Hadith is to share this not to share Islam with others, without compulsion without pressure without bright shading. That was for those who are interested to listen, there is no question about the voluminous evidence of that in the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet SAW.

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But to say that is definitive, does not answer another question, what is the most effective means, under what circumstances and that is the very serious issue that seemed to be missed?

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First of all, it is like this,

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where we find that many of the Christians of today, and I'm not generalizing one way or the other, but a lot of Christians today have been opening up to good relationship with their fellow Muslims who are their fellow citizens and neighbors, colleagues at work, many of them supportive,

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just cause causes.

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protested against and against the invasion of excuses such as weapons of mass destruction. That was in Britain, I was told about 2 million people came the overwhelming majority, were not Muslims. People were Christian, some Jews, some by having other Muslim communities with this kind of type of relationship. I think what is more important here is not to debate. In fact, I have to confess I, throughout my interaction with the Christian community, Jewish, and sometimes multifarious discussions.

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My approach has been very largely via look not to be a particular issue, and both sides present their views respectfully and then discuss, but there were a couple of occasions where you get someone who was

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attacking, I don't want to name things that doesn't listen. And, you know, it's not an objective type of discussion where sometimes I use

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a stronger but still polite argument to clarify the issues. But even that, I don't feel comfortable being in that situation, but this was something that situation imposed on me. So even if we have to

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give and take

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victory in the fight, you know, it shouldn't really be a debate with the psychology of who's the winner, who's the loser? Everybody's a loser unless we listen to one. And secondly, that even if we get to that dialogue, why should we over focus on the areas of difference, rather than harnessing and capitalizing on areas of similarity? For example, if we still keep dwelling about Trinity, for example, and we know that a lot of our fellow Christians do not even believe in it. And some believe in it in so many different ways. So I mean, it's like a dead horse. And instead of looking focus on, on differences, why not? Look at the notion of the basic unity of Allah subhanaw taala? Yes, we

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don't understand it in the light of Trinity, but we both are monotheistic, we will be into oneness. More importantly,

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what that that believe in God, love of God should teach us to relate to one another as human beings as fellow citizens. And we have always

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are, most often I should say,

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we have forgotten so many important similarities, because we don't understand one another. The more I learn, for example,

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divided for the sake of discussion, to understand the point of view of others. The more I discovered, similar to Islam, that I never thought of. And many of my colleagues, my fellow Christians were engaged in discussion, quiet discussion, legacy data, you visit this subpattern. So the Discover also, that the idea that Islam and Christianity are the twins, that will shall never meet is, is is not quite true. I think this is what we need to focus on. We discuss common issues of concern like family, like violence on any level, like social justice, like spirituality, like the overwhelming pressure of secularism, that becomes sometimes a religion in itself, imposed on some

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issues of environment. These are all issues that I think we can eat, and discuss, motivate, discuss, and find some beautiful common ground. We are about out of time. I gotta get one more question in shake. Have you heard of this show? The Wheel of Fortune. Remember, the Wheel of Fortune was a game show way back?

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There was a gentleman by the name of Chuck Woolery, and you heard a chunk. He's also he was a game show host. He's pretty well known. He tweeted something. And I want to know, how would you if we can get this message to him? If this gets to him? How would you respond to this? This was his tweet. I was very shocked. That's one thing when you hear you know, Islamophobia is a big machine it's like 200 plus million dollar annually people are spending to, you know, debase Islam and, and many of the misinformation lies and I think our brother in humanity got caught up into this. He says, and I want to know, how would you respond to this? In short, he says, if you don't know and I say Chuck

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Woolery. If you don't know Islam is evil, then you don't know history. And you refuse to reason. I'm not saying that every Muslim is evil, difference different? How would you respond to him if you had a chance to sit with them to talk with him? Or maybe we can get this message to him? What would you say to him? The basic message to him and two other friends as as well. Don't mix Islam as an authentic teaching, with actions of some Muslims Tell me of one single word religion were throughout history. They never committed as individually or collectively, some of the worst kinds of atrocities. If I were to understand Christianity, for example, and the novel teaching of Christ,

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peace be upon him, and the light of the crusades, or the Inquisition, or Vietnam War, or world wars, and I will get totally or apartheid in South Africa in the name of realism. I'd say they'll be mistaken, because you're taking

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bad examples even not even that habit, that examples of people who deviated from those noble teaching, and call that Christian acts, the same thing applied to Judaism. Some of the Jews and their treatment Israelis in particular, not just as a religion, Israelis of Zionist, not particularly treating the poorest city and taking the land away and building

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settlements on it. Buddhism beautiful religion teaches at some point

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Yet, look at how some Buddhist and men Mark are burning Muslims and their villages and killing them right and left. I shouldn't say that Buddha taught them to do this Hinduism and riots and burning a life of Muslim also during some of those faiths. And some religious leaders even incite and approve of that, like those who incited the Crusades and all of the other brutalities. So don't mix the teaching with some of the people and avoid also selectivity. If you look at the Muslim history, 14 centuries,

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it was only minor issues that tend to fighting, in fact, but it was a civilization that contributed immensely, and actually prompted the European Renaissance. It's a culture art architecture says, Don't try to reduce everything only to the negative parts to which we admit Yes, Muslim like any others, committed wrongs is the question. The difference sometimes is only a degree. So be fair. And if you point the finger toward others, you know that many other fingers are pointing to you if you're fair and honorable in terms of making comparison, so let's not get into this polemics around Do you understand that Islam that you call evil? Did you understand it from its authentic sources

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not through polemical writings or Islamophobic? material? Id very glad to meet with you. And sit down quietly and peacefully and respectfully. And explain to you Islam giving from its original, authentic sources, and tell me what is wrong, and they lie and try to, after that

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help you.

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I seriously, beautiful, beautiful, we pray that this message gets to you and all of humanity. We're here at the deen show, trying to clear up those misconceptions trying to deliver this truth to you. And if you have any other questions, call us. Take the higher route name calling. It doesn't it didn't it didn't solve any problems, but making the human connection talking like civilized human beings. That's how we can develop a better understanding. Call us at one 866 to Islam if you have any questions, and we hope to see you here every week at the D show. Subscribe if you haven't already. Until next time, peace be with you.