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So this is a false statement so we got to call it out should Prophet Mohamed who was a slave trader should mosques be torn down garbage that's coming out of your mouth Assalamu alaykum greetings of peace now what brought us to be covering this topic was this I can't stand the veil you know and then you have here in the West you know, Mattel coming out with a veiled Barbie and Nike coming out with Nike coming out with

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a job with a switch and and then there was actually more someone sent me another clip of what seemed like some malicious jabs there some low blows should Prophet Mohammed who was a slave traders attacking the one who's beloved to close to 2 billion human beings living today. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, attacking him insulting him by our friend Patrick, bid. David should Prophet Mohamed who was a slave trader should must be torn down. See, are you listening to this? Yeah.

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Yeah, I just want to make sure that my girlfriend is listening to this garbage garbage that's coming out of your mouth. Now, there's a couple options here, either a, our friend is just extremely ignorant when it comes to this topic or be the person has a malicious is very disingenuous and has a malicious agenda. Does you see some of the low blows, the insults, the attacks that are coming in this way? That this is a real problem. This ideology is a real problem. Some politicians saying that, you know, Islam is a religion of peace perpetrating that narrative. By the way, you when you said the Muslim is a religion of peace, that politician you mentioned is a president. He's a two

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term president that you were mentioning, I believe you were there two presidents. There's George Bush, who said that there's Barack Obama who said that, and

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the whole press, the mainstream media, all of the mainstream media perpetrated the narrative

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for the past, you know, 20 years. what's what's up? Do you follow Bill Maher? Do you follow Bill Maher at all or no? Yes, it the one thing impressive about Bill Maher is when it came down to it, even though he's a very, very far left

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democrat himself, he was not on the same camp as the rest of them when it came down to the topic of Islam. But let's go with option number one, that our friend is just extremely ignorant. And look, this is said with no disrespect. That is a quote by a wise man who said it's easier to fool people, and harder to convince people that they've been fooled now that can be synonymous with, they've been tricked. They've been duped. They become victims of the hate propaganda, the hate machine, which is a business for many bashing Islam, writing books, negative books, about Islam, propaganda against Islam, and Muslims and Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. I mean, this has been going

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on since the beginning. So this is nothing new. So many people have become victims to this Hate Machine. But again, there's a famous quote, leaders are readers so our friend Patrick and David likes to read. So we'll give him some homework at the end, and inshallah God when he can grow from this experience. And I'm sharing this really out of the love, love for humanity, love for the people. And this is also a person who tries to spread that he tries to educate people. And he also shares many of the views that we share, because he caters to more of a conservative audience. And that's just amazing. We're actually more conservative than the conservative and more Christian we'd

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say, than the Christian and all you got to do is watch some of the D show and get to know Islam, to see that this fat fat This is fact not fiction now with the first part with this guest that he had, you know, attacking his job attacking Islam, I can't stand the veil, you know, and then you have here in the West, you know, Mattel coming out with a veiled Barbie and Nike coming out with Nike coming out with a head job with a switch and I'll cover that towards the end. But this part where he calls he has a direct attack on problem Muhammad insulted him attack him saying that he was softened Mohammed who was a slave traders, this is not something that is academically sound. This is not

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something that any historian somebody who studies the life of Prophet Mohammed academically, sincerely looks at it would walk away with it. So this is a false statement. So we got to call it out. And I'm just going to touch upon this, and then I'm going to share with him and the audience what some non Muslims had to say about Prophet Muhammad, those who really looked at his life genuinely, sincerely. So to make this statement, this false statement is attack. Not only is it insulting to 2 billion human beings in the world, this is insulting to the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one who sent the Prophet Muhammad, not as a slave trader. No, but he came his title

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was a Rahmatullahi alameen as a mercy to all of mankind. And to you my friend, Pat

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People know Muslims know when they share this that look Islam, which means look, let's qualify the term what is Islamic Islamic is to acquire peace by submitting your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth the same God that Jesus submitted to Moses, Abraham and Alaska fundamental Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon them all. So we know and now you will know also that Islam came to free the necks of the slave, let's put into context. What happened before the last and final messenger was sent on the scene, even during Jesus's time and in between was slavery a norm? Yes, it was a social norm. It was something that Islam didn't invent. This is what human beings invented.

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This is what human beings spread on the earth, the oppression of human beings upon another human beings. So this is something that was prevalent during and before the time of Prophet Muhammad. So you had people taking free human beings, kidnapping them, taking them making them into slaves, something abhorrence, something despicable, the greatest oppression, can you imagine someone who is born free, kidnapped, tortured, and made into slaves, kind of reminds you of the Atlantic trade slave that happened here in America, we're actually in actuality, you had 30 to 40% of those people who were free human beings who were made into slaves. They were actually Muslims. So they were

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actually Muslims who help actually build this country.

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If you study a little bit of the history, and you if you read more of these types of books, not just books on money, money, money, how to make money, I mean, and it just becomes all about that. But if you study this type of this history that's out there, you you'll get to know that

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many of the ancestors and again,

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Muslims are already here to greet your ancestors.

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In fact, the students were celebrating Ramadan and Muslim holidays, way before our Christian friends were celebrating Christmas with a Christmas tree. Now back to the, to the to the matter at hand. So Islam came to deal with the root of the matter, the racism that was at the hearts of the people. So Islam came to open the doors and close the door, open the doors of freeing the necks of the slaves, look, look, this ayah this verse from the Quran, where God Almighty is saying, and what will help you on the steep path, it is the freeing of someone's neck, this the freeing of the slaves of the slaves Look at that. So slavery was something that was of the norm. And then here comes Prophet

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Muhammad, peace and blessings upon them, encouraging because this is divinely sent to freeze to start, it became one of the greatest acts of worship. So when you put things in context, you see that there was wars, there was winners and losers of these wars, and what are you going to do with the people, the losers of these wars? What are you going to do with them? What are you going to do Islam had a solution for all of that Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them and his strong actions, which advocated the freeing of the slaves, integrating them into the society, making them more powerful, educating them to became governors,

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they became leaders of communities. I mean, this is like unheard of. and Islam did all this. It became again one of the greatest acts of worship, to free a slave closing those doors of making people slaves because there's an authentic statement by the last in front of Mr. senton mankind. Prophet Muhammad is quoting God Almighty, the creator in Arabic, Allah where he says, there are three people who will be enemies of mine on the Day of Judgment, God Almighty, a saint, and one of those is the one who takes a free man get this a man who sold a free man and consumed his price look, so it closed the door. That's one of the avenues No, no Islam closed that door, right. So it

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was a natural progression to go ahead and eradicate it altogether. And then if a person did have, because you have to qualify the term also, what we can what the term you hear today is slavery rights a slave, if you took that back, then some of it would qualify as an indentured servant. Also, you also had this going on at that time, you had people who now who were better off in a situation where they can live with someone, and they can offer their services. And now they were indebted. They were indentured servants. So you also had this class of people and one of the avenues of closing the door where it became so if you did have someone that was under your care in this avenue,

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you couldn't call it This is my slave because we truly The only real slave, the slave of the Creator, the slave of God, this is truly only who we should be slaves to. Right. And Islam came to free the human being from being a slave to creation, but to be a slave to the Creator of the heavens and earth. So if someone at that time did have a slave, you had to cold him the same. Can you imagine that? You had to feed him the same, right? He would pray with you and you would pray? I mean, it became it just wasn't good for business. Right? And then if you did a sin, right, you have to explain to him, let alone hitting a slave, let alone being a slave. This was unheard of look at a

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person who end up hitting a slave beating their slave, they'd end up end up having a freedom. I mean, you couldn't do that. It was it was a rule that you could not do and this was all part of the teachings of Islam. Next point. If

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Prophet Mohammed was a slave trade Prophet Mohammed who was a slave trade and then he was promoting this, then his companions, his family members, they would end up just compiling and compiling and compiling more and more and more in slaves and he would just continue on. But no, it was just a slow eradication process. Again, closing the doors of it, and open it open doors of freeing freeing the slaves. There's a famous story of Bilbao, he I found him and he was being tortured. Why? Because he was saying, I don't add God is one God is one like the pure monotheism. And then what happened woke up Sadiq, companion, Prophet Muhammad, because of the teachings of Islam, because of that what we

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said the freeing of a slave, he bought him and freed him. Look, this is just one example. And based on that, and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, what happened 1000s upon 1000s, his family members and companions and those who wanted to get near to God, they ended up freeing 1000s of 1000s of 1000s of 1000s of slaves, and the slaves end up becoming governors becoming leaders they become they became prestigious individual scholars, this is on this was unheard of. Now, just to contrast that with the Bible in Christianity, and again, this is not to disparage our Christian friends, or Patrick, because he's a he's a Christian, he always you see him wearing the cross. So this is not to

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disparage. But just to make a contrast, you see that Islam came to weaken the slavery, to weaken slavery, to go ahead and free the next set of slaves. But the Bible actually in Christianity confirmed it, it didn't come to eradicate it. I mean, this is a fact. I mean, this is something that what you could actually because you bring on guests, you bring on guest to debate communism and capitalism. This is if you're sincere, you want to know if you're like, Look, if I want to know a topic, and now I'm a talk show host, I'm going to bring someone on and we can say, we could talk about this right? In a nice, benign, peaceful manner. Let's get to the truth. And let's help educate

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ourselves and educate the people on this, but don't like throw like jabs and you know, low blows should Prophet Mohammed who was a slave trader, should mosques be torn down. That's not right. That's not befitting you, Patrick. So if we look at Christianity, just to make a contrast, it confirmed slavery as it had been affirmed beforehand by Judaism. There was no text in any of the Gospels that prohibited or denounce slavery at all. So it's really astonishing when you see certain neophytes in this area, who get out of their lane. Because if someone sincere, genuine, because there are a lot of Christians who are sincere and genuine, and other non Muslims who are out there,

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and we'll get to those in a minute, towards the end, but others who just had this malicious agenda, and I'm not putting that label on, on our friend here, Patrick, I'm thinking that okay, I'm giving him the benefit of doubt, he's just extremely ignorant this area, and hopefully, he can retract some of this. And he can go ahead and rethink his position, and actually invite a Muslim scholar on his show, and have a friendly dialogue on these type of topics. So we can go deeper and deeper, but all you have to do is put slavery in the Bible, and you'll see what comes up and what to stance on it. I mean, it's clear like from Paul's teachings, where he says, slaves are to obey their masters and to

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respect and to fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you obey Christ. So you got to be fair, you know, to make such a statement, you know, a gross insult attack on Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him should Prophet Mohammed who was a slave trader, so when we evaluate things historically, in context, when you look at the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them, and then also his companions, and you look at things in context. And you see how Islam truly came to free the necks of the slave. We went over there, how empowered educated, and it just gives you a different perspective coming to the the right sources, instead of going to the wrong ones. I

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gave you that example, you don't go to the KKK to learn about black history. You don't go to communists to learn about Gods you don't go to anti muslim Islam haters, people who have a malicious agenda to learn about Islam. So I'ma leave you some books to go ahead and read for our friend, Patrick, Ben, David. But before I do that, I want to share with you what, some non Muslim academics, thinkers historians have to say. I'll start off with Michael H. Hart, who was the author of the ranking of the most influential persons in history. So as a historian put in a very well known book, academic piece together. And what did he have to say? He said that my choice of Muhammad, peace and

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blessing be upon to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others. But he was the only man in history, who was surprisingly, who was surprisingly successful on both the religious and secular level. So that was one person, he's not a Muslim. And he put Mohammed number one, I mean, so it just motivates you to want to learn more about his life. Let's go on to the next person, Reverend buzzword Smith. He says he was Caesar and Pope and one, but he was the pope without the post, pretentions and Caesar without the legions of Caesar without a standing army without a bodyguard without a plan.

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Palace without a fixed revenue, if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by a right divine he was Mohammed for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports. Let me give you a couple more for from Patrick, and the like who's out there who become victims of the hate propaganda Hate Machine so they can learn and grow and be enlightened and learn, truly learn from the right sources. So you can go ahead and just expand all of us don't know everything. But if you go to the wrong sources, you're going to get the wrong information. There's a beautiful quote one said from a thinker, empty the old make room for the new as you can only make a good decision based

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on the info that you know. So God will and this information is going to help you to make a better judgment call next time you utter Islam or you have a Islam hater on your show. Or you're have these, this baggage that you carry from some bad experiences back in Iran or from from wherever you were and some of the history there. This doesn't represent Islam, because Islam is perfect human beings are imperfect. So let's go back to a couple more quotes from some non Muslims and what they had to say about Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him Thomas Carlyle, who's another academic, and other intellectual? Look at what he had to say the lies, which well meaning zeal has

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heaped around this man, Muhammad, are disgraceful to ourselves only you also have a strong woman's activist, a author of over 300 books, an academic and intellectual, a Annie beset, it is impossible for anyone who studies the life and character of this great prophet of Arabia, who knew how he taught and how he lived, to feel anything but great reverence for that mighty Prophet, one of the great messengers of the Supreme, and although in what I put to you, I shall say many things which may be familiar to many, yet I myself, feel whenever I reread them I new way, a new way of admiration, a new sense of reverence for the mighty Arabian teacher, why would this woman What does

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she have to gain? I mean, what if he was an oppressor of women? If he was like you said, he was offered Mohamed, who was a slave traders? Why do why are these people who look the difference between them as someone who's looking at his life objectively, sincerely, and then people who are again going to the Hate Machine looking for information, and then making the wrong judgment call Mahatma Gandhi, you know, he was very well known for his non violent protests, trying to get to where he needed to get to with nonviolent protest. So why would he say something like this, what I'm going to read at the end? Why, why if Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was like these people

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try to make him out to be Look, he said, I wanted to know the best of the life of the one who holds today an undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind. I became more than ever convinced that it was not he said it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self enhancement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for pledges, his intense devotion to the friends to his friends and followers, his integrity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and His own mission. These are not these and not he says, not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I close the

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second pay attention to this last part, this is very, very amazing. He says, When I close the second volume of Mohammed's biography, it behooves you Patrick Ben David to read

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the life of Prophet Muhammad, written by a Muslim look or even care Maurice strong was not a Muslim, this is this is a good biography. Go ahead and read, write, read, this is the first these are the first look words from the Quran that review ekra Look, read this, what the human being to know You must read. Look, readers are leaders. So now look, if you want to be a true leader, you should go ahead and help make bridges not destroy them. With this type of vile vile ness that came out from your mouth should Prophet Mohammed who was a slave trader, should mosques be torn down to make May God Almighty guide you. We want the best for you. We want God to guide you. And we'll end it with

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this one. Look at this is from George Bernard Shaw. Look, Patrick, look what he had to say. He must be called the savior of humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving his problems in a way that would bring it much needed peace and happiness. Not ended with that, Patrick, look, we're in need of much peace and happiness in the world as you know.

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But there's much strife, there's much division. And the fact of the matter is that Christians are not going anywhere.

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Jews are not going anywhere, Muslims are not going anywhere. So we need to work together to make this planet that we live on a better place. Now we can agree to disagree on things peacefully, and in a benign way. But if we're going to insult each other, if we're going to utter words of disrespect to each other, that's not going to help us to plant seeds of goodness, for us in our families, that's only going to fuel more fire emule few more hate, and that hate leads to violence.

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So you have to decide on what side you want to be on the side that helps truly promote peace and understanding. And that's through the right education. That's why I put this we put this video together for you, my friend, and the likes. Like I said, I pray some of your work. I even shared some of your work. I really still to this day, I think everybody should watch this debate with with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, that you had on your program, and you have another some other great guests. So for us to really connect to understand each other, we have to make the human connection, we got to sit and talk ask those questions, and come to us instead of talking about us. So talking about

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Islam, get to know Islam. And let me just leave you with some homework one, read a good translation of the Quran. The Quran is in its original Arabic, tamper, free tamper proof, we have it in its pristine form. But a good translation you have Sahih International or the clear coat you can go there. I mean, that's the beautiful thing. I mean, you promote reading, you promote reading, and you even have videos talking about how you can fit reading into your day, while exercising, right before you go to bed while running while taking a bath. So you encourage people to read, read, what is we're asking you to read some give you some books to read my friend, this is only going to

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enlighten you and better you and help you to grow from this situation. Now look the Quran that's number one. Read it. You've talked about reading over 1000 books. I mean, why not add one more, it's not going to hurt you look the life of Muhammad. So let me give you a few recommendations. You have a mercy to the universe. This book is a great book, it's publishers by Dar Al Islam. read this book. There's an not Muslim and non Muslim out there, Karen Armstrong. She's a non Muslim. So if you don't want to be the book by the Muslim, but I really encourage you to do that. Read Kim Armstrong's book, biography of Prophet Muhammad. Let me give you a couple more books, the eternal challenge for

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somebody who doesn't like to read about give them a pamphlet or something, but you love to read. So I'll give you a few more few extra and then try to have a Muslim minute show you debated the communists. Come let's have a dialogue, invite a Muslim I can help you and those who are out there who call themselves the conservative the conservative Christians, Muslims in them have a lot in common. And you'd be surprised if we sat together talk together, we broke bread together, you see that we can we can work together for many great causes. Right? Many gig great causes and when they learned our deep love and reverence for Jesus, we say peace be upon them has Blessed Mother. And

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they see all these other things. They see that Muslims antichrist far for from being the Antichrist, we have to believe in love Jesus Christ is one of the mightiest messengers ever sent to mankind. That he called people to worship the one and only created the heavens and earth and that's the one that we worship we say peace be upon him, Prophet Mohammed, all the messengers, because they again as I started with the all came with what will bring people peace and purpose that was directing people to worship, not creation, nothing on the earth, but the one above the heavens, the creator the heavens and earth, the one and only Creator God Almighty and every we just say a law and you

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speak Arabic. So you know, law is the one guy that's it, period. And to be morally upright, that's the simple message, my friend, and to promote justice and peace. So I hope you got to benefit from this. And you can see that it was out of the love that we put this together, helping to educate because education is key to remove as much as ignorance out there and you'll be part of that removing the ignorance. You can add this to your resume of good that a human being is trying to do otherwise, where they at if they're spreading hate, and this false propaganda lies where you at then in life, you just part of the problem that's not the solution. And for everybody else out there,

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continue to tune in here to the show, subscribe. If you haven't liked this video, share it far and wide and support us on our Patreon page. So we can continue this work. Thank you very much. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum. I can't stand the veil. I can't stand the veil. I can't stand the veil notice. These are Christian women in the church. This video is especially important to anyone who has

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ever looked down upon a Muslim woman wearing Hijab? Who has ever had this hate towards a Muslim woman because she wears hijab, I can't stand the veil. Some who have even stoop to such an evil low level plotting to bring harm to a Muslim woman in hijab, as we've seen a manifestation of that hate and violence in recent times, look at these women,

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and then go type in marry the mother of Jesus in Google search. Tell me what you see. You see her in hijab, that modest non revealing her body apparel.

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Now, if you were to ask a Christian, why are these women that you're watching? In this video, these Christian nuns? Why are these Christian nuns dressed this way in modesty? It's the same way a Muslim woman in his job? The answer would be because they are the best of our women who have dedicated their lives to God. And everyone can respect and admire that is something very noble, honorable and righteous. We can agree, right? But a Muslim woman who wears the job is basically doing the same exact thing, dedicating her life to the love and pleasure of God Almighty. So why the double standards? Why the hypocrisy. It's very embarrassing. I'm telling you, it's very embarrassing and

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hypocritical. When you see people hate filled media personalities, politicians, and Sally's preachers who make fun of bully attack innocent Muslim woman. I can't stand the veil. But it's exactly the same in their own book. His job is in the Bible. Look, it's right in front of you open your eyes.

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Most importantly, open your heart. The Bible says in like manner, like men also like women, adore themselves and modest about what is so modest

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about this.

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Open your hearts. You're watching the best of the Christian woman right here. In this video, wearing the same exact thing Muslim woman wear, this is the he job in front of you.

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I want you to remember this The next time you see a Muslim woman in his job who's following the example of Mary, the mother of Jesus, observing the highest level of modesty and morality, dedicating her life to the Almighty, to the Creator, Allah. You have to have nothing but tremendous respect to all the women who wear the hijab practicing modesty, this modest lifestyle inwardly and outwardly, with modest clothing that resembles marry the mother of Jesus and not imitating the Kardashians, Beyonce, Kitt Perry marry Miley Cyrus, and the rest of them with let it all out freak show, especially with all of the ignorant people out there. The hot weather, the societal pressure,

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the sexualization of women, making them feel not worthy enough, or making them feel ugly, if they don't copy the others who are walking half dressed or hack, half naked out there selling themselves and their souls, turning themselves into slaves of fashion desires and a corrupt industry, making them fake, much respect to the women who have hijab who respect themselves, and most of all, who love their Creator, more than any of these superficial fake things. May God Almighty made the creator Allah reward all of you, with Jenna and grant you the best in this life and the best in the Hereafter, and guide all of those who are sincerely seeking the creator's guidance. Thank you.

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Man, they come at church and think about Jesus and you look like a stripper.

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Bible says let the women that women adorn themselves in modest apparel on us

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modest, respectable presentable