When The Pious People Are Gone

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Farrakhan Dr. Muhammad Anwar, you also have your cinema Sleeman kathira. To my, my bad. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala not to make us among those who will stay the last in this world before the day of judgment. So I mean, you know why?

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Who wants to be among the last people to die in a day of judgment?

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I hope you don't raise your hand.

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Why is that something good? Why is that?

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Who are these people who are going to be the last to live and the last to die before the start to the day of judgment? The worst? The worst? The worst of the people should article as a professor some colder. Okay, then what happened to the good guys? Let's see what the professor says in this hadith. I did number 1828 And the other Saudi Hain colicky Dabolim authority Well, moolah, the book of miscellaneous, a hadith of significant values, one merciless La Mirada Allahu TerraNova con man Mudassar estimated your line one of the companions who were with the Prophet sallahu wa salam and bilateral one. That one is when the Prophet SAW last month for the umbra, and they they were banned

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from coming into Mecca. And then eventually they will negotiation between the Prophet saw some of the people of Makkah, to which the prophets awesome send is companion with man on the line to negotiate the terms with the people of Makkah. Rumors spread around that he was killed, and he was ambushed. He was killed and the Prophet SAW Selim immediately brought the Sahaba and they were obliged to fight for the blood of tomorrow, the Allah under that tree. And that's what it was called by Arturo one. The br the pledge that ALLAH SubhanA was pleased with the people who gave the Prophet pledge under that tree in that incident, so he was one of them. And Allah subhana wa Kharadi Allah,

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Allah is pleased with those who by you're going to conduct a show John will give you the pledge under that tree. She was one of those people Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with mela maker some of them are Bananaman. So he said God an abuse of Allah Salam, the Prophet says m says you have to help us Saudi Hoon L O will fell away. He said the pious people will depart one after the other. One after another. The good people will die one after the other.

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kava Tabqa, Salah, Tonka hotel, attache our tama and he said what remains after that. He said that the dregs of people like the sediment of barley or dates will remain. This is basically the husk

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of the brand you know the shell of the wheat and the shell of the date when it dries up. You know when you when you have a mashallah full nice beautiful box of dates, and you look on the surface is so beautiful, so juicy, so nice. And then sometimes you put it after Ramadan in your pantry for few weeks, months, probably not even years. And then one day you find that box oh my god SubhanAllah. When you pick the dates out of that box, what stays in there in that box underneath those shells.

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The skin of the day that has dried off completely, or the barn it stays there. What do you do with that box? Are you gonna go and pick those pieces? Of course now what are you gonna do with the box with those pieces all in there? Throw it away. Why? Because it has no value to as optional value to you. And the professor says in this hadith the same thing over here Carlota hotellet and carretera to share in our terminal layer by layer by layer Hula, hula Bella, he says, and at the end of the time, after these good people all gone, there will be those people that dregs with people like the settlement of barley or dates will remain, Allah will not raise them in value and esteem. And they

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will have absolutely no value to Allah subhanaw taala which is why Allah azza wa jal will cause the day of judgment to be established in their presence. They will be the people who will see the horrors of the Day of Judgment when it starts when established. Allah was further believers were going through this. So how this happens, the Prophet salallahu Salam says a site of ill will fell over the righteous ones will depart from this world, one after the other. We've heard so many Hadith from the Prophet saw some how it happens. So for example, the dilemma first will begin with the scholars and the relevant what happens with the Anima the Prophet says m says on the towards the end

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of the day, the end of time, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will cause knowledge to depart from this world how God is not going to remove knowledge altogether in advance. Rather he will take the Aloma

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he will take away one after the other one kilometer and when someone dies, no one comes to replace them.

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And as a result, who stays among the people as you hang ignorant ones

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in regard to the Quran, Allah subhana wa says about the Quran and is going to stay in the books in the hearts of the believers until the time comes. And then Allah does what he takes it out of their hearts and out of their memories. Those people when they would wake up and they just forget that they even memorize the Quran. Why?

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I'm in preparation for the departure from this world. So during that time Allah subhanho wa Taala as a province, as I mentioned will send a breeze, a breeze a nice beautiful breeze and when that the believers will breathe, cause them to die.

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They will die at once. And then eventually those who stay as a province as mentioned the Hadith Karla takamasa, where you call Allah Allah, they will be when the sides established, the hour is established, there will be nobody who would say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, because all of them are denied. And that's when the Hour will be established. So from this dilemma, they say it's panela that's a sign. As we come closer and closer and closer to the day of judgment and the hour of the day of judgment, what happens? The believers, righteousness and piety becomes a scarce commodity.

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Very special thing, very rare among the people.

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Very rare, which is the exact meaning of his interview Salah Salem when he says call, but Al Islam of urban was a holdover even came up with Islam started something strange. And towards the end of time, I'll come back again to be strange. And then he said for to Verba good news. And some of that they translate that to saying a tree in Jannah or Jana tuba the a valid place in Jana is for those who will be prepared for those who are horrible among the strangers.

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And the prophets, Allah says he was asked about the about that, who are they also Allah, the among them can Alladhina was the Hoonah Edessa suddenness those who are working on improving things, working on guiding others and trying to help people to improve the relationship with Allah when everyone else was going astray.

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Like they're running against the current, they're swimming against the current. Everybody's going downhill, and they're trying to climb up. Can you imagine the effort they put there, so they're very few people.

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And that is the horrible, that is the estrangement that Allamah and the solid green and the bad will find in the lab and Subhanallah as we see how the situation in the world on their own, even the Muslim countries in the heart of the Muslim man. Even those who were worshipping Allah would like to maintain a healthy life life of piety and righteousness has been harassed and attacked and being Subhanallah being any kind of targeted. Why for the, for the desire to keep a strong relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. And honestly, if this is not enough for us to see that we'll come into closer to that end, as you might I don't know what else is going to be for us.

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All the signs are very clear. Someone might say But wait a minute, we didn't even see at the time of SLA Salam and Maddie. Wasn't there be a time when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will make righteousness prevail and higher prevail. True, that is true. But then what's going to happen? People forget.

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They take things for granted. They get used to it. And we go back again to the same thing over and over again. If you read the history of the OMA, it goes into cycles. Sometimes you have a righteous governor, and then someone else comes after that. And there'll be a time of corruption and then Subhanallah, sometimes times of righteousness. And it's a cycle. So we don't know when that cycle is going to come to us. But I'd rather not to be there when this fit and starts happening in this world. Because I'm not sure on ones in which side I will end up there in terms of trust and faith and we ask Allah to protect us from all the terrible anime. So from this hadith, everybody should

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really make Be sure and keen to understand that the time of trial and fitna, you need to strive and struggle to be among the few

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that the professor was talking about over here.

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I look just because people are doing it. It doesn't mean it's right to do it.

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Just because it's becoming you know, popular among Muslims, and everybody just practicing this. It doesn't mean it's okay for us as Muslims you know to do that. Why not? I mean, it's alright. I mean, no, it's not. If it's not in accordance to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and other underclocked and demands of the practice of the early setup of Salah for him Allah Allah then we shouldn't be doing that no matter what it is, how good you think it is actually. So that's what estrangement of our deen is going to be in the time that we live in, moving forward, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us or beyond? I mean, we ask Allah as if to strengthen our

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Eman in our hearts. We ask Allah azza wa jal to put that light of guidance in our hearts in our lives. Dr. Bill alameen and we ask Allah subhana wa to make us among those who will be able to see the truth and those who will see the truth and follow it and and see that which is wrong and stay away from it. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep us united as one OMA one Jamal and community are Bananaman to fill our hearts with love and mercy for another. We ask Allah subhanaw To make us some of those who will do honorable model for Nana monka We ask Allah so Hunter is among the righteous on the time comes

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So this hadith are bound to happen. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us a Masada and to dunya and Phil, Akira, and the way we all gathered in this place, I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the opportunity and the ability to gather together in January for those who are in the highest rank of Jannah Allah so remoto carbery what the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Azza Masada Hayward handle a lot of Bill Alameen wa sallahu wa salam vara. kind of you know, Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah, any questions?

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Sure, sure.

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Very good point. What about the hundreds when the professor says if the Day of Judgment will be established, and you have in your hand as a sealer to the plant, just put in the ground, even if no one's going to benefit from it, just put in the ground, you get the reward for it. So how this is going to happen? When the science starts happening, then people probably see the breeze and people dying around the maybe that's the time and say, oh my god, it's happening. It's happening. If you have that in your hand, just put it there, hopefully will be something that you get to work for the shallow Tana Walla. But we ask Allah not to make us among those who witness that.

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I don't want to be in that time and it's so dangerous.

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So do you say that if someone lives shorter life, at least in this case, you know, they they die younger? Right? Well, they have a better chance to be in Jannah than those who live longer because they're gonna mess up more. Work with ALLAH SubhanA wa is about quality, not quantity. It doesn't really matter. Someone who might, you know, die in their 20s they might earn for DOS, Allah Allah versus someone who lives 100 Because they haven't done enough for those years, right? It may be the opposite. Someone lives maybe 20 years but didn't do enough really compared to someone lived longer life and had a better chance for them to do better. At the end of the day, Allah Subhana Allah knows

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what's in the heart, and he values their deeds based on that Allah

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so the question is when I met when the Prophet says that before the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa Bucha will erase that knowledge from the hearts of the people and the Quran? Why is that? So that when the day of judgment established that higher is no longer there, so the higher all is taken up? So destruction never happens over that higher or over the Quran. The Quran is no longer on earth, Allah spawn lifted it up, and then everything got destroyed. That's why how the Prophet says I mentioned that people will go to sleep like usual and they wake up and it's already done.

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Does divine intervention

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are they held accountable for forgetting that? No, no, they will not be held to account because Allah subhanho wa Taala made this before this, it takes them with that breeze. Now Allah

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Subhana Allah Mohammed Shara learned a sliver of extra money from the load