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Yo, yo boy should dog Philadelphia freeway, aka best soul, and we hold it down on the D show early. Make sure your tune. Sorry

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum Peace be with you. I met the hosts. And you know what you're watching you watching the deen show. And we come back. Jay Z from the Rockefeller records boy free way, and I'm not talking about the freeway you took to get to your home, I'm talking about freeway, the rapper. We want to know is he happy?

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He got to live what many called the American dream. You see him on TV, jumping and rapping and dancing, the rock stars, the rap stars, the actors and actresses? Is that all a facade? Do you still want to change that way? What do you do when you get there? Well, he got there. So we're going to know is that the right direction to go. And we come back, we're going to help you to find out. So then you can see if you want to continue going that way or you want to change your agenda, change your thinking, change the direction that you're going in life. And before we take a break, I just want to remind you that we have if you didn't already know now, you know, we have the deen show on

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DVD to dis in one case, professionally, beautifully package. So you can share the deen show with the world share this message of peace.

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With everyone you know, make sure that after the show, no excuses. It's only $5 $5 for two DVDs in one case. And it's it makes a perfect gift for you to give anybody. That's right. And if you get a box of 50, it goes down to $4. This is just to help cover the cost so we can print more. And so we can give

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more of them out to a lot of our non Muslim brothers in humanity that we want them to be our brothers in faith. That's right. And we want them to understand the most misunderstood way of life a little bit better. So do your part. No excuses. After the program, get your DVD. Today, we'll be right back with freeway from Rockefeller records.

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Is his messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe maybe it's just to break the ice.

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To say to me, why are you becoming Muslim? No, I give a very frivolous on should I say I want to be on the side of the angel.

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He's the number one rap artist in the world. He's sold over 60 million records worldwide, the millions the millions. He was a young guy where basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about he had everything you can imagine.

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And we're back here on the dean show and we have with us today from the Rockefeller records. Jay Z's homeboy freeways that right? Yes, sir. How you doing brother? I'm good. My shoulder. I Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you.

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Thank you for being with us here on the deen show. No problem. Tell us a little bit about yourself brother. And one of the artists from the Rockefeller workers, you know, the dynasty era and all that, you know, y'all might know me as freeway. You know, I had a very prosperous career in the music business. You know, I've been in Jay Z BCD the whole state property Rockefeller family for several years. And we put out a lot of hits. paid a lot of money. How long have you been with Mr. Jay Z?

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Since 2000, YouTube 2000 2000 now is one of the more famous rappers out there in the hip hop community. Definitely one of the top rappers in the game. Tell us how did you get involved in the hip hop industry?

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Since I was since I was younger, I always had a passion for the music so I was always trying to get on I was always trying to be a rapper. cinema Cinema libre out of Philly named miniseries also Muslim. Mashallah, and he got involved with Rockefeller workers and he put me on Now tell us brother was that the American dream that you wanted as a youth growing up to be a famous hip hop rapper. Definitely. American Dream is definitely like and society is like a top goal.

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For people to be famous and to be in the music business is definitely like one of the number one drains pray for a lot of children. Now have you also been on some of the other TV programs such as bt, MTV, milliarden, bt MTV, you name it, I've been there. But it looks like now you're starting to take a turn for the better for the better life, the life that brings peace and tranquility to the hearts. Tell us about this. Oh, actually, I've been other Muslim since I was about 15, or 16. So the whole process of me trying to be a musician and trying to be famous, I was Muslim the whole time, but I didn't have the correct power. You know, I didn't know that music is not lawful for Muslims, I

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guess, something that you shouldn't do, like me doing music, could do a lot of things it could take away from the remembrance of Allah for me. And also for people that's listening to my music while they're listening to my music. They could be studying and reading Quran, anything I could do the remembrance of Allah. Now Islam, which simply means peace, acquired by submitting your entire self to the will of the one true creator.

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It calls to everything pure, everything good.

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That original organic goodness.

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When you do Islam, you get that peace and happiness. Now the songs that you were writing, singing, is is something that would you feel bring someone towards that same way that Islam brings a person to the pure way.

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I'm also from the street. So I try to give people a positive and a negative. I guess that's just a part of my characteristic and the way that I was really. So I

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was not like telling people to shoot people and kill people sell drugs, I give you the positive and the negative, like I do, the things that I went through and things that I've seen. And I can give you the result, the result of that, and what could happen if you don't do it. And also, I was always trying to be fair with the people with my music. Now, brother for our youth out there, who have taken yourself and some of the other famous hip hop artists, rock artists, actors and actresses, as role models, what advice do you have for them?

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My advice to the people that's trying to pursue the music business out is I don't think you should do it. Like I wish it on my worst enemy because it takes away from the remembrance of Allah. And once you end it, in any contract, you do things that keep you bonded and everything. So once you want to you in it, that's deep. Tell us why wouldn't you wish that on your worst enemy? We'll be right back comes to you the truth and the attribute of the one who created you that he's one and alone, running this universe, that he doesn't become born, he doesn't die, he doesn't eat, then go to the bathroom. This is not God. problems here. Yeah, this doesn't make sense. Who is Jesus

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worshipping? This is recorded in the gospels. And despite all of the other issues about the Gospels, we put those aside, we'll just say it's mentioned there that Jesus worship God.

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You have to pray as if everything depends on

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you must work.

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see, I'm saying, and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to Islam? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now, when they're gonna come, they're gonna come along and bring these people lots of fun and put in our hands the ability to do it now do your job.

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This is struggle with me. Like I deal with it every day. You know, I'm Muslim, I pray five times a day.

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Or two times, you know, I face a car, I do the things that I'm supposed to do. But on the flip side, I'm stuck in the music business and I got to do a lot of negative things. I got to do a lot of shows a lot of traveling, like I got to be around a lot of craziness, you know, and it's a struggle for me. And I want what my worst enemy to go through my worst enemy to be Muslim because that's what's pure and so beautiful. I want everybody to be Muslim, because it's beautiful. Now, tell us learning more about Islam. Have you been able to

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view life differently? Do you know truly what the purpose of life is now? And are you more aware of this transitory life? So, you know, it's funny is a new day. You know, one of my reps I said it like, I had a song with me Jay Z and being seagull and I was like, purposely man, worship below then you die like that's how I started off

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First diversity but the purpose of life is to worship Allah and to make sure your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds so you can make it the agenda you don't make it to the agenda is have you mentioned something before when we spoke being nervous or flying talk to us about this for a second

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because I'll be nervous cuz like a whole the whole thing is to make sure you get these are we embed these and do good deeds but the music is bad deeds is like soldiers around is unlawful. So

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Iran is best but hopefully when my time comes when I do my goodies away my daddy's, but right now I don't know. So like a lot of things I do, I'd be nervous, like, I'm gonna fly. I mean, I don't have no control. So I'll be nervous. Like, you know, I make a lot of do on the air. And I'm saying and I just leaving a lot.

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Now, people from the outside looking in, they see the videos, they see the big screen, and they see the hip hop, rappers, the rock stars, the musicians. And in the videos, everyone's having a great time smiles on the face. And people from the outside are like, wow, this is the life I want to be living. Seems like they're all happy and chipper. Now, do you know something that we don't know? Being in that lifestyle? Can you talk to us about this? Yeah, that's just that's just a persona that we portray, you know, so like, like the Bravo man chalet Lucia yesterday, on the outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars, you see a lot of diamonds you see, you know, for men, and for

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the sake of men, you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is not, you know, paradise right here on Earth. But the reality of it is, you know, I couldn't purchase a piece like this, like three minutes and 40 seconds, out of the whole day that you see, we were supposed to make you think that everything is alright. But the reality is a lot of people in the music business might have a lot of money and everything, but they're not happy. We try to forge this character. That's, you know, saying like, suitable for the fan. The fan and my is this character. I look at Michael Jackson, you see all the things that he was going to do like, like just

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coming out now or the medicine and stuff that he was taking just to be calm and be roughly like this a lot of stress, people don't even know. Now have you had a chance to sit with some of the other famous rappers, Rockers, actresses?

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And have you had a chance to share this truth with them? A lot of people searching for peace, like, and they don't know where to find it, you know. So that's like my job. And some of the other brothers like the brother, I'm here. Like, that's one of the goals that we set. And that's what we're studying so much. And you're trying to build up enough knowledge that we can approach the people and let them know that Islam will bring you peace, like it's beautiful. I tell us about the people want to know, are you trying to get out of the music industry? And definitely like, this is definitely one of my goal. You know, I definitely want to go out the music industry and raise my

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family and be a strong Muslim. And it'd be a good example for a lot of people you know, so they have you locked in with a contract.

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Now, tell us what is snam? What does Islam encourage a human being to do? And what's this way of life?

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encourage a person to do.

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Islam encourages you to be peaceful, and it causes you to have good, like Muslims have good characteristics, like when you see a Muslim, you know that that's a Muslim, just by the way to take care of yourself to meet their mannerisms. Like, you know, share with people you know, that that dollar and 50 cent he can have it all day, you know, it's like it's just beautiful, like Muslims, that you could tell that they have good hearts, you know, and the music business

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brings arrogance, because you have a lot of fans You know, a lot of people who look up to and love your music So, of course that will put you on a high horse and have you thinking that you're that you're doing something and it's not you so low that it gives you anything Muslim or non Muslim like if you're rich, alligator to your own No matter if you're Muslim or not, you know, and is also like the woman fornication you know, a woman Tony Sophia at you all the time, everywhere you go soon as you leave out the house. And it's just crazy. So a lot of madness, when I first got famous and it was exciting, you know, if you come from the streets like me,

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saying, and a lot of little people really trying to build a

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lot of people training or attention and then all of a sudden you're getting a lot of attention from everywhere. You know

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Post is going to be exciting the first but

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tell us brother has it been a challenge? getting yourself together like you're starting to do and leaving off following your passions and desires as many others are definitely a challenge. It definitely was a challenge. Like it took several years for me to get myself together and get level headed and grounded. Now what advice for the men do you have? It's a big test. It's a big trial nowadays. And for those men who just can't stop chasing the women, one after another, following their lusts and desires, they can't settle down. And you know what? They're like a stray dog with cologne all over the place. What advice do you have for them?

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You know, that's this. That's one of the one of the natural things that men do to lay with the woman you know, that's why I'm going to be married. I think that definitely. So like, if you really, unless you know, like, that's half your day, you know, being married. That's half of your day. And so, it is that seriously, she'll let you know right? Now we know that the men like to chase and the woman like to flaunt? What advice do you have for the sisters, those who love the attention, but aren't paying attention to the boundaries of the Creator of the heavens and earth? So they end up taking the examples of some of the worst some of the actresses and actors and they end up listening

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more to the advice of britney spears and the J Lo's. What advice do you have? For those sisters? Definitely need to get yourself together and ferula because this will lead to the alpha. Have you had a chance to share Islam with Jay Z? Definitely. He had a few conversations about Islam. He not really like shallow, shallow, some more talks might be the pool of bourbon, you know, but a lot makes Muslims like, I'm gonna talk to my face a little bit. And we'll love doesn't want somebody to be Muslim and non Muslim.

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Now, what advice do you have for our sisters who we love, we love our sisters, and we want the best for them.

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So we want to give them some advice so they don't get played or played out. Today, they should realize the power that they have. And they need to get this off together and stay focused and find yourself a nice husband to raise a family.

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Now tell us do men really respect women who just throw themselves at some of the famous

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entertainers? We'll be right back end comes to you the truth and the attribute of the one who created you that he's won and alone, running this universe that he doesn't become born, he doesn't die He doesn't eat and go to the bathroom. This is not God. problems here. Yeah, this This doesn't make sense. Who is Jesus worship

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recorded in the Gospels and despite all of the other issues about the Gospels, we put those aside we just say it's mentioned there that Jesus worship God.

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I don't think no man will respect the woman that was just so they so Fadiman just flew with them. Just because they see him on TV like I did you have respect for a woman like that? Would you want somebody like that to be the mother of your children though? Now brother give us and our viewers some closing comments and advice to those people who epitomizes lifestyle, are trying to live this lifestyle or in this lifestyle.

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advice is this this to stay away from the music you know, the remembrance of the laws, the best thing, the best speeches the speech of Allah and nasware satellite there, you know, saying his music is nothing you know, and this is no good for you. You get no positive results from the best speech in the speech of Allah. Please define these Arabic words that you just use brother. Allah is God has nothing wherever your worship, no deity, nothing on this planet, nothing anywhere wherever your worship but Allah is the ultimate creator. He has no partners, and he doesn't we worship

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a lot.

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Thank you, brother for being with us on the deen show. May Allah the Creator of the heavens and earth rewards you as salaam alaikum Peace be with you, buddy.

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And that was our brother. And we want to make sincere I'm talking about sincere supplication. Da for him. He has done what many in that position. Find it very, very difficult to do even to ponder and think about the more serious

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questions in life. Why? Because they're distracted, too much fun and play too much money, too much bling bling.

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But he has taken the first step. And he acknowledged that what he's doing, the way he's headed is the wrong direction. And he's trying to get out. So we pray that the Creator of the heavens of the earth, Allah, the Almighty,

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makes it easy for him, and God willing, next time we see him, inshallah, he'll be totally out of this business. And we also hope that you gotten to really benefit from his advice, from his story, from people looking from the outside,

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we got to talk to someone in the inside. So if you also are chasing that American dream, or what you think is the American dream that I want to be famous, I want to reach for the stars, I want to be a star. Nah, that's the wrong way to go. He's telling you, and many others

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who are in that life, but they're just miserable. They don't have peace, they have money. But Money can't buy peace and happiness. The only way you can get true peace and happiness is to acquire it, by submitting yourself totally and humbly to the one who created you. He has sent the best examples throughout time. And these were the messengers. These were the men to be followed,

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they were the guides, they were the ones giving us the formula, how we can be successful in this life in the hereafter. And know that this life is short, it can end at any time.

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It's a test. So we want to pass. And we don't want to be distracted. Because all the entertainment out there, all the music and the movies and all these other things that

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really call a person

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in the wrong direction.

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So you want to go in the right direction, the direction that God Almighty wants you to go towards.

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And that's the way that you can be successful. And you can be in a reality. Because when you go and Turn up the music, and you fill your head, and you fill your life

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with all of this junk, was going to be produced junk.

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But when you fill your heart, your mind

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yourself with the remembrance of the one who created you. And that can only produce good, that can only produce good, and then there'll be a good outcome. And then when the Angel of Death comes to take your soul, you've been ready, you've been prepared.

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And you can pass the test and then you can

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be successful also in the next life in paradise. That's what we're all striving for, for paradise. So, if this is the first time that you've tuned down to the dean show, do what we always humbly asked you to do. Ask the one who created you, the one who gave you life him alone. Don't ask the stars. Don't ask the son. Don't ask a man or woman as the one who created man and woman, but he's not a man or woman.

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As the one who created the sun in the moon, ask him alone, to guide you to make things clear. That is the first step and then be courageous enough to follow the truth up with action.

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Come back here every week on the deen show. Don't forget now to get the deen show on DVD. Also, you can get our new audio shows the radio show at the deen show comm blog section, you can download it for your iTunes for your iPads, it's all free. The DVD is only $5. That's it only $5 if you get 50 it goes down to four. And if you get more, we can make it even less. So make sure that you guys are

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filling your cars and your TVs with good material and staying away from all this junk called a pollution. Breathing good air putting good things into your body and mind. Fill it worker and filler with the remembrance of the one who created you. And that is how you can live a good wholesome life. And we'll see you next time God willing, here on the D show until then peace be unto you. No speech is better than to do that was called the will to Allah and to do the word no speech is better. No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person on the log giving you the ability to guide someone so the last permission to create is permission that is better than everything in this

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But in the whole world and everything that's in it in another generation is better than the best of wealth. But if we really felt that that he would not be good I'll give an example. And this is something that we encourage all the MSA all the dowel organizations, the machines to get this we want to print more we give these to the non listeners for free for free for free Warner Brothers.

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EADS comb insulae everybody sleepy when I arrived and asked ask a lot of thinking me, oh la You see, oh la you know, all the scenes I do. A turn to you to begin cinema.

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runs away. Ola guide me