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Some people say, Well, God is almighty, he knows all he has power of all things, he could do anything. What does this mean? So they say that God can do anything. So why can he become a man? That's a common argument that put forth that. Why are you restricting the powers of God? Exactly. God can do anything, everything. So why are you restricting the power of Almighty God? And I tell them, for sake of argument, I agree with you, God can do anything and everything. And you say that God can become a human being. So if I agree with you, God can become a human being, then you have to realize once God becomes a human being, he ceases to be God.

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You say, God can become a human, no problem. But if God cannot say, there's a God, man, if you say there's a God, man, God who has become man and has the power of God, it doesn't make sense. Why? Because it by definition, God is immortal. human being is mortal. You can either have a motor person or a model person who can have a person who is immortal and mortal at the same time, it is meaningless doesn't make sense. Since Almighty God has no beginning. Human means have a beginning. You can have a person who has no beginning and has a beginning at the same time, it's meaningless. Almighty God has got no end, you will have an end. You can't have a person who has no end and has an

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intimate same time it's meaningless. It's like telling tall short men without tall men or short men. It is, it is it is.

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Absolutely. You cannot use a word like impulse shot. Yeah, without tall men, short men are a medium and you cannot fall short man you can affect in men. Similarly, you can't have a god man. Yes, for example. Almighty God does not require to eat, even music right to eat. Yes, we're on season three, and chapter six, verse 14, it is Allah who feed everyone but does not require to be fed. we human beings, we were asleep. Almighty God is not required. Essentially. Warren says in Surah Baqarah chapter two was to 255 in either kursi Allahu La La, la tacos in tanana, Luma, tomato masala, it's Allah, he's the one, the eternal, self sustaining, do slumber can see the knowledge required, when

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belongs everything that happens in the earth. So if I can afford the argument that God can do anything and everything, if I agree, then even God can tell a lie. But to tell a lie, then godly the moment God tells a lie, it needs to be got.

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Similarly, if you say that Almighty God became a human being, if I agree, fine, but he loses the power of God, if he loses the power of God, what is the use of worshiping that human being, like you and me? And then this is a human being became God, if a human being can become what more you and also can be God? And my next question is if God became human being who controls the world form within the tears? Yeah, if I agree with the Christian, God became who will be who controlled the world for those entities. So they keep on going in circles here and there. You don't like that happening that? And furthermore, if I agree with the argument of God can do anything everything.

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God can also do injustice.

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injustice is ungodly, unless it's in the Quran in surah, Chapter 440. Allah subhana wa Taala is never unjust in the least. The moment God does injustice, he seems to be God. If I agree with the argument, God can do anything and everything God can even forget to forget it and godly. Allah says in Surah Taha chapter 20, verse 52, that Allah never forgets the woman God forgets with us to be God. And that same argument, God can even make a mistake, or to make mistake if ungodly. Quran says in Surah chapter 20, or 52 as an animal makes a mistake, the moment God makes the mistakes is up to God. So nowhere does the Quran say that God can do anything and everything. What does the Quran say?

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In the law coalition caddied For verily, Allah has power over all things in Surah Baqarah chapter two was 106 instead of bacala chapter two was 109 instead of Basra chapter two was 284 in Surah, Lima chapter three verse 29. In certain healthcare particularly my family seven insert if I have to tell if I was number one in several pieces of Ramsay's in law coalition caddied For verily, Allah has power of all things. That is the reason Allah says in Surah boorish. Chapter 85 was 16 allies, the door of all intents, whatever you can do, but God will never intend doing ungodly thing like telling a lie, like making a mistake like being a human being. So what God intends he can do, but to

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say God can do anything and everything is illogical.