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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the media's portrayal of Dolph Sun spots and the lack of attention from the media. They also touch on the importance of life and how it can be used to test one's ability to live a good life. The speakers emphasize the need for a clear purpose and a strong desire to avoid suffering from the world, and encourage viewers to visit their website and subscribe to stay on the path of living a good life.
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My cold shoulder dove. Tough determine 1.1 Drop dolphin spin out of my own. I can't think of one person gave me $1 coin because it is bigger than life. No, I'm saying, but if you think I'm gonna go out like POC and Biggie, you must be stupid. No, I'm saying like this 2017

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Smilla hamdulillah Salam aleikum, greetings of peace. Now before we start talking about young Dolph, what happened? What do we know? And what can we take away from what happened to him? I want you guys to go ahead and subscribe right now hit that notification bell so you don't miss any of the videos that come out for you. So here's what we know from the latest news reports that a 36 year old famous rapper by the name of Robert Thornton Jr, known as young Dorf was reportedly gunned down in Memphis while going to get some cookies from a cookie shop back in 2016 17. He had a similar situation happened to him where he says he had 100 bullets come flying at him. Now he survived that incident

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and went out and bought a $300,000 Bulletproof SUV to make himself feel more safe. And to prevent something like that happen again, because he ended up in a hospital from one of those attempts on his life. Because he said in an interview now get this as a point of noting down, the more rich he got, the more he felt a threat on his life. He's also quoted as saying having much anxiety in his life, something that all the money and fame cannot get rid of. Now young dog goes into a cookie shop to get some cookies, and his life is taken away. You could even see some footage of what appears to be the gunman wearing masks. So when I used to listen to music, I knew the beef what they called it

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that happened between Tupac and Biggie. But I never heard of these names is the first time from the news of course that I'm hearing this name young Dolph. But I'm sure unfortunately that many of our youth and adults listen to this type of music and are familiar with this name, young dalf This type of music that promotes STDs, the physical type and the spiritual type. We don't have to get into the type of videos that are made that qualify as soft porn by many of these musicians, rappers in the music industry via be white, black, Asian, it doesn't matter to same stuff, the deep disrespect, objectification and modern day of enslavement of women. The glorification of materialism the neffs

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that we call it desires money cars, as it's called in the modern day vernacular bling bling. It's crazy. No Muslim or Christian God conscious person should be listening to or idolizing this lifestyle or people that promote it. Anyways, back to the story on what we can learn and what we can take away from it. One key thing is life. Life is precious, it can be taken away at any time. You know that around 7000 People die every day that's about 12 every 12 seconds someone's dying and leaving this life via B or X and heart attack stroke sudden death you name it, there's no shortage of ways people die. Even while going to the cookie shop to get some cookies. Def will reach you me

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and everybody now we see some of the common replies by his famous colleagues. Let's read some of these we have Russ damn rip young Dolph Tina snow I'm so sick RN I am in disbelief praying for his family and friends. Rest in peace to my friend and a true legend. Dolph Yuval QR en Damn this one hurt. Rip dalf offset says

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damn rip dalf prayer for your kids and family SMH Gucci Mane says rip my friend off this broke my heart and we have the LL Cool J rested power young brother I pray for your children and family are covered and lifted up by the Almighty. But is that the reality? Or is this just wishful thinking for us living today? Because we're going to have to meet that faith of departing this life. And now are we just going to die and rest in peace or in power like a cool J said? Or is something else bound to happen to us if we live a life of following our neffs our desires? Well let's look at what the Creator the heavens and the earth has to say in the verbatim Word of God Almighty. This is the Quran

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temper free tamper proof unchanged memorized by millions living today a miracle living miracle let's look at the Quran. Good lunacy

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we're in to a faux Naboo raccoon yo man.

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every soul will taste death, and you will be only given your full recompense on the Day of Resurrection and the day of judgment. So he was drawn away from the fire and admitted to the Paradise has attained true success, because the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion, so the crater is telling us God Almighty Allah, that every soul will taste death. Now our death The question is be a sweet one, or an evil one. The question is, did we prepare for it? Are we preparing for it, go to one more just one more Ayah verse from the Quran where God Almighty Allah is saying key who created Allah Who created death and life to test you, which of you is best indeed. And He is

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the Exalted in mind the forgiving, so we learn from this ayah this life is a test and the one who created life and death is the one who are going to have to return back to now let me give you this example I want you just to imagine you're in school University and you want to pass is a pass, or fail that you'll get at the end of the semester. Now you're skipping all your classes, you're failing all your exams at school, you're not showing up to class actually going out partying, worshipping your desires, and calling other people to do the same. But you might be given in some charity, you can go ahead and bring all those people who might testify on your behalf that you're an

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okay person, and you gave some charity along the way while doing all these things. Will that change the professor's great at the end? Will that help you pass the semester? The test? Would you get a failing mark or passing mark if you didn't even show up to class? So what's the takeaway for this for us that are living right now. And Hamdulillah we can take in the air, the oxygen, we can breathe, go ahead and do it right now.

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Alhamdulillah we're able to make things right right now, no matter what you've done in the past, because you have a loving, merciful, loving creator, we're able to make that change to live a good life, not according to our desires. But according to how our creator wants us to live by seeking our true purpose in life, getting to know what we been created for, and living that life according to his will not our desires. If you're someone who doesn't know where to start, you might be someone watching us right now smoking a Gajah of blonde or whatever they call it. Nowadays, you might be an actor, a rock star rapper, a stripper, a salesman, a businessman, it doesn't matter. But you have a

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deep void in your heart that you can't get rid of. And no self help book that you've read has helped you get rid of it. That deep void and pain in your heart, that emptiness, that empty feeling that void that can only be filled by the Creator of the heavens and earth and you like what we're talking about but that pure monotheism and living a morally upright life but you don't have no direction. And we'll give you some direction starts isn't saying or singing this statement La ilaha illa la Come on with me La Ilaha illa Allah there's nothing worthy of worship, except Allah accept the Creator of the heavens and earth does the same God that Jesus Moses, Abraham and last the final

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messenger sent to mankind called humanity called people to worship the one crater that was an earth and start asking for guidance. It'd be silly if you were lost, you lost your way and you saw someone with a map with a GPS not to ask them for direction you know you needed to be but now we need to know our purpose why we created everything around you had a purpose what about you, the human being you carrying the keys in your pocket have a purpose the iPhone has a purpose, you the one with those eyes, beautiful blue eyes, green eyes, whatever they are, you don't have a purpose. It doesn't make sense. But to ask the One who created us for a noble purpose to guide me guide me guide me. It

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starts with that that earnest desire to want to know the truth and asking the Creator who created us to guide us to the truth and then start doing your part. And you can even go ahead and visit our website the de to get a free copy of the Quran at the deen show calm, free copy of the Quran. And what else can we do? But pray that God Almighty guide you guides us and continues to guide all of us to the right path to stay on the right path because this life is a test and we want to pass the test so we can get to Jenna and avoid the Hellfire because when we're dead, it's too late. We can't come back to retake the test is finished and over. And that's how we can truly have

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success in this life. And definitely in the grave and in the hereafter. So let's pass this test together my brothers and sisters and this was done a love for you and for humanity. We'll see you next time here in a de show Peace be with you subscribe. If you haven't already in the beginning, subscribe right now. If you want to see any of our other videos, there's one right over here. And there's one I think right over here. And you can follow us here every week and in between some videos. So subscribe to get those latest videos sent to you. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum