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Do you want to know what

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everybody wants?

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Peace be with you. This is a greeting of all the messengers of God, including Jesus, Moses, Abraham in the last and final messenger problem. I'm at peace be upon them. Somehow you got to this show, the deen show is dedicated to clearing up the confusion. clearing up the fog there's a lot of junk in the trunk we got to move it out of the way there's a precious treasure there. There's a precious treasure and many people are distorting the truth the opponents of this truth and you hear a lot of Arabic terms that are thrown out D hot holy war like some cowboys coming to get you the boogeyman Sharia oh my god unwelcome the Muslim next door do I gotta run go, I gotta hide. What do I got to do

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here? I gotta get my shotgun and put on the white mass. Now I'm out trying to Lynch these people because they're trying to take away my freedom. No, no, silly. It's not about that. Muslims are those who are seeking peace with the creator within themselves and with the rest of humanity. And with my next guest, we're gonna give you some evidence as a proof to clear up this confusion. So you can rest assured that Islam is not what the

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others that you've heard out there in the media, it's not about that. And you might even want to accept this beautiful way of life that guarantees you success in this life. And definitely success and paradise in the next. Sit tight don't know, don't go nowhere. We'll be right back. This is the thing that

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this is the thing.

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This is the

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this is the

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he's been to you. He's been to you, brother, Josh Evans, how you doing? Good, very good at handling the operates the one true creator, how are you? Good good to LA Thank you won't find the people who are praising the creator more than those who call themselves Muslims. Good times. Bad times. We're always saying Thank God. Thank God. Absolutely. Tell us. Joshua Evans Evans, does that have anything to do with Bob Evans? I don't think so. Give us a good restaurant, though. You've heard of Bob, Great Tastes on the farm, that great taste on the farm. I don't know maybe somewhere in the lineage, g hot holy war. You hear this all around the media, you know, Muslims, Sharia, and many people are

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even coming out, you know, openly saying, look, Islam is the problem. Islam is the problem. They're trying to take away our freedom. You know, these backwards, Muslims are just trying to take away everything that we've developed. And we're a developed nation, and these people are backward, and they just try to, you know, do things backwards, and they want to oppress the women and put them behind this, this veil. This is a topic that we're gonna be talking about today. So tell us have you also, you know, been kind of feeling this, that these things that are out there, what are your thoughts on it, it's a very unfortunate fact that, you know, after a certain amount of things have

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been put forward, that this is what you should be afraid of, from Islam, Muslims, that it's kind of boiling down now to where the real issues are coming out that Islam is the problem. The Quran is the problem that the jihad is a problem that the Sri is a problem, the real issues and tenants of Islam are now being pointed out as the problem. But the only real problem with that is they're being distorted those teachings and parts and parcels of Islam are being distorted outside of their, their realistic teachings to be put as an ideology that we should be afraid of. And this is the problem is that the information is being distorted so that when the masses get this information, it no longer

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looks like Islam, when they're calling Islam after it is delivered to the people through the mass media. It has been churned up and twisted so much that the final product does not even look like Islam anymore. That's what we really need to deal with, whether it's Islam, or whether it's not Islam, very simple. Now, you had just not too long ago, someone who's got who had international media exposure and attention and someone who had like 20 What is it 25 followers, and then he got out there on the microphone and the media just just, you know, gave him all the attention. And this the same way we can say that those who have some extreme views, there are a few and the media gives

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all them their attention. So you can see like, you know, you can use this and see how like when and this doesn't because you had Christian I'm talking about this. Jerry Barry Jones was talking about burning the Quran. And you had Christians, Jews, other people who from other religions who came and said, Hey, this guy, you know, you don't represent us and he was saying

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burning the Quran. What are your thoughts on this? Yeah, he actually talked about burning the Koran didn't go with the head with it, and then finally did go ahead with putting the Quran on trial. And then they burnt one copy. Yeah, I mean, realistically, it just shows the profound ignorance not only of some people, but the profound ignorance of the media, you know, to even give a platform to this ideology. And to this type of rhetoric, we have to ask what is their intention, because Jerry Jones was some guy unknown in a small area not too far from I used to live in Florida, that had a follower following that you could find that any bus stop here in Chicago, you know, so it wasn't like he had

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some massive audience. And then the media gave him this massive audience. It just shows that he was trying to put some attention on himself and putting his attention on what he wanted to say Islam was about been really reality. He did nothing wrong. As far as in his

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efforts to burn the Quran and things of that nature. None of that was wrong. But his intentions to make Islam look so violent, were the thing that we're really concerned about. I heard one of our good friends shake use of estas that he was saying, look, you know, we can we can give you some of the old these, the Quran is unchanged, untampered with tamper, free tamper proof and the original Arabic, but you might have some, you know, some pages missing, you might have some misprints by human being making human errors. I heard the shake was saying, look, we'll send you somebody you know, it'd be a pleasure, you can burn these up. Yes. When we spoke to Terry Jones, yeah, you know,

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we kind of tried to take the actors argument very quickly. Yeah, let him know that first and foremost, what you're doing is not impermissible in Islam. One of the permissible the most recommended way to get rid of a Quran whether it be to become old or damaged, or as a misprint, or whatever is to burn it. And and also, if you're trying to set a precedence, you're about 1400 years too late. Because the the third Caliph of Islam of man, the third halifa did this a long time ago, when he codified and said, these are the authorized versions of the Koran, and everything else that is trying to be put out there. We're going to burn it and destroy it. So he did that he burned a

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large number of quorums. So that there would be one codified way that the way the Prophet Muhammad peace been taught. So I told him, we told him, you're far, far too late. You're not the first to do this. No. Are you doing anything impermissible, we'll send you loads. If you want loads, we can call up all the masjids and the mosque in North America, in the world. And so if you had some old crowns want to get rid of cinnamon, Terry Jones, let him burn him. He could have done it. It seemed like people would be more upset the intention behind it was just like trying to find a way. When you want to work towards peace with someone you'll find a common ground, you'll find a platform, a ground

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solid foundation that you can work towards this piece. But it seemed like he was just more about stirring up negativity bashing Islam does bigotry, this hatred, it seemed like okay, the Japanese at one time were the enemies, then the African Americans. And now the Muslims, you know, now the Muslims, these are the opponents. These are the other. Yes. These are the others what he was trying to do and what a lot of people try to do the media try to do is build barriers. Because the truth is a dangerous thing. It's a dangerous tool. not dangerous in a negative sense, but dangerous in the fact that it it enlightens people, it gives people a sense of new awareness. And if you don't want

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people to be exposed to a truth that may change the whole scheme of the system, and enlightened people, then you build barriers. And this is what this attempted to do build barriers between the truth and between the people. And we're going to talk more about the truth. We're going to ask very important questions that are on the minds of the people on the masses here in the deen show. We'll be right back with Joshua Evans, sit tight and go nowhere deaf and the Day of Judgment, the mercy of a law these are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada right day.

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Three, the essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to less penguins are magically decades. So it is very, very scary, but it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. And you have to make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be the people or the people of hell?

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show. And we really want to encourage people get people excited to work towards peace to work towards an understanding

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With your neighbor with your Muslim neighbor at that, if he's Muslim, get to know him. Let him take you out to some variani or a milkshake, or what asked him these tough questions does and we're going to ask you one of those tough questions. This guy, Barry Jerry, Terry Jones, whatever his name was, that he said that he wanted to put the crown on trial. So if you have a Muslim neighbor, go and ask your Muslim neighbor, does this Quran call you to kill me as a Christian? Does it call you to kill me as a Jew? Does it call you to cause this havoc on earth? Does it I'm asking you right now. Absolutely not. You know, the ideas put forward to the Quran is a book full of violence, and the

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book full of tyranny and oppressive teachings, which if we go to what the Quran teaches, the like I said, the information The truth is really available. The main column, complex of the Quran, the main portion of the Quran, is the teachings that God has won. This is the majority of the teachings of the Quran about God's oneness. The second largest majority of the Quran, teachings are about the Day of Judgment, the day which we will have to stand in front of our Creator, and give account for our actions. And the third largest is the stories of the prophets, the stories of Noah, stories of Moses of David, of Abraham, of Jesus, all of them, peace be upon all of them. And then the smallest

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portion of the Quran is the teachings of rules and regulations, which are talking about what to talk about, of the Sharia. And in that is a minute portions, talking about the rules and regulations of war. And within those rules, regulations of war are things that do teach non

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non aggression towards innocent people, you cannot kill innocence, you cannot kill women and children, and all of these things that we are going to put forward to the audience are in there. But the Quran is not a violent book, The truth is there for anyone to go pick it up. It's not some book that is hidden, and only certain people can read it. No, you can go and get it and read it for yourself and make your own decisions. This is we know that's testified by one over 1.5 billion people. This is the verbatim Word of God is one version of the Quran is that right? In version, one version, and it's in the Arabic guy could have revealed it in French, or in German, but he chose

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because this Arabic language that we can go on to another show, it doesn't call him that is elevated Arab now does it there is a religion for the Arab. This is a book that is for the whole of mankind. And it talks about these things. And I had one person because so many people are coming to Islam, one person, he was new to Islam, and then he'll hear some of these things. And he came to me, and you can go ahead and

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tell me if you've had a similar situation. He said, Look, Eddie, it says here, you know, I heard this person he quoted me the verse, and it talked about, I think it was chapter nine, surah, nine, and 29, something like that about fighting. And I just said, Look, do something a general rule, read the verse before and after.

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And then he was cleared up, he was a man that just just made my heart settle, because he was a little scared. Now, what I get myself into, have you had this similar situation happened? What advice do you have people also they'll hear these verses thrown around. Context context, right? Yes, we see a lot of versions are taking off contexts, a lot of verses of the Quran are taken out of context, or completely miss translated, or mis quoted. And for someone to do that is very much an injustice and a disservice to to truth and a disservice to the book and to the religion itself. Even if a Muslim does it. Even if a Muslim takes the Quranic context, there are a lot of Sciences behind

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understanding what is in that book, we have to understand what is the context, you need to understand the language, you need to understand the basic tenets and teachings of Islam so that you don't misunderstand that verse of the Quran. All of these things go into play. This is why in Islam, we refer to the scholars and let them tell us what Islam is, is in what Islam is not. And when we do that, we get a clearer painted picture. And this is the thing that they are saying that the scholars are not doing the Imams are not doing they're not telling people what Islam is about. That's very much untrue. It's the fact that they're not going to those people to find out what is the real

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information. They're talking to the layman and Joe you know, whoever and Terry Berry and they're letting these people tell the story. Go to the people who know the religion ask them to tell the story, you get a completely different picture. We've had so many several several scholars on the show. Also people like yourself clearly condemn and acts like 911 we got to keep going over this shoe bomber, underwear bomber, the envelope bomb or whatever G string bomber these things are contrary to Islam. Islam says don't kill women. Don't kill children. Don't kill the old people. This Islam is about peace, peace with yourself peace with the Creator of the heavens and earth and peace

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with the rest of humanity. And people are getting to learn all this and more here on the deen show. Continuing on, tell us now. jihad. I mentioned it and they translate it which obviously Miss translation is that your holy war? Talk to us about this word Jihad? Well, Jihad Jihad does not mean holy war whatsoever. And Jihad I don't even know what it means a very, very flippant way of trying to say he like the Cowboys from the west. I know. Jihad needs to be understood in its context as well.

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jihad is an Arabic word, that means to strive to struggle to do something. And that can be many things. If they build a building, let's say in Arabic, they would say they did. You know they did, you had to put this building up, it was a struggle, it was hard. But if we want to go to the definition of jihad, itself, wherever we find jihad in the Quran, or any derivative of the word jihad, whenever we find jihad in the statements of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It is understood as a physical struggle and as a internal struggle, to seek the pleasure of God to make God's oneness known on earth, and also to eradicate injustice, to eradicate oppression, to eradicate

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tyranny, and to eradicate terrorism on the globe. This is jihad. jihad is an attempt and a struggle to establish peace on earth, Justice for All human beings, so that no one has to fear for their life. So no one has to fear for the safety so that everyone is taken care of financially, economically, socially, so that everyone's rights are afforded to them, under the system of law that was given to them by God. jihad is an attempt to do that. So for someone to say that jihad is to kill innocent people, it's very contradictory to the teaching itself. The teaching itself would say no, that there if there is someone who seeks to kill innocent people, Jihad would mandate that I

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stopped them, that I stopped them. If someone was terrorizing other people, Jihad mandates that I try to stop them, even if it be my own self, even if it'd be my brother, in Islam, or my blood brother, or my father or my mother, it necessarily necessitates that I try to establish justice, freedom, and free people from oppression and tyranny. Now also, obviously, look, does Islam give you the right to defend yourself to do jihad against the person who tries to commit injustice towards you, let's say he tries to rob you come in your house stick you have tried to rape your wife, you know, you jihad against this person to get them out to protect your loved ones is this that's

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logical logic that is logical that self preservation is in tuned into our psyche, it is it embedded into our psyche, to preserve myself, and to preserve that which I love in my family and my property. So a Muslim is not allowed, you know, in the religion, he is told or she is told to defend oneself, that's my honor. This is my person, my family, my property, my land, whatever I own, it is my right to make sure that it is safe. And if I have to defend someone, defend myself against someone trying to take that or put that in danger, then I have afforded every right to do so. And this is logical. This is very much rational ideology. So is it also struggling and striving to be noble to be

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righteous against those evil

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inclinations, let's say those evil things inside the desire sometimes to tame these desires. So you're not at the nightclubs on the weekend, you're not using profanity, you're not hooking up with that lady outside of marriage, and you're not being promiscuous, showing all the cleavage and be naked out there prostituting yourself, you know, looking for all that negative attention, and you're doing jihad to be modest, to be noble, to be righteous, to speak good words, to be good to your family, to your parents, not to be disrespectful to them, that is jihad. Is it? Or is it not? Absolutely to try to be a Muslim, which we spoke about, in a previous episode, which a Muslim is

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someone who tries to do Islam that is a jihad, struggling everyday to please the creator to make myself a better human being, to forward myself as a as a better person in society as a more educated person is as trying to obey my parents. Those are all considered Jihad as well. I'm a mother trying to take care of our children is considered to jihad. A woman who gives birth is considered that's considered jihad, to speak the truth is considered Jihad there's so many things which when we put them in a, in the proper context of what is your head, then it becomes very clear that what the media represented you had is very much not jihad. Maybe before we go to break the Jesus, the Christ,

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the Messiah, who we love, no Muslim is a Muslim, unless he believes in Jesus. Did he do jihad? did Moses do jihad? Did they teach and preach Jihad? Absolutely. They all struggled to make sure that the truth go forward, and Jesus Himself suffered greatly because of trying to put forward the truth. And this is considered a Jihad to try to put forward the truth so that humanity can know a right way to worship and live in front of God is jihad. Let's take a break. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show. Sit tight, okay, you put your dream home and you've got your dream car, but you're going to get old and things got to happen to you in your life. And then what have you got at the end

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of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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killing of innocent human being.

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human life is precious.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time there'll be someone there to say something positive, to just hold on to the wolf of a law, everything in this universe rely a need for answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill the old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told us

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that the prophets are solid, never ever start a war against anybody.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Now, it upon investigating the villages, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is, those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim, those who cement submit to God, God's will, that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to God, your Creator,

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back here on the deen show, and we're clearing up all the confusion. Many people are a little bit timid, a little bit scared, but you know, people are good, you know, we have we have good people in the society. You know, they're our neighbors, our co workers. And the same thing, they go to the Muslim physician, you know, Muslims are our doctors, scientists, you know, the engineers, you know, your your your, your, your cab driver, and good law abiding citizens, but we also adhere to the law of God. Yes. And the law of God doesn't call us to kill innocent people. It doesn't cause us to do tyranny and oppression and all this other nonsense. So you hear people like, you know, we don't hate

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them. We just don't want that over here. Right? And some of the big cities Chicago, New York, you know, people are intelligent, they see through all the baloney, but in some of these other cities, they they, it seems like there's a little more misconceptions, there's a little more confusion. So another term, okay, we cleared up jihad, another one, Sharia. And this is I compared to, like, the boogie man's coming to get you in, they started to pass laws that, you know, you can't have sherea here, and this and that. Define for us, show you what it is and what it's all about. And did Moses and Jesus teach Sharia? Now earlier, we did touch on Sharia what it meant it was a way to lead into

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God's pleasure. Yeah. And that all the prophets did have actually a way a codified law but but Sharia in Islam, if we wanted to kind of give it a synopsis, what is the the ultimate goals of the Sharia in Islam? The ultimate goals that Sri and Islam are to see that society lives a just, and righteous life before God, to see that everyone is afforded their proper rights, no one goes hungry, no one goes without food, no one goes without shelter, no one goes without their daily expenses of life that necessitates them to be able to be a productive human being. And all of these things are within the Sharia. And I've done many lectures, I ask people, would you like a law that is codified

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to give every human being their rights and it needs no amendments, it needs no adjustments, then make sure there's no racism then make sure there's no oppression, there's no sexism, there's, there's there's no prostitution, there's no gambling where people are getting, you know, stealing other people's money. There's no interest based system where people the rich are continuing to get rich off the backs of the poor, all of these good things, and mostly like gifts, this is a very good system. I said this initially, this is the Sharia this comes to seek about this means to bring society to the closest it can get to a utopia, because it is designed by the Creator itself. This is

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not a law that Muhammad peace be upon and made up. There's not a law that scholars makeup, no, this is a law designed by the creator of human beings, if he designed them, put them on this earth to worship Him. Therefore, he must according to logic, and according to justice, design a system for them to accomplish that goal. And this is the Sharia and to for people to say that this surely is something that you should be afraid of, we have to ask them. Okay, what is it that you're afraid of about the Sharia is that you're afraid that the system of tyranny and the economics, rich, getting rich off the poor? Are you afraid that the show you will bring it into that? Are you afraid that God

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will bring it into the drug problem in America, or in the west of the prostitution problem of the gambling problem of the homelessness? If that's what you're afraid of, then yes, the Sharia comes to that is something you should be afraid of. But if someone is a justice, loving, freedom, loving individual, than the idea of a Sharia law of a God made system should be a welcome ideology to them. And many like minded people of many faiths, who have looked at the Sharia in an unbiased way, have come out publicly and stated that this is a good system, and that if it were to be implemented, it would not bring about any type of time, money or oppression, it would be the thing. One note, one

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note you'll hear people like to share oppresses women. What do you got to say about that? Actually, this is very illogical because if we look at the society today, and we walk out here

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You're in the streets of Chicago in New York City. And we look at how women are treated, they're already in a state of oppression, the way that they are dealt with, by their beauty they have to flaunt themselves and kind of, you know, expose themselves as something that they're not in order to gain some respect with inside the world. This in Islam is oppression, for a woman to have to live that type of way, in Islam gives woman the afforded right and actually a great right that she is an individual issues to be dealt with as an individual according to her intelligence according to her personality, according to how righteous she is. And she has dealt with in that manner, nothing to do

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with anything that she can offer to me to look at or glare at. None of this is in Islam. There's actually a a breaking the code in Islam to to flaunt oneself in this type of manner. So Islam gives women do rights that we don't even find in the society we live in now gives them more rights. And we see who women convert to Islam, which is the majority of converts coming to Islam or women, they'll say that they feel more secure and safe now, inside the religion of Islam than they ever felt out in the streets. This is amazing. It's amazing. And Islam really uplifts the woman gives her these rights that, you know, it was unheard of when people were debating if a woman had the church was

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actually debating whether the woman had a soul and if she had a soul, and wasn't it Islam was elevating the woman to a status rice that she just got in this country isn't that and when actually if someone was to take and look at let's let's take a a scenario of men and women relationships, and men and women marriages, if they were to look at the rights between men and women, they would actually see that if you talk to most Muslim women that they get the better end of the deal. In most cases, when it comes to any law, women get afforded the majority of rights and actually men are more responsible. They don't have as many rights as they do as responsibilities. And women have a lot of

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the rights. And and and this is not to say it's an unjust and unbalanced. It's just women gives them that status that they deserve. Yeah, there's structure, there's completion here, no guesswork. This is another proof about Islam, that is from the Creator. Because everything is laid out from A to Z, you can run the world with this way of life. And it only makes sense because the creator wouldn't separate himself from what he created. Meaning that he would say he figured it out on your own, you know, and leave you in a state of confusion. He sent messengers, these messengers taught, preached and teach what the purpose of life is, how to run your lives, according to his will not your

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desires. And if you live it, you get peace paradise in the next life success in this and everything is getting to get cleared up. And it is really amazing, amazing. And we can go on and on talking about the the women and their rights. And what I suggest usually is to talk to the Muslim woman talk to her doctor, go find one ask her a woman with a hijab who marry the mother of Jesus, some of the most noble women, they're dressing modestly because they choose to up dress not take it all off. Yeah, they just need to go find it. I mean, we see that very clearly. And I know we don't have much time, but you know, they just passed the burqa ban in France. And if it was in the past, I said,

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because it's being forced upon the women. Yeah. Then why are the women fighting against the ban? Yeah, it's being women should be celebrating in the streets. But no, the women are the ones who are fighting against this band saying, it's my choice. It's my right. This is my dignity. So if Islam oppresses women, why are they the one fighting for their own rights in a non Muslim society to have their Islamic values and let's separate culture you have some Muslims with the name tag, and they'll go ahead and do like what's honor killings has nothing to do with Islam. Now, they'll go ahead and and do some oppression. That's culture separated from the true teachings of Islam. Absolutely. Islam

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is codified, there is nothing in Islam that is missing. So if I add anything to it, I've made a mistake. If I subtract anything to it, I've made a mistake. So we need to know what Islam is, and then clear up all these myths and clear up all these misconceptions and set the record straight. what Islam is and what Islam is not. It'd be unfair, if we didn't invite them to Islam, we got one minute left, talk to them, tell them what Islam is and the invitation of Islam and how they can be by implementing Islam in this light they can because it's successful, and have peace in this life and paradise in the next talk to them. Well, very clearly, Islam is a continual striving to submit

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yourself to the one true Creator of all that exists that God that created you in the womb of your mother, and submitting to him on his terms, doing what he wants you to do in your life, living a life that is righteous before him. And they will also lead you to be righteous in the world and the society and to live in peace and harmony with all human beings. And someone who does that is a Muslim, someone who does Islam. And becoming a Muslim is very simple. There's no ritual you don't have to go and you know, take some big huge ritual and ceremony and inductions. And know very simply, if you come to an agreement with inside yourself that there is one true God that is worthy

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of worship, and you decide to worship him the way he wants to be worshipped, believing in all the messengers of God, starting from Adam

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To know what the Moses did David did Jesus to Muhammad peace be upon all of them, you make that statement, I believe that there is one true God worthy of worship. And I believe in the Prophet Mohammed and all the messengers of God before him, then simply you are Muslim, and you strive every day to try to please the one true Creator God, then we if more people did that, we would see a much more peaceful, and a much more functioning society and much more better individuals. Thank you very much. We started with peace, my brother and we end with peace, peace, peace be unto you things mean to you. It's my pleasure. Always my pleasure to be Thank you very much. My God Almighty, the credit

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law rewards you thank you. Thank you very much. I truly thank you. I thank you for taking time to tune into the deen show. I know there's a lot of entertainment out there the many things that are distracting us all the R rated movies, you have all the x rated movies, take a timeout from all this stuff, not saying you're doing it, but some are many are and you're gambling and drinking and all the other things that don't bring peace in your life. There's no purpose. They're fulfilling what?

00:30:59--> 00:31:34

fulfilling what chasing your desires, from this nightclub to that nightclub from chasing men, this man, that woman and you're not really reflecting about the purpose of life and the reality of death, there's going to be a day of judgment. That's the day that we're preparing for, and your good deeds are going to be a testimony of your faith. What did you believe in that you testify it through actions. And that foundation is built on the worship of the One God worshipping Him alone, not his creation, that God is not a man or a woman, but he's a creator, man and woman and then developing yourself to be the best human being that you can be. Islam is not calling you to blow yourself up

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and blow up innocent people. It's not. That is not the teachings of Islam. Islam is calling you to have peace within yourself. But first you got to have peace with the owner of peace, and then you can have peace with the rest of humanity. You've learned something very, very important today. And you'll learn more continue to tune in here to the D show. And until next time, peace be unto you.