Reply to the Western Misconception that in Islam Paradise is Only for the Men

Zakir Naik


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I've divided my talk into six broad headings.

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First we'll discuss

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the spiritual rights of dominant Islam.

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There is a very common misconception, especially amongst the Westerners

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that in Islam, Paradise is only meant for the men only for the males.

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This misconception

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can be easily clarified by quoting just one verse of the Quran of Surah Nisa, chapter number four was the one where last minute Allah says mama Yama, mina salejaw, Tim in Arkansas Roman law aka krunal Janata, well I use the Muna, Nikita

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that if any of you do deeds of righteousness,

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be it a male or a female and have faith

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he will surely enter Jannah He will surely go to heaven, and not the least injustice shall be done to them.

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The same message is repeated

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chapter 16, was the 97 where Allah says that if any of you do good deeds,

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beat a male or a female and is a believer.

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We will surely reward him for what he has done and we will make him lead a good life.

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These verses explicit and clear.

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that go into paradise depends on a person's faith and his righteous deeds, Eman and a melancholy heart