Zakir Naik – The Best Gift One may Give is the Translation of the Quran

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the best gifts for children to give to any human being, including the copy of the Glorious Quran, the best degree to give to a child, and the importance of reading the Quran daily to change one's life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of readiness for their work and the need for everyone to read the Quran daily.
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This Quran is the best gift you can give to any human being irrespective whether he's a Muslim or non Muslim, irrespective of the person or giving the gift to is rich or poor.

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Whether it's an era or whether it's a housewarming ceremony, the best gift you can give. The most invaluable gift is the copy of the Glorious Quran.

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And if the person doesn't understand Arabic, give the translation of the Glorious Quran. In the language you understand the best.

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The best gift you can give to your child as the Quran.

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Many of us Muslims, we send our children

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to learn how to recite the Quran. Some of them may have the Quran, but very few non Arabs

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they make the children and educate the children in the language of Arabic so that they can understand the Quran directly very few. The best gift you can give to the child is

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different the Quran,

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most of us, including myself, we were unfortunate that our parents

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did not think it important that

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we should learn Arabic other language.

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When we were children, don't make that same mistake See to it, that you teach your children Arabic as a language.

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It is the best gift you can give to your children.

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It is the best degree you can give. Believe me all the degrees of colleges universities, it may or may not help him in this world.

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And now Hara if it does not get him closer to Allah subhanaw taala It is useless. But if you give the gift of the Quran, if you give the gift of the language of Arabic

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Inshallah, because our beloved prophet the masala Salam said that when a person dies,

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three things

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yet, give them some Algeria.

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One is what he has spent in the way of Allah subhanaw taala

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number two, the knowledge

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that is paid in the way of Allah subhanaw taala and number three, by his children who pray for him.

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The best gift you can give

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to your children is the gift of the Quran. It is a guide for a full life

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and she make it a habit

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that we read the Quran daily.

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Whichever time you feel is the best.

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Let's daily have a family gathering

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mother and father along with the children and recite depending upon the time available

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maybe to Roku three Roku Arabic along with the translation you understand the best

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if every day you read the Quran and understanding it will change your life

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and also tell all the Muslim businessmen

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that make it compulsory for your employees to read the Quran daily.

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And Islam is the foundation mashallah we have more than 400 employees in all organizations Alhamdulillah it's compulsory,

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every day when they come the first thing when they swipe the card or the put the thumb thumbprint you know the new machines, thumbprint and the attendance chip takes that in is okay this is fine. So, he came to the office at 10 o'clock. The first thing he has to do is read at least for 15 minutes,

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at least one Roku to Roku of the Quran along with the translation in the language understand the best

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some people will think 15 minutes every day,

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six days a week,

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per month in a year 400 employees

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calculate lakhs of rupees gone down the drain every month.

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Believe me, it will benefit you.

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When your employees when they read the Quran, along with the translation, they will work better for you. They will learn honesty they will come on the straight path

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irrespective of their employee Muslim or non Muslim he will get there. In our organization it's compulsory that you read the Quran along with translation everyday

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that all the businessmen here

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we have what businesses and employees see to it that you implement it in your business space also, in Charlotte we benefit you.

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And there are various different ways you can read the Quran. From first page to last page.

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See to the completed at times you may want to read it via the index. You want to read what is the Quran speak about woman God is the Quran speak about heaven. What are the Quran speak about angels

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This topic waves or you open the Quran and did whatever comes the various but see to it that you delete the Quran

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and even regularly reading from cover to cover is very important

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and since the talk is in English

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there are mashallah

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more than 50 different English translation of the Quran more than 50

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and in our organization we have more than 50 different languages and with the Quran has been translated much more than that in our organization. We are more than 50 different languages

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