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Sahih Bukhari


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of money and money lost by two men from Ben Israel. They describe the benefits of listening to authentic stories and learning from them to gain trust and value. A woman who lost money and returned to the lender did not find a ship to take her back, but did eventually find the pieces of wood. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trust and avoiding risk of losing money if not following a new rule. The recent events and interactions between Sub and Allah are seen as a result of his trustworthiness and fear of Islam, while Congressmen and Congressancals are encouraged to participate in session sessions to address questions and concerns. The speakers stress the importance of listening to Congressancals and their actions in shaping the future.
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smilla with hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he or sahbihi wa sallam

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hamdulillah today we have a story for you. That comes from Sahih al Bukhari

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about two men from Ben Israel he remember we do once one day a story one day and

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yesterday we did an A A. Today inshallah we're doing a story so the story comes from Saheb Bukhari, about two men.

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And that story tells us about the importance of honesty, honesty, with Allah honesty with each other. Amana, trustworthiness, to be trusting of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and trusting of others for his sake, and be worthy of that trust.

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And then to record on a lot.

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So that story happened, the terrible Ben, he and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam narrated stories that have happened in the term of Ben serai. Because many wondrous things happened in their time, and there are a lot of benefits that we can get as long as these stories are authentic, a lot of benefits that we can gain from listening to those stories and learning from them. So he said that there's once a man who wanted to borrow money, so he went to another

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and he said, Can you loan me 1000 dinar now a dinar, each dinar is a golden coin. So he wanted 1000 dinar just for you to appreciate how much that is 1000 dinar each dinar is a golden coin. He said, Bring me a witness at Navy Shahada. So the man said, katha belay shahida he said, Allah is sufficient as a witness.

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He said, You are right. He said, it's anybody Kafeel he says, Bring me a guarantee. Someone who can guarantee that is in case you fail to pay the money, at least he'll guarantee it or at least testify that you are good for it. So bring me a guarantor. He said katha Villa HCA, phila, he says ally sufficient as a guarantor, he said, You are right. And he lent him the money.

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he traveled by See, he had the money carries the money with him traveled by See, and

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no, did his business. Allah blessed him is seemingly

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and it was now time for him to travel back and give them money back. The debt now is due.

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And he tried to find a ship to go back to that men to the lender. Every day, he would go out to find a ship that would carry him back to the lender. But he couldn't find it. He couldn't find it. And the due date is fast approaching, it's coming Sweden soon. But he couldn't find any ship to take him back. So the C separated them and he couldn't journey back to him. So eventually, after he had lost hope that he can, he can go back in time to pay it. What did he do was he took a piece of wood and he dug a hole in it, put the 1000 dinar in an A letter and sealed it.

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And he said, Yeah, Allah, you know that I borrowed this money for that man. He asked me for witnesses, and I said, You are sufficient as a witness. And he accepted that. He asked me for a guarantor. And I said, Yeah, Allah, you have sufficient as a guarantor. And he accepted that and yeah, Allah, I, you know that I've been trying continuously to travel back and give him back that money, and I could not see Allah, I want to pay him that money on time. So I'm giving this piece of wood and that money to you, I entrust you with it, and he put it in the sea, and the type took it.

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So that men on the other end, the lender on the other end, he was expecting that the man is going to come in time, because then that is due. So every time he will go. And he will look at what that man is. Is there any shift coming back? Is there any shift coming back, nothing is coming back. Nothing is coming back. And it's a big amount. It's 1000 dinars, nothing is coming back. So one of those days, he's out, he's waiting for the ship, maybe it has docked, found nothing, he found a piece of wood. So I said, I mean, then he took that to his family. And he said, use it to burn, burn that would use it for fire.

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So their family that his family so didn't have as they were so good and have discovered the 1000 dinars and the letter in it.

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After that discovery, that man the borrower found the ship eventually. So he boarded that ship, and he came back to the lender, and he came with 1000 dinar and he said, I couldn't find a faster way to come to you. This is as soon as they could come here.

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apologised. And he said, this is your money. This is the 1000 dinar. Now the lender asked him, I said, Did you send me anything before this?

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the borrower said, I told you, this is the first time I've landed in this land back in this land carrying this money for you, I couldn't send you anything before. So the lender said, Indeed, Allah has delivered the money that you had put in that piece of wood to me, take this money of yours, the extra 1000 you brought, take it back, this is yours, may Allah bless it for you.

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That is the exchange between them. And let's go back to the story and understand its significance and some of the lessons that are that are in it first for the lender, the person who gave the money. Now imagine somebody coming and asking us today for such an amount not even that amount $500 or $1,000, to be borrowed. And we actually trusting Allah azzawajal enough to say yes, I accept Allah as a guarantee. And I accept a lot as a witness. Now, that is permissible, though today that is not recommended, because it most likely is going to lead to a an invite or a quarrel between people I gave you money, No, you did not give you money. So what is best, especially today is for you to do

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what to write it down and have witnesses. So there is no dispute or disagreement or misunderstanding later on. But it is possible it is permissible, especially if there is no one around it is possible. And it's permissible. If both people have the power and both people actually trust each other, that they can give, borrow and lend money without witnesses without writing it down. But it is risky. For today's especially for today. But again, we say that it is possible that if people trust Allah, and that's what we're seeing in this story, people who have trusted Allah to such a level, that what happened to them is extraordinary. Because the person who came that money gave it simply based on

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trust. Just because of those two statements. That person said, Allah is the best witness and he accepted that a law is the best guarantee. And he accepted that.

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Obviously, he did not know that men well enough, and if seemingly, he wasn't living in the same area.

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So it's a panel that in itself is something. The other significant thing is that the borrower when it came time for him to give the money back, he did not want to delay it. And he did something that is kind of unique. He didn't hold the money back and say no, I will wait until I deliver it in person, he could have done that. But he trusted a lot because why? Because he said this other man trusted you so much, and gave me money just because of trusting you and I want to trust you back in the same way. Here is this money in that wood carried by the sea. So it would reach him what are the possibilities that it could reach him?

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Not very likely, not very likely at all that it will reach him but that it would be carried but Subhanallah you know how Allah carried Musa alayhis salaam as a baby, as an infant directly to the court of Pharaoh because Allah wanted it to reach that place. So if Allah wants it, this is your risk. By the way, think about it, this is your risk. This is what Allah is destined for you. If Allah wants it, the sea will carry it all the way to you. The wind will carry it all the way to someone who will carry it will find if it's lost, or someone will find it and carry it or bring him back to you. If it is yours, it is yours. If it's not yours, it's not going to be yours. So this

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because it was a Hillel money and that person trusted Allah and this person trusted Allah, Allah carried it and made it so panela that he'd be out waiting and the same time he could find that piece of wood that he will have the desire to take it, and he will take it home. And they simply will not toss it away, throw it away, but simply wouldn't want to use it. So it to discover the money. All by Allah's design. If Allah wants it, he puts the steps for you to get what you need to get.

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Then the last piece is that men came back with an extra 1000.

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Right, he came with an extra thought he was willing to give him this extra 1000 assuming that the first 1000 may have been lost already, he didn't know what happened to it. He didn't ask about it. But he was willing to give them another 1000 so panela so instead of paying back 1000 1000, he was willing now to lose 2000 without complaints.

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Because he just was so so appreciative on the first hand on the one hand, but on the other hand, he was also what he was paying a debt back that he knows that a lot of Zoda loves and that's also important if you if you borrow money, pay it back as soon as you can. As soon as you can. Don't, don't stop

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and then

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The lender, so panela that that's just a continued continuity of his Amana. He didn't hide the money and say, Well, I got nothing in that piece of wood. I got nothing give me this extra 1000 Now I'll be richer. No, he asked him. He said, Okay, did you send me something you wanted first to be sure that you send me something? Is he gonna admit to it? Is he gonna say this or that that person didn't say he was willing to give them an extra 1000 He didn't say I sent you the money it was lost and see go look for it. He said I sent I didn't send anything I just came with this 1000

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and then that his Amana his trustworthiness, his fear of Allah his love of Allah said no, I did get that money. Who saw him? Allah, his family that man did not know but is it I got that money? I don't need that extra money of yours. May Allah bless it for you go back blessed with it.

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So it's a panela this interaction happened between two exemplary people, to people who are who are models of Amana antoher Quran Allah azza wa jal each cared more for Allah than money and cared more for their taqwa than their wealth in this dunya. So Subhana Allah, sometimes we say, You know why we don't see these kind of things around us. And these extraordinary things that kurama that Allah azza wa jal, you know, can give to the pious. Now, as a person, I'm not supposed to go and seek a kurama I'm not looking for it. This extraordinary, supernatural event where I do something and subpanel lights happens miraculously, I'm not supposed to go and seek it, if I like gives it to someone, he

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gives it to someone. But we are asking, why don't we don't see as many of these things happening today, as used to happen in the past, when we have to look and examine the level of emotion that they had then and the level of emotion that we have now. The level of even that they had then we think trusted a lot as though just so much, that a lot came through for them that Allah fulfilled

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their request when they requested something from him because they relied on him so much. Today, we don't have an email that is so strong, so we don't see such a connection with Allah zoologists but and so not as many kurama today, although they still do exist.

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So the lesson from his story is, trust Allah as origin

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and rely on him subhanho wa Taala and he will take care of you love him more than you love this dunya and Allah will give you the hereafter and the dunya but if you sacrifice a lot for the sake of this dunya you'll ultimately lose both.

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So before inshallah I leave you today, shall I'm had an idea of later on in Sharla, especially in the middle 10 days of Ramadan, that we can have question and answer sessions. So if you have questions in sha Allah do send those to me.

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message me, whether it's on Facebook, or Instagram message me or questions, and if we have enough of them, insha Allah, maybe we can have one or more sessions, whether it is during this time or later on, where we can answer your questions in sha Allah, just let me know if you have questions, we'll collect all of them. And we'll announce when we will have an acute q&a session in sha Allah, Allah mean, we will see you tomorrow evening. Now we ask Allah azzawajal to give us a class to give us a manner to give us a call on Him subhanho wa Taala to make up the hereafter more than dunya to make us of those who love him more than we love ourselves and anything on this earth, to make us of those

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who love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Silla more than we love ourselves and anyone dear to us and to follow him more than we follow anyone else we asked him to accept our to accept our fasting and allow us to enhance it to accept our night prayer and allow us to enhance it to allow us to read the Koran and contemplate and reflect and learn from it will ask him to pan over to Allah to me because of the people agenda to reach the highest levels in it. And to save us from Hellfire and our families and all that Mohammed Allahu Allah us in them. Does that come low Hara for listening? So panicle lavon behenic shadow Allah either in a futile kawakubo la will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen