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we looking at?

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today guys, what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be responding to some of the comments made by a comedian by the name of Russell Peters. So let's see some of his comments, Addy. And let's comment on those. Okay, let's do that. inshallah. Yeah. Okay. So this video was sent to me by Bravo. And I thought, let's go for inshallah, because he's claimed to be an atheist. Really? Well, yeah. Because he was essentially an atheist. I am as well. Yeah. You ready? Yeah. And he really, you know, I remember this one routine about the, you know, whenever you go to a funeral, at some point, someone's gonna say, I know he's up there looking down at us and smiling. Yeah. He knows like, there

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is no up there. Yeah. He's probably down there. Looking up at it. Yeah. So religion has convinced that there's an invisible man and was living in the sky. Exactly. He's watching everything you do, but he's particularly keen on what you do with your penis. Okay. Let's take a step at a time. Yeah, yeah. So what I'm starting to realize is the sheer. So we know in the West, for example, a lot of people have turned their back to Christianity. Yeah, due to secularism and, or the schisms. I think what they do and what people do is like, they have a bad excuse. I think this is human psychology. They have a bad experience with something and that they pay everybody the same. So I think where

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he's coming from is like, it's the same because we hear over and over again with atheists. Oh, yeah. You guys believe in the man in the sky? Well, that's not really the case. Mm hmm. as Muslims, do we believe in a man in the sky, or this invisible being or etc? Because it's something statically we actually love that, you know, we say, look, this is actually nonsense. So what would you say to me? Let's, let's this imagine russell peters is watching this. Right? What would you say to him? Do you as a Muslim believe in a man in the sky?

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Well, if that's the God, he doesn't believe in the NASA God, we all don't believe in as Muslims as well. I mean, yeah, right. I mean, you know, people don't realize that when you come into Islam, you say two things, you say, Lila had a lower shadow, la la, la la, and then obviously, a shadow on the Mohammed little sort of light and I, so I tell I testify that there's no God worthy of worship, except for Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger. Well, the first part of that is a negation. Right? Let Illa so there is no God. worthy of worship except for Allah. Right? So this negation actually cancels out all anthropomorphic understandings of God meaning so it's not like you can come

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and say, Are you saying that you don't believe in any other mangoes but the mango? We don't believe in a mango? Okay, so we don't believe in any man God, right? Because it's a special feature. We don't believe in so no man gods, but our mango is different. No, no, we don't believe in any man can be God. In fact, we don't think is intelligible, conceivable, or pardonable that we can point at any man with a date of birth and say that that man is God? Okay. I mean, you're right, it would mean so anyone with a date of birth that you look at? And you point to that person? Yes. We can't point to anybody like that and say that that person is God because God is, by definition, pre eternal, and

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post eternal. God is a necessary being is the sovereign.

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I made a joke, it is called Edward. Edward, because he's such a sophisticated language.

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It was a joke that went back. Are you saying that? You know us ethnics can see clever things.

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So, yeah, it's not possible that so we don't look at any human being as a mascot. In fact, the Quran is candid about this issue. The crown is unequivocal about the issue that there is no human being that can we go. So we also reject that kind of God. So we're on the same page on that we'd reject a man God looking up and pointing out, you know, awesomeness from the sky, whatever it may be. We do believe in a transcendental God, we do believe in a God that is all powerful or wise or knowledgeable. Because we look at the fact that the universe is, is finely tuned, we look at the fact that the universe has laws, and we attribute to that a lawmaker. Yeah, that's as simple as that

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really, we attribute a lawmaker with intelligence with power. And it's not the case. I'm a new atheist, and he's really kind of regurgitating new atheist jargon here. They usually straw man religion before they can try and attack. But with these conceptions of God is something we don't accept. Exactly. I would go to church and I would like to

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doesn't add up to me in here. Just set something seems off. And and I had questions and you weren't allowed to ask questions. And I'm like, Well, that seems a little odd. Okay, so asking questions, maybe he's talking about Christianity.

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God knows medieval times where, you know, they will follow mistaken burning people to agreeableness, science and all these kinds of things. So is he coming from the angle where he's saying, Well, hold on a second, I won't ask questions. You don't even allow me to ask questions. And you want me to believe in that, to be fair, even to Christianity, I don't even think is like, I wouldn't even care to characterize it like that. You know, obviously, people pointed out to Galileo is, but most historians of science, they don't see that as because he said, We spoke of the heliocentric model, there's a lot more that came into it. I don't think any rational actor in the world doesn't allow or

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community or rational people don't allow questions to be asked certain things would be even Christians and Jews and Muslims, religious people have been asking critical questions for God long, godless how long that is. So I don't even accept his anecdote as generalizable right. It's sometimes it can be true that okay, well, maybe he's asked some certain questions about the Trinity or certain question about the man God, and He wasn't given a satisfactory answer. And we don't think Christianity has satisfactory answers for those questions. Because remember, they do believe in a man God. But once again, we shouldn't kind of superimpose Christian ideas on Islam. And that's what

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I think he's done. He said, religion is all one thing. And basically, it's all it's all one kind of thing. And it's really not. So he's not being sophisticated in his response here. Yeah, exactly. You know, I think I think sometimes I believe some atheists, they, they're looking for an excuse not to believe, and they have one bad experience. And they'll be like, okay, I'll hold on to this to the rest of my life. If anybody asked, why not. This is the reason why, and sometimes fooling yourself, you know, because the signs of God around you, let's suppose Christianity, or wherever they didn't tell you that principle. You know, how many people we know that came to Islam? Yeah. In the church,

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they didn't meet us. They didn't go and say, Okay, I'm going to be an atheist said, No, there has to be a creator. It's just, this doesn't make sense to me. They don't allow me to ask questions. Okay, I'll go to another church. And of course, yeah, it's not sufficient. You don't just hold on and be like, Okay, I think it's like a card that you use way you make your neffs feel better and be like, No, no, you know, I seek the truth. They didn't give me so I'm just gonna live my life how I want to report this report. Because the signs of Allah, you know, verses over verses where it talks about even in your own self, if you're not gonna question that? I don't know, man. I feel like I'm an

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atheist myself. Yeah. I mean, I was really a Jew. At some point. I was raised Jewish. Yeah, I was raised Jewish. But at one point, I mean, I haven't gone to a synagogue. And people say just one thing. He says you'll probably do at one point. So I think there's an assumption here, which is that whenever he thinks that socialization can only happen towards religion, and you can't be socialized into atheism, just to be honest, one time, I'll tell you something interesting, right?

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I was doing something when I was working as a teacher, I was asking the kids in my classroom, I was asking them if they knew what atheism was, and if they knew what Christianity wasn't all those things, because there were key terms, right. And then I asked follow up questions Who would identify as an atheist who would identify as Christian who and so on? And I would say the majority of kids in the classroom put their hands up in identifying as an atheist. Then I said, What is atheism? And those same kids that put their hands up when when I asked them, What is atheism? What, sorry? What would you identify as they didn't know what atheism entailed in even a basic way, so you can be

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socialized into atheism, just as you can be socialized into Christianity. It's this, this idea of neutrality has to be argued for if you want to say that, well, atheism is a neutral thing. Yeah. But you have to argue that that is the case. Are people born believing in atheism? Because there was studies

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was also University Yeah. 2011, the anthropological society, they said that most people are born believing in high power. So so we can see the neutral position is your home believers, right. But as an intellectual position as an intellectual position, we both have to make arguments, we have to show why that is the neutral position. But he hasn't done that. He assumes that to be the case. But he hasn't shown any evidence for that. That's true.

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But Mike, my whole goal is just listen, at the end of the day, did I do good things and nice things for people when I was here, that's all I care about. Yeah. And I think we can end on this point. Yeah. This what you just mentioned, did I do good things? That's all I care about.

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We've discussed this before. What's good thing? Good to define. Goodness is good. Who does? Who do you prioritize being good to? Right? And if we think about in our sense of like, we live here and on this planet, of being good, I think what would you say you should you be the most conscious, less less polite, like, who would you say you should be the most kind to who deserves your most? gratitude and kindness and for you to ob? Luckily, let's not. Let's take the picture for a second. Who would you say? Me? So my parents, okay. Yeah. And then maybe after that, I don't know. Maybe my brother. I don't know. Maybe they're my wife or my kids. I don't know yet.

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That hierarchy Yeah. Because you know, okay. Well, the thing is we believe in a creator, then the official a lot of people come and ask this question, okay, you know, Mother Teresa, she where she's gonna go, I'm like, Look, if you understand what she'll kiss, and the what she means, if you are good to everybody, if Allah is good to everyone charitable, everybody loves his church, it helps everybody by the hour when he goes home and says mommy beats his mama. is Ali Dawa a good person. Everyone's gonna say, No, well, hold on a second. I'm good to everybody. Then how do you expect the treatment of ancient paradise in the hereafter when you're going to go to go to Sacramento to every

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everyone was good, too. But you disobeying the commandments of Allah, and not acknowledging him and not maybe some some people who hate God, then how are you a good person? I think we need to understand the redefine what is good? Well, it's a good point. I mean, at the end of the day, like you say, goodness is a metaphysic. It's not something which is empirically justified. You can't put goodness under a microscope. And so yeah, you can't put goodness under under from his point of view, goodness doesn't exist. If you're a materialist, naturalist materialist, okay, atheist, you can't actually talk about morality in any meaningful, objectively, objectively meaningful way, because you

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can't put morality under a microscope. And so goodness is going to be totally subjective is going to be something which is a social construct, or a cultural construct of some sorts. Yeah. And therefore something which you shouldn't be using as an argument. And so that on the flip side is, oh, the problem of evil becomes redundant for an atheist because evil is unprovable is that metaphysically unprovable thing? So once again, when when atheists like this individual says, Well mentions goodness, and, you know, badness, if you like, you know, is he talking about something which exists objectively in the real world? And if so, how can you prove it? You know, demonstrably, how can you

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show us you know, because it's not empirically justified just in the same way as you would say, God is not something you can put under a microscope, therefore, I don't believe him. So if you want to have your cake, then you can't have your cake and eat it both. If you if you want to reject metaphysical explanations, for example, why we're here. Then also you have to reject metaphysical morality, metal all kinds of metaphysics. Exactly, yep. So So to be honest, it said, according to Common Core, the problem of evil can we call it like, the problem of nothing, or the problem of the atoms? Because if you think you can't come and talk about evil and good atheists, so people come to

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me with the problem of evil Absolutely. And atheist for me, cannot claim that or you know, cannot prove that evil or goodness, objectively exists, they can't prove that and therefore using it as an argument against religion or for atheism or for morality, religious morality is really a redundant it's a moot point and it doesn't get you far. And bonuses this On that note, don't do not forget to subscribe to my channel,

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his channel, I don't know whose channel is gonna watch it on your channel. Okay, you want to be doing adoption, please subscribe to my channel. He's gonna do that you're gonna subscribe to his channel, so you can always be bombarded with the most ridiculous content.

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Till next time