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they forgive you

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for the person who killed him really killed you.

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I'm not going to revenge TV

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forgiveness is the greatest gift

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or charity in Islam

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I have to pull myself out to forgive someone that's

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their family.

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So what we're doing now is some volunteers helping us to get these cues off with the hard work of Edie. This is more than just a measure that's being built. This is more than just another data center gesture. So we transforming this from people worshipping the creation to worshiping the Creator, Allah bless your efforts, Eddie,

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who is a police officer now reacting to the Muslim forgiving.

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One, I think it was something for every parent to see and how fortunate these young men are to have such a role model and a father and a leader in a community that actually

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gives guidance on the path and I think that's what we saw in two really good families that came together that did not know each other over some tragedy.

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We spoke yesterday when I came in from Thailand, we had lunch and we were thankful for one thing it's such a horrific tragedy brought us so close as friends

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being with each other.

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And his final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam.

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This is the dijo

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I was explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam. Show. Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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how you doing on Salah with Allah when I got the Al Hamdulillah. So I'm here with Imam Musa Azzam Dr. Imam Musa Azam. So we got to see now it's the blessing month of Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness. And this is a story to hit while back where Father, he was now brought in front of a perpetrator a person that ended up luring his son, along with some others, I believe, into an apartment. They robbed him killed him. And now you can see now he didn't technically have to forgive him, sonically. Right. But he went to a whole nother level. He did. Yeah, so I wanted to contrast this with and we can go ahead and talk because on that topic of mercy and forgiveness, because a lot

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of times if we look at this, and then we compare it because you're also a counselor, you're somebody who deals with many family issues and back and forth. How does this compare to some of the stories that you hear? And you look back and say, Wow, you're really gonna let Shakedown divide you guys like this and not forgive comparing to some something like this at a whole nother level. Indeed, indeed, Allah Subhana Allah Nevada nocellara Soliel karimabad For older we live in the shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Robicheaux Ali Sadr. uasc li M revatio. Looking at the melissani of koboko Lee salatu Allah He was salam ala Li Hua Rahmatullah Alameen. And Elisa dua Salam is also for

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us as Allah subhanaw taala says, or the Kerala computer surah Allah use water Hassan and Rasul Allah Salatu was Salam was sent as a mercy to the universe, and he is the mercy that mercy is our role model. And if we believe in Allah subhanaw taala and the last day Allah says, and it's easier said than done. Easier said than done. Indeed. I can see you got

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Little bit watery I'd hate to do i do i mean that's where really It requires us to step up come out of our comfort zone and our own personal interest and be the true believer and the OMA of cedras or loss Allah nada Salam, in that video clip that in itself that shows that any father any parent would find justifiable to take the life of the person who murdered their own child. But what caused that person to forgive that individual.

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It's not his own personality or his cultural background and his values. Rather, he said that this is what Allah wants from me. So it's the teaching of Islam sponsored by Islam, it's because of his because what he knows about law, Allah and he is clearly stating that although I want to I can take the revenge. But this what Allah demands this from me, this word may Rasulullah Salallahu Salam demonstrated and as a follower and a believer in Allah subhanaw taala rasool Allah, I will do what is asked of me, no matter how difficult it is, and it is this moment, Allah subhanaw taala. When the believers apply these teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam convert that very act, an act of

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Dawa, an invitation to Islam, and that is nobility of Islam. That is the true essence that you see of belief in Allah and Rasul Allah, Allah Salam, and taking as a role model.

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It's easy to follow Islam when it is convenient to you.

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Where you get tested, is that when it goes totally against you, nothing really serves your interest, and you still put above your interest, the obedience to Allah subhanho wa taala. And this was a fine example. This was a fine example. And one other thing that I wanted to point out in that video was when he forgive, and he met with the murder of his son, and gave him hug.

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That is humanity in real essence,

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away from hate, any

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grudges, any influence of evil and devil, that which Allah subhanaw taala has created us with this nature of understanding and forgiving, and putting our goal for success in the year after and ultimately Pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is at a whole different level of a grand stage. Now people non Muslims are getting to see Islam in action, like at a whole different level, because he's quoting the Quran, he's showing that this is like the mercy of Islam that he's he's portraying, and many of us not going to reach that level here. But you can reach this level somewhat. If now maybe you can forgive someone in your immediate family because are you we're seeing like from year

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to year Ramadan, Ramadan, we got brother not speaking to brother, sister not speaking Sister, you got father and son, daughter and mother, aunt, and you got all these different family units. And now they're not talking. And the one stubbornly refuses to he's holding on to a grudge, holding on to the past doesn't want to let it go. And now you're not being called to forgive the murder of your family, you know, right. It's just forgiveness of the heart feelings or misunderstanding most of the time. And trust me, Eddie, you know, this video is not about the ancient time. And we're not even talking about the time of the Stories of the Prophets could point out something from a long time

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ago. It's not just race. Yeah, people really easily and conveniently say that, Oh, he was a prophet, or those were companions. They had the blessings of grace or loss of loss of limbs presence, they were able to do that we live in this time and age is difficult. You don't know what my situation is. You don't know how hurt I am. You don't know how wrong I have been by these people. How could I ever forgive, I will never forgive them in million years. These are the statement that I get in my counseling, people are saying this, I will never forgive, I will never forgive this word never forgive is very common when it comes to disputes. And they even referencing that in this time and

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age, they're doing this, this video is not from far, it is happening right here. And that fellow can really rise above all of these challenges and temptations that you and I are going through and still find a way to obey Allah and also law and do what is right. Only because he's been asked to do whether it makes sense or not. That's what can become the Hoja against us in the Day of Judgment. It is people like these should be afraid of because if they can do it, Allah may ask in the Day of Judgment, why can't you if he was wrong, so much so that his son was taken away from him? What was wrong with you? What have you lost? Your feelings were hurt. Yes, I understand that. Even

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Then Islam is demanding for you to come out and forgive for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And all in all, if you understand, let's not talk about religion, let's not about being kind a nice person. Let me talk in that emotional aspect of it as a human being. I have asked many times when people hold grudges, and difficult moments remembers them so quite vividly, that when you talk to them, and they talk to you, they literally could see in their eyes, the scene that is happening in front of them. And without any control, the tears begin to flow from their eyes, that tells you how hurt they are, there is no denying, as a counselor, I sit over there, I pass them the tissue box

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clinic, you know, and let them wipe their tears, without even realizing they are in totally different mode, you could see that they're sitting in front of you, they're not present, because they are present in the moment when they had that heated argument, or the hurt that they suffer. And that caused the pain, suffering that they feel they feeling at that very moment.

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I let them have this episode.

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And when they calm down a little bit, then I asked them, How long ago has it happened?

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And they tell me years past years, years has passed. And I say wait, that individual that had caused you this pain?

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And they just smiled. They said they're just living their life happily. I say What are you doing to yourself, to actually harm yourself more, they harm you once and you're harming yourself again and again, again and again. Again and again. When each time you remember that moment, you're doing zoom on yourself.

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And that is a transgression against your own self. And the first and foremost the person who benefits for good forgiveness is your own self. You liberate yourself from that hate and pain and suffering. So Allah intent that is for you, Allah does not intend difficulty for you, when he asked you to forgive, forgive for the sake of Allah, Allah says, you know, Allah does not benefit you with your forgiveness to the other human beings. But Allah is saying, forgive for my sake. It is the kindness and the generosity of Allah subhanaw taala saying that, alright, unload all of your pain and suffering on to me, I'll take care of it. I want you to live your life peacefully, as long as I

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have decreed for you to walk on this earth. So my beloved as a believer, as a believer, it is to your good advantage that you forgive for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah loves you so much that he wants to liberate you from that pain and suffering and you can leave and no sooner that I guide people to forgive each other. And when they embrace and accept in the light of Quran and Sunnah, before even the both of their chairs, I asked them, How do you feel

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you know, most of the time the responses, I feel very light.

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They were carrying this burden, like a rocky mountain Himalayan mountain burden on their heart. And that is why they were very cheery, no sooner that they hear or remember of them thing like this, the tears flow from their eyes, but is no longer the case personally right away is benefiting themselves potentially as a human being you benefit but if you do the same act for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala your benefit is many fold. One you liberate yourself from this pain and suffering at the way that you carries all your life and we're heavy on your emotion and your decision making it literally literally influenced and affects your lifestyle. On the contrary, on the contrary it doesn't it in a

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negative way not only influenced you but let's say we're particularly talking about like family now like we're have the family of the OMA but now you have family blood family, okay? And now you have people who are within their family, they're not setting a good example. Now you have kids coming along. Have you seen like generations of generations now the KitKat kids kind of inherit this meaning that now they end up holding a grudge because they're maybe father held a grudge or to sit to hold the gun and they start creating a resentment between a certain family member because a certain family didn't let it go drew Drew, let me continue on the point that and then I will answer

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that question. First as a human being you will benefit by letting go of these grudges. And if you do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala as a believer, your reward multiplies. You enjoy the benefit as a human being for letting go of the grudges and you also enjoy the reward from Allah subhanaw taala because you did so Kali, certainly by July Subhana, WA Tada. So it's a win win situation as a believer. So while others are doing it for their own reasons you ought to do as a believer because your Rob has demanded this from you. So with that great incentive. Muslims should be the first and foremost to forgive any one for any crime. Any

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sin are any hurt any pain that they have caused. Second, and if you don't do this, if you do this, you're winning in your life and they are after also. But if you refuse to do this, in spite of having great incentive given to you, the consequences are severe. Cutting the ties, now you're talking about the humanity we were talking about killing somebody random person, causing any hurt and pain to you talk about this is happening from your own family member, immediate family members, B it is your spouse b it is your in laws, B it is your relatives, BTG children, sometimes even parents, and some I have seen aging parents having this kind of pain and suffering from their

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children. In all in all, this is the play of shutdown, shutdown tried to create this kind of environment. So they cannot be at the peace when they're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So we have got to turn to Allah subhanaw taala seeking refuge from this situation, but the consequences of not doing it are the following. One when two individuals have the situation, so Allah salatu salam emphasize on the saying that if you have differences with the fellow Muslim, you have to reconcile within three days.

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If not, then you will find your place in the hellfire. It says strong statement.

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This will affect only those individuals who truly believe in Heaven and Hell truly appreciate what really happens in hellfire and fear Allah subhanaw taala and only then and then only they will be able to understand and compare between holding this position of this hatred towards each other, or letting go for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the fear of being put into the hellfire, that is what was sort of loss Allah, Allah wanted to convey his mercy for the universe. He loves us very much, and he does not want us to enter into the hellfire. So he's pointing out to that thing he's saying that if you don't, that is your abode. So I asked you to forgive for the sake of Allah

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subhanaw taala if you don't do this, and look, the picture that also Allah, Allah Salam had in front of him, just picture a sort of loss or loss, and I'm talking to the Sahaba, advising them on kinship, and the family values and relationship and knowing the challenges that they're going through even then encouraging them to forgive. Why?

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In Islam, family structure is one of the greatest foundation that Islam is built on.

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And this kind of differences, causes family to fall apart. And when that happen there Islam is compromised in the practice of individuals life. So therefore it is very important that grudges when the parents, individuals hold against each other from the relatives, get transmitted into the family members, kids you talk about very beautifully, who suffer.

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kids suffer silently.

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They don't even know at times, reason why the adults have fought. They even questioned if my mom or dad had problems with each other, or with in laws with other uncles or with that cousin of mine. Why should I be prohibited from meeting and talking to their children?

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How should I behave when they come across? How should I be able to give them Salam or not? These are the questions that I get asked as the imam in the masjid. People are asking, we come to pray. We are cousins in the same Masjid. But we can't say salaam to each other because our parents are not in good terms with each other.

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Who's responsible for this?

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So that's not that's that's something you're passing down instead of passing down these good teachings of forgiveness of things that are pleasing to Allah. It reminds me of the Hadith where the prophet saw some had talked about if you expect Allah Spano Allah's mercy, mother, Allah to Mercy let me just could Allah, then you need to go ahead. And I mean, because you got a lot to account for also, right? Yes, and you don't want to be held up on a day of judgment pulled over to the side and questioned about all of the sins.

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Allah subhanaw taala says anyone who don't Rasul Allah was anyone who don't show mercy to mankind. Don't expect that from Allah subhanho data. And you want Allah to forgive, forgive his creation. What a beautiful teachings. What a beautiful teachings. How do you know if you've if you've truly forgiven? I just recorded a video clip for one of the TV channel where they talk, they asked me the same question. How do you know? I said this is the blessed month of Ramadan.

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Each Ramadan set a go inch fasting day set a goal.

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Look into individuals who you don't like and have been the source of your parents suffering. Identify those individuals with their name. Create a list if you must,

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and pray for them first.

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Without even talking to them, pray for them may do

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For make dua for them, forgive them and make dua for them. Because forgiving is easy. But making dua for that individual. It's a challenge to your belief. And that's when you can rise above, if you truly want to forgive somebody. And if you can go a step further than I encourage you to send that individual a gift.

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Let that individual know, on a simple message, you may agree or not, whether you approve of this or not, whether you like it or not, I just want you to know from my side, I have forgiven you for the pain and suffering that you had caused me. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah keep you on the right path and me, and I ask you to forgive me.

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These are the steps that need to be taken. And once again, as it's easier said than done. But if you have trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And if you take her sort of loss, Allah Salam, as your role model, you find it very easy. And no, all of this evil and mischief is caused by shape on an attribute, all of these tend to shut down not to that individual who are under the influence of shattered for time being. So you have to really forgive. This is a really, really powerful Hadith. This one, if you can go ahead and elaborate on this that the Prophet saw somebody talked about people's deeds being presented in before Allah, Mondays and Thursdays, and then every slave of Allah

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is granted forgiveness. And if the person didn't associate anything with a law in worship, but the person in whose heart there's rancor against his brother will not be pardoned. With regard to them, it will be said hold on to these two until they reconcile law. So the other paint a scenario like this is like your deeds are being presented. And now they're being rejected because you have this rancor and this goes back to him saying, okay, maybe say I forgive him, but you still holding his grudge, not letting go of things from the past. Allah subhanaw taala knows what is in your heart, you can never hide anything from Allah. If this resonates with you, then you will appreciate this

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hadith. And look, I always encourage people and our viewers here, it's easy to listen to the Quran and Hadith as a statement. But I would like for you to anytime from this point onwards, when you hear any references from the Quran or Hadith, try to picture Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam having this communication with Sahaba

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very loving and caring individual who want the best for us in this life and the year after

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saying this hadith. So the every Monday and Thursday, your deeds are presented to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Picture the Sahaba sitting over there, how excited they are. And look in the life of Allah Allah Salam, he has observed fast on Fridays, Mondays and Thursdays. And he said that the day that my deeds are being presented, I'd like to be in the state of fast. That is how much God is that you know, your blood vessel loss loss, Allah observed these things very closely. And he wanted to be in the state of fast when his name and his deeds I've been mentioned before Allah subhanaw taala looked at the level of belief or being this record on submitted before Allah subhanaw taala and how He is literally practicing discussion. And here sort of loss Allah Salam is saying that your deeds also

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being presented to Allah, every one of you.

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And we are all very excited to have this been presented, and a sort of loss, Allah Salam said except,

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and that should be enough to sink our hearts. It just like that a great big gift is going to be given to everybody in this hall.

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All of you need showing on the big screen, you're going to have this price, you're going to have this price, you're going to have this price and your region in your visualizing, you're dreaming, you're going to enjoy all of these things. And all of a sudden saying, accept, and everybody in the hall holding their breath, and they want to know what follows thereafter. And usually when the pseudo Ali salatu salam talks like this, it's a very, very important message that he wants to give. And look, he sums it down to two things.

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One obviously has to deal with our belief. Second, at first one belief, we don't compromise every one of us, we will die but we will not give up on Allah subhanaw taala damage it, but every one of us may likely fall for it. That is to hold grudges against each other. And it is very common among us. And a sort of loss of a lot is let me saying that your deeds will be held until such time that you cleanse your heart from the hatred towards each other. So it is

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Talking about Ramadan Ramadan right now. So you're talking about all this fasting can go go to waste, every single thing was so Ali, see, remember the words of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, he's giving the importance to this relationship, mending relationship to the degree that even your fasting your charity has been specifically mentioned here. Why? Because we hold our fasting very near and dear, we hold our charity very near and dear. We want to do whatever we can to God This was so Allah Allah Salam saying, you don't get to pick and choose with deeds are more important to Allah subhanaw taala which deed is more important also loss of loss of limb, you may give more value to

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your fasting and charity but also Allah Allah salami say, the more important than charity and fasting to Allah subhanaw taala is your relationship there is a Hadith here paraphrasing this hadith now this is a an authentic hadith where the prophet saw some as Do you know what is better far better than charity, praying and fasting? They said what a messenger of Allah He said bring bringing those ties of kinship together shall inform you of something more excellent and degree than fasting prayer and giving in charity, the Prophet said, they said yes, I'm a Chevrolet, he said, It is putting things right between people that is the greatest virtue. So do you think now for extended

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family members? Do you think a lot of times we live in a culture now everyone's like, you know, to each his own mind your own business. So as we conclude and come to an end, where this can motivate others to get involved, right from other members? Yes, it is the business is the culture in America. Individualism where in Islam is a universal, you are required to hire OMA collegiately, nurse, Marina, Bill Maru, whatever how nanny Moncure it is the honor of Allah subhanaw taala upon us, no individual, as a believer can say that stay out of this. No individual, as a believer said that mind your own business. It is the business of each and every single Muslim, to make sure first and

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foremost, they don't hold grudges. Second, if they find somebody holding grudges, do whatever you can, through peaceful means, within your limits, to make sure that you reconcile between the two individuals who are having issues. And Edie, trust me, trust me, this mind your own business has caused Muslim Americans so much that families are falling apart. If only Muslim have exercised this particular Hadith, of reconciliation between the brothers, and spouses and family members and friends, our situation would have been a lot better than it is today, our children would have been at much more in a healthy environment than they are today. They're confused. They're literally

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confused, don't know what to do. And their situation like this are forcing them to go and find relationship elsewhere, where they're supposed to be part of family structure of Islamic beautiful families, who is doing this individuals who are holding grudges, individuals who are not reconciling individuals in spite of being in a position to reconcile between the two individuals, and not doing the Justice towards this, causing the break and falling down of the Muslim families here in America. So I encourage first and foremost in the best month of Ramadan, that please make this media in this Ramadan, you will rise above your own egos your own position, and forgive for the sake of Allah

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subhanaw taala. Second, those who are in a position and authority to reconcile between the two, do not put off this noble work any longer, and reconcile between the individuals more sooner that you come to know of two individuals having any problem and the better, sooner the better it is, the longer it waits, the difficult it is to overcome these challenges. So I urge every one of you out there forgive each other, reconcile your differences immediately for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and if it is difficult for you to continue to visit and meet with this person, you may distance for a while until you really rise to the level of really being with the person in the same

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room. But do not put off the process of forgiveness any longer forgive each other immediately as soon as possible. This is very deep, it's it's a blessing month of Ramadan it is the month of the Quran. And this is what a lot of talks about, you know in the Quran over and over again and he sent the prophet of mercy so if we want mercy from Allah, if we want Allah to forgive our sins, we have to be more forgiving, it is so deluded zero 49 strongly recommended in this regard to read with the interest of time I cannot go over but I recommend all our viewers to read certain WHOdrug in detail where Allah subhanaw taala talk about the kinship and reconciliation between Brothers and Sisters in

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Islam. And Allah subhanaw taala says you

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You are the word always use in the moment you know that you're the one who has been born from the same womb. That is the close relationship get stablish when the believer says I should do a La Ilaha illa Allah, why should the no Muhammad Rasul Allah. So Edie, I pray with your efforts, Allah subhanho wa Taala bring humanity closer to Islam and bring Omar Seder also loss Allah Azza Lim, to the point where they can obey Allah Allah. So Allah Holly certainly for July subhanaw taala, and reconcile their issues, and live their life to the fullest and become the role model for others to follow. And first and foremost, as I said, you as an individual would benefit if you were to do

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this, and your innocent kids will no longer have to suffer, and you will keep the family together. Especially we have come from all over the world to America, leaving our own relatives foreign behind over there, we are creating our own Muslim communities. And we have to really be the role model for others to follow Islam. And this can be done with the intention of Dawa, just like in that video clip that you showed. It was a great source of data for the humanity JazakAllah Thank you very much for going over this thing. Thank you guys, for tuning in. This is very, very important subject very important topic. And inshallah this can be a source of motivation for us to pick up that phone to

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call that loved one, to go ahead and express that mercy that forgiveness that God Almighty Allah joined upon us so then we can get that forgiveness from the Almighty Creator God Almighty Allah. Go ahead and hit that notification bell not to miss another show when it comes out. And we'll see you next time here on the D show. Until then Peace be with you a Salaam Alaikum brother in Islam, Eddie from the deen show is creating the center, which is a masjid and our center which is going to help non Muslims learn about Islam.

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