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Darwin that people associate him with atheism. Darwin believed in God, but you're talking about hundreds of factors must exist for life to exist on Earth. decart believed in God, Kant believed in God, you know, think about that. Flip a coin 10 to the power 18 if you're non Muslim, listen, I'm not telling you to take my word as a fact. Do your research. If you're truthful, you're gonna see there is no real atheists. How would you feel if you die? And you find out there is no God.

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So I'm here to play he said much better than what you will feel when you die and find that as we want to help out everybody we are obligated to do that. And the best thing you can help someone with save them from the Hellfire what's better than mine because as ridiculous as it is to us, you still there's a there's a viewer in there he likes what we're saying he's one of his friends is like man, what are you doing? Maybe he just came as you listen to them terrorist people you know sees you so the man has got out carry the ISIS What are these guys talking about? blowing something up? What do you say to that?

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I laugh I love the fact we're sitting and talking to you instead of trying to kill you is if is the fact that we are not like that. But is this something uncommon or is very common. This is what's on the minds of many of the people have because we've been programmed and sadly Many people believe this kind of nonsense is manufactured fear that's out there I call it

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I'm not going to go until you Islam means peace and all that Islam is a religion that has a system to punish the oppressor.

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If you do wrong, you have your punishment. It depends Why am I to have free green light free license to kill? Islam is the last thing the last religion gonna support that right?

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You will not find in any religion that will tell you how to deal with every group of people based on your relationship with them based on their faith, except Islam.

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Islam differentiate between treating non Muslims who live with you in the same country compared to non Muslims who live in another country compared to Muslims who are have treaty with you or non Muslims who have traded with you, compared to Muslims to non Muslims who declare war on you. Islam details all that? Right. Islam details all that our prophet SAW, Selim said, I renounce a Muslim who gives a promise to a display to add to a non Muslim and betrays. That's the Prophet denounce renouncing a Muslim for a non Muslim? That's our Deen and we don't shy away from

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all you hear about that. I says, and that is and all that. This is this is again, it's if you're going to take your knowledge from the media from Facebook, you're the only one to be blamed. Right? If Muslims, that's all they want, they want to kill everybody. Trust me, nobody will be alive except Muslims. today. We are almost 2 billion people and I believe we're above we're more than 2 billion. I mean, since the first day we we were able to understand things they've been telling us we're 1.5 right? Yeah. Well, you're not increasing here. So if we if we want to help you just talk to non Muslims who live in Muslim countries, right? None of Muslims who are who are impartial, who are

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objective, and most of them who come from here to go there. Right? Tell them how they are treated. You know, so so all this we're terrorists and we're trying to kill people and we're trying to do that.

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Why don't you visit a Masjid and see how they treat you? Then come visit you hear that? You're more than welcome. Just come here and let's see if trust me I promise you you're gonna live a life right? You're going to live a life if it's not your time to do that by Allah they can come here to Miami visit you ask any questions they want anyone anything they want.

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That's it. That's that's a fair and just invitation and request to come. And I always say come visit the Muslims calm and make the connection. And the last one is you have this growing trend. We're just seems like copycat by nature. And you have have you dealt with this many Muslims now? Who will listen to the professor and he's an atheist and now many Muslims starting to doubt their Deen and going towards saying, Well, you know, I don't don't we got a good book here dialogue with the atheist. Have you had a dialogue with a Muslim? Who says yeah, I'm Muslim. I'm an atheist.

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It's opposite is oxymoron. oxymoron. Yeah. have you dealt with these cases? And what do you say? What are some things that you say to have them to help get them back on the clear way? I mean, if you if you talk about an atheist, an atheist, as they say, helped you halfway to take the shot? Because he says no, god, yes. Right. Oh, shadows, Leyla LA. Ilaha. Illallah. No God, but Allah right. So he already helped you with the first half. Yeah. Now you need to convince them that they're Islam. And that truly I don't believe there's a real or there's a good book, but it's not translated. But it talks about there is no real atheists.

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Right. They can talk us

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much as they want, but at the end of the day, they believe in something. What are they going to be? Call it nature? What are they going to call it? intellect, whether they're going to call it Big Bang, or whatever they believe in. There is no way a human being can exist without believing that he came from something. Right? This atheist, right? They tell you, you don't prove God to us. They all act intellectual, right? And scientific, right?

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So they tell you, we only believe in what's being experimented. Right. So we've never, we've never seen God, we've never experimented him in the lab. So we don't believe is existing? Well, you apply that to everything.

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apply that to what you claim to be the truth. Right? You believe in Big Bang? Did you see it? Did you experiment it in the lab? You believe in evolution? Did you experiment it? And have you witnessed something going from one form to another in the lab? is actually based on faith? not blind faith? That's it so so what's the difference between you and us? The only difference is you don't want to say what you believe in is God and we say it's good. So and again, it's it's the problem with a lot of, especially youngsters, right? Muslims who shy away from Islam, because of all this attack of misinformation is not well equipped to defend his Deen. He doesn't even know what his Deen

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is all about. So when he's being hammered every day, how was his reaction? You know what, again, I got to disassociate myself from this religion. It's all a reaction. So the reaction, but when you talk to an atheist has no merit whatsoever? There is no, I mean, go read the read the issue. At one point, those philosophers who want to deny this, someone like a human right, he came to say, listen, nothing we see exist. Anything we perceive as existing in front of us, it's just interpretation of our minds. Everything outside is actually inside of us, that we just perceive things differently. But there's nothing really exist. They reach that point.

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Or the others, the idealism or existentialism or naturalism, it's just there that they're looking for something because they're arrogant to accept that there is a creator, right? And then they tell you, okay, there's a creator who created the Creator. Right? And this is this chain that keeps going back and actually doesn't exist, because it doesn't have an end. Yeah, so it's just, it's just a philosophical argument that has no basis. And the more and the intellectuals are codified logic, I mean, they the giants are Socrates and Plato, they actually they believed in a creator 100% 100% and then the great thinker

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talked about one was that little bit of sign because we claim it's like sciences become a religion, basically, that a little bit of soft science makes you an atheist, but in depth, understanding of science makes you a believer, hey, I have a hook law about this.

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It was in the Time Magazine, an article where when they talked about life, and then in the 70s, or something

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they talked about for for, for life to exist on Earth, they were talking about two components need to exist, right? Whatever oxygen and water or whatever. So as the more the science advanced over the years, they reach crazy number of components factors need to coexist in certain relationship for life to exist. So the argument they want to make, there is no way all these factors could co exist at the same time.

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Without without them that someone who engineered Yeah, so they're saying how, how science, this proved out to prove the existence of God over time. I mean, two things existing together, and there is a chance, but you're talking about hundreds of factors must exist for life to exist on Earth. It's not only water, and oxygen, there are a lot of other things we need as human beings to exist. So the more science discover these things, and the relationship with between them, they realize they're each Remember, the chance. The chance for life with all these factors to exist, if it's by coincidence, is to flip a coin 10 to the power 18 times, and all of the time it will be face or head

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or tail. That's the chance for life to exist by itself on Earth. Flip a coin 10 to the power 18. To write one with 18 zeros. Flip it that many times and every time it's going to come head

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which is Yeah, wow. This is just a taste for you guys to get to stimulate you to

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to really take the matter of serious purpose of life, why am I here? Where am I going when I die, you know, and just, you know, it just you have more of a chance of winning, they say the lotto every day for a month, then this whole creation, everything to had created itself. It just doesn't make sense. So

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look into, you know, often lead people with the homework for people who are confused to ask the Creator who created you for guidance. You know, that's just a place to start, be genuine and sincere, and do your work, do your homework. And you know, if I can say all these people, you you, you brag about a lot of them, but as you said, believed in God, this Darwin that people

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claim are associated with atheism. Darwin believed in God. And that's ironic. decart believed in God, Kant believed in God, you know, think about that. It's just, you have to read for yourself and stop just being a sponge that there's willing to absorb people out there or people want to harm you. And at the end of the day, you believe in, there is a story where someone

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asking someone, someone atheist asking someone who believes him, he said, How would you feel? If you die? He tells the one who believes in God, how would you feel if you die, and you find out there is no God.

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So here to place it much better than what you will feel when you die and find that is God. That is deep, that is deep.

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The last thing and this is a treat, I have to mention it because this is something that I was really fascinated with. When I started to see, I would say not yet Muslim shape, because everyone has the potential to give birth to what's already inside of them. The natural way of submitting to the Creator, not the creation, that's what a Muslim one has chosen freely to submit to the one guy so that when I when I saw not yet Muslims talking about we're out of time, I just got to throw this in there, because you mentioned it so I could get this out to you talking about the miswak. And now you're a dentist also. And I saw all the tremendous benefits wrapped up in this miswak and us

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coordinate study about this one shared with us before we continue that study was done by by Swedish Swedish team. And it was published in the Swedish dental society this, this was about 13 years ago when I read it, you know, and the whole study the whole actually publication that that month or year was about the miswak, right? It's a it's a study for about I remember 40 pages. And it talked about the tremendous benefits of the miswak. And to the oral cavity, right. or carry that's what we call right

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to the teeth.

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In the way that

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keeps the teeth healthy, that calcium in the teeth, the the the saliva, a lot of natural things in in the miswak where it comes from specific tree now that's another thing. A lot of people who go to Hajj or Umrah they just pick anything and that's selling on the street as miswak Yeah, that's something for you to pay attention to. Not every every branch is called swag. Swag really comes from a specific tree. And so you want when you want to buy it, you want to buy it, you want it natural, you want it

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fresh, and you want it from the real tree. So there are specific places you can ask and they will tell you, but 100% it has it has some chemicals very beneficial to the gum. The health of the gum, a lot of people always worried about the teeth. It's the gum is the house of the teeth. Yeah, if that gum is not good, you can have the perfect teeth and eventually you will lose them. Right. So miswak has a lot of benefits and even the way the prophet SAW Selim

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used to use the miswak Yeah, it was more on the gum rather than the teeth, right?

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Because if the gum is healthy, hopefully the teeth will be healthy. Yeah. We still need to brush a bit you still need to brush Any closing advice out there that you want to give to the to the not yet Muslims and also to the Muslims as we wrap up. All right.

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Very simple, I, you we all looking for happiness. There is no human being out there. If you ask them what you're looking for that they will disagree with you that they're looking for happiness, and comfort of mind. If you're a non Muslim. Listen, I'm not telling you to take my word as a fact. Do your research. If you're truthful. You're gonna see what makes sense to analyze. The data has control of your heart. Just be sincere, be be do your homework. And trust me, you will know where the truth is. If you're a Muslim, you have a treasure and allows the reader will ask you about the fact a lot chose you from all these all these people to be Muslim. Do not take it for granted. There

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are a lot of people out there who might need you to guide them to the path by the permission of if you

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Not doing your work, who's going to guide them? Right? So you might be instrumental in the well being of this. So don't think always about yourself. Think about the well being of your own, and of mankind, Lazarus, when he talks about the home of a listener, he said, You're the best on brought forth to, to, to mankind to make hiddenness, a good, the best community brought forth to the Muslims, or to the believers or to certain group of people, he said to mankind, so we as Muslims have duty toward mankind. First, we take care of ourselves, we educate ourselves, we connect with a lot of Zoo agenda where he wants and then we will have so much power to spread out there. We want to

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help out everybody, we are obligated to do that. And the best thing you can help someone with, save them from the hellfire. What's better than that? Is to save them from the hellfire. So don't use the excuse that why don't have money, how are we going to help people, you don't need money for the profits I sent most of the messengers of our port, right? All you need that you can make time, right? You can make time

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you will have the platform, all you need is just teach yourself, educate yourself when you go to speak, speak out of knowledge, as the people as the people of knowledge if you are not, and go spread the light and the process as a believer and you will convey about me even if it's one eye. So you don't need to be a scholar or have a degree in Sharia, for you to go and spread the word of Allah say what you know and what you're sure. And the world needs us today. The world is suffering is in dire need for some guidance. It's us that we what we have, and I promise you the next the next era is for Islam.

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The next era is for Islam, the next term in the history of the world is for Islam, and mark my point and you will see so be part of it. Right. Beautiful. The next era is that natural way of submitting your will not to the creation but to the Creator. That's what Islam is about worshiping the Creator, not the creation and is there so many gems of wisdom? interact with us? Let us know in the comments. The things that you picked up you'd learned. contribute your part. Subscribe if you haven't already, and thank you for tuning in here to the D show. We'll see you next time peace be with you. I sent alikoum