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went into this cartoon with Charlie Healbot. And pretty much summarizing it was like, we don't need bombs anymore. Right. What are your thoughts, you know, BNS goes back to what you're saying where people who don't respect, disrespect other people's religions, we're not looking to, you know, provoke, but it seems like you know, people in the mainstream media and others don't come out to condemn these things. But then when Muslims will step out some lunatic does something but you know, you had how many people now with this tragic event with the hurt the earthquake? Did you hear about this, about this drawing with the view about it? Yeah. At a time, where there's more than 20,000

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people that have lost their lives,

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hundreds 1000 Plus that have been affected by this tragedy, instead of showing sympathy to the victims instead of showing humanity. These, you know, Charlie Hebdo, and people in France and other places have been making caricatures and cartoons, mocking them.

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And what's interesting is, this is done under the guise of free speech, talking about Well, we believe that you can mock anything, you believe in having freedom of speech. But I challenge them, the same cartoonists, the same magazine to go make a cartoon then about the Holocaust. In Austria, till today, I was there myself, it is illegal for you to even question whether the Holocaust happened or not. And again, we as Muslims, we're not saying that this is our stance, we're just saying that if you are going to talk about freedom of speech, then why is hate speech a thing? Why can you be arrested for hate speech? And how is this not hate speech? When you curse the Prophet?

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Who is more beloved to us than our own parents? Right? This is a this is a disgusting show, of trying to get attention of the misery of others, that at a time, were more than 20,000 have lost their lives when we're still digging the dead and live out of the the rubble of an earthquake, you're mocking them. You're saying we don't need bombs? Because we just hope that the people of Syria and Turkey are dead, one way or the other? How disgusting is that? And where are the politicians standing? Where are the where are the worst human rights appeal? And where are Amnesty International? And where's all these organizations? Where's that little girl from Sweden that, you

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know, is all up in arms about things? Where's their disgust? Silence, it seems like nobody is saying anything. This is the hypocrisy. If you if you use an anti semitic term, and we condemn that we don't we don't condone anti semitism. If somebody uses a racist term against African Americans, we condemn that. We in America, we realize that hate speech, you can be arrested, you can be an if you use threatening language you can be put in jail for for words. But when people use that against Muslims, then there's nothing. You know, there's laws in many countries against burning flags. You can be arrested and put in jail for burning the flag of a country. But when somebody is burning,

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something more dear to us than a flag, the Quran, people say, well, that's freedom of speech. It's a double standard. It's not fair. You know, when you talk, when you even question the policies of a particular country called Israel, you will be called an anti Semite, even though you're just questioning the politics of a country. Right? Arabs are Semitic people. I don't know how you can call them anti Semites. Right. But when you when you attack a people when you wish for their destruction when you burn their holy scriptures, when you mark their profit when you call for their death, like these people from Charlie Hebdo have done, whether through bombs or natural disasters,

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silence. Why, why that's the big question. Why che What do you have to say about that, you know, I actually read a report that the most passive reaction to a disaster, collective disasters in the world, from the United Nations from all these other organizations, imagine if this earthquake happened in France, how that 1000 20,000 dead and they are still digging and nobody is moving. Nobody is moving to help them. They're dragging their feet, dragging their feet and they are you know, marching passive, because it's the likes of Muslims is achieved for them. You know, and, and, but you know, at the end of the day, look at this ad

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if Jhala leadin Accuform will feel cooler will be he will have a Yetter Honeyeater J

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Really, what they have is the what is Hermia is the the the zeal of Jaya Helia Now Charlie that says zero jaggedy ignorant ignorance it's a misguided zealot approach above the ignorant you know, you know, this verse was revealed when the Muslims in their way to perform ombre and the disbelievers stopped them.

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And they were wearing the Haram and they refused for them to enter Mecca. And Harley didn't really draw the Allahu anhu, who was not a Muslim at the time, he actually came in order to incite muslims so that they would do some attack so they would kill them.

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But the prophet and Allah Subhan commanded them to stay still. So even with this, you know, nasty and humane,

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you know, behavior by this Charlie thing.

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You know, we're still not going to react to them. Because we're Alexander home, Kelly Mehta, taqwa. You know, we're gonna fear Allah subhanaw taala in them. And we're going to make dua for them that Allah guides them, and we're going to invite them to Islam, and we're going to make dua for our deceased, you know, because we hope that these brothers and sisters who lost their lives, and Turkey and Syria are martyrs, that they take on the rulings of martyrs. Because the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam added four categories, to dying in the Cause of Allah and the battlefield, someone who was crushed, had someone who drowns someone who was plagued someone who is from stomach disease. So

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certainly there are those who were crushed, the walls falling on them, and those who drown somehow, we hope that they will die as he's, you know, that's what we believe, you know, we don't make mockery of death. You know, we don't do that death is one of them, because everybody is going to face it. But what really matters is how, you know how you die? So

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may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on these brothers, you know, may, you know, it's very sad, you know, especially May Allah guide that other people in the West that would mock the death of anybody. We as Muslims don't mock the deaths of people, many times they take a video of somebody celebrating a wedding, and they're like, all these guys were celebrating something else, and they try to make these tricks. But as Muslims know, we feel sorrow didn't even the last and final message sent to mankind, pro Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He was seen a procession of funeral possession, and he stood up, it was actually a Jewish man. And then he was asked why he says

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innocent soul. That is correct. That's correct. Death is isn't a human soul. It's a mutual. So what kind of depraved individuals, you would think now there should be a call by the mainstream media by politician against this need help, they need help back again. But they're their newspaper after there's the backlash, you know, from politicians from the world stage, they should be run out of business, actually, at the end, that nobody should be buying their newspapers for anybody to go ahead and with what do you think, I mean, this is the whole point that good people, we're not, we're not going to wait for politicians. We're not going to wait for the malls who run media campaigns and

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have the you know, the these tyrants that kind of take over industries, like the media and then run it, these people are only out there to make money. But good average Americans, Europeans and people around the world good humans, whether Muslim or not, should stand up against this in a peaceful manner. Like the chef said, we're not going to react to this in a violent manner, we're going to react to this with peaceful response. But people should react to their wallet, not financially support or by such organizations that call for the mockery of innocent death. People should see the hypocrisy non Muslims should look at this, just like we see the war in Ukraine has exposed the

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hypocrisy of the West about refugees. You know, the war in Syria, which is US and Russia and other interests people were involved in instigating and, and taking to a different level one side arming one and the other. So when those Syrian children, refugees, women, elderly, were coming to the borders of countries like Poland, there were sign saying we don't want you here. We don't care if your children we don't care if you're women. We don't

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If you just came from war, we don't want you here. And the same countries when the war happened Ukraine and we feel for the people Ukraine, we feel for the for the crisis there. We feel for the dead we respect the fact that that's human life. But when those people from Ukraine came, those same countries are opening their borders. Why? Why is the Ukrainian child any different than a Syrian child? Why is the life of a Turkish, any different from a life of a French? People who talk about human lives and talk about humanity should ask themselves that question, and raise that question with their politicians and raise that question. With these newspapers. Even if you're not Muslim,

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you should stand up for what is right. And we would like to invite all of you to yourself, learn about Islam. This is the response that we want from the non Muslim community, to these types of newspapers or Quran burnings is don't listen to them. yourself go like the beautiful Hadith that Chef mentioned about the failure of nomina Dozie. yourself you are intelligent enough to know right from wrong. Allah has given you Apple Allah has given you this brain, this intelligence to know right from wrong, yourself, learn about the message of Islam. How beautiful is the message of Islam, the message of one Creator, that care that loves you, that wants good for you, that wants guidance

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for you, that doesn't kill his own son for salvation that can forgive you just from you asking, forgive, just asking.

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That can guide you from you asking for guidance, that creator that doesn't put upon you any burden more than you can handle that creator that that wants you to have that everlasting bliss, in agenda in paradise. So read the message, learn about Islam from Muslims. And then you can evaluate right from wrong. You can know this. I'll tell you one thing. We have a brother in San Diego His name is Hamza

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and he became Muslim because of Fox News.

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This is Brother You know, his brother. We saw him in the masjid one time started talking to him. And subhanAllah he didn't know any Muslims didn't know about Islam. He's watching Fox News and he saw a very negative, not balanced portrayal of Muslims. But him not realizing what this is a body segment Who are these people? This is barbaric. This is crazy. Isn't gangsters like, This is crazy. And he started to learn he went himself but he was intelligent enough that he didn't just blindly follow what he saw he went and he got a Quran he got books for the library learned and he became a Muslim himself hamdulillah he's married to Muslim sister they have kids now we know him. So all of these,

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these negative portrayal these these unbalanced this this hypocritical, freedom of speech being misused to hide hate speech and to stop the message all of this all we ask is for the people to use your own intelligence and go and learn about Islam and we hope from Allah that Allah guides us and them and gives us is the karma steadfastness on the religion

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just come from a question that you made a good really good point you know, imagine if something horrific like this you had this earthquake happening, like just a place you mentioned Ukraine. And imagine now the outlash somebody's mocking this

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hate speech, you know would be considered you mean you Yeah, you had the example

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you'd had you had the example of them trying to we know we don't have any original Torah but what's today of the Torah they tried to go ahead someone was just going to play like they're going to but not actually burn it and they came down and said No, it's not gonna you heard about this right? But they're allowing the crown to be burned this dope this was blatant hypocrisy is there have you gotten your have fathers who are bringing their children you know out of his rumble babies coming out childhood stuck under all this rubble? Their whole life is right in front of them just to mock 1000 plus 100,000 People affected women that are that are holding their little infant children that

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have been pressing would you say this is this is a production I don't think any person who be it he someone who's truly let's say a Christian or anybody have a god caught someone who has who believes in God this is like void of God this is like this is the result of believer in any morality in any you have to be depraved the pride of any morality like this you have said there's they're sick to have a sickness these are people who like probably indulgent beasty ality I mean all sorts I mean, this is what I don't know. You just have to be sick minded to to go ahead and mark 20,000 people dying he doesn't. And I can't wrap your mind. Where's that? If you look at where's your heart

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sickness of the hearts, the sickness of the heart? It blinds the eyes. Yep. If definitely the ears. It covers the intellect because the sickness It begins in the heart.

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And it goes back down to care for just a crime. If you see people, for example, Jeffrey Dahmer was was eating children and things. And you look at serial killers and mass murderers and you think, how could they do this? And then you realize that it's because their heart was diseased. When you don't have a morality that is set to divine laws, then everybody defines their own morality. Where are the lines then? We as Muslims, we have the Quran, we have the guidance from the words of ALLAH, Danny, we have the Sunnah we have what the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him taught us. We know that even in times of war, we have constraints, we cannot just go in, as they did in Guantanamo or in Abu

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Ghraib and other places where they just, you know, use dogs for torturing and biting and then mass gang rapes. We cannot do any of this because we as Muslims know that there are rules and regulations even for war. And that's why historically, people talk about terrorism and things. Let's look at his and I give the narration, which is so beautiful, while the shields talking just don't lose your point. Oh, sorry. Did

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you just finish finish here? Yeah, if you look at the Spanish Inquisition, and you look at the difference between that, and when Salahuddin or Yahweh saladan, as they mispronounce, took Palestine, you know, when Saladin, according to Western historians, non Muslim historians, and they've made movies about this. Now, when he took the holy city, he allowed there to be churches, he allowed there to be synagogues. He allowed people to practice their religion. There was no mass rate. There was no murder, historically, historically, non Muslim documentation that is the movie they just recently made about Saudi, you can see all that right. But now you look at the opposite.

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The Spanish Inquisition, when the people from trying to other parts when they went and took the Moorish Spain, which the Moors had room for hundreds of years, they massacred everybody. Every Muslim was either killed or forced to convert. Every Jew was either killed or forced to convert every Christian that didn't follow their form of Christianity, either. The Spanish Inquisition was a genocide and a mass they didn't leave a single mosque standing. They didn't leave as best they could not a single Muslim in Spain. Look at the hypocrisy there. In Islam, we have the camp of Alabama, we protect the rights of non Muslims. When we look at the Crusaders and the rape and massacres they did

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with the cross, read your history before we talk. And that's why we say the Divine Mercy of the Quran, set those laws to protect human rights. Go ahead, go ahead. Please just sit in context of these guys who the Charlie you know, they are hoping though, they are hoping that Muslims will be wiped away because of earthquakes. Actually, this is something that will never happen.

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There is

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an aeration is it inevitable? Then aerated jabber if not the level of the Allahumma so for the people hearing this for the first time you're going now deep you're going into the into the preserved texts. Yes. And you're looking when when Allah subhanaw taala revealed the following verse In surah. Al Anon from the Quran now. Yes. Who say who will call the rule is the one who is able in reference to Allah, Allah yet batha Allah you can buy them and meaningful people to send the same down

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a punishment from above you to why you completely Why do you completely the prophets Allah Salah moon, he heard that he said, Oh, do we watch HC?

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I seek refuge in your face, that you make my own my parish because of a punishment that comes that would be like, you know, thunderstorms and all these are

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people who will call you Allah Ya Allah and Kamadeva and when file click home look at the second one. Our main data our Julia

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are from beneath your feet. All the scholars said earthquakes. The prophets, Allah says are all the word Jake. I seek refuge in your face that my ummah would be wiped away by a collective earthquake. Yeah, individual earthquakes. Yes, it will happen. That's something about like the entire community of Muslims. No, Charlie Hebdo is not going to happen. How will we be salcombe Shia, here's the interesting piece. Or he will turn you into groups, factions, the Muslim community. You do cobargo combats about that you have internal dispute and conflict. So the Prophet said that OWI

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Jeet, that by Omar will be divided. Allah said to him, No, this one no, this is other. If they choose, then that's their way before we conclude, tell us how to for the person trying to make sense of this. They're not well grounded maybe in the deen, you know borderline jumping from here to there. And they don't understand why they could have been there going through it or outside, they're looking, why is this happening to Muslims? Why? How can they go ahead and make sense of this? We talked about this in Joomla, as well.

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This life is a test. And one of the signs of the day of judgment as a prophet is how to swim and Solace is an increase in earthquakes. So there's a prophecy to this prophecy to this. And we're seeing it every year we're seeing the fulfillment of the prophecy. So for so many of these you can find prophesize these earthquakes coming Yes, one of the signs of the day of judgment of the Prophet peace and blessings Bhuvana in the authentic nurturing Tollers is an increase in earthquakes and deaths from it. And we've seen that happening year by year and we're seeing everything from tsunamis and earthquakes coming and they're gonna hit all parts of the world. And they're gonna hit Muslim

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parts of the world signs of the Day of Judgment kinds of the day of judgment that are coming through weeks. Does that mean that it's it's coming close, actually three of the 10 major signs or earthquakes? Were falletto who sue Finn, husband, Bill mesotherapy. Well, husband Bill McGreevy, were first phone vida de la Telara. There are 10 Major, the you know, the minor signs is the increase. But out of the 10 major signs of the Day of Judgment. There are three earthquakes, one in the east, one in the west and one in the Arabian Peninsula.

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So the increase in earthquakes is something we should expect. And we know that every prophecy of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has come through and what hasn't yet will come true. So this is going to happen. And we need to understand that this is a reminder for the Muslim ummah, that this life, isn't it? Look, people say how can a child be killed in a natural disaster? How could God allow this understand something? None of us have a guarantee of how long we're going to live. None of us bought life like as if we're gonna get a return policy or something right? Allah wrote it for us. A child that dies before puberty before hitting the age of blue will be in Jana. And he will be

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in Paradise because he never reached an age where he's going to be questioned. And in Jannah he will be a grown man. So he will have a boy or a grown woman for girl. So what does that tell you that if some child dies, maybe a five year old six year old, we see that very negatively. But in reality it's good for the child in this world Yes, his life didn't get to be 20 and 30 and 40 but he will live forever ever in general. This is the wisdom while hood Yes, I was gonna kill him. Yeah, that's very good point. Yeah. beat me to it Mashallah. If you look at the story of Musa and Federer, and if you don't know her and the Quran, or the calf, you can write, you can read about the Prophet Musa

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peace and blessings be upon him with greater peace and blessings be upon him.

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When Musa alayhis salam saw Haider Ali such Salam doing things that he didn't comprehend. He was unable to contain himself, because he was very strict on right and wrong. And then one of the things that explained him about the child that he killed, and how that young man was to grow up and be a means of misguidance for himself and for his parents. So Allah chose from his mercy, that he dies at an age where he will still enter the paradise. Now think about the parents, they would only see that the young child died,

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they would not know the wisdom behind it. So to them it was a calamity, but in reality, it was the best for them and their child. So when some hardship happens upon the Muslim, we are patient, we do not question other why it happened. It happened because Allah wrote it. You know, and we do not question the wisdom of it because we know Allah knows better than us. And we know Whatever befalls us is best for us. The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said in the authentic narration, that I am amazed by the condition of the believer. And this is for none but the believer the movement, the believer that if something good happened, he praises Allah, Allah increases the good. And if you

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ask to some hardship, he is patient, and Allah forgives his sins and elevates his ranks because of his patient. So, when we are hit with calamities, we don't question why we say you know what happened? We are patient and we know that there is an everlasting life in Jannah that is the real life so this life

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temporary anyway, I mean, little children, being born in hospitals in the US sometimes died at the point of being born.

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Whether you die that way or under an earthquake or a fire, in the end, that is what life was written for you. But if you make it into that paradise, meaning if you die, whether you're even from a non Muslim household, and you die before the age of blue, right?

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Or you live past that, and you are able to earn through your good deeds, the Mercy of Allah, right, and then you enter Jannah either way, if you entered paradise, you made it, you're successful. So this life doesn't really matter. It's just a test. So this light void of the Hereafter doesn't make sense. But now as you narrated in Islam, having the categories of somebody you can start making sense of it, how you pass away how you die, even in this situation, can it be a means for you to achieve paradise?

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Again as a pathway, the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Salam and the Hadith, Al Bukhari Khattab. recaulk So the Prophet said, most story on almost off on

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this person's Janessa whether he rested

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or whether he's being rested from

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so the after the Janaza you see, the profit is respecting the Janaza he didn't say anything, but after the Janessa pass the Janessa procession so the Companions ask them we'll do one more Holly him Malmo study 111 Mal Mustafa Holman Who Who are those? He said, The one who rested is the believing men and women. When they die, they take a break from life. And they go through Allah His mercy. And imagine that this is why at the Prophet SAW Selim at one time he made a statement in front of our HR Viola on the Hadith also say Bukhari Hadith, Oba Masamoto the Allahu Anhu. He said, Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah would love to meet him. Man had belly or Allah He had biller who they call

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the Companions know quite well that the only time you're going to meet Allah is when we die on the day of judgment or agenda for Asia commended saying Ya rasool Allah What are you gonna Allah Cara? Holy mouth Mounta who doesn't hate that? You want me to hit to wish for today? You want me to be suicidal now so I can meet? No, no, no, no, no, no. But the believing sleeve when he is going through the agony of death, the angels who came to prepare him for the Angel of Death to extract his soul. And this is the Hadith involved as a human so that I can hack him Allah shall serve Muslim it meets requires Muslim they will tell him you did good with your life. You were successful. You

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succeeded in your test. And you know, Jen is out there waiting for you and don't worry about what you're going to leave behind at that time. Okay, let me go take my soul. I want to die. I want to go to Allah.

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Even when they carry him a little bit I will hold their Allah and they carry him to the cemetery for burial. Look at this now that that but the moon, the moon he's asking the people who are carrying him drive Come on now drive now walk walk. That's why we have this sculpture that his Janessa was flying. You know, that's a sign that that you know, because he loves to meet Allah. You see the Charlie Abdo people don't know that stuff. I understand that they may assume that we're suicide. No, we're not suicidal, but we have a different perspective on death. Death is a break. But what matters how you died. And imagine these brothers and sisters those 20,000 they have a good chance of

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receiving the status of martyrdom. Help me Shaheed will. But again we don't say that we don't say for sure only Allah Who knows. But we ask Allah to grant each one of them who would I don't know at all but Allah mean the ruling of Shaheed imagine that what what is the ruling of Shaheed Jana paradise I don't even want to get into it that's a whole nother session but these people like from Charlie How about this but just to add the shift mashallah cover the points but one more point for delivering

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Allah Subhana Allah is testing you

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whether to expiate a sin you're committed or whether to raise your rank one of the to look at this any any see any calamity or hardship ma Saba Muslim woman nasolabial wala wasabia Walla Walla has any had to shout anything that inflected believers and that's what the chief mentioned Hadith so hey, we are here our Java lang moment. Look at this, anything even depression, even a moment of grievance sadness, but Allah Who

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will expect yourself

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Allah who will expect a sin that you committed. So this is cleansing to the Ummah but like the chef mentioned woman, Laura sudo will at the waiver, Allah subhanaw taala sending this is to make us fear. So we gotta fear we gotta come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala in repentance This is how we look at death you know even the death of children that she had mentioned you know that it actually could be a good it's a great reminder life can just flip upside down literally like at any moment it can all be taken away it can all end so we have to be prepared for what comes next after this and physically and mentally we always have to remember that there is a greater purpose a greater this is

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not it here

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Yeah, and I don't want you I don't want to get into now it's another session but for people like you're saying they need help they need the guidance if they don't go ahead and start reading this crime they don't start taking the guy they start being add a persistent

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opponents to the truth and mocking and whatnot and they die upon this. There's a clear description just like there's a description for Paradise is a clear description of what will happen to people like that and hellfire isn't there. Detailed? Yeah, yeah. So maybe that they should read that maybe that will scare him straight? Yeah, well, that's the thing. I mean, people need to realize there's only two destinations. Either you're going to be in paradise forever, or you're going to be in a Hellfire abadan forever and ever. So you can mock all you want in this life. You can you can make any kind of cartoon, you can burn whatever, you can make jokes, you can use your double standards,

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but in the end, you're gonna go back to Allah and you're gonna stand in front of Allah and you're gonna give your account, there is no other place to go. So this is why as Muslims, we want good for everybody. We don't want to see these people, even from Charlie Hebdo, or these people burning the Quran or Islam, or May Allah guide them, we want to see them in the hellfire. We want them to be in Jannah with us. But the path to Genesis Tohei is to believe in the one creator is to accept the Quran, the words of ALLAH to accept the profit of the last prophet, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And that's what we call everybody towards, is to believe in that one Creator,

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the same one, that Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Muhammad peace and blessings be upon all of them believed in, and to submit, that's what Muslim is we submit ourselves. And I want to just make this point. In the end.

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We, for our brothers and sisters, in Turkey, and Syria and Lebanon, everywhere that is affected by this calamity, we feel your pain. But we are with you in this. And for those that are out there in those countries. And we know there are non Muslims that live in those countries that are going through those hardships, we feel your pain as well. We feel that as part of the same human family that originated from the same Adam and Eve that we all come from. And we want good for everybody. And as Muslims. And as we've been seeing news reports for the Muslims in Turkey and other places for non Muslims that were there that got caught up that were that are helping them just as they're

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helping any Muslim in that calamity. We want to make sure we preserve and protect life, preserve and protect life. Anything I'll share before we conclude that, no, I enjoy because beautifully so thank you very much. Thank you very much. It's an honor to sit next to him and benefit from him a lot.

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Upon the half an hour. He's our role model here and

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God Almighty Allah who were both of you, thank you so much for some time with us and going over these. pleasure talking to you. Thank you. Likewise, Salaam Alaikum cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum