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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace to everybody. How are you you come to get some food for the soul you've been replete with everything else, but it's not satisfying to so Money can't buy that happiness. It won't bring you peace not even a six pack a piece. You can't buy it. But possibly here on the D show. If you have an open mind a humble heart, and you're willing to let the truth sink in. It'll come it'll come because we got someone's story that we want to share with you. So don't go anywhere. This is an exciting another exciting show. We'll be right back with our next guests. Eman. JOHN here in the de show. Don't go nowhere. This is the theme

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this is the

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this is the

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back here on the D show. Imagine a salaam aleikum wa

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barakato would you say peace and blessings and mercy of God? I just love that is the most wonderful greeting and no exaggeration. We greet each other with peace where people have peace. Is that right? Oh, yeah, no doubt about it. But I'm not leading you. Now. You know, they say stop leading the witness.

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Is this the truth? Yes. This is the ultimate truth of Islam comes from Selim. Salaam peace, that people have heard me say this all the time. I just I can't get enough of it. You know, people say hello, how you doing what's up, but we say peace, peace be with you. So a person's wishing peace. Without a media. Hi, people may be just tuned out from CNN, Fox News. And they might have caught some radical fanatic, which is maybe half a present of this whole 1.5 billion that are out there of those who have submitted consciously, not to the creation, but to the Creator, the one who created creation. That's the one we worship. But now that people got some funny idea, this guy, these guys,

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Arab fanatics, you're an American used to be a Christian, Catholic, then you were born again. Now you ended up a Muslim Some people think that his guys join some some some fanatical radical coconut cult. You know what I mean? What do you got to say about that? Let's start off with that. Islam is the nature of the reality between the creator and the creation rather than when we look at the essence or the beginnings of the concept of Islam. When God created angels. He caused them to be submitters to His will, with Luna. Luna says in the Quran, and they do as they're told. And so this obedience to the Creator is the essence so that that lifestyle is quite natural to anybody or

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The end in many different places. So by the law, the math is similar to

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that glorifying God is all of the heavens in the universe, everything there is is grateful, and in humble service to the creator that gave them their right to exist. So we live in a peaceful state doing that Catholics out number born against Is that right? Oh, yeah, Catholics. Big group, big group, you are part of that big group growing up your family was Catholic. Tell us a little about that. Well, my parents were from the secular style of religion. So they were both raised in schools like Catholic religious schools and boarding schools where priests and nuns were running the show. And they both my parents had experiences growing up learning all of the sacraments and theology. But

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they did not get that spiritual fulfillment they were looking for in their life. And so, as a result, me growing up religion was really some sort of cultural aspect of our life. You know, we have the Christmas and Easter celebrations, and then we, every now and then we may go to a mass which is a church Sunday. That would be probably once in a blue moon as they say. But other than that, there really wasn't much instruction or teaching in our lives growing up about God and to be honest with you, my dad is, you know, a very decorated football star from the Oklahoma Sooners and so growing up for me to to wear orange, the Texas Longhorns colors would be sacrilegious compared to

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say coming home and saying for example, I don't believe in Catholicism, so it wasn't that strong.

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But I knew of it because, you know, the Catholic tradition was there and it was sporadically coming up in our in our life. So how did you now Okay, you're Catholic, your parents are Catholic. And usually people just go with the flow. Okay? This is what my great grandparents were this what their parents were my ancestors, I'm not going to leave anything else, you know, people don't give it much thought they just kind of blend in, you didn't blend in for you did good for some time. But then you became born again, born again, Christian here. To be honest with you, brother, I often whenever I go visit our brothers and sisters in humanity from other faith traditions, I often leave them with

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after talking about the beauty of Islam and respecting what they have to say about their tradition, I often leave them with this point. I tell them, nobody in this room will say that their religion that they follow is right simply because they were born into it. That does not make it right. That makes it something from your family's culture. What makes it right is searching, reviewing, researching into the history of that text into where did it come from? Where did these dogmatic beliefs come from? What is the prophecy? What is the tradition behind it? What is the miraculous nature of the one that was revealed to when somebody looks into all of that searches, their heart

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looks into common sense and historical reality of revelation? Those people often embrace Islam. So my beginnings of that was actually at a very young age, I used to pray to God, knowing that there is this all knowing, all powerful, all hearing entity that created the universe. And

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I really wasn't moved, as I said, from Catholicism. So

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touching on your question, I was about 12 years old, 11 years old, and I had a friend down the street. Adam and his family were devout Baptists. And so they used to go to church every Sunday, even Wednesday for bible study and things like this. And they used to really try to indoctrinate me and helped me to see the light. And what's interesting brother, is that in that relationship, they clearly made it seem like Catholicism is not

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right. It's not true Christianity, and that I need to be saved in the name of Jesus. According to their tradition. He's worthy. This is Baptist baptism. The Catholics, they're not on the right way. Exactly. Yeah. So I went to the church did the special sinners prayer and all of this and the guy put his hand on my head and pushed me and told me that Jesus is in my heart and I'll fall down. I didn't fall down. But I I wanted to believe it, that the Holy Ghost coming in, that's what I wanted. Yeah, I was wanting to have anybody wants all their sins to be washed away with a just a free ticket to heaven type deal anybody's gonna go for especially a young child, or poor people in Africa that

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have no food, and they're coming with instead, this is going to save you. So you were waiting for something mystical to come overtake you. I was looking for God. So whenever I embrace this, you know, then it turned out that

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I didn't.

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I didn't follow through with it. Because of it. There's a funny story to tell us.

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My mom took me to a my mom struggled with, you know, many different husbands. And none of them were really up to par have a decent man.

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And so she was working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet. And so we went to the grocery store one time. And of course, as I'm sure you did, growing up, I used to collect baseball cards and things like this. And so

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I asked her, can we get some baseball cards? And she said, No. And, and so I get some as this asked nachdem and I put them in my pocket. And I had been claiming to my mother for months before that, that I'm saved in Jesus's in my heart, and there's no desire to sin because now I'm one with God and Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is in me, I'm in him and so forth. And so you just you said, you said, is gang something that's like, slang for that goal? Yeah.

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And so as we're going out of the store, I get into the car and my mom, she says, What's that sound? You know, a mom, you can't put it on my mom Dukes. So I told her I said nothing. So now I'm lying about stealing. And Jesus is in my heart and I you stole and you're lying about it. Yeah. So because this is the the con called upper deck, which is a kind of came out was real silver, you know, like aluminum, aluminum style or whatever. crinkly paper. So then she reached over and grabbed the baseball cards out of my God, what is this? So she went in and mocked me in front of this in front of the manager. She said, This is my son who says he saved and Jesus is in his heart and he's

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Lie to his mother about it. And I was really she just embarrassed took you back to the story. And yeah, you have it how she has to do it. You know, he's trying to teach me a lesson. Yeah. So after that brother, I started to take an introspective look at this whole idea of no desire to sin and one was God, and can you be one with God if he was sin and all of this? And so that just talking with different priests, I really I became somewhat of an agnostic after that point. I mean, I was just kind of like, Okay, well, I know there's a God, it seems like there's a God. I feel it. I prayed to him. I know that but I just I can't connect with this religion of saying Jesus is God, but yet he

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was human. And they're saying he died. And there's all kinds of stories that I wasn't able to connect.

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Let's hold off right there. We got a lot more to ask you. We'll be right back here with mom john on the deen show.

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When outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 car you see a lot of diamonds you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like, you know, paradise right here or

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anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. And the reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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from hunger.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show with john. Yeah, yeah. So which one is it? Is it john? Are ya? Yeah, should I call you? My name is john john. I became nicknamed Yeah, the first day I walked into a mosque. So So wait, what is it for our for our brothers in humanity? As you said there are brothers of humanity have never heard this term. Yeah, yeah. He is one of the prophets of God. Yeah, to be honest with you.

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In because in America, here we have a culture rooted in what we call the people of the books tradition. they've identified the names of the Prophets here in an English dialect, right? And the core and identified prophets who were not Arabs, in Arabic words to make the flow of the poor and recognize those people. So yeah. is john the baptist? He is john the baptist. Yeah. So he's the Prophet.

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Interesting. So it's, it's he's the cousin of Jesus peace be upon it. So that's how you're named john. And just in every Yeah, yeah. Who is john the baptist? Yeah. Beautiful. So continue on now. So you you and this is a growing trend, you see a lot of people who will leave, or they'll stay as Christians, but they don't believe the Holy Trinity. They don't believe the whole concept of someone dying for their sins, or they'll believe it just kind of using as a JC gold card. I call it you know, just in case it's real, I'll die. I got all these sins, a free ticket free, right. But at the end, you know, most people, some of them is a growing trend going towards this agnosticism, or

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atheism, because they can't make sense of what their parents are on. So they put all religions in the same boat. They say they're all men made. These are all just opinions of men. So you were there, right? Yes, what happened next. So at this point of time, I'm around 1314 years old. And my sister, my older sister that lived with me, was starting to dabble into hippie world and things like this. And some of you know she was following the Grateful Dead. I don't know if you know about

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a rock, rock and roll rock and roll back in the day they used to hippies used to follow him around all over the country leave in normal life. It was like a pot permanent Woodstock. So at any rate, my sister got delved into that. And of course, naturally, our household add some of the

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things that go on in that environment in it.

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So basically, as,

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as I delved into that,

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as I delved into that lifestyle, then I'm in eighth grade, and I start to meet some characters at school and start to get into some trouble, got arrested in eighth grade. And so basically, my dad jumped into the picture who he hasn't lived with me since I was seven years old at this point, but he wants to try to help out. He said, You know what, son, I'm going to send you to Bishop Kelley High School, which is a Catholic school. So he thinks that that's going to set me straight. Well, he's thinking of Catholic schools when he was good, which now he's 73

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So this is back in the early 50s. When he was in capitalism, I'm sure it was a whole different ballgame. Yeah. At that point, we're talking about 1991 92. So I went to Catholic school, well, believe it or not at Catholic school, and at the parties that are involved in Catholic school, I started to meet some characters that were shady. They were not the good people. And I started to get worse than that. But at the same time, I started to think about

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my relationship with God. And I used to discuss with a,

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a priest named father Dan, and

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I was on I was, I was almost killed in a car accident when I was 15 years old as a freshman. And I really had kind of a revelation, I need to, you know, look for God, you know, you feel like that anytime you come close to that point where you was this at the agnostic stage now? Yeah, I was kind of in the middle. You know, I wasn't. So I used to have long conversations with Father Dan about God and things like this. And believe it or not, I was in our discussion. So Father, Dan does not know that whenever I'm not at school, or even sometimes when I'm at school, I'm involved in some pretty

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Christian like activities. But my spiritual thinking and theological, Phyllis philosophical introspection, and reading of the Bible and trying to understand and reconcile was was pretty, it was pretty intense at that point. So they had me, I was actually ordained as a youth,

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peer counselor by Bishop Slattery of the northeastern Diocese of the Catholic Church of Oklahoma. And so at that point, I started to think about faith. But shortly after that, I went off into the deep end, I got kicked out of Bishop Kelly, my peer counselor status was removed. And I pretty much left school for a year and started really getting into the wrong crowd. So in a nutshell, after a few years of this,

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a friend of a close friend of mine, Pat Marshall, was planning a robbery. And

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he was trying to plan some elaborate thing. But in the end, things didn't work out to the way when he shot a guy for ended up being $20. And, and then there was no access to whatever he was trying to get to. And so Pat ended up in jail for, for good. And this is a good, this was a friend of yours, good friend of mine. Yeah. And so he went to jail. And then another friend of mine, Mike

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was drinking and driving, and he's was decapitated in a very horrible car accident on the highway. And so people are dying. And then in another case, I'm sitting in a house that gets raided, you know, everybody's being arrested and all this, and they're trying to put major charges on us for what's going on in that house. And in a nutshell, I'm really thinking about what I'm doing at this point, um, you know, 17 years old. And so I'm really thinking, What am I doing? What, what is this life about? Am I gonna go the route of these characters in dead or in jail for the rest of my life? Or am I going to do something with myself? So as I mentioned before, I always took a spiritual

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philosophical route. So once I was blessed through my dad's attorney, Bobby Jackson, to get out of that situation,

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I started to really rethink what I was doing in my life. And so I researched and read, I took philosophy, comparative religion courses and things like this psychology, in the community college, I wasn't looking for a degree, I was looking to understand what's going on. And in that, in that process,

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I came to a conclusion of a Universalist ideology of Unitarian Universalist. So I was kind of like, Okay, well, God's one. He's obviously touched mankind. And since some inspiring messages, the the law and the concept of womanhood and right and wrong is all defined, but people have all argued about who is God and What's all that so I'm just gonna stay out of all of that.

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After that point, I met a guy, I was at an olive garden restaurant trying to get away from the people in the environment, trying to train to get a job as a waiter. And the guy who's the head of headwaiter, there is a Muslim from Pakistan. And so we ended up having some discussions that were quite interesting because, and this is for our, our Muslim viewers here, the state of Dawa and that's back in 1998. So the state of Tao was so bad that all I knew about Muslims was the Black Panther, black Nation of Islam movement, and then the original World Trade Center bombing that has

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92 so that's all I knew. And so I told him, I'm not black. And I'm not, you know, into some, a Reb translation of the Bible that tells everybody to kill everybody. That's all. That's all I knew from it. And that's post that's pre 911. Yes. Right. So that's where the Muslims were at in presenting themselves. And at that point from what we know from statistics, Muslims were about 5 million in this country at that point. So

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yeah, so in in retrospect, I ended up going and buying a court and translation from the, from the local Barnes and Noble, and asked captivated bro, within just half of Bukhara. I'm reading it. And that was that was while sitting there, looking through the book at the bookstore. So I went and bought it, and I picked it up. And it moved me so much. And it systematically cleared up my confusions and misconceptions about biblical history, and understanding the concept of prophethood and God and salvation. All of those things were clarified. And I really felt attached to this book, The Quran, yeah, the translation of the Quran moved me heavily. So within seven, eight days, I had

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read most of it, and I did a little skipping around one of them about Jesus and certain things, but I read a large portion of it in life. So I came back to the and here's the another sad reality in the state of our Dawa, I come back to the Pakistani brother. And I told him, I think I want to become Muslim. His response was, I've seen you and the way you talk and the people you hang with you, you know this American lifestyle, you can't be Muslim. This is his response to somebody who comes in I want to become Muslim. So obviously he has no idea about his responsibility as a bearer of the Divine Light of the guidance that was finally preserved and and revealed through the prophet

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Muhammad peace be upon him so that's

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that's a sad reality so I just pretty much stayed on my own as a Muslim for about a year and a half after that let's hold it right there we got to go to break and we right back with more here with Imam john Yeah, yeah, here in the deen show.

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Me Why are you becoming Muslim? No, I give a very frivolous on should I say I want to be on the side of the angel

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of God. He's the number one rap artists in the world he sold over 60 million records. Well, the millions the million he was a young guy where basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about he had everything you can imagine.

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Stand Alone.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid to stand up.

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Back here on a D show with yahia. Imam Yahya. JOHN, you mentioned earlier from john the baptist. Now how did you get an all into I mean, it's kind of something that is odd. It's outlandish now for youth your age because parties going on? Yeah, boys chasing the women women trying to look good for the boys. And that's all that's on the mind. MTV Cribs. You know, all the other things that are usually on jersey shore all the other thing you want to bring up religion, you're the oddball? Yeah. I mean, how did it come to that point? It seemed like okay, Catholic, born again. And these deaths are happening in front of you and your seemed like your spiritual or your friends that way. What

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motivated you? You were searching for God for the creator? Yeah, for purpose. Yeah, I mean, that's basically what we call them in Arabic language fitrah, the innate inherent programming or motivation to know that there is a one pure divine source of everything. And he is good in giving and creative in nature. And we should embody that. I mean, that's something built in all of us, do not destroy do not corrupt and not be spreading the antithesis to that. So that's, that's built in, and I always had it, but the cards that I was built, as they say,

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led me the opposite path, but all the time I was looking at it going, these people are jacked up. Yeah. Isn't that right? You're intelligent enough to know that look, they're going the wrong way. I mean, I used to be in situations where I would realize somebody in morality taking advantage for example of women and things like this and robbing people, you know, taking advantage of people as I used to, I used to come down hard on people and apply but what you know you were doing this the other day.

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And that the other day, so the hypocrisy I was struggling with was definitely a dichotomy. And so, as I'm reading the core and now, you know, about 18 years old, I'm starting to struggle with, you know, alcohol is forbidden, pork forbidden, need to keep a strong spiritual program and the day prayers regularly and so forth. I'm trying to understand that because I don't have the detailed example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So I'm just trying to make it as I can and philosophizing with people that I'm around. And so in the end, basically,

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I was blessed to walk into a sandwich shop with my pants sagging my hat twisted up. And, you know, on the the guy that I thought he was Greek, you know, and so, he says, you know, what do you want, I'll take a gyro and went back and he got on the phone, a Santa Monica sama comic movie. This is, you know, Salam Alaikum peace. So we started the show, Peter Matthew. So then I went over to my senior Muslims. And as a Muslim, he looked me up and down is like, Whoa, you're a Muslim? And so I said, Yes, yes. So he show

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gave me the directions to the local mosque. And so I went there. And right when I walked in the door was very peaceful, calm, clear V, you know, pictures and statues and seemingly fake added

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decoration. It was just simply a house of worship. So I went in there, and I was trying to, I don't know how to pray. I'm just, you know, and then the other than brother comes to me, he's like, Oh, are you Muslim? What's your name? I said, john. He said, No, no, no, it's not right. As in Why is it because john is a non Muslim name. I said, oh, I've got to figure this guy knows his stuff. He's, he's the guy here. He's older man, you know. So as, as an okay, I said, but you know, but john was the name of a prophet that's in the Quran. He's like, No, no, no, no, no, i'm john. And I said, Yeah, john the baptist, he's the cousin of Jesus. He said, No, that's your hair, your your hair.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:50

That was how it was how you got your name. Yeah, later on, I found out through studying Islamic legal theory and rulings that that's a cultural thing. He's trying to press that in Islam, there's nothing that tells anybody that you need to change your name, unless your name is contradicting. It's like if someone's name was Christian, which is common. Obviously, you would not continue as a Muslim called Christian, or like a pagan god or something or so that's how they had in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They used to some people would come with these names of slave of the pagan god or Yeah, even found it after going back to the original point of being a man came to

00:27:50 --> 00:28:32

the Prophet peace be upon him one time and said, how you doing the process of doing fine, Somali calm? And then he says, What's your name? He said, Hi. My name is war. And so the problem, is it No, that's not, it's not a good name, you should be Abdullah, servant of God. So that was the prophet in authentic narration that we have who disdained being called war, although that was a common name that they had. So there's instances like this when somebody had a bad name. So anyways, I became a Muslim, and I started being attached to that mosque. And over a period of about six months, I was able to pretty much remove myself, going back to what you said, from the environment. See, the thing

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is, of course, a lot of the youth are out there a lot of the people that are coming up in the world from all different faiths, they're stuck in a world that says that material gratification, desires and interests of ego and self and enjoyment are what's most important. That's that that but that's how an animal thinks. And if you're going to buy the story, that we're all monkeys, then I guess that's why you're thinking like that. But we're obviously spiritual beings. I mean, we know to wear clothing, we know to use the bathroom away from other people, animals don't know that they they're obviously not on an intellectual. We know morals, even an atheist will tell you, you should give

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money to the poor, right? But why? If you're atheist, there's benefit and harm. That is a harm to you just waste your money on that poor guy, survival of the fittest, bro if they want to be real to what they claim, but it's built in as a fitrah. We're spiritual beings. So I embraced that. And I was able to have a very good environment at the Islamic Society of Tulsa and Mr. Salim. That mosque was a very strong

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environment and building a good Muslim identity. So environment is key. If we say in English, if you lay down a dog to catch fleas, so fleas are a problem that dogs are itching and catching diseases from and stuff like that. So if you hang out with them, you'll those problems are going to come to you so what you choose to put yourself into a way for me I found very quickly

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In my life that bad things can get real bad real quick, and you didn't even expect it. I mean, there's been situations where some girl makes straight A's in school and doing this fine and all of that. And she's hanging around a pirate 14 or she got date raped. She didn't even she just thought, you know, she's got she's on her way to get a scholarship at college. He's a good kid with rich parents. You don't know. There's, there's guys that got into situations found themselves arrested with DUIs and you never know. So it's, the bad things can happen to you. And the reason why God has revealed a message is to preserve you to save to give you safety, amen, comes from Emina, which is

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to secure or bring safety. So faith in Islam is a safety net, a comprehensive lifestyle that will remove you from the corruptions and devices of society and help you to build an environment that's beneficial to yourself and others on a spiritual platform. We're almost out of time, we only have a few couple minutes left, Tillerson wrapping up now you obviously you're thinking man and intellectual, someone who was brought up, you're an American, you brought up in the culture, you went from the party scene to you know, the born again, now you came to Islam, for those of our brothers in humanity. They were like, you know what, he didn't have the Spirit. And he didn't

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understand Jesus in his home message. What do you believe now? Or what do you know, that really is the message of Jesus? And how do you address this question? Just In short, I have a couple more points to throw at you. Yeah. In a nutshell. If we look at number one, if you want to just take my example, I really believed in wanted, take it or leave it whenever I was young, when they when that preacher was talking about being saved, and the emotional talk and I was all pumped up. And I had just seen Jesus of Nazareth, you know a little bit before and the miracles and the like, I was all so I went down there, say confessing and sayings, the sinners, prayer, all of that. But in the end,

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my question is, what is the significance of needing someone to die for your sins, if you go to Judaism, which is where Christianity gets its root, their understanding of salvation is follow the law of God to the best of your ability. If you slip up, make your repentance and sacrifice for God's sake, and try not to fall again and ask God's forgiveness, and change your lifestyle and God will forgive you, and so forth. Muslims, that's what we that's exactly what we believe. So in the middle, somebody's got this thing that oh, we need some guy to die for our sins. But then if you ask a devout Christian, do you? Is it is it incumbent upon a real true Christian, to avoid all sins to

00:32:37 --> 00:33:18

pray regularly and fast and all that? They'll say, Yes, okay, then what's the purpose of having someone diapers in if you still have to do all of that. And so, historically, the Jews the tradition that they're coming from, they always, they never understood that the Messiah, his purpose will be to come to die for our sins. That was an idea that was developed some time after Jesus. And so that is clearly a divergence from the tradition where we get the Messianic prophecy, no Jew in the history of understood the Messiah is supposed to be God incarnate, nor is he supposed to die for our sins. So if we want to claim tradition, and all of that, Islam, understand the Messiah as the Jews

00:33:18 --> 00:33:58

did, and it was Jesus peace be upon him, the Holy Prophet of God, that God blessed and put a special touch on his soul, with a word from him, putting him into Mary without any male human influence, so He is the creator of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. So And last question now for those who are out there stuck in a world of confusion and they also they don't believe in God being a human being or coming down dying for the sins they believe there is a creator but they're stuck where you were that you know what all religions are the same they're man made, you picked up the car and you were moved by it? What advice do you get people? How do you motivate them to pick up this book right? You read

00:33:58 --> 00:34:36

everything else, every fashion magazine, every car rider magazine, how do you get people to reflect more about there is a purpose there is a system and God Almighty is the one who's best to give us that system and get them motivated, pick up the verbatim Word of God. Talk to us last minute we got see the thing is, is that it goes back to tradition brother in history, God has been revealing his message in the core and men whom cosna whom Allah komen I'm not so so Malik. There were prophets that were equally common had were in min mutton Illa Allah Fianna. There's so many verses of the Quran that indicate that all of mankind has received prophets throughout history. But there was a

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

special covenant. And it was given to Abraham, a very special forefather of a very special tradition. One part of his covenant was to test and bless and choose or give preference to a special nation called the children of Israel. And so they were given all these prophets and all this revelation and all of this through the son of Abraham called Isaac

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

So they had all of this, and their whole, the combination of that at the end of that was to have a Messiah. Now in the Bible that we have today says that there is another covenant through Ishmael. But Ishmael is covenant was not a matter of all these different prophets, it was a matter of finalizing Prophethood and that happened in the Prophet Mohammed. That's not my claim. That's something you can verify through studying and researching looking into biblical history looking into your heart looking into the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and and judging it objectively through the knowledge not through the lens of people who hate Muslims and are trying to

00:35:40 --> 00:36:15

vilify and demonize Muslim we're really out of time just last thing I just had to throw at people they've just been brainwashed all this Islamophobia Boogeyman is coming to get you Sharia and terrorism you gotta join this cult they want to kill us take over our way of life. What do you got to say? They think now that you know, if you join Islam submission, will you become a terrorist? What are you gonna say? We, Islam is a system of mercy and compassion. And it is for the best benefit of all of the people that's around it Muslim and non Muslim. In a nutshell, there is no religion on Earth, that has a system built in its law of tolerating other religions as citizens of

00:36:15 --> 00:36:59

the theocracy. And so Muslims to now have 44 million Christian Arabs living among them in the Middle East. Those people have been there since the time the Muslims took political control over that land. Islamic law gave them the right to worship to build their temples to believe and to even follow their beliefs if they believe you can drink as long as you don't drink with Muslims and caused corruption and Muslims you can drink Islam has tolerance and mercy and compassion. If you read the history of Spain before the Spanish Inquisition when the ugly beast showed his face of terror and mayhem through the religion as it was done previously and throughout history by many religion and

00:36:59 --> 00:37:16

people who claim religion. You saw Spain was an example Cordoba, Christians Muslims Jews coming together to use their collective intellectual ism and spiritual ism to benefit society at large that's what this country was built on. That is something that we can all

00:37:18 --> 00:37:53

benefit from I really enjoy talking with you inshallah God willing we can have you back again to do some more program was the What do you think God willing, godly thank you thank you may God Almighty bless you Thank you. And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show purpose of life What is it? Is it just to have fun party and then die to accumulate so much wealth? Then it's all over? You gotta leave it behind? Or is there something more to life and Islam this way of life, all the messages of God including Jesus, john the baptist, Abraham knowing the last and final master problem, peace be upon them all, they all submitted not to the creation but to the Creator, the one

00:37:53 --> 00:38:32

who created creation, and that is the way of life that brings you peace, happiness, success in this life in the next paradise. That's what we're striving for. And all upon a footing a pure monotheism, then God Almighty is good. He only accepts good, and we are trying to do good and that's why we're sharing this beautiful message of peace with the world and pick up the book that changed this man's life and over 1.5 billion people in the world. The verbatim Word of God that you can get it for free will cost you nothing. Give us a call. Operators are standing by we don't need your money. We just need your sincere open mind humble heart one 800 662 Islam call and pick up this book that will

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change your life. We'll see you next time Don't forget to pick up the new one we do need to do and also and we'll see you next time peace be with you.

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