Is This True About A Person Who Drinks Or Smokes Marijuana?

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Is there any saying about a person’s prayer not being accepted for 70 days if this person smokes marijuana or consumes alcohol? Is there any evidence to support this saying? Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains.

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Is it true that if someone smokes marijuana or drinks alcohol, his prayers wouldn't be accepted for 470 days

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I don't know anything in the sun that say 70 days what we have the Hadith the famous Canadian sort of imagine its authentic identity portal by mini companions like a blog now basil loved the role model. And a lot of us that didn't be so seldom said whoever drinks alcohol, his solo will not be accepted for 14 days and if he dies into Hellfire, and if he depends a lot to accept his repentance. So this hadith is clearly stating that the Salah will not be accepted 40 days what that means it will not be accepted and he will not be rewarded for it as an Imam above the line Namenda, Rahim Allah mentioned it's like when you pray Juma and you make level you talk the edge of the Juma you

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lose it but the Juma answered is valid you didn't repeat it you will not take the sin of missing Juma so that person will drink alcohol he will not be rewarded for the Salah for 40 days. So if someone it doesn't work if someone say I drink alcohol so I'm not the need to pray no you pray because if you don't you have the sin of not praying.

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If this man said I want to say that dinner be so solemn said in the hurry if he depends on last night I repent except as a dependent. So if someone drinks alcohol then two days you repent to Allah Allah from it. That punishment of not accepting his Salah will stop, because he made Toba and Toba

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make you a free for your sins as reported by Sydney magic as well. Finally, I want to say that smoking marijuana doesn't take the same ruling of drinking alcohol. Yes, both. But drinking alcohol specifically, you will lose the edge of 40 days but that doesn't apply to them.