Even good & bad manners towards animals is taken into consideration

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The transcript describes a woman who showed bad manners and displayed bad manners to occur, leading to her being recognized as Allahu Allah He. She was later married to a Muslim brother who taught her that managing to other people, including her parents, her brother's relatives, and her sister. The woman eventually showed bad manners and went on to become a woman with a cat in a villa.

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And the result Allahu Allah He was Salam. he informs us that a woman, she showed bad manners and displayed bad manners to occur. And as a result that led her to

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imagine the one who shows that manage to other human beings, to his parents, to his relatives, to his Muslim brothers and sisters, to the scholars of Islam, to the religious and the knowledgeable of Islam. Imagine what his what his ending would be. And the same manner, Allahu alayhi wa sallam he teaches us that a woman a prostitute, can he she earned her money through Xena. She displayed and showed good character and manners to a dog that was thirsty and he gave him some water to drink. A lot of social appreciated her deep. He forgave her and he had admitted her into the paradise. All of this because bad manners and good manners. Good manners ended her up in the paradise bad manners

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with the cat in the

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