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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the boundaries of Islam and the misunderstandings of sharia laws, as well as the importance of finding a way to be sincere and change one's behavior to align with the message of peace. They emphasize the need to be clear about boundaries and use them to assert one's own beliefs. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of Islam on people's health and safety, as well as the importance of submitting to God and not being afraid of doing wrongdoings.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah. Peace be with you. You're watching the D Show. I'm your host and my next guest.

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You might know him you already know from a vast topic that we did. And we condensed it into the top 10 reasons why, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, peace be upon him who is beloved to our hearts. We believe he was a Muslim and he did Islam because Islam means to surrender and submit to the one God. And Jesus prayed to the one God, he worship the one God, and he was a Muslim, because a Muslim is one who does Islam. There's all these acts of worship. And we did the top 10 reasons why this mighty messenger Jesus peace be upon him, his beloved to our hearts. And we proved that in no way

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did he ever call people to worship him that he was not God never claimed to be God. And it stirred up a lot of emotions. When the emotion settles, the light bulb went on, and people are excited because they got to see through all the confusion. And that's my next guest who's coming out. Joshua Evans. We're gonna be talking more about this here on the show. Sit tight, don't go nowhere.

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Salam aleikum. wa rahmatullah be with you. Be with you, brother. How you been? How you been? I've been good at hamdulillah. Praise be to God have been very, very good. How have you been? I've been all good. Thanks to God to the credit heavens and earth. It's been a long time since you've been with us. How's everything been? Everything's been good. It has been a long time. We've both been hard at work during the day, I would say spreading the message of life. There's only one God worthy of worship. And that is the one who created the heavens, the earth. So it's always been good. Now, you heard me open show top 10 reasons why Jesus peace be upon him who we love dearly. He never

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claimed to be God wasn't God. And we covered this together in the top 10 reasons why he wasn't God. We proved that intellectually, academically. And you had that wonderful list. How was the response that you got? I had so many people writing in they were amazed. You know, when the emotions are some people are a little emotional. And that come down light bulb went on. Many people were accepting Islam, the way that Jesus lived submission to the one guy, what kind of response were you getting? Because you were touring the world? During this topic? The response was, as you said, In the beginning, a lot of people because it has the shock value, you know, so a lot of emotions do get

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stirred up. But when you let people calm down and say, licious, rationally look at the information, you know, and then it's on you to decide for yourself, we're not forcing anybody, you know, we are just giving them and disseminating information. So when we gave them the clear information with the evidences, it was up to them. And then we, after a while, I started to see the response come in. And we did have a lot of people accept Islam, based on this information. Alhamdulillah Praise be to the one creator, did you ever get any people say, you know what, you weren't Christian enough? You never were Christian? That's why I've had plenty of that response that I never was a true Christian. Yeah,

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or that I never was a Christian at all period, that it was a false claim, or you never had like the Holy Ghost in yourself issue. How did you answer this? Well, I answered this, by first and foremost, just stating that that's kind of an emotional response to tell me what I was and was not, you know, based on how I am now to tell me I wasn't this at one point in my life. Realistically, that's between me and my Creator. I know that at one point in my life, I truly did believe Jesus was God. I truly believe that God was a man and that man and that Jesus was God and man that God was one in three in all this is something I truly believed as an ideology, you know, but when the information

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came out, and I studied the information from a unbiased perspective, the information that I gave to our viewers was the information I received myself and accepted it and intimated to Islam. This is amazing. It's amazing tell us also now before you even get to this step, because we cater to a lot of people a lot of people tune in all praises to the Creator of the heavens and earth that now he's given us this platform we have a not a lot of not yet Muslims, and a lot of them you know, you have to like kind of take a leap and come to to be able to sit through a lot of these shows because you know, what a lot of people are indulging in you know, the action movies and, and and although the

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entertainment out there so maybe someone's son, or someone you know who's got their friend, they're not yet Muslim friend, and this guy just came from the night

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Talking about Jesus and all these other, you know, important topics purpose of life. But why is this for that person that's kind of struggling to sit through this? Who's going to be sitting through this? Why is this topic because even the Christians and other people of other faiths, they know that this is a serious topic and they should listen. Alright, to get a different perspective. What about also those of us that we can't cater to the people kind of like more? Maybe you come to hedonist people or just pleasure seekers, nightclubs, boys, girls, you know, young, young, young ones at 1415, who just thinking about that lifestyle, but now they're finally watching the deen show. And

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they're hearing you talking about this mighty messenger Jesus, and we're gonna go into this vast topics. Why is this such an important topic they should be excited to listen about? Well, it's such an important topic, because I believe it is also a stepping stone topic, because Jesus is one of the most famous if not the most famous figure in history. And a lot of things have been said about him. And a lot of ideologies. The major world religion has a major world religion, Christianity has been formulated around the percentage of Jesus. So it is just, you know, according to pure logic that we need to sit down and say, okay, who was Jesus really, there are so many things said about him. There

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are so many, even within Christianity, there are so many different ideologies, about Christ Himself. And this is a debate that has been raging since the inception of Christianity itself, going all the way back to the life of Jesus in the times of Jesus. So let's sit down and sift through the information so that we can now take a stepping stone platform, okay, who was Jesus? What did he teach and preach, which we have discussed? And now what does that mean to me? You know, did he preach a finalized message, which is another thing that we discussed that he did not preach a finalized message, he preached an intermediary message from one messenger to the next, leading to

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something else, which was part of his final message that what I have to say to you is not yet finished. And that was one of my purest things towards my Christian counterparts, was that look, Jesus said himself, his message wasn't done. So we need to look and find where's the end of the message? Since he didn't finish it? What finished it? Where did it come and complete itself. And this is where we have to put the assembly perspective in the set to show people that Jesus was a stepping stone that all the messengers of God, starting with Noah, peace be upon him, pointed forward to something else, and even Jesus himself. And then the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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very clearly stated that those messengers all pointed forward to me, so So can you can you say that for those people that I'm just you know, trying to have them identify with us that when you really grasp this, this extension of the the message that all the messages of God brought and taught the purpose of life, worshiping one God doing good deeds, developing yourself to be noble, having righteous character, this is how you can truly because people were out there at the nightclubs, you know, chasing man and woman, you know, fornicating and doing drugs, they'll never have true peace until they truly understand the purpose of life. And this is like you said, that stepping stone, so

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you can get through the confusion. So you can submit intellectually, because this is something that it doesn't take too much mental gymnastics to make fit. It makes sense we're talking about is one plus one ABC. Yes, absolutely. You know, this is very clear that you know, people who are they're living that, that lifestyle, they're very fast paced lifestyle, in the nightclubs in the streets, all of these things. We all know that those people at the end of the road they always come to a point to where they say that none of this really satisfied me it was kind of a you know, a bandage for a while it made me feel good for a period of time. But then you're always left with that down

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phase. Again, this is what leads to addictions is that people have to continuously fulfill that, that that hole inside of themselves. But when people decide to sober up, whether it be from drugs, alcohol, or from that fast paced lifestyle, they realize that I need something more defined in my life. And this is what we're trying to offer them that definition of life. What is life? What does it mean? And how can I adjust myself to be more in line with the purpose of why I'm here? That's right. That's right. And this way of life will stimulate you intellectually. It provides all the scientific, logical evidences and we're going to continue talking about this with my guests. Back on

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the dean show, Josh, Joshua Evans, sit tight, don't go nowhere, right back deaf and the Day of Judgment, the mercy of Allah, these are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada right there is really the essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to less contemplate decades. So it is very, very scary, but it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. And if you're if you have to make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be the people or the people have held?

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Back here on the deen show with Joshua Evans we did the top 10 reasons why Jesus peace be upon him. Is not God never claimed to be God. You can go to the deen show calm to watch this show that we did together an amazing, amazing show that really, you know benefited so many people. Now there were some angry people. There was a a

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A minute few that we had discussed that now, they couldn't tackle this intellectually and is stirred up so much emotion that they'll try to flip it and say, You know what, you know, Islam is violent. Islam is about terrorism. Islam is just about oppression of women. And they start to stow sticks and stones. And did you get some of this? Absolutely Did you know and that's, that kind of happens when people get emotional, but cannot, you know, retort intellectually, because the information is so clear. So you have to lash out with some type of emotions. And we see that a lot of people lash out by, you know, saying things negative about the other person or their way of life or whatever. And

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it's very sad. But we did see that, you know, that oh, you know, they would try to change the subject. Oh, well, Islam is a violent religion. You know, you're trying to call to the religion of Islam. It's violent, it's oppressive and teachings, all these crazy things. So we did see that. Yeah. How did you tackle this now, because you'll see a lot of Islamophobia now, okay, you see people who want to get elected. And now also because a lot of the people now they're, they're ignorant, they don't know. And, and the people who are supposed to have these degrees, and they step up, instead of bringing people together and really trying to work towards peace, they start to

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divide people, because they have an agenda. And people now they end up blindly following a lot of these politicians, other people that agenda who are not working towards peace, and they start to create through this bigotry and, you know, stirring up people's emotions, and they start to separate us. We're human beings, we're brothers in humanity. So how would you for instance, one, one film just came out? It was called unwelcome. Yes, you know, the Muslims net, your Muslim next door? Right? So you watch this film? I did? What were you What were your comments on it? Well, realistically, you know, a lot of things that were put forward and and welcome is, is a way, you

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know, a portion of Americans do feel about Islam and the world feels about Islam. But it's based on pure ignorance, which ignorance not being in the negative connotation of ignorance just means a lack of knowledge, you know, they just don't know. And the best way to deal with ignorance is to tell the truth. And to make the truth known. If someone is ignorant about a subject, then the best way to cure that ignorance is with inflammation. So you know, what I have tried to do in my worldwide travels, is just clearly give the real information out about Islam, tell people what Islam is really about, so that they can kind of sift through the misinformation so that they can when they see the

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TV, when they see the media representation of Islam, they can look and say, Okay, wait a minute. This is not what Islam teaches what they are saying. And what Islam teaches are two completely different things. This is what we really want to do the same way. Like they're trying to make dividing lines, you know, you're either with us or you're with them. And so we're trying to make the dividing lines between what Islam is, and what Islam is not very simple. Now, we know that this is false. And you've heard us a lot Why don't they come out? And why don't they condemn acts such as 911? You know, the underwear bomber, the pajama bomber? the you know, the G string bomber? I mean,

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but we I mean, here at the Dean's show. I know I know you have and we've had scholars on the show who have clearly condemned acts like 911 pajama bomber G string, but whatever kind of bomber shoe bomber you invented. Islam says clearly don't kill women don't kill children don't kill the old people is clear about that. Now, you'll still have people say, you know, I know Islam is about okay. Islam is about, you know, terrorizing people oppressing women. So how would you I just stated that this is clearly against the teachings of Islam. And we've had some of the if people can go through our shows, clearly we have people who've condemned these acts. How do you when someone comes and

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says no, no, no, no, no, you you got the beard now, you know, and you're the guy that stills guys you know, that's the guy is trying to kill us. They're coming with the Sharia the Boogey Man is coming, you're trying to take my freedom away? What are you gonna say to him? Well, realistically, we just tell them the truth. Because rather than you know, talking about each and every one of these x Muslims always having to come out and condemn this at condemn that, the easier thing is to like I said, tell people what Islam is really about, and what Islam is not about, then that puts a blanket, you know, statement over all of these things. So if anything comes into this, this not that then

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it's not Islam. For instance, we know that Islam is a way of life. That means submitting oneself to your Creator each and every single day in obedience to Him in order to obtain peace in my life, in order to obtain peace in the next life. This is the meaning of Islam itself. And a Muslim only means someone who does Islam is someone who does Islam, someone who submits themselves to the Creator, in a very obedient fashion in order to obtain peace. Now to say that I'm going to submit myself to my Creator, in order to obtain peace, through violence, and through killing innocence and doing things which God himself has forbidden is very illogical. Even for me to say that is illogical. I have made

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statements that take me out of the fold of Islam, and all of these things we see coming out like you know, you should be afraid

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The Sharia, which we see being very, very much put forward in the media, you should be afraid of the Sharia law and the Koran and all of these things. When we tell the world what these things are really about, then the information is there for them to take that this is the boundaries of Islam, these and even in the Quran, it says very clearly, that God has laid out boundaries, he has laid out boundaries, these are considered his boundary points, do not transgress beyond them, for if you do, you will be a rebellious sinner. So we have to let people know not only in from give this information to Muslims who may be unaware, but tell non Muslims who may be unaware these are the

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boundaries of Islam. If anything is outside of this, it's not Islam. And most of the things they are being put forward that are supposedly done by Muslims are supposedly done the name of Assam you will find are outside of those boundaries. So they are not within the religion of Islam. So we don't really need to go on about every single shoe bomber, whatever bomber this that the other, because we can just say, look, we've given you a clear description of what his name isn't what his name is not, you can see very clearly this is on the outside, or you can see this is on the inside, so that the information can be readily available to the public. A statement that we've heard some people such as

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lundbeck, and O'Reilly and all these other people, they say Muslims killed us on 911. This is a blanket statement. And they'll say also, and we know a Muslim is simply one Jesus was a Muslim, Abraham, Moses, Noah, john the baptist, Isaac, Ishmael, they were all Muslim, someone says, how's that? Because they all submitted to the One God they did Islam means to submit to get peace by submitting to that creator who created all that exists. They'll say, You know what? Okay. Okay, you know, and, and you hear this a lot. So I'm gonna put it on you right now, because we're asking those tough questions.

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All Muslims, they're not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. How would you answer that? That's, that's a very unfortunate statement, because it is very contradictory to facts. And this is the real way to sift through information is let the, you know, as they say, put out the facts and let the cards fall where they may, you know, and and, unfortunately, this ideology is is, is very much tempted to distract people from the real message of Islam, to keep us continually on the defensive, you know, so the real message of Islam does not get conveyed. So the way we can, you know, take care of both of these issues is by telling the real message of Islam in order to dispel

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these myths and misinformation, to say that all terrorists are Muslims, is just very plainly contradictory to factual information, even amongst, you know, recent history. And we look back to the the before 911, the greatest terrorist act of our century on American soil was extracted upon America by a non Muslim Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing, I don't remember him ever confessing that he was a Muslim. And this was one of the greatest terrorist acts going on, on on US soil. And they say that 911 was a Muslim act, it's just very contrary to the information, it was an act of aggression, and an act of violence and an act of terrorism in reality, and and this is

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against the very tikkas of Islam. So we put the facts out there, that the terrorism is not a monopoly of Islam. And even though we do have and we have to put the information clearly that there are a small percentage of the Muslim population, who may have some extreme ideas and may have to citizen and a little bit and, and or a great extent, you know, to use violence to to, you know, to vent their frustrations and aggressions but do it in a manner that is not according to the religion of Islam, then we have to be clear about that too, that they have stepped outside of the boundaries. And but Islam does not hold a monopoly of terrorism and extremism This is not a monopoly of Islam

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This is something that is played every single major world religion throughout history Let's stop killing each other. I mean, this is clear we know that it's wrong to go over overseas and bomb innocent people in another land and and and kill them and this guy is eating a falafel and next to you know, you know, he's over there, go here herding some sheep. And, you know, he goes back to his family's whole villages killed, you know, God knows, maybe you had a TV doesn't even know what's going on in America didn't want to hurt nobody, he just praying to the one guy Next, you know, his innocent child, you know, was just born and his baby girl, they're all dead. So you know, these

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these emotions start to stir up and people do things that aren't according to Islam. So let's stop killing senate innocent people to kill the innocent people. This is wrong. But we also like you said, we'll admit that there are some people with some extreme view views. But the main thing is, I like what you said. This is what Islam says Islam says, Don't kill innocent women, children, old people. It's not justified. Yes, that's clear. It's very clear. Yeah. There's no ambiguity about this. That's, that's amazing. And I'm sure the light bulbs going on and you're learning so much, you're getting to benefit. We'll be right back. With more here today. She'll sit tight.

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With good deeds. We'll find that good.

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Would we

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clear out your mind in your heart of hatred

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and preconceived notions, racism and nationalism, because you cannot have anything inside of you that's like that against people and still be successful.

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Back here on the D show with Joshua Evans, and people go to the D We covered the top 10 reasons why Jesus peace be upon him is not God never claimed to be God. And some people will get upset and they start, you know, throwing sticks and stones when to break your bones and, and now we're trying to intellectually, we're trying to explain what Islam is and you clearly clearly again, Islam is not about terrorizing people, terrifying, oppressing tyranny. Absolutely. This is the antithesis to Islam. Is it? All of these things are the complete complete antithesis of the teachings of Islam? completely out of the scope? I just I want to hear you say it can you does any

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Muslim have a right now? Okay, because we love our brothers in humanity. And we love our brothers and faith. So those minute few that might have some extreme views. All right, obviously, you have a right to defend yourself. Someone can't put a gun to your head, you know, you hit him with the left. You don't want to take your wallet. You know, you don't run towards fighting you tried to defuse the situation, but someone comes in your home and try to stick you up and your family have a right to defend yourself. So it does a Muslim woman who has constantly submitted to the one guy just like Jesus, Abraham, no one all of them. That's what a Muslim is. Does he have a right to put a bomb in

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his shoe and his underwear behind his neck in his ear? And you know, try to go and blow up innocent people in a pizzeria in a game shop in a you know, Starbucks, does he is this condone or condemned by Islam absolutely condoned and condemned. That person would be become a criminal condoned or condemned, in other words, a slippery Is it is it justified or not? It is absolutely not condoned. And it is clearly condemned, condemned, that means is not justified or not justified in Islam. for someone to do this. They become a criminal, according to not only, you know, secular law, but the religious law of Islam condemns them as a criminal and they would be punished. If they didn't punish

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themselves by blowing themselves up, then they're going to be in Hellfire forever. But if not, and they were caught in an Islamic system, they would be punished as a criminal. Now, again, you got another person who is clearly coming down speaking against this. So people, such as some politicians who say, Why don't the influential people, the D show here is viewed all across the globe. And it's one of the most watched

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talk shows, and we have some of the most

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known speakers out there. And this is just another speaker, another person who is well known throughout the Muslim world who's speaking out against this. So let's go on to the next we're almost wrapping up at Sharia, you mentioned Sheree earlier. And isn't Sharia also, I like how you eloquently put it when these things are explained, you know, the walls come down. Didn't Jesus teach Sharia? Didn't Moses teach Sharia define what Sharia is? And when I say look, the 10 commandments, this was Sharia. What do I mean? Should he is an Arabic word that basically means the way, a way. And an Arabic terminology defines a way that leads to water. And islamically wicker is a way or a

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method or methodology that leads to God's pleasure. So what is a system of laws that God has given us to to do Islam to be a Muslim, and it gives us a path and then wait to do that? Because it's illogical for God to put us on this earth say, I want you to obey me this and that, but not yet show us the way to get there. You know, it's like somebody's telling you to go somewhere. But you can get there however you want. That's just illogical. I know, I need a destination in their path. I need the roadmap. So there surely is the roadmap Moses was given the surely the road map and the 10 commandments. Jesus himself was a proponent of following the law, which we spoke about in our true

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gospel of Jesus Christ video here on the deen show, that he taught to obey the commandments of God and to follow the law of God which means the Sharia in Islam, the same thing we're following the laws and the regulations set down by the Creator Almighty to do his worship. And this is well defined in Islam, to say that it is anything other than this simplistic lifestyle to please the Creator is just a misconstruing of information and is just, you know, blanketing over the facts with with with statements that are not true. I can clearly say because now we're running out of time, now we're going to lay it out, and people can judge for themselves. I know. And I can just passionately

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say if you have a Muslim living next to you, you can count on him sometimes taking the trash out. You can count on him not using profanity, you can count on him not trying to steal your wife, you can count on him not stealing your wallet trying to rob your house. You won't see him on the FBI, or the top 10 Most Wanted, you can rest assured that you will have peace from this new

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If he's abiding by Islam, he's a good noble character. What do you guys say about this? Absolutely. For someone who is living as a Muslim, and they are practicing Muslim, which are the ones people are going to most readily recognize, then these are people that you would not ever have to worry about fear about, you know, because if they are a practicing Muslim, they are taught to be good to their neighbor, they are taught to be good to their parents, to humanity, to help in society, to be socially conscious. All of these things are within the boundaries of the teachings of Islam, the Quran, the Sharia, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that we are to deal

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with humanity. And one very beautiful statement of the Prophet peace be upon him was that you do not truly believe and to you love for your brother in humanity, what you love for yourself. So we have to deal with humanity as we would want to be treated. And this is, of course, the golden rule taught by Jesus peace be upon himself as report in the New Testament, all of these teachings are the same. We're not bringing anything new. We're just trying to revive this old, ancient teaching from God from the very beginning of time into the end that we want to please Him. And we want to have a good upright Justice Society. That's what Islam offers and seeks to bring to the world. Now we're just

00:26:10--> 00:26:53

about out of time. Islam laid out what is Islam? What does it mean? What is it calling to talk to us for Islam is very simple Islam as an Arabic word, that means many things. But if we wanted to break it down, simplistically, out of all the meanings in words, Islam means submission, serenity, sincerity, obedience, and peace. That basically means Islam, that I submit myself to God, I do what he wants me to do each and every single day, sincerely for him, in obedience to Him, surrendering to Him alone, so that I can have peace in this life, and I can have peace in the next life. And if I seek to do that every day, then I would be known as a Muslim, one who does Islam, one who submits.

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This is very simple. This is all of the prophets and messengers of God, people who submitted even as Jesus peace be upon him said that whatever is your will, God, the Creator, that I will do that is a Muslim, whatever is God's will. That's what we want to do. We started with peace, we end with peace, peace be unto you, thank you for coming back again, inshallah We look forward to having you in shock again, God willing.

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God Almighty, the creator of love rewards you. I mean, and that was exciting for me. I know, it's exciting for you, we clearly got to define what Islam is. And Jesus did Islam, and we're not the Antichrist, and we love Jesus and we love peace, but to get peace within yourself, you got to turn to the owner. He's the one who created you, not to a man, to a woman, but to the creator of man and woman, the creator of this whole universe and everything in it. And he isn't call us to one a blow up our neighbors and to kill this person and that person. No, he calls us to do that, which is good, and it's not good to kill innocent people. It's not good to go out and create mischief in the land.

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Islam causes us to submit to the One God to do righteous good deeds and to yearn for paradise. But how can you have paradise if you're not obeying God, so obey God do the wonderful beautiful things that he wants you to do? Have good manners, good noble character, develop yourself to be the best human being that you can be and continue to tune in here to the deen show. Until next time, peace be unto you. I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid