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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of wrong labeling Muslims during the month ofFinancial, which may lead to them being considered "hammed" by others. They suggest that labeling individuals by their appearance may make them feel like they have a monopoly on their work, and that they should encourage others to practice Islam even after the month of MAC. The speaker also suggests that labeling individuals by their appearance may make them feel like they have a monopoly on their work, and that they should be there as people who support them and make it easy for them to practice Islam.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is sad to slim coming at you with another raw vlog. Those of you who don't know what my raw vlogs are, go to my YouTube channel, check it out, I have a bunch of raw vlogs uploaded there. Okay, so today I want to talk about the issue of Ramadan, Muslims or I should say, Ramadan Muslims now if you don't know what that means or you don't know what this term is basically this is used to describe those people who maybe in like during the year they commit certain sins and all that but during the month of Ramadan, they stop, or they don't practice Islam or they practice very little of Islam. But during the month of Ramadan, they practice Islam

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more. So for example, person doesn't pray their prayers, but during the month of Ramadan, they start praying their five daily prayers. Now, I personally think that this term is horrible. I don't think we should use it to describe anyone I don't think we should label people as I'm above Muslims and point fingers at people and say, You're Ramadan Muslims now. You know, I've been thinking about this issue. And I and as I was thinking about Why are people so quick to judge other people and refer to them as animal bond Muslims, and even this year's panel, I noticed that even before Amazon had started, people already started complaining about Ramadan, Muslims, oh, here comes Ramadan, Muslims

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and all that kind of stuff. One of the reasons I think is that people who are religious and people who practices to them, they almost feel like they have a monopoly on religiosity. Right? It's almost like they feel like and they feel threatened. They're like, you know, I practice Islam the whole year, and look at these people who show up. And just during the month of Ramadan, they become all religious, and that makes them feel like all their work is worth nothing. And the reality is that, you know, that is actually I would say, a form of arrogance, to look down upon people because they didn't practice Islam the rest of the year. And arrogance is a matter of the heart. It's extremely,

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extremely dangerous. Let alone the other issue of you know, labeling somebody has been listening, we assume that they're going to return to their old habits after normal bone is over. And that is not necessarily the case. Yeah, it's likely, especially if someone does it every year. Yes, it's, there's a good chance, but you still never know, when you call somebody out of Milan Wilson, you actually, you're discouraging them from practicing Islam. And I don't know about you, but I don't want that on my head. Secondly, you don't know whether this animal bond will be different. Maybe this animal bond, they practiced and they worked out their Islam, and this animal bond is different.

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Also the fact that maybe they don't make it past this animal bomb, right? Maybe yes, they may have gone back to a non religious life after Ramadan. But maybe they don't make it till the end of animal bond. So how can we discourage someone from getting closer to a loss penalty Allah, we really have to take a look at ourselves and ask ourselves what is happening in our hearts that we feel like we have to label people or put people down by calling them Ramadan Muslims. I asked the last panel to Allah to guide me and guide all of you and guide the quote unquote, Ramadan was even though you know what I I almost want to stop using that term, even though I'm using the term here to tell you to not

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call them about Muslims. I think we should boycott this term. I think we should just stop using it altogether. You know, instead of putting people down for being those things that I talked about,

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we should actually encourage them instead of condemning people for being Ramadan Muslims, instead of condemning them, we should actually be those people who are encouraging them to continue the lifestyle that they lead during the month of Ramadan. So instead of condemnation, we should be there as people who will support them and help them and make it easy for them to practice Islam even after the month of Ramadan is over. And Lost Planet Allah knows best. I will see y'all later inshallah Tada. I said, I'm on a cold water. I'm at the LA heat or what I got to

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