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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding hellfire and the consequences of being right and wrong. They mention that money is a reveal and that people have had similar experiences to KSI's Logan Paul. They also discuss the importance of happiness and how it can lead to happiness and wellbeing. The study found that individuals who are happy with their income, like those on the rise, have a longer lifespan and a longer likelihood of achieving their goals.
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Logan Paul.

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Mike asked us this morning but the phone call and the billion dollars and happiness actually mike tyson wanted me to fight him.

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Call Logan Logan Paul quote Yeah, come on man.

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I would love I've loved that thing he's not interested in fight guys.

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Now we got this guy. We got a real challenge

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would you step up?

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And congrats on the good fight. Thank you, brother. And likewise, let's get a message the let's get logan paul the message Logan but I this is where I get confused like, like who's right and who's wrong all along.

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It's even hard just to try to stand next to this fire. Imagine being thrown in it. And Paul Logan, that's the answer to your first question. You saw the message I invited you to something priceless Logan inviting you again. But this is where I get confused. Like like who's right and who's wrong? are Muslims wrong? Because they're Muslim? are Christians wrong? Because they're Christian? And what are the consequences of being right and wrong? What is it? What's the consequence? If we get it wrong? If we pass if we fail to test this test of life? You'd respect me less if I didn't tell you the truth. The truth is that Abraham, Moses, Noah, all these messengers, Mohammed, just being the

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last message and a chain of messengers who came with the same message to worship the one

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and only created the heavens and earth. There's not multiple gods, and you can I'm sure you watch that video. There God. Yes, good. You know, in Islam, Allah is the God and Judaism. Jesus is the God and

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Jesus is not God. He never called people to worship Him. As a God as literal Son of God. He called people to worship the One God alone without associates. And he also warned people of the Hellfire and he gave the glad tidings of Paradise, eternal life in the next paradise. And so did all the other messengers. They came with that same message not

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contradictory messages. One coming in saying worship me the other one coming worship the song The other one won't come was saying worship the moon, the other one saying worship money? No, that's where you're confused. Now we got badou jack, and he's giving you an invitation was an invitation here for five promoter to

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Now the thing is, I want to I want him to sit and do do a nice meeting with you guys. I think he can benefit from your friendships. Because I'm, I'm confused. But the messengers that the creator said he, they came to bring you out of the confusion. And probably Mohammed is just the last in front of messenger sent to mankind. So the consequence again, to answer your question, and what are the consequences of being right and wrong, is the hellfire. And I hope that you respect that person more who's giving you the truth, straightforward. Because that's not that's not a true love. Now loaded and we've you know, we've crossed paths a couple of times with Logan, because we worked with KSI for

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the first fight. And, you know, and you got to give the kid credit, you know, I mean, he has really turned his life around. And he and he's in he's maximizing his platform, and good for him. Yeah. Good for him. Yes. He's also been on kind of like a spiritual journey. If you want some of his has

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kind of been, you know, talking about this, Daniel, I get it. Money doesn't buy happiness. It actually pushes happiness away. I'm starting to believe that I truly do believe that money is quite honestly the reveal. psychologists say they found the exact amount of money you need to be happy 2018 article this study analyzed data for over 1.7 million people in 164 countries, the ideal income for individuals is $95,000 a year for life satisfaction, and 60 to $75,000 a year for emotional well being. The study published in the journal Nature human behavior, found that once the threshold was reached, further increases in income were actually associated with reduced happiness. Researchers

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defined life satisfaction as an overall assessment of how one is doing while emotional wellbeing refers to a person's day to day feelings such as happiness, sadness, excitement and anger. This is the final part. There's a happiness tipping point. The more you have, the more you want. The study concluded it's interesting when people go through that and they turn to all these different things, you know, you have these rocks and then the Buddha and then all the you know different things superstitions but your other stomach for good luck.

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That's the beautiful what you mentioned the word earlier tawheed when people really and I've had so many guests over the years, they've experimented with everything and anything but when they really got to experience its last submission to the Creator, not the creation. Then it was like Wow, now it's like you got counterfeit and then you got the real deal right real thing. So that's why if because you guys have access to these people, man did you guys ever go out to lunch ever you know with with each other with

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Logan Paul No, no, no, no, we were always on opposite sides of the sword. Yeah, you know we were the KSI to the key. Okay, is that it? Has that been set now? That's like okay, now you can't cross over. You know, I mean, I don't know if it's set set, but as I beat him, right, he did. Yeah, he did. And you you help train a

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sport spark Actually, this was probably 2018 Yeah, so he called me as like a YouTube kid that's gonna come in Can you please spar with him? He's huge in the YouTube world. I'd never heard of him. And then we did a little video No, I dropped him with a body shot

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just for fun. And yeah, and then he's like yeah, he got 40 million is one of the biggest youtuber in the world or whatever they're gonna have a boxing fight against Logan Paul and who I didn't really know either by seen his face around but yeah, and

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then they fought I walked into the ring he begged he begged

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the YouTuber to please mate is good marketing and everything is

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and he's actually a nice kid case. I actually like the kid he's very nice. Yeah, he's a good kid. So that goes back to what I was saying. You just have no idea like from that Mexican cartel individual. You know, I interviewed and he's somewhere in Mexico with the cartel and now he's Muslim he ends up accepting Islam at home like you just don't know what kind of impression exactly what you're going to say or do that can leave a lasting impression on many people who are watching they're looking you know, your example what you're saying you know, so that's why every time we post something on social media I always got to think the extra thing if we just us but you got to love the young kids. Those

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you know, following us so we've got to think before even sometimes you want to respond to to haters online, but then we're gonna think about it I'm a Muslim I can write I can't do it. Masha, Allah Allahu Akbar, and that's not a war cry. That's praise.

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Allah. This is so important they in this day and age

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