Surah Al kahf Ayah 60-65 – Group Discussion

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The other thing that I thought about I mentioned it in all lectures was that most of the time is on this isolated journey.

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And there's a photo with him. And there's a squirrel, you know, kind of an echo of the first story in the summer, where they are heading towards isolation and they are fit Yeah.

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Right. So, and he say, and they're looking for guidance as they go off into this journey. You know, I'm an MD now Russia, Donna. And here he's gonna ask, you know,

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Allah, Allah terbuka Allah And to Allah aluminum, Mr. Olympia, Russia. So there's a really interesting kind of subtle revisiting of the same theme of the pursuit of guidance in solitude, and particularly the inclusion of youth in that. So and as we observe, the sleepers did not have to be described as fit. Yeah.

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It's a particular use