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where he actually got a chance to listen to the that Allah to the other than to visit the Masjid. I've decided to return to Cairo to try and understand who God is to Muslims. Islam believes in the same God as Jews and Christians. But I want to know if there are differences in how they think about the divine

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historian of Islam, amen. Regard has brought me to the owl Hussein mosque.

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And you can just come in here, just like the Catholic church just always opened the prayer. Yeah, you want to come in here and it can hang out with yourself and Allah. Yeah, absolutely.

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I'm just in time to hear what Muslims believe, is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. The call to prayer? Allah Ma.

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What do you think Morgan Freeman, if we all I mean, we can end up dying tomorrow before him. We don't know when our death date departure date is. But if, if we just go by yours, he's closer than the most of us. Right? So now he's got to hear

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some of the teachings of Islam, if we if we have to send the message to Morgan Freeman, and then maybe if he was to visit your area of the world, maybe he can come also visit with you. And in his next documentary series? Well, first of all, we wish and hope for all humans to accept Islam, regardless of their position of the rank of their fame. Now, having said that, Morgan Freeman, I think, was doing this documentary for a purpose. And he wasn't doing it for his own self. So he has a script. And he's following the script. If they were to take him to a Hindu temple, he would have said, what was in the script? Like, what's his name this?

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I have a set of certain skills that I will know how to get you and know how to kill you. Defend Liam Liam.

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Liam Neeson when he was in Turkey, yes, some something like that. So he, they praised that he was so impressed with that. And later on, he was, yeah.

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It's part of the job. So we wish that they all come to Islam. We wish that they come and ask us and debate us and ask us what what Islam is, I don't like this in your religion, no problem. I'll clarify to you. They have so many scholars, or diaries or students of knowledge around them, they can get in touch with, but they don't. Because this is their lifestyle. If you read the sooner the Prophet I saw some sent to Hercules or to the Emperor of the presentence. A message

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the prophet has, I've sent him a message when this

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ruler, this Emperor read the message, said Allah, He is on the right path. In our fi were next to him, I would have taken his shoes and washed his feet and drank the water of that. So people ask him, Okay, are you accepting Islam said no, no, no, I was just testing the people. The Prophet said that he

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did not want to waste his empire. So he knew that accepting Islam means losing all the wealth, losing all the power losing losing his empire. So he

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decided to keep that over. That thing is that most celebrities are like this. Wow, who wants to let go of all the wealth and fame for claiming that Oh, Islam is beautiful. You have to submit your will you're not able to do this. So unfortunately, but yeah, sure. Anyone who wants to come and talk to me, let alone I would say talk to me talk to someone who's more knowledgeable. Talk to solvers, talk to someone who you may benefit from but if they want to come and talk to this poor slave of Allah, I'm always there and just a phone call away. Let's go back to this now this is historical people can go references check it up, Hercules now so this is this was a ruler at that time so he's exposed to

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Islam he's exposed to the last and final messenger sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them who often say is a brother to Jesus Moses, Abraham know all the preceding messengers. He didn't come with anything different. He came to the same message, worship the one and only created the heavens and earth the Creator, not his

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creation, and he's exposed to it. So he's saying, you know, he's testing the waters now. And he sees that this is the truth. He said, What'd he say? He said, If I was with him, I'd wash his feet, and drink the water.

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Hold on, hold on. This is really deep for people who admire historical figures like Alexander the Great. And, you know, they watched many of these movies Braveheart, and many of these people out there, you know, somebody even fictional, but now her actually this is a real this is not someone from the movies. No, no, that guy

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gathered all of his priests and monks and head of church and ordered his guards to lock the door. And he cited to them the stories and he recited to them, some of the verses.

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He said, peace be upon him, Jesus Christ and his mother, and his his miraculous birth. And the priests and monks started crying until their beards were wet, Christian, these are Christians crying, no, because their hands are on they are hearing the Quran. And her Oculus Hercules is setting up this meeting now. No. So after that, after he saw them being so emotionally moved by the truth of the Quran, he said to them, so what do you think, should we follow him?

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So he just was testing the water in a positive way. They immediately overturned because their love of power and love of wealth kicked in, she said, and they started rebelling against him. No, we will not do this and so much chaos and the shouting and disturbance. And he knew this, this is why He locked the door from the inside. So he said, No, no, no, no, come down, come down or just testing your Eman if you real believers or not. And everything went back to normal. So when this reached the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam,

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he said in Arabic been be milking Hadith. Oh, this wretched person, he was favoring his wealth and power over Islam. That's why he would not give it up.

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Oh, this was unlike, unlike the reaction of the Persian leader, who torn the letter of the Prophet alayhi. Salatu was Salam, and rejected even to reply to him.

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Because Hercules gave

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the messenger game if and a concubine and some jewelry, back to the process, as a form of honoring respect he gave he showed some respect yet to their level to the level shake of he said, I want people to imagine this. He said, If I was with him, I would wash his feet and drink that water. Yes, out of because all Christians know of the one that prophet as a Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, gave the glad tidings of His coming.

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And they knew that they were someone coming to fix the world. And Jesus Christ said this in the Bible, and he said that he will come after me, he will speak not from his own self, but he will speak from

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me, I'm not a biblical historian. So I am the jack at night even. So you go ahead and check it out when you get them on the phone real quick.

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I wish I wish I seriously I can but not that's the moment. So you find evidences that are beyond doubt that they knew there was something someone coming and we know who this someone is. And we can see it through his track record, actually just open your eyes. What do people hate about Islam? There are those who have in it in enmity against Islam, like some European countries without naming them, even when the European Council came yesterday with an ad, showing a woman without hijab have pictured and a woman with hijab

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half picture

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to show the integrity the

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how cultures blend in Europe, because Muslims are a great portion of the population in Europe. It's an ad a woman with no hijab, and a woman with hijab they blend them in. So half of the girl is without and half is with what happened. This European country came up front and said, No, this is totally unacceptable. We object because this denies the Christian and the Jewish heritage of us

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they have hatred to hijab. Anything that respects women, they have a problem with, if a woman comes out with a bikini or wearing a son, good for you, that's the thing. That's what we like to see. They have no fear, no bashfulness, no shyness. They hate Islam full stop. So you will a beard, cut it. You want a job? Take it off. With Corona came, people started wearing the mask. They were shocked. What can we do? They're wearing niqab legally, they couldn't do anything about it. But when it's out of your conviction, out of your belief, out of your religion, no, we have a problem.

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So these are great examples for Morgan Freeman or whoever else doesn't matter. The message is open for everyone. Now, you mentioned the Persian king, you struck an example of contrast here, when he and this also now look, if someone wants to see if the Quran is from the Creator of the heavens and earth, they want to take a scientific analytical approach, they will see that this is indeed from the crowd, the proof is overwhelming. But then you see the small details that are there that are just you know, mind blowing, like this example that you're going to get with the Persian king. There was a prediction in there you can say something that was going to happen. And can you go ahead and

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talk about this when those messengers came? And then the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him? What did he predict? Or say something that's going to happen in the future that they didn't even know until like, what a month journey or several months journey when the messengers came? And they told the prophet and he told the prophet, it was one messenger. And he told the prophet said that this is what

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the Persian Emperor did, he torn your letter, unlike what happened with the Christians who honored it and sent with the gift, the letter what what was the letter about So for people that don't know what's in the letter, the letter was simply stating that peace be upon those who follow the guidance of Allah azza wa jal come to Islam, and you will be rewarded for yourself and for all those who follow

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you. And if you do not accept Islam, the message of Allah, which is to believe in monotheism, which to believe that the Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, sallAllahu wasallam, then you shall be punished for your sins and the sins of those who follow you. So it's a call to Islam is an invitation with sent within and a messenger. So he out of arrogance, out of pride, he taught it up and sent the messenger back. When the messenger came back to the prophet as I told him, the Prophet said two words Mazola Homolka. He said, may Allah tear his kingdom.

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And on that particular day,

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which the Muslims came, you know, a month or so later, when the news came, on that

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particular night, this emperor was killed, and he had no male offspring. So his daughter took his position in leaving the country, which led it to go downhill. And we all know how they were conquered by the Muslims.

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Wow. SubhanAllah. So you have this, what is historically documented, you have her Achilles, you have him like you are bringing to our attention that the He put all the Christians together, they got to hear some of the Quran they're crying, weeping. They recognize us as a truth. But they didn't accept because that power like now, what are you going to do? You're going to just live for prestige, power, you're going to live for just the things of this world. Are you going to accept the truth, or the truth, they're come sometimes consequences, right? People rebelling like they were going to do against him. But then you have other examples. You know, you gave this example the Persian, but then

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there was also others Christians, who also accepted like the Christian king of Abyssinia. So this is another example of a Christian, can you talk about who now he also was someone who was just who was fair, someone who later Did he accept Islam? Well, this was way way back in the beginning in the early times of Islam, the letters to the Najat to the

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to the Persian emperor to the Emperor of Bahrain, which is an Asian part of Saudi Arabia, the emperor of

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On the presentations, the king of Coptics of Egypt and to the Abyssinian ruler, these were on the ninth year of Hydra, which is 22 years after the revelation started. That was about two years before the death of the prophet Isaiah Salam, if I'm not mistaken. So it's almost an Alou food when people came to accept Islam, etc. This is when it was sent. And it might have been,

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let me recollect, no, no, no, I was wrong, I was wrong. So I apologize.

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either don't have to edit this. But this just to show how poor I am and how mistakes I made. This was way back. Because when it came to the, at the Cillian, Emperor, Abu Sofia live and how was at the time of the truce between the Muslims and the this the machinery key. And this was before the conquest of Makkah. So this was before between year six and year eight of hedgerow. This is when it took place. Now the Abyssinian King you're talking about his name was an Nyjah. She, he was Christian. At the time he was Christian, but this incident took place 1213 years ago, meaning that when the Muslims were prosecuted in Mecca before they migrated to Medina,

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they were so finding it difficult to live. To the extent that the Prophet son told them listen, Allah has made way out for you, you may migrate to Abyssinia, which means that you have to get on boats, cross the Red Sea, go to a foreign land with a different language. And nowadays, if you're a frequently flyer, and you have access to different airlines and hotels, no problem, you can just come send me an invitation to Kuala Lumpur, and I'll come within eight to 10 hours. That time, it was like the difference between life and death for Bedouins to go on ships and cross the sea, not knowing how to swim to a foreign land. Whoa. So they went there. Now the thing is that the Prophet

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told them as a sample go there, because there is a king, people will not be oppressed under his reign.

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And that is one mind blowing fact, because for a

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man who was illiterate who did not read, and they didn't have any Fox News or CNN at the time, yet he knew who the rulers of countries around him and how they dealt with their people.

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This shows you that the amount of knowledge the prophet had about what was going on. So he says to them Go to him. So they went and they asked permission to live in his country. And the Joshy the Abyssinian King allowed them to after some time, the idol worshippers of Quraysh of the motion key the enemies of Islam did not like this. So they sent two men

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try to send them back.

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These men and one of them was honorable and asked me I wasn't confident the title. They went with lots of gifts. So they gave all the close ones to the king. particular gift watches jewelleries golden pens money, so they bought the heart of the king.

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And then they went to the king and said to him, we have a problem with our locals who came to you they had renegades and they

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say bad things about our gods and idols. So we would like you to send them back with us. We will leave with them.

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All those things says yeah, they know their people, send them back with them. We don't need strangers and definitely we're not going to build a wall or like Trump's

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So he said

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he chose my hospitality and

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how can I return them back? I will

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do this.

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So the following day I want to

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ask them what they say about Jesus because they say something that is extremely wild and inappropriate. Being a Christian he said okay after he what he they say about him, so he got them.

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There spokeswoman was jofra, Nabil Tada

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The cousin of the Prophet is,

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of course, the brother of it.

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So he was the spokesman who came in and gave his speech.

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And he said, I will read you verses from the Quran.

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And he read the verses from the Quran, portraying in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, and what had happened with his mother.

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By the time he ended, reciting the Quran, Tears was pulling up the face of a Naja sheet, and even his monks and priests.

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And he said to them, what law he, he said, is nothing more than what they have decided. Jesus went, Yeah, Jesus Christ. This is when the monks and priests started to

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become angry, because it says that Jesus had no father. And there was no male intervention. Rather, it was the archangel Gibreel, who planted his soul in the womb of Mother Mary. They did not like this. And the second case was unlike the

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Hercules, he ordered the dishes

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and said that this is the truth.

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And nothing else is that they can see did it and he told them, do whatever you want, you are free to worship Allah Xhosa in Wow. So this is a great you know, because a lot of times people they get kind of a superficial understanding about Islam, Morgan Freeman. Now these are the kind of stories I mean, you have so much. Isn't there a verse in the Quran that verbatim Word of God Almighty that Allah subhanaw taala is talking about that when there is amongst them those who when they hear the truth, you know, the shed tears. So now you have an example of the Christians during the time of miraculous and now another Abyssinian king here, who later accepted Islam, you have them shedding

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tears, they're hearing the truth. And now Morgan Freeman, or anybody else can be Liam Neeson again, it's interesting about Liam Neeson that there was when he came back, because you mentioned this, he was in the first part of his day in Turkey. He was annoyed with that. And then you know, the story goes is an older story. But then he started he said it was something like it was penetrating his soul. And there was even talk, you'd watch him on some of these talk shows talking about, you know, he was like, kind of pumped up. But then he got hit with the backlash from community. And that's now your test. Are you going to submit to what P and she says, you know, the community or stardom? Or

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are you going to actually go down that path and accept the truth? So these are great stories for Morgan Freeman and others, to really take a deep dive and look into Islam. So what would you say to someone like Morgan Freeman,

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someone who now they think that just these is just another religion? There's some good in there, just like other religions and whatnot? Well, you have clear passages in the Quran where God Almighty I mean, if you look at this, on his book, there's no way that it can come from anyone else. There's not contradiction upon contradiction. You know, there's not different versions of the Quran. It's not, you know, a core a collection of books from anonymous authors. This is from the cradle cradle, you mean the whole universe and everything in it. He's saying that whoever chooses a way of life other than complete and total submission to Him and Him alone, to the credit the universe, never

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will that way of life be accepted. So what would you if you had a sit down now he's traveling Morgan Freeman, he comes to your part of the world Jeddah, he's doing his documentary, and now you're talking with them? What What would you what are the kinds of things how would you invite him to this beautiful way of life of Islam? Usually, I follow a very easy way of

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thinking, very simple as not a rocket scientist, as if rocket science is the best and no, I'm not someone who's sophisticated and uneasy, go in person. I'm easy, like Friday morning. So I wouldn't go into complicated stuff. philosophical stuff. I don't know, the stuff Hamdulillah I know, black and white. I'm a logical person. So I would say to him, Listen, you believe in the existence of one Creator? Most likely said definitely. Okay, this one Creator, would it be wise to create all this perfection in this life in this world, and lead them astray without showing them what is right and what's wrong? You wouldn't expect an apple to produce a device. So magnificent so it's

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sleek, so nice and not tell

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people whether it's a phone or a TV set or a microwave,

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they would have to show them how it works.

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operation manual etc. So Allah azza wa jal definitely would show us how to worship and what to do and what is expected from us. So logical, but all religions do this too. Okay, excellent. Number one, are all religions, right at the sight of Allah? Said, maybe? No, no no candy. If they are all right, they mean that they all share the same values do the same that shared the same, same values. No, no, no, this religion goes right this religion goes left this religion does not even exist on Earth. So definitely the truth. beside Allah is one. So which one which religion? This is the acid test, you have to do to each religion, come to Christianity scrutinize it, look into it deeply to

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see if it is the accepted religion to God at the moment. Do you have an original scripture of the New Testament of the angel? No, we have a translation of a translation of a translation. You have the original manuscript? No. Does anybody know the original manuscript? And how know we have one version? No, we have hundreds. The Catholics have the Dewey version. The Protestants have the King James Version, we have the new standard version, we have the red dot virgin of letter 1000s of copies. Okay, go to other religion, Hindus, Buddhism, do they share the perfection? The authenticity, the sustainability of all religions?

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Like Islam or not, you will come to the conclusion that okay, with all religions, ratings, I will rate Islam to have the highest 80%. Let's assume 80%, not 100%. Is there anything close to it? No. The second close is like 30 or 45. Okay. So why aren't you accepting Islam? Because it's 80. I think if it's 80%, the 80%, which is right and correct and authentic, should overwhelm the 20% that are doubtful in your head, though I got into that the future and the science will prove the other 20% that you're not being able to buy? It's very easy way of communicating. But people who are digital people who said, no, no, no, no, I believe that Jesus agreed my life or Jesus cured my parallel

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analysis that Jesus did this. Jesus came to me, like one America, President said, Jesus came to him, God came to him and told him to invade other countries. And then said, oops, sorry. Again, it was it was a mistake. They will know weapons of mass destruction. Sorry for the million kill for Tough luck next time.

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Subhan Allah. So yeah, these are a lot, a lot of things. You know, just simple facts. It's not some hocus pocus stuff that people throw at you. And you got to put your like intelligence on hold. When you were mentioning when we were mentioning all these Christians, and then scholars, you know, people of intellect, you had so many people who are enemies, opponents of the truth, but later they became lovers of the truth, they accepted the truth. I mean, this is you know, when people study the life, you know, from the authentic sources when they study the life, you know, the history of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him not through the opponents of Islam. You have

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another Christian, do you have another scholar, who also if you can just touch upon this, what had been NOFO this was somebody now who's a scholar of that time, who knows who knew all the other, you know, what they had are the remnants of the truth of you know, of the, of the Torah what they had of you know, the teachings of Jesus. So, at that time, whatever he had, he studied it. And then when he saw Prophet Muhammad, what he'd recognized him as an imposter or as indeed that anticipated prophet who was supposed to be sent the last and final seal of the prophets.

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He immediately accept, accepted Him and He said

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to him

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if I were

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young, when your people would kick you out of 30 on came with the same religion. No one came with the same religion that you came up with, except he would face in Mitty of his people. But la we only with all due respect, when you bring all these stories, if I were in their shoes, I would say that okay, this is history. It might be right, it might be wrong. I could find me

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maybe one in a million who was a Muslim devout Muslim who rejected Islam. So does this to shake? No, it's not the way the way is that Allah gave you. Intellect, Allah gave you a brain to think of and to analyze things up. You have to do your due diligence, come and sit and think. Is this the system that manages the whole world without problems? Or conflict? Is this the law that ensures justice to all regardless of color, and he is a man of color? How did the Muslims deal with blacks? Who were among the most prominent of the companions of the prophet as they were black? And the Prophet stated this 15 Centuries ago, there is no privilege for a white over a black

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for an Arab over an

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except with a virtue and the fear of Allah azza wa jal how powerful yet it's so simple. Lee talking about you know, this pure monotheism and directing people, because sometimes when you ask someone, I've had experience asking, you know, the person who's in his late 70s 80s Have you ever thought about the purpose of life? Have you ever asked the Creator life for guidance? So I've interviewed so many people over the years and when he did this simple, yet profound thing of asking the creator for guidance alone, because the devil Shakedown makes things confusing, oh, so many religions, they're all the same, this, that and the other. And so it makes it so complicated. But then, you know, how

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powerful is this to lead Morgan Freeman or just the average layman? to Now ass, ask for the guidance from the one created you? Whoever asks Allah azza wa jal wholeheartedly, Allah will guide him. I guarantee you this. So I don't ask people to come to Islam. I just asked them to ask Allah Almighty to guide their heart to the straight path. If they're sincere in that, they will be guided. Imagine what was the DUA, the supplication that our Prophet that he saw, so I'm used to open his night prayer. And night prayer is something that people offer as a voluntary act. It's not part of the five pillars of Islam. It's something that is a bit higher, it's a bonus. So people wake up at 3am.

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An hour or two before the break of dawn, when everybody's asleep, nobody's awake. So the Prophet used to wake up, and his supplication would be Allahu maramba. Gibran Isla Mika Inoue sloughi oh lord of Gibreel Archangel Gabriel as Raphael and Mikhail the three greatest angels of all fault the semi lucky Oh Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. I only my labia shahada, no word of what is seen and unseen.

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Ini Lima Tula puffy, hidden and happy, the ethnic after you praise Allah with all of these beautiful praises, you ask? So you say and guide me to what righteousness and truth people have disagreed upon?

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What does that show you? It shows you that even the Prophet of Allah is begging Allah, Allah Almighty every single night, to guide him to whatever truth people have different upon. Because if Allah doesn't guide you, you're lost. You're a strain.

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And the moment you think of yourself that oh, I'm strong, I'm King. I'm the champion. I'm the owner of everything. Look at all the celebrities the poor things 50 years ago, who were they?

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First Page

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articles all the time. Always on the first page, the pictures events there. They were so beautiful, so handsome, so strong. Where is all of that?

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down the drain. 50 years later, another one bites the dust. Then what is going on? Don't you think that there is a life after death? Shouldn't you at least know? What's the means of transportation the accommodation? What's awaiting me? Is it the sweet or oil sweet or is it a room in a dungeon? I have to figure it out. Now. The problem the biggest problem is that such people not only celebrities, the vast majority of the population, they are enslaved

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to their desires. So when you come to one and say, Okay, come to Islam, he said, Well, I cannot jeopardize my red wine of 1982. That was a good year

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with a big piece of pork chops. I can't I can play with that and your religion prohibits it. Is this all what life is about? You're willing, if your cardiologist say you have high level of control, you have to stop this or you're gonna die next week. You got to stop it, then you're on it. Yeah.

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You have a problem. Okay. Think about what a way to and look for the right way out. Whether it's Islam or any other religion, I'm fine with that. But Allah He I, I bet you halaal betting from one side, not America, that if you ask Allah for guidance, you will be guided.

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And this is what the crater is saying. All my slaves are misguided unless I guide them. So ask me of my guidance is not the crater. How do you how do you spot see very authentic? Yes, upon Allah. So leave us with something shade. What else? What do you leave us with? For again, Morgan Freeman, Leah, meet anybody out there to average Muslim? What advice do you leave it before we conclude that if I conclude it by anything, they will say, Oh, the chef is envious, because he was not awarded any part in our movies back? Well, if you give me trillions of dollars, I would not ever think of participating in this life. I've done that I've been there. Alhamdulillah. And I know everything

00:36:35--> 00:37:29

about this life that Allah has blessed me not to be and I would urge you, it's not your wealth that we are after. It's not your blue eyes are your mansions or your fame. It's for your own good. Look into what may save you on the Day of Judgment. Don't put blind folders, so that you don't see. Don't be like a race horse that has these folders on the side of his head so that he doesn't look right and left and only moves forward because this is not how it is. Seek Allah for guidance, and open your mind to the truth. And the truth shall guide you with the grace of Allah azza wa jal for the person just one more question who has never heard this term? Allah now they think, Oh, this is a

00:37:29--> 00:38:20

moon god, what are you talking about Allah, you know, I call on God, God. Okay, I have a CDs on my YouTube channel, which is called the Beautiful Names of Allah. And I explained the 102 names, authentic Names of Allah, the Almighty, that he called himself in, and the greatest name of all, is Allah, which all other names direct to. So when you say Who is Allah, you don't say the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful know, when someone asks What is the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful which Allah? What is the almighty you say, Allah? What is the generous? You say, Allah, all names relate to Allah azza wa jal, Who is Allah, He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He is the

00:38:20--> 00:38:56

Creator of the universe, there was ALLAH and nothing was with him. Imagine, there was a point of time though time is a creation of Allah. Allah was there and nothing was with him. Allah is the Creator of the universe, and the whole universe is nothing compared to Allah, except when you compare a ring to tossed in a desert. So Allah is the name of the only worthy of being worshipped. They call him God. They call him

00:38:58--> 00:39:06

other names, but this is the name of Allah that He accepted for himself mentioned in other scriptures.

00:39:07--> 00:39:08


00:39:10--> 00:39:35

other very Yeah, another variations those who said it, but this is the name that he acknowledged himself to be called in Islam. Don't Arabic speaking Jews and Christians also call upon God by the name, Allah, critic. They do. And even before Islam, they used to have names like Abdullah. So the father is a prophet as seven, but was not a Muslim. His name was Abdullah.

00:39:37--> 00:40:00

Allah, so this is the God that Jesus he called upon by Allah ha. And this is the God that people Jesus called people to worship not himself, but they call this is the one that Jesus worshipped also, correct. Okay. 100 Thank you, Chef, thank you for being with us again. Here in the deen show. Inshallah, we don't let too many years go by again before we have another nice session like this in sha welcome.

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Low vehicle and JazakAllah pay for having an apologize for the internet connection but you guys are like five 6000 miles away you should come closer to Saudi inshallah Thank you shake May Allah bless you Baraka Salam Alaikum salam we're not going to lie