Status of Father in Islam

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Status of Father in Islam

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I would like to invite your attention on a very important point, and that is understanding the status of father. Many of us we take this relationship and the status of father for granted, and we realize it when it's too late. My brothers and sisters, look what the prophet sallallaahu Ellison told us in a hadith which is so powerful, he said, a reader rugby theory the word idi was soccer to rugby free soccer invalidity, the pleasure of Lord is in the pleasure of father and the anger of Lord is in the anger of Father, meaning. If your father is pleased in sha Allah, Allah will be pleased with you. If your father is angry, Allah will be angry with you. So make sure that you

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please your father. Also the prophets in the lower Islam said Your father is the middle door of genda meaning is the best way to get into Jannah. The choice is yours, whether to get it or not.