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saw him with Tanya Malfa but still in this dunya your parents who are telling you to do * with me, Allah the summit, the independent who needs nobody who creates you from nothing.

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You know what saddam maybe walk us out of the alarm embrace Islam.

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He had a very, very loving mother and sad was known to be very obedient to his mother wherever his mother said, sad did.

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So when she found out that her son had embraced this lamp, what she decided to do, she took an oath, she took an oath that she would not eat, he will not drink she will not comb her hair, and she will not take shade. Now you can imagine that her opening to the heat, you're not taking not eating and drinking. You're not taking shade.

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One day lapses.

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She's a bad state. Second day lapses she's in even worse state. Third day lapses.

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roseola Andrew comes to his mother, and he said oh my mother, eat, drink. Don't take a shade. That's up to you. For I swear by Allah. If you died in 99 times after this time.

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I am not going to forego this religion.

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I am not gonna forego this religion. Allah subhanaw taala on this occasion revealed the verses were in gehad aka Allah and to silica Viva La silica be further to Emma. Allah says, if your parents argue with you quarrel with you, that you should do schilke with me, without you have no knowledge, do not obey them was Sahib ternium alpha, but still in this dunya your parents who are telling you to do ship with me? Allah the summit, the independent who needs nobody who creates you from nothing?

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They are telling you to do stick with me.

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Allah says to that Allah say do not obey them while saw him after dunya Moreover, but remain with them in this dunya in a good manner.

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Allahu Akbar. Allah didn't need to say that. Allah coulda said never talk to them again.

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Never look there were again they do * if we want you to do schilke with me. This is what allows enjoy because this these parents are mushriks

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these were Allah is saying

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obey them although they are telling you to do ship with me. Sorry, be good with them in this dunya

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don't obey them or be good to them in this dunya although they are commanding you to the ship with me.

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This Han Solo Why? Why? Because the greatest relationship a person has in this dunya is with who his parents.

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So what allows one parent to deprive the other parent of the children?

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Was there no music on the child that that child has now has to grow up

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with only one parent