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AI: Summary © The Moroccan players are showing negative impacts of alcoholism on society, with parents being disrespected and parents being liked. The segment touches on the idea of parents being liked and thanked for their actions, but the Moroccan players are showing extreme levels of hate towards their children. The segment ends with a message to support a deen center in America. One finger on a shirt is a signal for strength, and the segment ends with a message to support a deen center in America.
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It's a nice country wherever they say it's not true. You know, we came to watch the game to watch the soccer game, the football game. But some people complain about the alcohol we came to have fun not to playing OB drunk so for me fine before I get into what does this actually mean

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hola ilaha illallah wa shadow

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wanted to learn about

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wanting to learn and how they make made such a leap to go ahead and connect it to this extreme group and whatnot. They're getting really desperate i in photo demo clinician who's won the nomination of Dr. Autodesk anytime soon. Often, Bill Posey on average the Irish biller matomo clinician fan of Vincent Arman, which takes me out on the deck and say goofing off. This is a guy who stands out as an anti Islamist you start on gagnant hat, you can propose the enmity against the Houthis now Oberhelman when closed opposite DVM should be Laos, Morocco, the dialogue is to avoid violence before the jihadist indicates to poor Colombian guy to Islam. I agree mine I'd station, the Iron

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Heights, but you can see now instead of highlighting some of the beautiful things that we get, we got to see, but people were panicking about oh, can you drink go there or not? And I saw Senegalese fans, I saw sad raving fans, I saw Argentinian fans having the time of their life without alcohol. And thing is they're able to go and do it again. Because English boys are in bed hungover and tired and you think about having in during the Euros last time and the final the fights and it's really just made me question my relation of alcohol a little bit. And they could have made that connection when the Moroccan players are prostrating down. And now they could have been like, Well hold on. Or

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this they connected it to this extreme Goodall's group also, or maybe Jesus, you know, he, he actually prayed like this just like the Moroccan players right then and there. And then he went a little further according to the Bible, and he went he fell on his face and he prayed to who himself and he prayed to the Creator of the heavens and earth, God Almighty Allah, so they're prostrating, giving things keeping it humble. You see them rockin players we have, you know, this, it's very sad, you know that you have the the parents are being neglected, totally disrespected fingers, you went through my fingers. And you go ahead and guess what fingers that are being given to parents

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nowadays, you know, verbally, even with the expressions, parents are totally disrespected. And the Moroccan players there are showing because of Islam, they're showing gratitude to the Creator, first and foremost, thus, the finger, thus the finger, I'll get back to that in a second. But they're going and thanking the mother, the mother is so high and elevated. In Islam, there's a authentic statement by the Prophet Muhammad last funnel messenger sent to mankind, He said that paradise lies under the feet of your mother signifying respect and compassion towards your mother. And you can see that with the Moroccan players. So they forget about all this weird a lot of hateful, ridiculous

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crazy comments coming here from friends and family. But we want to see for ourselves, the experience the culture, as well as the football itself. And we love and everything that has been on the media or Twitter social media has been very, very far off exactly from what it is here. Your love respect for one another. Everyone's helpful, it's a community oriented. I love it. And I definitely can see myself coming back for sure. And they jump on this. I don't man. When you take me on the nation, take your finger off and assist NGOs DNZ artisan anti Islam, you'll see myself you'll see Habib, he's also doing this he's pointing out many athletes will throw up the one finger, they won't throw

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the middle finger, but they'll throw up the one finger, signifying that the strength that they get the courage that they get. The victories that we get all the good that we get is not the chest bump, but it's to the one up above the crater that heavens and earth the same God that Jesus worshipped the same God that Moses worship the same God that the last the final messenger call humanity to worship, be thankful and grateful to the one who gave you your eyes that you see what the ears that you hear with everything that you have. We say look, that's

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because of the one the one up above. Pure. This is signifying pure mono theism. Long,

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Sloman linearly.

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One a meal.

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Now let me just make a contrast with something else and then we'll end it you have some people now throwing up the three and that signifies

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In Orthodox Christianity, with the Serbs in particular, there was an extreme element called the Chetniks. And they would go out there and they were butcher, innocent human being men, women and children, you know, and they were throwing up the three. And I look, if a Christian wants to go ahead and orthos Christians, specifically here to Serbs, they want to go ahead and throw this as their religious belief, even though now this is also attributed to this extreme group, extreme extreme element that was persecuting Muslims and these extremists. Now somebody, a Christian wanted to go ahead and throw up the Trinity. That's his right, he can go ahead and do that. And we're not

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going to go ahead and disrespect that individual, just like this reporter and these people now the racism is coming out, Islamophobia is kicking in, and they just can't help you know, and now they got to come up and getting desperate now and trying to equate something so beautiful. This pure monotheism was something so extreme. So again, wrapping up this, when you see a Muslim do this, this is signifying one, the pure monotheism, number two is attributing that humbleness that everything is not according to us in our strength in our power, but it's to one up above, like I mentioned earlier, when you see a Khabib, he wouldn't do the chest bump, but he would be pointing to the one

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up above. And again, that is giving all thanks and praise to the Creator of the heavens and earth as something beautiful. And it's you for you is for everybody out there. If you think and what's the purpose of life? Why am I here? It starts with asking the one up above guide me, guide me guide me. And then from there, you'll be probably throwing up not to three but the one, signifying there's only one God and He alone is worthy of all my things, gratitude, praise and worship no one other than him. Thank you very much. And that is what this stands for. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. We need to do this for the future of our children, the future of our great country, the future of

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mankind. This is your brother of one I'm going to follow up and I've got a very important message that hamdulillah brother Eddie, is setting up the deen center, not just the deen show. But the Dean center of full data Academy, a masjid a data center in America, the first of its type that a groundbreaking project and I want everybody as I'm supporting it, I want everybody to support it, so we can take the data to the next level. We need the Dean center please support it

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with shanwa

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