Zakir Naik – Is it Permissible to Eat and Drink after the Fajr Adhaan Starts?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of eating and drinking during the time of the dry quarter, as some Muslims believe that eating and drinking is allowed until the end of the dry quarter. They also mention a concession by a partner that allows individuals to satisfy themselves and stay until the end of the dry quarter.
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Is it allowed for one to eat and drink? Even when the more admin announces the call to prayer for pleasure, is it allowed to eat and drink some people? I'm not sure if whether it's correct or not, but some people believe that you can eat and drink all the way up to the pleasure of on and beyond. I'm aware that there are some Muslims who believe that you can eat and drink until the further other ends.

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And there are some people who when they can hear various other and have different MOS from the house, they wait till they hear the end of the last advance. So if they can hear five six, or then they wait till the last other one ends, till that time the attending. In fact, this is not proved from any of the date of the Prophet and anyone who innovates a new thing in the deen. It has to be rejected. It's mentioned in the DDoS a Buhari volume number 300 number 216. Seven, that anyone who innovates a new thing in the deen it has to be rejected. In fact, it's clearly mentioned the Quran in surah baqarah. Chapter number two was the 187 that eat and drink until the white thread of dawn

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becomes distinct to you from the black thread. That means the moment dawn breaks moment, you're there, then you have to stop eating another quarter earlier that detox the body. One number three book of fasting, I did number 1918. And number 1919. We heard hmm Lupita. She said, When you hear the other end of Bellarmine lopi. With him continue eating and drinking until you hear the other end of Maktoum for when if they are done at the time for fudger. That dawn picks up that means the moment where the other half stop eating

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the moment he or the other and you stop eating. But there is a concession given by a beloved partner so seldom, it's mentioned sad to have.

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So number one, number two, in the book of fasting 100 number 2343, where the Beloved Prophet said, and when you hear the Adhan, and if you have driven us in your hand, you are allowed to satisfy yourself from that vessel.

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That means our beloved prophet has given a concession that while you're eating or drinking something is in your hand, you can complete it. But that doesn't mean that if you have a big sandwich in your hand, that you complete it. If you have a bite left of the sandwich in your hand, and then you've had it, it's fine. Or when adding a glass of water and there is something left in it. You can have it That doesn't mean you can go out of your way and touch your hand and pick up another glass of water and keep on having have a big burger or a sandwich or keep on eating for a few minutes after the other and studied and the misconception that you can eat till end of the day and there's nobody

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saying that because you start they are done the moment the fudger prayers time starts a moment. It's the break of dawn, the Hassan has to be given the moment to hear the other if you stop eating

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