Nouman Ali Khan – A Deeper Look – Surah Al-Infitar – Priorities on Judgment Day

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of prioritizing one's priority over others is discussed, particularly in various contexts such as travel, education, and social status. It is emphasized that leaving one's family members to tell them they have the wrong priorities can result in embarrassment and negative publicity. The need for a pointless lied resume and a clear professional professional opinion is also highlighted.
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There are some things that cannot be moved. So the the idea here is some things you and I made priority. And we did not let anything get in its way. Human beings will realize on that day, what were those things that were such absolute priorities to them. And based on which they live their lives every single day, there are priorities. Every single day, there are things I mean, every one of us has a list of things we want to get done in a day. And we don't even get close. But we ended up having to prioritize what did we need to get done? That's most important. And a lot of a lot of things get put on the backburner, so to speak, right? You just don't get around to them. You don't

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have enough time in the day, or you're just too preoccupied and you'll get to it eventually it can wait. And so the things that you have to get to and you will make it a point to get to them or McAdam McDonald's, or in your case market delta. And the things that you have left behind and said I'll deal with them later, is my Assata. is Maha is something you you put aside, Allah azza wa jal will tell us on that day, that there were there were things that should have been your priority, but you put them in the back. And there were things that you should have thrown in the back that you made your priority.

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This is can be looked at in a good way or a bad way. There are some people that made the right priorities. And there are some people who took other other urges, desires, temptations, other motivations, and they put them on the backburner. They said No, not right now. You know, for example, it's a very hard decision. You know, getting a house, buying a house is a really hard decision for a family, especially if they have no non riba options. And they've done all of the research that they can, and they're not convinced of any other solution. And now they're, you know, living in an apartment, and they can, they can wait seven or eight years and save enough. And

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hopefully, the prices won't go up so much that they can't afford it again. Or they could rough it out in an apartment. And so they have to put the the priority is comfort for the family, you know, and investment into property, maybe building our credit and all of that other stuff that comes with getting a house or should be prioritized that we don't want to get in trouble with Allah. That's a pretty tough call. People will be known, people will be told what did you make a priority? And what price did you pay? I met a young man in Kuala Lumpur after my talk, who applied for a job. And he lied on his resume. Okay, he lied on his resume. And he lied that he had three years of experience

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and technical job. And he got a really good salary job when he got the offer. But he couldn't accept it yet. He wanted to get my validation first. Because I have the job. I've been looking for a job for six months, haven't found anything. Finally got the job. But this is actually the first time I applied lying on my resume. And I can tell you, when they interview me and asked me about this experience, I can lie pretty good. I get through it.

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But it's a coffee company. So it's okay, right?

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So I was like,

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no. Is it is it haram? He wanted a fatwa is it haram? I was like, Well, I wouldn't do it. I don't know about halal or haram. That's, that's Allah's domain. All I can tell you is, I wouldn't do it. Because like, why not? That was it. Because you know what also will help

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everybody know, people who can't commit to the truth and can thereby encourage others to be truthful, will be in Las Well, isolated island, Santa Fe Hoser. We're in Las, unless we can commit to truth, then we're in LA. So whatever gain you think this is, it's not worth the loss that Allah guarantees. That's all I can tell you. The kid didn't take a job. We call me an email me a couple of weeks later, I didn't take the job. But I found something better. I was like, Did you lie again on the resume? Just want to make sure. No, not this time. Okay. Hamdulillah you know, so there will be some people won't get a job in two weeks. Some people will wait another two years. And shutdown will

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come to them every day make a different priority, man, come on your, your youth is getting away from you. You're not gonna get a job, you can't get a job. You can't make money. You can't make money. You can't get married. You can't do this. You can't do that. Everything's being held up because you're making the wrong priorities. Then your family will come and tell you you have the wrong priorities. Especially if you decide to make a priority. Based on Allah's Deen, a young woman decides he's going to be the only girl in the family that wears a hijab. Oh, God bless. How that's gonna go. She's gonna be the object of ridicule. People are going to say, nobody's going to marry

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you. You know, we're embarrassed to go out in public with you. You know, you're, you know, you look so beautiful. It looks so ugly.

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And to tell a girl she looks ugly, and even her own family members are telling her this. It's not easy for her to take, you know, and she gets you couldn't see at that point. Well, you know, my family, they're terrible. And they're the ones they're the reason I took it off.

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You could say that now. You're not going to be able to sit down in front of Allah.

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Because at that point, the pressure that your family put on you weighed more than the words of Allah. So one of those things, things became more condom. One of those things took a bigger priority and they applied more to you than the other. That's what you're going to be told on that day. Every person will know on their own, I leave it enough sun. It's interesting in the Quran, so tokuyama Allah says, you know, but will in Sonoma, it didn't remarket them our occur, human beings will be informed, they will be informed the priorities they made, and the procrastinations they engage them. Here, Allah doesn't say they will be informed. Here. He says they'll know on their own. They'll know

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on their own, which is remarkable. As these events are happening. You haven't even been shown your grades yet. The book hasn't even come out yet, though it will. So who knows? What is the other one. But even before all of that happened, you're recalling what your priorities were. Yo Maya Tada, Carolyn, hello, Massa, methacholine, Sonoma, Sara, the day on which human beings will remember completely on their own all the efforts they used to make. So this is the first meaning of the Diem and to hear the second meaning there's a few meanings very powerful to send ahead. And to leave behind. Literally, some translations also say this, every person shall know what they sent ahead or

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sent forth. What in the world does that mean? Let me give it to you by example. If you're traveling, let's say you're traveling to New York, and you have a lot of luggage. So what you can do is you can actually put your luggage on a truck, or put your luggage on a delivery, and they sent it out a week before.

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You're gonna fly a week later, when you get there, what will already be there.

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Your luggage is already gonna be there, right? So what when you send something ahead, it means you're ready to receive it when you get there. It's waiting for you. In a sense, Allah is describing the deeds that we do, the actions that we take the decisions that we make, every hammer that we do, that's why Allah says it Allah hito Gerald Oumou not just a file, but more why? To Allah, all decisions are returned. All those decisions you made are now recorded with Allah waiting for you to read on your own. every deed you did, good or bad is being sent to the future. It's being you know, literally, like you know, when you send an email, you can unsend it. You've sent it to the Day of

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Judgment. You've sent everything you did every word you said to the day of judgment. And as you've sent it ahead, that's that makes sense about the god damnit, right? I'll leave it up. So McDermott, but what about accurate? There are in that sense, what Allah is saying is there are some things that are valuable when you get there, they should have some value. Like if you give charity, it should have some value on Judgement Day. If you pray that you'd have some value on Judgement Day, right? So you send valuable things, deposited them on Judgment Day, and when you get there, you're going to withdraw from that account. But there are some things Allah says you left behind, while accurate.

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Like for example, I can't take my money with me. I can't take my clothes with me on Judgement Day. I can't take my property with me. I can't take my status with me or my education with me or my social position with those things I'm going to have to leave behind. There are only certain things Allah wants to will allow to take forward and other things you cannot no matter how bad you try, you cannot take them forward. Hey guys, you just watched a short clip from the surah what I want you to do now is go through the entire Surah with me, it's called the deeper look series and you can catch it on Vina under the deeper look section, so get started

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