Islam as Ummah Wasa (The Moderate Nation)

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Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed, whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah allows to be misguided, none can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And I bear witness and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper as to what follows Allah azza wa jal reminds us in the Quran to be conscious of him. When he says, Yeah, you have Latina Amano,

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Topo la halco Ducati wala temotu illa one two Muslim moon. Oh you who believe have Taqwa of Allah, as it is befitting that you have to love Him and do not die except in a state of submission. Dear Muslims, of the verses that we hear all the time is verse number 143 of suitors Bukhara, in which Allah subhana wa Tada describes our OMA as an old Merton was SATA. What Karateka Jana come on Merton was SATA. And so we have ordained that you are a nation, that is what sought, what does what salt mean? Of the meanings of was sort of the primary meanings of loss is you have made we have made you a middle path nation, in between the two extremes. You are not a nation of extremists. You are not a

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nation on the peripheries. You are not a nation that goes beyond the bounds on either side. On the contrary, you are a centrist nation. You are an OMA, you are a group of people that doesn't go to the fanatical fringes, but you are in the middle of all of these. In today's brief, whatever I wanted to illustrate, I wanted to clarify and explain what exactly and how are we an own mutton was sawed off. What does it mean? We are a middle path nation, a moderate nation, and OMA between the extremes. Now the concept of an OMA of a nation being was sought, it is manifested in many different ways. And in today's brief, hotbar, I'm going to mention six or seven of them, of the ways that our

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OMA our nation, our group our religion, is was sought is that it is in between all other religions. When it comes to aspects of theology. However you look at it, whatever issue you look at, between the rampant idolatry and shamanism of some faiths, and between the rejection of God of others, between the deification of prophets and some fates, and between the rejection of all prophets and others, between the belief of the Hereafter being the only life and the rejection of the Hereafter, our Ummah, is always dead center. We are in between all different faiths and ideologies, you find the perfection of theology, the belief in one all perfect God, the belief in the humanity of the

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prophets, and yet they are the best of humanity, the belief in this world and the affirmation of the next, no matter which aspect you look at, you find that in our creed, in our beliefs, we are the middle in between all different ideologies, of the manifestation of the moderation of our OMA, is that our religion and Islam is the perfect Ben blend between belief and between law between Al Qaeda and between. If you look at other faith traditions, if you look at some of the early Kitab we find the Bani Israel is the majority of them. They only concentrate on laws on a cam on rulings. If you look at De Nosara we find that the majority of them the only care about belief and creed and they

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don't have 50 And they don't have a cam and if you look at our religion, we find the perfect blend. We find Eman and we find ml we find theology and we find legal rulings and they are combined together. There is a perfect mixture of Ibadat and more ama that there is a perfect

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mixture of rituals and have good manners to other people. If you look at some faiths, they only care about rituals. That's the main thing. And if you look at other faiths and other trends, they say rituals are not important. What's important is just your treatment of other people. Once again, we have that omoton Masataka, there are some rituals that are more important than some treatments of others. And there are some that are more important than some rituals. And the true believer, the righteous believer is the one who has perfected both a badass and love both worship of Allah and good treatment to other people. And that is the old Martin was sawed off of the manifestations of

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the perfection of our religion, and the middle path of our religion is the perfect mix of blind faith with intellectual faith. Neither are we completely blind believers, because if we were blind believers, then all religions are equal. And everybody can say I was born into this tradition, and I'm going to follow what my forefathers found. But nor do we go to the other extreme of rationalizing everything. There's the healthy combination in the Quran, how many times does Allah challenge just think, reflect Lila? homea Tada karoun la Lomita for karoun, the CO mini Archelon how many times and also how many times as Allah praise the believers, a lady in a you know, in a belief,

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because you can't understand everything, you cannot rationalize everything. So that perfect blend of first believing in Allah and believing in the Quran and believing in the prophets Assam by common sense by knowledge, and then accepting what comes as a package deal. You won't understand everything but you understand that Allah is one and he revealed the Quran and he sent a prophet you will logically and rationally come to this conclusion. Even if you're not a Muslim, when you study Islam, you will come to this conclusion, then the rest summit in our Atlanta we hear and we obey. It is the perfect blend between rationality and between blind faith as well as the perfect harmony of our

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religion. Another manifestation of the omoton Masato is that it is the perfect blend between the enjoyment of this world and striving for the hereafter. Once again, look at some faith traditions in the world, especially the far eastern faith traditions, they tell you, it is sinful to even desire anything eliminate desire from your life, that is their version of life, but you can't live like this. On the other hand, and especially in our part of the world, we have nothing but desire. If you desire it, then you should do it. There is no haram and halal other than what you want and that is also extremism and fanaticism. Once again, our OMA omoton basato ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us in

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the Quran to enjoy this world Kuruman EBRT Morrows are gonna come Eat of the good foods that I have given you. Allah says in the Quran, Pullman Hara, Rama zenith, Allah who has made good clothing, haram, I created it for you. Allah says, I created it for you enjoyed this dunya. But Allah also says, Don't forget the euro. Remember, your real goal is the euro. So enjoyed this dunya as long as it is halal, do what you want to do. But remember, the ultimate life is the next life, that perfect blend of emphasizing this world and prioritizing the next you will not find it in any other faith tradition, based upon this as well. And it is a corollary of this point is that another

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manifestation of the perfection of Islam of the wasabia we call it in Arabic, that middle path of Islam is that it is the only faith that takes into account both the needs of the body and the needs of the soul. And it gives us a program about how we should take care of the needs of the body along with the needs of the soul. Once again, we have so many different faiths, so many different ways of living. And once again, we find extremism in all of them many faith traditions, they criminalize any needs of the body. It's as if you should not have any needs other systems of living, especially in our times, they don't care about the soul and they're only worried about the needs of the body. And

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once again, in our religion, Allah subhanho wa Taala has catered to the needs of the body. Remember, in the famous incident in the Sierra, when three people wanted to do more than what the Prophet sallallahu it he was sent them did. And one of them said, I shall fast every single day. The other one said I will pray all night and never go to sleep. And the third one said I shall live a celibate life and never get married. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got irritated at all of them. And he said Your body has a right over you pray at night but also go to sleep fast some days and eat other days and marry women. And he said in nearly just headache or alcohol your body has a

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hack over you give the rights of your body to your body give the rights of your soul to your soul. Once again we have that perfect balance between the needs of the body. There is no

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No urge that Allah has created in us except that it can be satisfied in a halal manner and it can also be satisfied in a haram manner. So, Allah has encouraged us to satisfy those urges in a halal mother manner, whether it is eating, whether it is drinking, whether it is marriage, all of these can be done in a halal way. And it can also be done in a haram way. So this religion does not criminalize physical urges. It's not wrong to want to live a good life and to enjoy this world. But the religion puts parameters so that the soul is not harmed. This is another manifestation of the wasabia of this OMA, another example of how our religion is the middle path is that we have the

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perfect balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of society, the rights of the photo of the individual versus the rights of them which Tama or the society around us. If you look at the philosophies of living, and especially, you know, back in the 60s and 70s, there were massive debates going on communism and socialism and capitalism and liberalism, all of these different isms going on. Each one of them was emphasizing one aspect, how much right? Do we have to private property? How much right do the Fukada to the poor people have of our wealth? How much should we come together and sacrifice for the greater good? And how much should we concentrate on ourselves

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and our families, who is going to decide if you look at communism, everybody should be equal. Look at socialism, one entity, the government takes everything and distributes it in a manner that they think is fit, look at extreme capitalism, and it's enough, see enough see selfishness, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, who will decide between this navigate through this very difficult course of individual rights versus the rights of society. Once again, Islam comes and it lays a system it is neither fully capitalism, nor is it socialism, it is its own with vision, it is its own system, in which every entity is given the rights that it deserves. So indeed, private property is

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there, and we own what is ours. But at the same time, as our wealth increases, so to the rights upon the for clear, and the poor person increases, and as the cart goes up, and we're encouraged to give sadaqa and we are forbidden from taking advantage of someone's poverty and giving interest loans and on and on and on. omoton was sort of that perfect balance that will help you and your family and also take care of society. Once again, Islam comes in demonstrates what is that middle path? Again, we see another manifestation of that middle path when it comes to the rights of the family, the rights of the genders, the rights of the husband and wife, the rights of the father and son,

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everyone is given their health in the Quran, how would we decide what is the rights of each one? And Allah azza wa jal says, what with regards to husband and wife with regards to gender, what determine No Ma fotball Allahu be Heba Autocom Allah about literally Jolene asleep while in the sign of sleep, each gender has its no cebolla has assigned it. Allah says about parents and children in the Quran, parents, we want to take care of them, but at the same time, they're elderly, our children, we want to make sure they have enough but how about our parents? Allah says, Don't worry, I've taken it for you. And he says in the Quran Latos rule how do you know which one is going to be giving more

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benefit to give how much so Allah azza wa jal has taken charge or Matan was SATA? That is the middle path. And we thank Allah for this of the manifestations and we can go on and on. But time is limited of the manifestations of omoton Masato of the fact that we are a middle path is the perfect balance between justice and strictness. And between mercy and forgiveness, that perfect balance, because once again, we have some faith traditions, there should be no mercy and the criminal is always punished. We have other faith traditions, they teach their followers to turn the other cheek, even though they themselves have never turned the cheek historically in their entire existence, but they

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teach their followers always turn the other cheek, but you can't have a society that always turns the other cheek. So what is that middle path? How is that oh, Mutton Masala. Once again, we have in the Quran very clear guidelines. Yes, indeed, when somebody has done wrong unto you, you have the full rights to extract vengeance and to extract retribution. But Allah encourages forgiveness. And Allah wants you to forgive so you have the right to take them to court, you have the right to get back all that they have done. And at the same time, if the circumstances permit, Allah will reward you if you forgive that perfect balance and this is in the Sierra as well. The default is compassion

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and mercy. But once in a while you need to send the message especially when the person does not deserve mercy once in a while you do not forgive to show the message and image that indeed that justice is going to be meted out that perfect balance of omet and Wisata. It is found in our Shetty, and we can go

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On this religion of ours is the perfect religion and it is the perfect balance between every extreme imaginable and that is why when we are commanded to be the middle path, the omoton was sawed off at the same time. Allah has forbidden us from going to extremes. The Quran and the Sunnah is full of commandments that warn us from becoming fanatical that warn us from going beyond the bounds. Allah says in the Quran, la todo lo fi Dini calm, do not go to extremes in your religion don't go beyond what should be done. And Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, who agita Baku wama Giada la confident him and how much he has chosen you and he has not made the religion difficult. Allah says in the

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Quran, you read Allah who become will use Surah wala you do become a Rasul Allah wants to make things easy, he does not want to make things difficult. And our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was seldom when he would send people to the villages and to the other places to teach Islam. He would say to them this famous phrase reported in berhadiah and Muslim Yes, siru one or two ASUW Weber shuru wala tuna Pharaoh make things easy for the people do not make things difficult for them. Give them glad tidings to encourage them to come and do not make it such that they turn away from you in disgust. Don't make the religion so difficult or so backward or so difficult that they want to leave

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you and turn away from you encourage them entice them, be gentle, be easy. This is the reality of our faith. And I have said multiple times that unfortunately, we have lost this spirit of Islam. Unfortunately, we have made Islam so difficult, so pity the minutia become the big things. And I have said multiple times dear Muslims, be as strict as you want in your personal life, raise the bar privately between you and Allah. But when it comes to other people, lower the bar as much as you can when it comes to preaching and teaching when it comes to your friends and relatives. Lower the bar as much as you can, because you want them to come to the faith and not to be turned away from the

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faith in your personal life. Raise the bar, no problem. But when it comes to other people, when it comes to new Muslims, when it comes to people that are far from the deen, then be like the Bedouin who came in and said, Yeah rasool Allah how many times to pray, the Prophet said just five times no sooner no nothing, the bare minimum, how much is the cap, just the 2.5% and you know the rest of the Hadith. That's our standard when it comes to the rest of the OMA in your life in my life, raise the bar, no problem. But make sure that you don't make the religion difficult for the people sometimes will law he the religious folks are the ones who make non religious folks not want to be religious.

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And that is a double problem. The religious folks should be the role models, they should be the best of the best. They should be the kindest and the Most Merciful. But what happens when their version of religion becomes Islam, we learned so many incidents in the Hadith in this era, the famous one of more either bingeable That he led Salah in his community and he started reciting along surah and a man in the back he said salaam he prayed and he will and he left didn't pray behind more and more I said well Allah He this man is a hypocrite. I'm gonna go complain to the prophets of Allah, Allah you send them he went and complained. The Prophet system called this man, the man said, O Messenger

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of Allah, I'm a laborer, I need to go to sleep at night and was gonna recite Surah Al Baqarah. I can't spend two hours in Russia. So the Prophet system became so angry, his face was read he said, Yeah, more as a fatahna. are you causing trials to the people? Are you making things difficult for the people recite a small Surah when you're leading the Salah, when you're praying to 100 Go ahead, recite Bacara when you're all alone, make it long when you're standing in front of the people lower it down and recite a small surah in front of them. And after that, why the bingeable would only recite the smallest of the suitors, the end of Jews. He thought and this is the reality of many

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religious folks that I make things difficult. I make things strict and I'm going to raise the bar you cannot make the religion difficult amongst the people and this goes at every level dear Muslims in the famous incident of the Hajj. When the Prophet system sent Ibn Abbas to go collect stones to throw something very small just stones to throw even Abbas brought forth large rocks and the Prophet system discarded all of them and he picked up the smallest and he said I want like this or even a bus I went like this. And beware of Hulu of exaggerating beware of making things more difficult for indeed the people before you were destroyed because of their fanaticism. You know, you think you're

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gonna pelt the stones and hedge and you want to find the biggest stones and the most heavy stones No, make Islam easy. He picked the smallest stones, even literally the size of the tip of the finger and those were the stones that remains the sooner to this day. Now if

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You go for Hajj and you see how people act and what they do. This is an example of that level of fanaticism. Dear Muslims, we see this fanaticism around the globe in our own community, Allah He there's so much to complain about outside. And I've given hookbaits about that about what other countries do other nations do. Other foreign policies do plenty to complain, and we will complain, but at the same time, we must own up to our own problems as well. We do have fanaticism, and we do have people that do things in our name, and holding people hostage and killing people and bombing people in our faith using our name thinking they're doing something right. Yes, indeed, we're going

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to criticize others, but we should also criticize the fanaticism from within. So we have to be careful brothers and sisters to not go down this path. Our Prophet system warned us going down this path is going to bring a rejection on all of us. He said in that famous Hadith, I will conclude the first quote but he said in that famous Hadith, I warn you against the shuddered against extremism against fanaticism, for nobody is going to go down this path of the shuddered except that the religion will end up destroying him. He's not going to last that way. This is a Hadith the Prophet system said, don't go down to shut dude. The shadowed means making the smallest things very big,

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making petty things very big to shut down means being harsh and strict all the time. And our prophets Allah said him said, then you shahada Dena hudon, Illa, Allah who nobody is going to make this religion more difficult than his his, except that the religion shall end up overcoming him, meaning you cannot last with that level of fanaticism. And I swear to you, I have seen people more than I can count who go down this level of fanaticism, especially when they're young in their 20s or whatnot, and then they burn out, they fizzle out, they cannot last that way. They stopped practicing Islam, many of them might even leave the faith, because this is not the real faith. The real faith

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or mutton was sorta the real faith make things easy for the people don't make things difficult for the people. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hyla Kalamata Tarun, those who go to extremes shall end up destroying themselves. We seek Allah's refuge from ever going to extremes May Allah bless me I knew within through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness, you as well ask him for years the afore and the Rahman?

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Al Hamdulillah Hilda had a had a solid Aladdin Amelia Dwolla. mula William your Kula who forged ahead what do I conclude this whole book with a famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim the most authentic books, there's a hadith in there in which our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave a beautiful metaphor about strictness and about comparing it to traveling he said in the DNA you soon this religion is ease it's very interesting. He didn't say this religion is easy. In the harder Dena, you thrown. The defining characteristic of our faith is ease this religion is ease, one you SHA the harder Deena 111 Allah the phrase recorded in the first part, nobody shall make this

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religion stricter than it is except that the religion shall end up overpowering him. Then he said for said they do work already. Boo. What up Chu? I'm going to now explain these are beautiful metaphors and phrases that are prophets of Allah who said them use used for said they do said they do means aim for the goal. Try your best to get the best that you can be, well, caribou, if you cannot get to the goal. come as close as you can. Subhanallah you aim for the best nobody's denying that. But suppose you can't become perfect. Suppose you don't get to the ultimate goal. Will caribou come as close as you can to that level of perfection? Whatever shoe and always have a cheerful

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attitude always give good tidings to the people. Religious people should not be morose and always frowning and scowling. Religious people should be the best people, the most o'clock people, the most kind people were up sure to give glad tidings to the people. This is what our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said. And then he said was to you know, ask help of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada beloved Wati wa ro hottie wish him in a duel God this is a metaphor. Imagine if you're traveling in the desert and you can travel at any time. The most difficult time to travel is when the sun is at its peak when the sun is at its zenith. Our prophecies and said don't travel during that time. The metaphor is

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don't do things that is going to burn you out. Travel during

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work when the sun is just rising. The temperature is cool. What roja the sun is about to set the temperature is cool. What do logia the sun is not having risen. It's in the middle of the night.

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In other words, don't take the most difficult path. Don't choose the timings that are the most difficult, you're gonna burn yourself out. rather seek Allah's help and go and do what you're able to do without burning yourself out when the sun is not fully up when the sun is just rising. That's when you should walk when the sun is about to set. That's when you should go. Some of our scholars have also said there's a reference here to Salat al Fajr, and salata, Nasser and Salah tahajjud. And that's also a valid point that there are references that especially make sure you pray Fudger and answer and if you're able to, he said, be sure to do just do a little bit of 200 as well. And then

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he said, and a beautiful Hadith and the beautiful ending of this hadith. I'll ask Don Costa who bit by bit and you shall get to your destination. Of course it'll cost bit by bit. Don't become fanatic. Don't think in one day you're going to change the whole world. It doesn't work that way, bit by bit. Work on what you can ask Allah to forgive on what you can't be as cheerful as you can. And thank Allah for having guided us to the omoton wassall tall dear Muslims we have many many many problems in our OMA but one of the ones that is the easiest to solve is that sometimes religiosity leads to fanaticism we need to solve this religiosity should lead to good manners to a healthy lifestyle

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religiosity every one of us who is religious should be the best role model to those who are not religious. How can it be that good people of good religion turned people away from religion? That's not good religion. So make sure you concert on your on your own o'clock and up shoot we'll give glad tidings to people but Shooto give glad tidings to people and don't turn people away. Last Costa Tablo whoa bit by bit and you shall get to the end May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those who embody and exemplify this old man was SATA Allah many died for a mineral Aleta if you hadn't yami them and a lot of water while a Hammond Illa for Raja wala Danian Illa Kobita wala murdy on Illa

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Shia feta, whether I see it on ilaya sata Allama fildena. Well, the one interlinear several Kouwenhoven Eman will attract a woman as elderly lady nominal Robin in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Hama is an Islam I will Muslimeen Allah Houma Aradhana our other islam al Muslimeen Ebisu and Fishery Lubin FC which altijd Mira who fitted BT yo yo Aziz river the law in Allah to Allah Mr. Cambrian Beda BBFC within the medical coder ship with a letter become a URL name and Ginny here will insert for all ASME upon an ID map in Allah Houma loco Soluna Nebby you already in Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Kurosu rica Muhammad Ali he was a big

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marine about Allah in Allah Tala yeah mobile Adley What are Sunni where is it Obi Wan and fascia it will Moon carry well belly, your ego Camilla come to the Quran or the Quran Allah Allah Allah ma guru calm worse guru who yes dilla calm. What are the crew la heeta Allah Akbar Wa Optimus Sala

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