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The host of a Islam-themed show emphasizes the importance of patientity and faith in Islam's actions. They stress the need for people to be patient with their actions and offer practical steps for dealing with anger. The importance of avoiding obtained information and finding a way to establish a healthy relationship is also discussed. The importance of finding a way to establish a healthy argument and avoiding negative emotions is also emphasized.

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Do you want to know what

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everybody wants to

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show me like hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. I'm your host, you're watching edition. When we come back, we're going to be talking to Ibrahim Sheikh Ibrahim is a den, he has his own section at the D show calm, you can go back to see who he is his biography and all the past shows that we've done with him. We're going to talk to him today about patience, many of us need it, we lack it. Sometimes we forget that this is one of the elements that is so important in Islam to be patient, patiently staying away from the evil patiently be doing all the good that the creator's told us to do. So we're going to get some more advice and encouragement to be patient. We'll be

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right back here on the show.

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe? Maybe it's just to break the ice. Salaam Alaikum.

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Peace be with you. Reading of all the prophets, isn't it? Right? They all taught pure monotheism, isn't it correct? Is this a lie? We tell them the truth. That's That's for sure. The message has been the same since the beginning worship the Creator, not as creation. Yes, I'm just learning. I'm a student, tell me some more didn't all the messengers they taught, don't worship God's creation, a man or a woman, but worship the Creator, man and woman. Isn't this true? It's true. And that's the first obligation on every human being. Every human being no by nature, about the Creator of the heavens and the earth because we see the favours of the Creator of the heavens and the earth around

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us. That's why people need the messengers for them to call them to worship the one that they believe in the one that provides for them, the one that creates things for them, they need to turn to Him alone. That's how simple it is, without the manipulation of other human beings. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense that it's one God. But then more than one religion doesn't make sense. It's only one religion, the religion of submission to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, no difference between white or black. Somewhere in the north or the south, we're all human beings from one, and there is Adam, las panatela, created him, send them on the face of Earth, to fulfill this purpose,

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this noble purpose, to be a worshipper, servant of the Creator of the heavens. That's simple one god worship that God alone and not what he created. And he sent down a comprehensive message for us that we need to live by the verbatim Word of God, and the example of the last in front of messengers sent to mankind so we don't have to be, you know, bumping into this and that trying to figure things out is getting confused. loss is there, we just have to learn it and sit with people such as yourself, who can teach us that's why we got you here. We want to talk about patience, God Almighty, He commands us in the Quran to do so many wonderful things to strive for paradise, death is

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approaching, we got to get ready, we got to prove by action Talk is cheap, that we love God because He loves us. He's given us so much. So now he's told us to implement certain things, that if only the human being uses his mind, he'll see there's so much wisdom behind this. And you get a good feeling doing what God wants you to do. But now my question is my question is shake. Time is going sometimes when you look back, it seems like Time passed by one by quibble. And you're in the moment, some people, you know, just getting up in the morning is tough. So like, I've done it, like 1000 times by now you know what I mean? You might get stale in it. We need some encouragement to be

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patient with the prayer and then we'll go off from there. To be patient with the orders of Allah Subhana, Allah will need to seek help from him. And as I mentioned before, every human being they seek some form of patience. If a person knows that if he wakes up in the morning at three o'clock in the morning, for a job that would pay him a million dollar a month. I don't think anybody would say I would just sleep, and I would go late, or quit the day, everybody will go there on it, they would spend the whole night being awake, they would have to go. Why because there is no the certainty and the reality of the million dollar. But for the believers when they receive the message from the

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Creator of the heavens in years, and when the prophets peace be upon him. He said in the authentic hadith, if people knows the reward in our prayers, and in federal prayer, the early morning prayer, they would come to it even if they have to crawl. If we see the unseen and what is being prepared for that person. People would even have to crawl on their faces, to get to the houses of a lot to establish the prayers. We don't need to see that with our own eyes. We already see that from the way from the revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. We already see it

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We said, we bear witness, bearing witness, meaning that I saw with my own eyes, that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala. And that Prophet Mohammed is the final messenger. If we bear witness such a way, that means we bear witness than anything that has been said. So we need to be patient to do that. And one statement, and I think I remember I mentioned that before, it's a beautiful statement that we need to always remember that it no claim one of the scholars of the religion, he said, if we were ordered, if Muslims were ordered to push a mountain from its place, if this was the order of a lot, of course, this is not. But if this was the order from Allah, the Most

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High to push a mountain from its place, if you put your trust in Allah, you'll push it, Allah. So if Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to be patient, to do the orders of Allah and to stay away from sins, put your trust in Allah, that he would never let you down, you will be able to do it. It's in the nature of the human being. Now people they commit some hideous acts, people will murder people. We know that in Islam, you cannot hurt innocent women children, or you know, murder is one of the things that now on a day of judgment, one of the first things a person will be accountable is it. So people because of lack of patience, they might go kill somebody because of a lack of patience, they

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might go commit some kind of injustice towards somebody or press somebody, they may end up uttering curse words, profanity, getting divorced.

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Talk to us about some practical examples. Maybe you've had, you probably get a lot of emails and people like, once they do it now they realize they calm down. And they're like, oh, man, I shouldn't have done that. What can they do when you get in that fit of rage? What do you do to like, Is that is that is that just? Is it bad to feel the rage? Is that normal? Or then how do you control it? Take a deep breath, give us some examples. So you don't commit bad things, hideous things, evil things, men you like, Man, I wish I didn't do that too late. It's a very important point, because a lot of the most tightly mentioned in the Quran, that when he mentioned about the characteristics of

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the believers, one of the characteristics will remain alive. Those who suppress their anger, suppress it suppress Don't let it out. That's right. And that means that whoever does not get angry, he is like, and forgive me for the expression like a donkey. Remember, where he said here? Right? We all get angry. This isn't the nature of the human being. That's nothing bad. You shouldn't feel guilty about you don't see yourself getting angry. That means something wrong with you. Okay, so you have to get angry. But the point is how to deal with you. And that's the key question, do you lose it and you act according to your desire and your anger? Or you use your mind then you know that

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Allah wants something from you when you're angry. And that's why the steps of dealing with oneself is when we're angry, it's there also in the Quran, and then the sun. Now the profits are certain the prophet SAW Selim, when he saw two men arguing with each other, to the extent of which one his face became red, and his veins became clear. It means he's angry. And when a person in that state, he does not know what he's doing. Yeah, the prophet SAW, Selim said, I know something. If he said it, that will go away from him. And what is it that

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I seek refuge in Allah from the shaitana rajim, the cursed devil because he's the one that blowing to the person into the to make him that fierce fire with the anger. So we need to seek refuge but we need not to say to our tongue only, we need to sincerely see it would say to their own hearts, that returning to Allah because he's the only one that can help us in that state, not ourselves, we need to seek refuge in Him from the cursed schezwan if a person is standing is to sit down as the Prophet peace be upon said, if you're sitting down and angry lay down, and that would show those who submit themselves to the prophet to Allah subhanaw taala, through the orders of the prophet SAW Selim, and

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those who choose to follow their desires. So these are practical steps, physical steps that nobody should say, I cannot do it. No, you can do it. You can lay down and you can sit down, and you can say, oh, who knows him. But the real point is, is not just the words. It's the whole lifestyle that we have. If a person is obedient to Allah, praying the five day daily prayers, practicing the patience to fulfill the orders of Allah, practicing patience to be away from since I think the easiest part is that part that you're talking about. And one of the major issues and maybe this is something that needs to be addressed in more details, that we get so many of the questions and the

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issues that people regret so much. It's not about killing or soul necessarily, but about divorce. People divorce, amend divorces his wife, because of the moment of anger, this is not what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us, it goes back to patience, right goes back to patience, and then he would regret. I didn't intend to divorce and they would divorce three times. And as we know, this is not a joke. If a person say the words of divorce three times on his wife, that's it, the marriage is over. She they cannot go back together unless you get married to someone else with the intentions that this is an everlasting marriage. And then if it happened, that they divorce then they can go

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back together. So people

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would come and they were trying to find a way out to say I was angry I was this I was that so that they would, you know, cancel this divorce and disaster. Why because people are practicing this great act of worship and there is some patients, Amara mahatama de la and he said something is amazing. He said, We lived the best of our life when we were PCs. This was one of the companions of last the final messenger. So the best times when we were patient when we were practicing it, let's cut out with that we'll be right back with more here on a D show.

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Born about 60 years ago in forming Slavia bosnia after the Second World War, and imagine today, you have one child killed too much. It's important that we realize that Islam is a gift. So we believe that in the teachings of Jesus, what is left there is truth in that mean, he is the result the truth has been mixed up with paganism and with nature worship. And so Islam has given you a pure straightforward way of approaching monotheism from hunger. Back here, on the deen show, we're talking about patience, the importance of patience, we lose it, we, it's okay to you get like red in the face. But you gotta like, a lot of times they say let it out, scream, maybe throw something. You

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don't we don't do that. Do we? Don't do that. Okay, there are a lot of people. They take an exit life gets difficult with family with friends. And we've had people run their car into a

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river, commit suicide, someone jumps off the bridge drains drain Oh, and dies, kills kills themselves. Does this go back to not having patience, and committing something that is totally foreign to Islam, there's no exit way or committing yourself suicide is not permitted. Definitely not permissible. Why? Because this life is a trust that a lot of the most I entrusted us with it. And it's a favor from the most highest panel time. But when people have deficiencies in their in their belief, and their certainty and the rewards from the Creator of the heavens, and then the deficiencies comes in place in all of their life. So when we talk about patience, when a person has

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a deficiency in patience, it's because of the deficiency in the man in the belief, as sin might affect one's patients that we don't see the relationship between one or the other. That's why we need to constantly turn to the creator the heavens and the earth and be obedient to Him and ask Him for all our needs. And to be physically patient in fulfilling the orders of Allah, one of which is there is no exit to one's problems except from the Creator of the heavens. And so you can't go jump off a bridge you can't give you those patient you have to witness the wisdom of Allah why this is happening to you. It it happens from the most wise and the Most Merciful, this life is nothing and

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it will end anyway. When a person dies, person now in the grave. Even if he was the most rich man on the face of Earth, he would wish to come back on the face of Earth and be in poverty and been whatever calamities there is because now he realized the importance of the strive to use it for the sake of others. So a person should never be ungrateful to a las panatela that he wants to lose his life. And this is against what Allah subhanaw taala orders in the Quran. And the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim instead, patients would bring joy and that's why we have to submit, if a person submits himself and patiently fulfill the orders of Allah and again, and again, we need to say he

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would never feel the loss. And that's why the prophets or the law of salami said, amazing is the affairs of the believers. If something good happens to them, they're grateful to Allah, if something bad happens to them, they are released, and they're seeking rewards in both ways you are slave, you are not free to do whatever you want, you are servant of Allah subhanaw taala, from the Creator of the heavens and earth, something good happy, a person is happy, something bad happens is patient and is seeking the words from his Greek we are when they say monogamous, we are as those who have submitted to the one God, those who are truly monogamous, meaning that we are the ones who don't go

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have girlfriends. We don't commit adultery, because we know, as the creators told us to do things the right way, do it in marriage. And you'll see society people go out, and they say they push this idea of one husband, one wife, but what happens is they got 15 different mistresses on the sides. We know how that goes presidents alike and politicians and all the other people. But now the question is arising. So just to kind of give an intro to the next question, the sisters asking, because we know that look, if there's an avenue there, if a gentleman, a Muslim, you know, he's got as they say, if you want to drink the milk, you gotta buy the cow. You know, there's no test drive in here.

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So the sister is saying, she said, How can I be patient? You know what I mean? With the CO wife. She went and got a second wife. And now she's asking some advice. Is there a great reward on this for the sister who's patient in this circumstance, for the sisters that are in that state, we need to witness also

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Wisdom of the last panel. And we have to separate the feelings, from the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala, that looks into more than just personal feelings, there are so much benefits behind the orders of a las panatela benefits for societies and again, in Islam, it's not permissible to commit adultery, it's not permissible to commit these sins. So if they're women, they have to get married for them to fulfill their desires. And the same thing for men. So what happens if there are more women than men, and this is from the reality of the methods or even as you said, a person, you know, wanting to get married to another second, and so on, this is something that allows panatela permits

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out to the reality of the human beings. So the point is, everybody, all of us, on the face of Earth, we have some forms of tests and trials in our life. Some people lose their legs, some people lose their eyes, some people, they die, some people things like this, and one of which for a wife, to have a co wife. This is one of the trials in life. If this is the only thing from the husband, the feeling of jealousy in the heart of the first wife or the second wife, that means he's successfully being just between both of them or being more. If this is the only thing why because the prophets, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to be just, and if a person is not just he will come in the

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day of judgment with one shoulder higher than the others, because he was not just with his wives, it's a responsibility is not just about fulfilling the desires. It's another whole of establishing the home structure, with responsibility with children taking care of them. It's an act of worship that we have to be aware of. So for the sister of this happens to her, some sisters, they would just want to divorce we need, they need to be patient. And the brother also need to be patiently dealing with his wife. And if she gets angry with him, he should not say this is the order of Allah, you're undermining the order of Allah. No, you need to be patient with her. And you need to be kind with

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her because this is a natural thing in the human being. And for her to be patient. And knowing that this is the order of Allah, there's definitely a wisdom behind it. Otherwise, the second wife would agree to be a second one. So there is a wisdom behind it, because it's from the Most High, the Most Merciful Subhana Allah. So by practicing this type of patience, and whenever the pain in the heart comes in place, if she seeks the reward from Allah subhanaw taala, with regarding to that pain, it will change to be something better definitely. And the rewards are unlimited, as we heard, when it comes to matters of the left, but as long as nobody would abuse one another and use tricks and

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manipulation to fulfill one's desires, and not to fulfill the orders of our last panel. So for this particular case, before we go on, this is one of the greatest rewards is was holding this, this jealousy in this situation for the woman, definitely. And at the same time, it will have to appear This is in her nature. Yeah. So it's the order from a las panatela to the husband to be patient. If she shows the signs of the jealousy, then he has to be patiently respecting that. Yeah. And not to see how can you do that and not understanding the nature of his wife. This is against what the prophets of Salaam himself did, and the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim themselves, they would show

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this jealousy.

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But if they say, Now look, you know, we're not them that you're here excuse. And they say, well, we're not like them, they were at a different level. What are you guys, this is never an excuse, because it's the same thing when las panatela says in the Quran, called the Candela computer, so we let him go to Santa Monica and La Jolla do that indeed, and the prophet SAW Selim, you have the best example. So if a person would say I'm not like the prophets of Salaam, of course, would not like the prophets have said, But Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to imitate him and everything of his face, and his speech and his actions and everything that he did. And Allah subhanaw taala, made the

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prophets or Salah, married to his wives for the Muslim woman in our room to imitate them, because they were the best women ever brought to mankind. So it's an order from Allah subhanaw taala, for us to follow their way with goodness. And if we are patiently wanting the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And I'm saying that and then there's no doubt about it, truthfully, who ever see, leave something for the sake of Allah, las panatela would replace it by something better. And this is what the prophet SAW, Selim said. So having a healthy argument, the woman gets jealous. You said that, you know, don't get upset about it. But is there perimeters where you don't go out of bounds saying

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things curse words cursing individual, you know, doing things that are unhealthy, unproductive, so you can have an argument but is there some perimeters we don't go out like foul lines, right? It's in both sides. When people get into arguments and the shaitaan comes in between, he wants to make one side hurts the other one so much with words, words hurt, sometimes more than physical hurt, definitely. So the husband for example, would say a word to hurt his wife, you know with the word and then she would respond with something else and then it goes on till we know that what happens and sometimes divorce happens or hitting physically hitting and all of that is not permissible

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whatsoever, not acceptable. So in a bad word, saying or hitting physically, this is not

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permissible This is a major sin, and for the worst occur just out of anger or things of that nature. This is all the works of shaitaan. So knowing this is one thing to have the knowledge that this is something that is meant for us by the sheriff on to do so and he's our enemy. So stay away from that, and to seek the help from Allah subhanaw taala. And again, the wife should be patiently suppressing her jealousy and turning to Allah not saying suppressing it, and then cause herself to be sick. No, we have the best way to complain and to increase our demand by turning to the Creator, the heavens and the earth, and asking him sincerely, to reward them to give patients and to make the

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person pleased and so on. And if she slips away, it is her right. This is a very important point. It is her right if she slips away, that her husband is patiently treating her with patience, because he's in charge. So if she is saying things and hurting him with words and screaming and things like that, he can remind her of Allah Subhana Allah patiently, sometimes people will start doing this, but then once you attack him personally, then he forgets all about the different mannerism and patience and then he attracted a texter also, which is all wrong. Last panatela set in the Quran, that among your wives and your children, you might have them as enemies to you, if they ordered you

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to commit sins. And this will be our last panel that even that what else panels, our data set about what to do with them? He said, we're in tough waters for what have you, if you pardon? If you forgive them, this is better for you. And last panel, tell us the most. Let's take a break. We'll be right back with more on the dean show. No problem, you can take my daughter to dinner, you and my daughter and me.

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Let me tell you something, it's natural. Just idea God created it. And He created us to have a good time. And we should have a good time. When it was our wives though.

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And most of the converts are women, not men, they see that the rules of Islam instead of constraining the rule set them free.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to stand.

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Back here on the deen show. And we're discussing patience. So we just

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ask the question about the CO wife. And this is a big test. But is it true that Allah the Creator, he won't put a burden on someone that you can bear there's nothing or ever a test that you can't handle? That's correct. And this is something that at the end of last panel Parliament's in bed and accepted that from the companions of the lowen and the oma and the nation of the prophets of Allah, that there is no order of Allah subhanaw taala that is over the capacity of the human being, we have to endure patience and patience, a person who would say has limits to it, and according to the orders of Allah, nothing of the orders of Allah that is over the limits of the human beings. And

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again, things are looked at, into a into the bigger picture than just our personal desire and benefits. We have to look into the benefit of the whole, the community of the Muslims and be patiently doing things. Yes, why being generous, sometimes you have to be generous with your time, you have to give your time you want to sleep you want to relax, but you know that there is a duty out there that you need to help human beings in the Muslims and so on. So he gave that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and so the same thing, a person or a wife has her husband, she can be generous with that regard for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala but again, we need to do that humbly,

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according to the oldest of Allah, not just a matter of desire and that's it it's a matter of establishing the religion of Islam with its perfect way of life. So does it help having your heart always attach to the bigger scheme of things Jenna paradise, and trying to not just focus on yourself focus on helping and getting like you said generosity and not just focusing on you know, like, you're gonna be in this world forever. You know, you can die tomorrow and Paradise is there so you know, this will help kind of like if you're losing your mind for a moment you feel like oh my god, I can't take it. Oh, and your head spinning you got pop some Xanax or something? No, you can

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take it just relax, right? Think about the bigger scheme of things and change. Change your whole entire life. Yeah, you cannot be patient to the one thing and then other things you're not being paid great except okay. So you have the patience for something else. You can have the patience, you seek the patience and all of your affairs. If you really practicing patience at all levels if we change our whole entire life to be true.

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servants of Allah subhanaw taala. That's why when I said, sins affects our ability to be patient, if we're not patiently away from certain sins, that means we'll have deficiencies and other levels of patience when we need it so much. So we have to adapt the whole religion of Islam. And another thing for the for the brothers. Also, we need to understand that when the man is not in the proper level, don't expect sacrifices. So we need to build our homes based on the man and the faith and increasing it. That's the foundation that's the foundation, if there are sins in the home, if there are sins committed by the brothers, or by the wife, or in the household, then don't don't expect that in that

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one particular issue. You want your wife to be a super wife and to be of that seeking other rewards when you're not seeking the rewards from a las panatela been patiently obedient to our last panel time and all of our efforts, holistically taken all of it, all of it really to change our life to be all according to what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us, and not to pick and choose with regarding to what makes us feel good, or our desire, not a buffet now. That's right. Yeah, he can't just take what's good for you and convenient. And other things. I'll leave that alone. That's why patience is bitterness. That means either it doesn't feel good in the beginning. Yeah, you want to do it,

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basically. But you're doing it because you have a mind. And you read in the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim, eager to know that this is what Allah spirit Allah wants from you. So you are a human being you decide for yourself, this is what is good for me, I'm going to do it. And then you go through the struggle, and then it becomes you known, but it doesn't happen overnight. And that's why the bitterness of patience, we have to taste it. And we seek the help from Allah subhanaw taala, that we're not doing that for our own desires. We're doing that for the sake of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. No. Last question and closing comments for because this is a vast topic so

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much to cover so little time, patience with the kids, patience with your husband, patience with your wife, sometimes the husband or wife nagging about this 1000 things to do, you can't get to everything, just leave me alone, and so many things going on in the world. And you're going here and there. closing comments and suggestions for these other practical situations. All of these situations, the way to do it the right way, is that we need to be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala. In our religion, there is etiquettes for everything, the prophets of Solomon, he said, Heroku Heroku Heroku really the best among you are the best to his family, and I'm the best to my family. This is

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the order of Allah subhanaw taala. So we need to learn what are the etiquettes of relationships together, the real mannerism of the person shows to those who are closest to him. That's why, for my mannerism, you don't know the real mannerism that I have. My wife knows it very well. And the same thing for everybody. So that's why we need this is the field of patience, that if we work on ourselves, in our in our homes, to be the most perfect human beings in mannerism and patients and everything, then you don't have to worry too much about what you do outside the house. Because this is the real challenge when a person living with people closely, but how to do that we need to learn

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the sooner the way of the profits in relating to marriage, children, how to raise them, how to talk to them, how to punish other that it is in our religion, not you don't have to go get a PhD. In some form of a college search, you can learn how to deal with the children. We know that in our religion, this is the perfectness and the comprehensive nature of the religion of Islam, to deal with the neighbor to deal with ourselves to deal with the strangers to deal with the enemies. Everything of that we have within the religion of Islam, we need to have the knowledge of that first This knowledge is not to be known by opinions by environments what makes sense. It comes from the pure

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Quran and Sunnah of the prophet SAW Salah, the way it was practiced at the time of the prophet SAW Selim intelligent Islam. And then we need to have the patience to apply it. Apply it when you don't see the benefit of it. And that's what patience is, if you see the benefit of it, then what's what's religion in that we have to do it because this is what Allah subhanaw taala wants from you. So you do it, even if you don't see the benefit of it like the mother of Musa once you throw her son Moosa in the river, Moses, Moses, did she know the benefit of it? No, she was just submitting to the orders of Allah, the same thing. Unless we submit ourselves such in such a way, then the outcome

00:29:13--> 00:29:23

definitely will be good, but you need to have that submission to the Creator of the heavens and you thank you once again, may God Almighty the Creator of the heavens that are allowed reward you for being with us.

00:29:24--> 00:30:00

And another episode of the deen show, we hope that you got to benefit what led us to submit ourselves entirely to the One God is everything that is needed for human being to know that this is indeed from the Creator of the heavens in the earth is in the verbatim Word of God the Quran is there. It's there, all you have to do is want it. The treasure is there you got the treasure map. Now you got to follow it. You got to live it, learn it and come back here every week to the deen show where we talk to qualified people who can teach us because we get we need teachers in every field and this is the most important thing that we need to learn and then employed

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And live so we can be successful not only in this life, but also in the hereafter. Because we want to get to paradise because this life is short you can die at any time. So we hope sincerely that you make dua for us. And you continue striving with patience, to do good in this life and in the Hereafter, and we'll see you next time here on The Daily Show until then peace be unto you.

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He created the universe

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to loan the heavens.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messenger

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these creatures

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all the great danger.

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there is none greater